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USA Department of Veterans Affairs conveniently lost hundreds of claims for children, grandchildren of contaminated veterans

VA lost or misplaced hundreds of claims for children, grandchildren of contaminated veterans, By: Steve Andrews  May 23, 2018


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Missouri legal case – claim that cancer caused by Manhattan Project

Woman claims Manhattan Project caused her cancer, by Amanda Thomas | May 20, 2018, ST. LOUIS – A Florissant woman has filed a lawsuit against a biopharmaceutical company and chemical-producing corporation for alleged negligence related to the disposal of “hazardous, toxic, and radioactive materials” near residential neighborhoods in St. Louis County.

Terry L. Williams filed a complaint on May 16 in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri against Mallinckrodt LLC and the Cotter Corporation, alleging the defendants violated the Atomic Energy Act of 1954.

According to the complaint, Williams alleges she has suffered physical injury, pain and suffering because of annual exposure to radiation when she engaged in frequent outdoor recreational activities in and around Coldwater Creek, HISS and SLAPS sites.

The lawsuit notes that the nation began a top-secret project to build the first atomic bomb during World War II and the Army created the Manhattan Engineering District (MED) to carry out the work of the “Manhattan Project.” After the war, the nation formed the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to continue its nuclear research and some of the work was performed in the St. Louis area.

“Under contracts with the MED and/or the AEC, the Destrehan Street Refinery and Metal Plant (which later became Mallinckrodt Chemical Works) processed natural uranium into uranium oxide, trioxide, and metal uranium at a facility in downtown St. Louis,” the complaint said.

According to the complaint, Mallinckrodt caused the release of radiation into the environment along haul routes in northern St. Louis County between 1942 and 1957. The complaint alleges that Mallinckrodt’s actions led to the contamination of “the air, soil, surface water, and groundwater along the haul routes.”

It is alleged in court documents, “Mallinckrodt’s acts and omissions between approximately 1942 and 1957 proximately caused plaintiff to suffer the injuries described in this complaint.”

The complaint notes that the affected sites in St. Louis County have elevated levels of radium, thorium and uranium in groundwater and soils. The Environmental Protection Agency reportedly found that direct contact with or accidental ingestion of contaminated soils and groundwater near those sites may pose health risks to individuals.

Williams requests a trial by jury and is seeking punitive damages.

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Trial of French activists who entered Cruas nuclear plant to demonstrate vulnerability of spent fuel storage pools

Liberation 17th May 2018 [Machine Translation] At Greenpeace activists’ trial, nuclear safety is no exception. At the trial of 22 activists of Greenpeace, the court tried Thursday to limit the debates to the facts – their intrusion in November in the nuclear site of Cruas-Meysse (Ardèche) – without being able to avoid the question of the safety of the power plants, that the NGO is questioning.

This action, preceded by a first in Cattenom (Moselle), had the same objective for its authors: to show flaws in the safety of spent fuel storage pools. The hearing was held under high police protection while a rally to support these “whistleblowers” was held all day in front of the courthouse.

Mediapart 18th May 2018 Against Greenpeace, state prosecutes civil disobedience. Sentences of reprieve and imprisonment were required against the twenty-three activists of Greenpeace who illegally entered the Cruas nuclear power plant in November 2017. For the public prosecutor, as for EDF, “it is time it stops. It is no longer possible to tolerate these repeated intrusions . ”

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Nuclear war, nuclear pollution nuclear waste, and climate inaction – crimes against future generations

Crimes against future generations By Andreas Nidecker, Emilie Gaillard, and Alyn Ware

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UK nuclear regulator prosecutes waste firm over worker exposed to radiation

Sellafield faces huge fine over worker’s exposure to radiation  Nuclear regulator prosecutes waste firm after injury leaves employee open to exposure Adam Vaughan, 11 May 18

Britain’s biggest nuclear waste storage and reprocessing site is facing a potential multimillion-pound fine after an employee was exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation.

The nuclear regulator said its investigation had led it to prosecute Cumbria-based Sellafield Ltd, which handles the waste from the UK’s nuclear power stations as well as spent fuel from Japan and the US.

It is the first time in five years that the Office for Nuclear Regulation has prosecuted the company.

Last time, Sellafield was fined £700,000 for sending bags of radioactive waste to a landfill dump instead of a specialist facility.

Now, if the prosecution is successful, the firm is understood to be facing the prospect of a substantial fine, likely to be much larger because an individual was affected.

 The fine would be proportionate to the scale of the business, which has a £2bn-a-year turnover.

The case relates to an accident in February 2017, when a site employee was wounded while handling equipment, leaving him open to internal radiation exposure.

He was decontaminated afterwards, but an investigation found the individual may have been exposed to radiation up to three times the annual limit. The regulator is taking the firm to court over offences under the Health and Safety at Work act.

Both Sellafield and the ONR said they were unable to comment further for legal reasons.

