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Syria looking good for renewable energy export project

“Syria’s position is quite strategic, being a bridge between North Africa and Europe. Putting it on Desertec map among 19 countries is the first step for achieving the project,”

Renewable Initiative Puts Syria on Solar and Wind Energy Map, Global Arab Network, 24 Oct 10, Syria (Damascus) – North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean regions, including Syria, are considered as world-best places to be used as farms to produce electricity out of sunrays or wind energy in desert areas. Continue reading

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Desalination plant run by wind and solar power

U.S. based Engineering For The Earth‘s Aeolus system require minimal wind speeds and can produce drinking water for communities of up to 500 people per unit. The only additional energy input required is for telemetry, which can be supplied via small solar panels.

Wind Powered Desalination With A Twist Renewable Energy News, 22 Oct 10, Wind powered desalinationWith potable water becoming an increasingly scarce resource in some countries, governments are turning to solutions such as desalination. An energy-intensive process, desalination has been made “greener” through the use of renewable energy. Continue reading

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35 U.S. States want a national minimum renewable energy standard

RES in the 35 states and Washington — 30 of which involve mandatory targets — will create more than two million jobs.

State leaders want flexible, minimum US renewable energy standard Washington (Platts)–20Oct2010 Leaders from some of the 35 US states that require a minimum percentage of power generation to come from renewable sources said Wednesday they support a national renewable energy standard, as long as it supports rather than hinders state efforts…. Continue reading

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Green energy rush to take off in South Africa

Green revolution starts to take root, Mail & Guardian Online, LIONEL FAULL | JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Oct 20 2010 A massive green rush is under way in South Africa, with major energy, construction and finance companies setting up specialised renewable energy units in anticipation of the government finalising the rules of engagement at the end of the year.The government has set a target of 4%, or 1 025MW, of renewable energy installed from private sector suppliers by 20 13, up from less than 0,1% at present…….

Green revolution starts to take root – Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source

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majority in USA and Europe favour wind energy, but not nuclear

Opinions on building more nuclear power plants are more mixed and vary by country. The public is more or less equally divided in the U.S., Britain and France but clear majorities are opposed in Italy (60%), Spain (63%) and even more strongly in Germany (77%)…….

U.S., Europe back wind farms but split on nuclear power – Green House , 14 Oct 10,”……. The main findings of the poll, taken between Sept. 15 and 21, 2010, include: * Big majorities of the public in all six countries favor the building of more wind farms in their countries, varying from 90% in Spain and 87% in the U.S. to 77% in France. And large numbers of them favor it “strongly.” Continue reading

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Wind energy project to provide more power than 5 nuclear plants could

The transmission line is planned to have enough capacity to carry the energy of five nuclear power plants (6,000 megawatts, which could power almost 2 million homes)–energy that eventually will come from offshore wind farms. These wind farms will be situated in federal waters more than 10 miles from the shore, where the huge towers would barely be visible.

Offshore Wind Farming Gets a Giant Google Boost Discover Magazine, 13 Oct 10, A huge offshore wind energy project took a leap forward today with the announcement that Google and the investment firm Good Energies are backing the mammoth underwater transmission lines that would carry clean electricity up and down the East Coast. The $5 billion dollar project would allow for wind farms to spring up all along the mid-Atlantic continental shelf. Continue reading

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Growing focus on renewable energy investment in Asia

“There is a realization that renewable energy is no longer a trendy fad,” It is actually something that has proven to work, proven to be financially viable and it is a sector that is maturing rapidly.

Betting big on renewables The Asset July / August 2010 by Chito Santiago As several countries across Asia are plugging their infrastructure gaps, particularly in the power sector, much attention is focussed on renewable sources of energy. Sponsors, both domestic and foreign, as well as investors and financiers, are pouring into the region looking for various opportunities in wind, solar, waste, water and hydropower projects. Continue reading

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Local wind turbines profitable

..the costs of renewable energy have fallen rapidly. And, as in much of Europe, the lure of alternative power here was sweetened by feed-in tariffs – government guarantees to buy renewable electricity at an attractive set price from any company, city or household that produced it

Italian towns turn a profit with the wind at their back, The Age, Elisabeth Rosenthal,Tocco da CasauriaOctober 4, 2010 THE towering wind turbines that rise from gnarled ancient olive groves here speak to something extraordinary happening across Italy. Continue reading

