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Britain can’t afford its nuclear weapons, nor can USA

To preserve vital conventional military forces, the [USA] service chiefs will likely have to cut into the $54 billion spent each year on nuclear weapons-related programs.

British Budget Collapse Foreshadows Cuts to Come in U.S. Defense Budget, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Joe Cirincione, 21 Oct 10, Great Britain’s cuts, particularly to its nuclear forces, are the canary in the defense budget mine. Continue reading

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Renewable energy transmission line from Idaho to Nevada

Reid Breaks Ground On Renewable Energy Transmission Line, Solar Industry  20 October 2010p Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., joined U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and other energy officials at the ground breaking ceremony for the ON Line, the first phase of a major north-to-south clean power transmission line.The new transmission line, which will extend from Idaho to Nevada, will create jobs in construction and maintenance, help the renewable energy industry expand in Nevada and improve clean energy transmission capacity in the West, according to Reid’s office.The transmission line is expected to be operational by 2012….. Solar Industry:

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35 U.S. States want a national minimum renewable energy standard

RES in the 35 states and Washington — 30 of which involve mandatory targets — will create more than two million jobs.

State leaders want flexible, minimum US renewable energy standard Washington (Platts)–20Oct2010 Leaders from some of the 35 US states that require a minimum percentage of power generation to come from renewable sources said Wednesday they support a national renewable energy standard, as long as it supports rather than hinders state efforts…. Continue reading

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Buddhist monks campaign for renewable energy

The monks are campaigning for renewable energy as a means to deliver electricity to people without adversely affecting the climate

Buddhist monks demand renewable energy in Bodhgaya, sify news, 20 Oct 10, Buddhist monks released sky lanterns before Buddha’s 80-feet-tall statue to demand renewable energy as a solution to the power crisis in the religious town of Bodhgaya in Bihar’s Gaya District. Continue reading

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A plea to help save squirrel monkeys from cruel radiation tests

You can help us find out the status of these cruel experiments by taking a moment to call the Department of Energy (DOE) at 202-586-5000 and politely asking if plans are still in place to bombard squirrel monkeys with radiation at Brookhaven.

Did NASA Cancel Cruel Monkey Experiments? Opposing Views by PETA 20 Oct 10, PETA has obtained government documents showing that in August 2010, the Brookhaven National Laboratory—where NASA has been planning to fund a study to blast monkeys with radiation—made a decision about whether or not to move forward with the cruel project. Continue reading

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Secrecy over plans for radiation experiments on monkeys

The DOE cited an exemption under the federal law, which allowed it to modify the contents of the documents it released under the Act. This meant that BNL officials could blank out the decision they made in regards to the experiments.

Needless to say, this was precisely the most important aspect of the documents.

Uncertainty Looms over NASA Monkey Radiation Experiments – Softpedia, 21 Oct 10, Last year, a massive scandal erupted when PETA learned that NASA was planning to conduct a series of radiation experiments on unsuspecting monkeys. The faith of the experiments is now uncertain. Continue reading

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Radioactive cancer treatments can endanger community

people, especially kids and those who are pregnant, at risk.  It’s also been found that garbage from the patients have set off radiation detectors at landfills.

Thyroid Cancer Patients Emitting Radiations Unknowingly All About Top News, by: Tyson Gautreaux  20 October 2010.There’s a possibility that cancer patients are unknowingly exposing the public to radiation as reports have swirled that patients who have been treated with radioactive iodine have activated alarms on public vehicles and even affected rooms in hotels. This is according to an investigation done by the congress on the subject. Continue reading

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