The prosecution is due to begin at Workington magistrates court in Cumbria on 20 July.

Sellafield has been state-run since 2016, after MPs raised concerns over how much it was costing taxpayers under private ownership.

The facility is in the process of a major transformation from a reprocessor of nuclear waste, where it turns spent fuel from power stations into uranium that can be used again, to solely focusing on storage.

The site’s Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (Thorp) ceases operations in November this year, and will then be dismantled. Sellafield’s Magnox reprocessing plant, which handles waste from Britain’s early nuclear power stations, is scheduled to close in 2020.

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Widening fraud scandal over radioactive contamination clean-up

Former Hunters Point shipyard cleanup workers plead guilty to fraud
First criminal convictions in widening toxic cleanup scandal,
Curbed San Francisco , By 

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Legal discussions over failed nuclear plants – will result in tougher regulations

Tougher utility regulations advance, as attorneys argue over failed S.C. nuclear project, By Andrew Brown

    May 1, 2018

COLUMBIA — Utility companies may soon face tougher resistance in South Carolina as the state’s regulators prepare to decide who should pay for two abandoned nuclear reactors at V.C. Summer station.

Attorneys are also battling over what documents from that project should be shared with the public.

A state Senate panel advanced legislation Tuesday that creates a new consumer advocate to represent utility customers. It also gives the Office of Regulatory Staff — the state’s existing utility watchdog, the ability to subpoena documents from utilities and their contractors.

  • They also moved a bill that will stop other electric utilities from using the Base Load Review Act. That’s the 2007 law that enabled SCANA Corp. to charge customers for the unfinished nuclear reactors in Fairfield County while the power plants were being built.

    The two pieces of legislation were passed by the state House earlier this year but the bills got bogged down for months in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    They now head to the Senate floor with less than six days left in the legislative session.

    Lawmakers pushing the legislation hope the changes will make it easier for the seven regulators on the Public Service Commission to stop SCANA from charging customers for the $9 billion nuclear project in the coming decades.

    SCANA’s electric customers currently pay $37 million per month for the reactors and the utility wants to continue to charge those ratepayers for the project for the next 20 to 60 years.

    The bills will help the public service commissioners to clarify whether SCANA’s decisions during the decade-long nuclear project were justified.

    The legislation could also make it easier for the Office of Regulatory Staff and the environmental groups that are challenging SCANA to prove the utility mislead regulators or failed to disclose vital information about the nuclear project.

    By increasing the Office of Regulatory Staff’s ability to subpoena documents, lawmakers hope the agency will obtain information from SCANA, Westinghouse Electric, the primary contractor at V.C. Summer, and Bechtel Corp., an engineering and construction firm that produced a secretive audit of the construction project in 2015.

    “We’ve got this major landmark case that we are heading into this fall,” Nanette Edwards, the acting director for the Office of Regulatory Staff, said in explaining why the changes were needed.   Reach Andrew Brown at 843-708-1830 or follow him on Twitter @andy_ed_brown.

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2018 Goldman Environmental Prize goes to South African anti nuclear activists

Makoma Lekalakala and Liz McDaid, 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize, South Africa

South African activists awarded Goldman Environmental Prize for fight against nuclear power deal, The World Today By Sally Sara

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Two women tooki on the South Afric an government – and won their anti nuclear fight

Makoma Lekalakala and Liz McDaid, 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize, South Africa 

South African activists awarded Goldman Environmental Prize for fight against nuclear power deal, The World Today ,By Sally Sara

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U.S. Federal judge allows lawsuit about radiation to go ahead

Federal judge allows Lakeland radiation lawsuit against Drummond Co. to go forward,  The Ledger, By Suzie Schottelkotte , 20 Apr 18, 

TAMPA — In a ruling released late Thursday, a federal judge again has determined that a lawsuit against the developer of the Grasslands and Oakbridge communities in Lakeland alleging radiation contamination in the soil will go forward.

U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Kovachevich rejected all of Alabama-based Drummond Co.’s arguments cited in a motion to dismiss, and ruled that lawyers for two residents have alleged enough facts to support their claims of residual gamma radiation from Drummond’s phosphate mining and subsequent reclamation in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The lawsuit alleges that gamma radiation levels in the two developments have been measured at 11 to 21 times that of federal acceptable risk levels. It seeks compensation for cleaning up the contamination and a medical-monitoring program for residents in the 1,400-acre development.

Lawyers for the residents intend to seek class-action status in the lawsuit, which would allow anyone impacted by the alleged contamination to share in a monetary verdict if the residents prevail in court. The residents are represented by a consortium of six law firms led by the Houston-based Lanier Law Firm. ……


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U.S. Supreme Court considers forcing changes to reduce Savannah nuclear sites leaking into the river.