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40 % renewable energy by 2020 – Northern Ireland sets target

Northern Ireland aims for 40% renewables by 2020 |, September 29th, 2010 by Lucy Rees Northern Ireland has announced an ambitious new target to reach 40 per cent renewable energy by 2020.The scheme, which will require the construction of huge offshore wind farms to be reached, is aimed at reducing the country’s reliance on gas, coal and oil. Currently, less than 10 per cent of NI’s energy is generated by renewables, but what is being produced is currently in the form of land-based wind farms…..Energy Minister Ariene Foster stated that the targets, which have been detailed in the Strategic Energy Framework for Northern Ireland 2010, stress the need for immediate and effective action against global climate change. Additionally, the document highlights the need for the Government to address the issues of security and sustainability of the sector in terms of supply and cost.

Northern Ireland aims for 40% renewables by 2020 |

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A global shift to renewable energy – IRENA

On global green growth, she said, in 2004-2008, there was a fourfold  increase in renewable energy investments, while RE investments in 2009  stood at $162 billion.

Renewable energy sector may have 20m new jobs, Khaleej Times 28 September 2010ABU DHABI — Renewable energy sector around the world will have some 20 million new job opportunities by 2030, said Helene Pelosse, interim Director- General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Continue reading

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Lower energy costs, more jobs with UK’s new wind farm

“It’s absolutely the case that the cost of green energy will come down as the supply increases and companies become better at deploying these kinds of large offshore projects,”

Indeed, the expansion of renewable energy technology such as wind farms will result in “tens of thousands of jobs”,

World’s largest wind farm opens in UK today, / Renewable energy , by Emily Thomas, 24 September 2010 The world’s largest offshore wind farm opens off the coast of Kent today (September 23rd), projecting the UK as a leader in renewable technology. Continue reading

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Wales has natural advantage to develop 100% renewable energy

Wales ‘poised for £50 billion of renewable energy investment’,  Low Carbon Economy9/15/2010 Wales could receive significant benefits from the development of the renewable energy industry, according to the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG).Speaking at an energy summit in Tredegar, first minister Carwyn Jones, said that the government would be working closely with industry to encourage the development of low carbon energy sources.

“The next 15 years could see some £50 billion plus of investment in energy projects in Wales,” Mr Jones said……By the year 2050 at the latest, the assembly government hopes to produce all electricity, heat and transport energy needs from renewable sources, which it claims can be achieved because of “Wales’ natural advantages”. ADNFCR-1235-ID-800065706-ADNFCR Wales ‘poised for £50 billion of renewable energy investment’ – Low Carbon Economy

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Renewable energy 17%, nuclear 2% in new generation since 2000

Globally, the shift to clean energy sources has been gradual. Since 2000, nearly a third of new power generation has come from burning coal. Another third has been fired by natural gas – less greenhouse gas-intensive, but still a fossil fuel. Carbon dioxide-free energy sources have made up less than one fifth of the new generation. Of that, 17 per cent has been renewable energy – largely solar, wind and hydroelectricity…….Nuclear power, the largest source of installed low-carbon energy, has declined markedly since the 1980s and made up just 2 per cent.

Nuclear power, the largest source of installed low-carbon energy, has declined markedly since the 1980s and made up just 2 per cent.

Limit on climate, and the catch, The Age, Adam Morton, September 10, 2010 Continue reading

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China winning the clean energy export race

The Chinese clean energy technology production model is excellent, say analysts, who point out that it is now being exported around the globe.

China gives the world a sound – and clean – energy wake-up call, The Daily Maverick, 10 Sept 10, :Despite lingering Western hubris about China being the big lumbering lummox of the 21st century desperately playing catch-up, the world’s most populous nation is leaving the rest of world far behind in the race to create clean energy. Continue reading

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Urgent need for UK govt action on renewable energy

to secure the necessary infrastructure investment – which is estimated at up to £150bn – the Government must move quickly to finalise the regulatory arrangements for transmission of electricity from offshore wind farms to the onshore grid.

Lord Turner: ‘We must act now to meet energy targets’. By Sarah Arnott, 10 September 2010  The Independent Lord Turner, the chairman of the independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC), is calling for a “step change” in government policy if Britain is to meet its 2020 renewable energy targets. Continue reading

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