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Just how much is President Obama beholden to the nuclear industry?

President Barack Obama has called for an increase to $54 billion in loan guarantees. The U.S. needs a “new generation of clean, safe nuclear power plants,” Obama said in his State of the Union address Jan. 27. …
The administration must weigh its support for nuclear power against limiting the risk that taxpayers will be stuck with the bill should a nuclear utility default,

Constellation Nuclear-Loan Pullout Tests Obama Resolve to Revive Industry, Bloomberg, By Jim Snyder and Katarzyna Klimasinska – Oct 13, 2010 A U.S. loan-guarantee program is testing how much risk the Obama administration is willing to take to revive the nuclear-power industry. Continue reading


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How the fossil fuel lobby sheds doubt on climate science

The professional skeptics tend to use inconsistent arguments. Sometimes they say that there is no global warming. At other times, they point out that while global warming does exist, it is not the result of human activity. Some climate change deniers even concede that man could do something about the problem, but that it isn’t really much of a problem. There is only one common theme to all of their prognoses: Do nothing. Wait. We need more research.

Science as the Enemy’ The Traveling Salesmen of Climate Skepticism,  SPIEGEL ONLINE -13 Oct 10, By Cordula Meyer The Usual Suspects Multinational oil companies also soon adopted the tried-and-true strategies of disinformation. Once again, lobbying groups were formed that were designed to look as scientific as possible. Continue reading

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India’s govt manipulating in the interests of USA nuclear firms

Ever since the bill was passed, the US administration has been pressing India to make certain modifications, particularly about certain aspects of unlimited liability. But, India is not keen on making any changes.

Law firms hired to allay US fears on N-liability bill – The Economic Times. 13 Oct 10, MUMBAI: Ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit to India next month, the Nuclear Power Corporation (NPC) has engaged law firms to allay fears and apprehension of the US about the N-liability bill. Continue reading

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Secret transport of highly enriched uranium across Poland

Top secret uranium shipment passes through Poland, :: News from Poland, 12.10.2010 It has been reported that three shipping containers with thick metal flasks containing highly enriched uranium, or HEU, were loaded onto a specially converted Russian ship in the Baltic port of Gdansk on 26 September….
The Polish uranium shipment was big enough to construct eight nuclear bombs, writes “The Sunday Telegraph”, a British weekly whose reporters observed the shipment organised by American specialists…..

The shipment travelled across half of Poland in total secrecy.

Polish police and maritime border guards refused to confirm or comment on the secret shipment….Top secret uranium shipment passes through Poland – :: News from Poland

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Demolition of nuclear reactor – cost not mentioned

Westinghouse Begins Demolition of Retired Test Reactor Outer Structure at Waltz Mill Site Nuclear Power Industry News – , Oct 12 2010 – Edited By Chris Reed -Westinghouse Electric Company announced last week it has begun the demolition and removal of the retired test reactor outer structure at its Waltz Mill facility here. This project is part of the site’s continued remediation plans, which include decontamination or removal of structures and areas used as part of test reactor operations conducted from 1959 to 1962.
The test reactor vessel was previously removed in 2000; the remaining structure, a large, white-domed containment building used to house the test reactor, is not needed for current site operations.

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Wind energy project to provide more power than 5 nuclear plants could

The transmission line is planned to have enough capacity to carry the energy of five nuclear power plants (6,000 megawatts, which could power almost 2 million homes)–energy that eventually will come from offshore wind farms. These wind farms will be situated in federal waters more than 10 miles from the shore, where the huge towers would barely be visible.

Offshore Wind Farming Gets a Giant Google Boost Discover Magazine, 13 Oct 10, A huge offshore wind energy project took a leap forward today with the announcement that Google and the investment firm Good Energies are backing the mammoth underwater transmission lines that would carry clean electricity up and down the East Coast. The $5 billion dollar project would allow for wind farms to spring up all along the mid-Atlantic continental shelf. Continue reading

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Export of renewable energy a prospect for UK

harnessing just over 75% of the available offshore energy resource would produce enough renewable power for the UK to power its own economy and export excess electricity to northern Europe. “

The rise of British sea power,, 13 Oct 10, Investment in offshore renewable technologies is making the prospect of the UK becoming a net exporter of energy a real possibility* James Murray * “….. energy industry experts convinced offshore wind farms and marine energy parks could produce more power than the UK needs. Continue reading

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Fossil fuel lobby’s tactics to discredit Climate Change

As scientists uncovered more and more environmental problems, the skeptics “began to see science as the enemy.” ……… only a handful of scientists and lobbyists, and yet they have managed to convince many ordinary people — and even some US presidents — that science is deeply divided over the causes of climate change.

‘Science as the Enemy’The Traveling Salesmen of Climate Skepticism,  SPIEGEL ONLINE -13 Oct 10, By Cordula Meyer A handful of US scientists have made names for themselves by casting doubt on global warming research. In the past, the same people have also downplayed the dangers of passive smoking, acid rain and the ozone hole. In all cases, the tactics are the same: Spread doubt and claim it’s too soon to take action. Continue reading

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