The State 18th April 2018 ,Four decades after radiation leaked from a landfill for nuclear waste near
Barnwell, unsafe levels of radioactive pollution continue to contaminate
groundwater near the site, as well as a creek that flows toward the
Savannah River. Now, after 13 years of legal battles between the landfill’s
operator and environmentalists, the S.C. Supreme Court is considering
whether to force changes that would make the site less likely to leak
radioactive contaminants, landfill critics say.

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Proposed new European energy laws could hamper community and renewable energy

Energy Post 23rd March 2018,The European Commission has proposed new European legislation that could
put Europe’s distribution system operators in a powerful position to bend
market rules to their own advantage, writes Julie Finkler of NGO
ClientEarth. According to Finkler, this could seriously hamper other market
players, like community energy initiatives, renewable energy producers and
aggregators. She calls on the European Parliament and the Member States to
ensure this will not happen.

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Nine Iranians Charged With Conducting Massive Cyber Theft Campaign on Behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Mabna Institute Hackers Penetrated Systems Belonging to Hundreds of Universities, Companies, and Other Victims to Steal Research, Academic and Proprietary Data, and Intellectual Property, USA Department of Justice, 23 Mar 18 

An Indictment charging Gholamreza Rafatnejad, 38; Ehsan Mohammadi, 37; Abdollah Karima, aka Vahid Karima, 39; Mostafa Sadeghi, 28; Seyed Ali Mirkarimi, 34; Mohammed Reza Sabahi, 26; Roozbeh Sabahi, 24; Abuzar Gohari Moqadam, 37; and Sajjad Tahmasebi, 30, all citizens and residents of Iran, was unsealed today.  The defendants were each leaders, contractors, associates, hackers-for-hire or affiliates of the Mabna Institute, an Iran-based company that, since at least 2013, conducted a coordinated campaign of cyber intrusions into computer systems belonging to 144 U.S. universities, 176 universities across 21 foreign countries, 47 domestic and foreign private sector companies, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the State of Hawaii, the State of Indiana, the United Nations, and the United Nations Children’s Fund……..

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1960 Paris Convention part of undemocratic government support for nuclear industry

La Libre 19th March 2018, More than 40 scientists, intellectuals, engineers and artists: “It is time
for the political world to assume Fukushima” (OPINION).It is time for the
political world to take its mistakes and put an end to the nuclear

This is not only illegitimate, but it is also an extreme threat
to our future. On June 25 last year, 50,000 people joined hands to demand
the closure of the Tihange plant. The number of protesters surprised many.
Also notable was the lack of reaction from the political world as a result
of this extraordinary event.

There are reasons for this apparent lethargy of the leaders of this country, in the face of this popular demonstration,
perhaps starting with a feeling of guilt, which would be quite appropriate.

Indeed, what has prevailed in the implementation of the nuclear industry is
the lack of democratic debate and false state propaganda, that of an energy
that would be unlimited, cheap and safe; as we recalled the commemoration
of the seventh anniversary of Fukushima, the second accident of a nuclear
power station which has no end, after that of Chernobyl in 1986.

More serious still, in 1960, the leaders of 16 European countries, including
Belgium, agreed to sign the Paris Convention which was intended to limit
the financial liability of the operator in the event of a nuclear accident,
no insurance company willing to cover the nuclear risk considered too high.

Without this unique Convention, the nuclear industry could never have developed in Europe.

It is worth mentioning here that a major accident in Tihange would mean the end of life as we know it and, in fact, the end of Wallonia as a region. That the cost of such an accident would amount to
several trillions of euros, without it being possible to quantify the
sanitary and psychological misery into which the Walloons, sentenced,
either to leave their country abandoning all their property – but to go
where, or to live in a contaminated territory for the poorest of them. That
on this amount, the operator, Engie-Electrabel, would have to pay only 1.2
billion, less than its profit of certain years and less than one thousandth
of the cost of the disaster.

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$1 billion case against Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc by Americans affected by Fukushima nuclar dizaster (Mainichi Japan)  TOKYO (Kyodo) — Some 200 U.S. residents filed a suit against Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. and a U.S. firm seeking at least $1 billion to cover medical expenses related to radiation exposure suffered during the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the utility said Monday.

 The lawsuit was filed last Wednesday with U.S. federal courts in the Southern District of California and the District of Columbia by participants in the U.S. forces’ Operation Tomodachi relief effort carried out in the wake of the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami that crippled TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Many of the plaintiffs are suing TEPCO and the U.S. company, whose name was withheld by TEPCO, for the second time after a similar suit was rejected by the federal court in California in January.

They are seeking the establishment of a compensation fund of at least $1 billion to cover medical and other costs, the utility said.

The plaintiffs claim that the nuclear accident occurred due to improper design and management of the plant by TEPCO. They are also seeking compensation for physical and psychological damage suffered as a result of the disaster, said the utility.

In Operation Tomodachi, which began two days after the natural disasters, the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan and other U.S. military resources and personnel were deployed to deliver supplies and undertake relief efforts at the same time as three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi complex suffered fuel meltdowns.

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