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Insurance for losses related to nuclear reactors – no way!

it is very clear that general insurance will not cover coastal property owners from losses related to nuclear plants.

NO INSURANCE FOR COASTAL – or any – PROPERTY NEAR NUCLEAR REACTORS | Coalition Against Nuclear Energy 4 oct 10, Energy Minister Dupuo Peters said that by the time a nuclear plant was constructed in SA, this country would not be able to afford enriched uranium.She also raised the valid point that coastal homes would be affected, since nuclear power plants would be built on the coast. Continue reading


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Local wind turbines profitable

..the costs of renewable energy have fallen rapidly. And, as in much of Europe, the lure of alternative power here was sweetened by feed-in tariffs – government guarantees to buy renewable electricity at an attractive set price from any company, city or household that produced it

Italian towns turn a profit with the wind at their back, The Age, Elisabeth Rosenthal,Tocco da CasauriaOctober 4, 2010 THE towering wind turbines that rise from gnarled ancient olive groves here speak to something extraordinary happening across Italy. Continue reading

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India’s mission to promote decentralised renewable energy sources

Its a mission to mobilise village panchayats, youth leaders and local collectives to demand quick, quality access to sustainable power that can be delivered through local renewable energy solutions.

Campaign for an energy revolution in Bihar2, Sify News, Patna, Oct 2 (IANS) Greenpeace India along with a coalition of civil society groups Saturday launched a campaign to demand an energy revolution in Bihar.’The aim is to sensitise people to the merits of renewable energy, so that they can demand their political candidates and parties to include it in their agenda in the assembly elections in Bihar,’ said Arpana Udupa, campaigner, Greenpeace India. Continue reading

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Stuxnet “spies” arrested in Iran

Iran arrests ‘nuclear spies’ – The Times of India, 4 Oct 10, LONDON: Iran has arrested several “spies” who were involved in an attempt to sabotage the country’s nuclear programme, said Iranian intelligence minister Heydar Moslehi.The arrest followed an attack on Iran’s industrial computer network by a software bug Stuxnet that targeted Iranian nuclear facilities, including its main Bushehr power plant, British newspaper The Guardian reported Sunday.
Iran had discovered the “destructive activities of the arrogant (western powers) in cyberspace” and “different ways to confront them have been designed and implemented”, The Guardian quoted Moslehi as saying.

The Stuxnet attack infected more than 30,000 computers in Iran. Suspicions have also been growing in recent days that the Stuxnet worm may have been designed as much to spy on the systems as to destroy them.

Iran arrests ‘nuclear spies’ – The Times of India

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Nuclear cooling pond an environmental and terrorist danger

Not only does nuclear waste pose an environmental risk, opponents say, the ever-growing collection of spent fuel rods inside the power plant also makes it an inviting target for terrorists…..

Nuclear waste to lingerTown unhappy as Pilgrim rods stay, PLYMOUTH The Boston Globe By Robert Knox October 3, 2010 A new ruling by nuclear power regulators that concludes it’s safe to store nuclear waste at a nuclear power plant for 60 years after the plant closes — the previous limit was 30 years — has led Plymouth officials to concede that nuclear waste will remain in town longer than anybody wants. Continue reading

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Renewable energy can halt the extinction of species

One important outcome of introducing renewable energy is that it mitigates deforestation caused by the felling of trees for firewood….The main reason for climate change and deforestation is the increasing consumption of fossil fuels and high energy demand…

Renewable energy sources may save precious humanity from extinction Green drive mitigates the devastating effects of deforestation. gulfnews : By Binsal Abdul Kader and Rayeesa Absal,   October 3, 2010 Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi: Scientists estimate that between 150 and 200 species of life become extinct every 24 hours — a phenomenon threatening the very survival of human beings on Earth.However, renewable energy can save biodiversity and mitigate the threat to humanity, according to a presentation delivered at the 11th World Renewable Energy Congress held in Abu Dhabi recently. Continue reading

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Dangerous ionising radiation lingers at Scottish beach

Some of the particles found on the foreshore near a sailing club used by thousands of families are so highly radioactive that they could be lethal if they found their way inside the body. According to Sepa, outside the body they are “hot” enough to cause radiation burns on exposed skin.

Visitors at risk as MoD stops radiation monitoring at resort – Herald Scotland | News, Rob Edwards,  3 Oct 2010The health of visitors to one of Scotland’s most popular coastal resorts is being put at risk from radioactive contamination because the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has stopped monitoring the area. Continue reading

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Sri Lanka worried about safety of Indian nuclear plant

Sri Lankan government to discuss safety precautions of nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu with the Indian authorities Oct 03, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government has expressed concern over the safety precautions adopted by a nuclear power plant being set up in Tamil Nadu in Southern India.The government has initiated a dialogue with Indian authorities on the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant that is currently under construction in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu in South India.
Power and Energy Minister Champika Ranawaka has been quoted in the local media as saying that Sri Lanka would discuss the safety precautions adopted by the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. Sri Lanka : Sri Lankan government to discuss safety precautions of nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu with the Indian authorities

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Theft of uranium discovered in India

Man caught with uranium in Purulia – The Times of India, 4 Oct 10, PURULIA: A criminal with alleged links to gangs across the country and even Afghanistan was nabbed in Purulia with nearly 1 kg of uranium on Sunday. The market value of the radioactive element is said to be about $7 million……Man caught with uranium in Purulia – The Times of India

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