The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

Nuclear news this Fukushima disaster anniversary week

Tomorrow, Sunday March 11,  will mark the seventh anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. I’m not sure that the mainstream media will cover this properly – or even at all. Radioactive debris piling up at Fukushima interim facility.  The  costly underground “Ice wall” to prevent radioactive leakage has not really been effective.  Radioactive water continues to pour into the Pacific ocean. Exposures levels go up while environmental health protections are lifted: life is devalued.   No. of children at time of Fukushima disaster diagnosed with thyroid cancer reaches 160. Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Release “Explicitly Revealed” In Wider Environment. Fleeing from Fukushima: a nuclear evacuation reality check.

The power of the people Safecast gets the facts on Fukushima radiation.

Crucial US-North Korea talks – could defuse nuclear tensions? Donald Trump’s historic gamble on meeting Kim Jong Un – so much could go wrong.

A sad reflection on International Women’s Day –   Climate change ‘impacts women more than men

Seven years on, Fukushima still a disaster without a solution Toshiko Okada will be speaking in Australia 

NORTH KOREA.  Kim Jong Un wants to meet Donald Trump; Trump agrees.  North Korea might send Kim Jong-un’s sister to USA for diplomatic talks on the nuclear crisis.


JAPAN. Japanese govt announced that it will accept recommendations of United Nations Human Rights Council on rights of Fukushima evacuees.   Falsified data on analyses of burying radioactive waste  – Kobe Steel again.

Fukushima 7 years after, Fukushima still struggling to return to normal.  Nuclear regulator: Fukushima accident not over.    Vietnamese trainee misled into Fukushima decontamination work.  Controversy in Thailand over Thai Officials Insisting that Fukushima Imported Fish is Safe! Fukushima Contaminated Food Products Are Receiving Top-level Promotion.

UK. UK police say Sergei Skripa, former Russian spy, was poisoned with nerve agent.   Need to monitor beaches near Dounreay, as another toxic radioactive fragment is found.

FRANCE.  The tiny village leading France’s anti-nuclear movement.   France: Police battle protesters over nuclear waste storage plans.   Radioactive leaks from Bugey nuclear power plant, near Lyon.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia lobbying USA hard to get nuclear technology including enriching uranium

INDIA. Protest: President Macron should not impose a problematic French EPR reactor on India.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa cannot afford to build a new nuclear reactor, but Environmental Dept gave permit anyway.


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This week propaganda about Tokyo Olympics, and other nuclear news to 4th March

The corporate-political-media machine now gears up the spin for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  This is no coincidence, as March will mark the seventh anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.  After the 1945 nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagsaki, the American government swamped Japan with propaganda for setting up nuclear reactors – and indeed, the world, for”Atoms for Peace”. So again, the deception now is that the Fukushima tragedy is over – solved – fixed.

The Winter Olympics are over. We now return to your regularly scheduled nuclear crisis.

CLIMATE: Record warming in the Arctic.  Some of the world’s biggest lakes Are drying.

We already have a global cancer epidemic. A nuclear attack on North Korea would make it much worse.

High stakes talks as Trump forces a deadline on revising Iran nuclear deal.

Thorium Church: a trojan horse in the “green” movements


JAPAN. Removal of spent fuel from Fukui’s defunct Fugen reactor delayed by nine years. More Fukushima Propaganda to Come from Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.  Tepco sets sights on global expansion.

UKDamning report accuses UK government on the collapse of contract to clean up redundant fleet of Magnox nuclear reactors.  Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to keep Britain in EU internal energy market (IEM) and in Euratom.

USA. Senator Ed Markey warns on danger in allowing Saudi Arabia to enrich uranium, reprocess spent nuclear fuel. Energy Secretary Rick Perry ready to make concession to Saudi Arabia – to market US nuclear power to that country. Los Alamos Board of Public Utilities – doubtful about viability of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs).

SOUTH KOREAMoon Jae-in, the South Korean president, has called on the US to “lower the bar” for discussions with North Korea.

NIGERINTERVIEW:  Niger: “In Arlit, people drink water contaminated by radioactivity”.

INDIA. India’s State-owned nuclear power corporation plans new nuclear units, without nuclear waste facilities set up.

NORWAY, FINLAND. Norway and Finland find tiny amounts of recently released radioactive particles in the air.

FRANCE. Zombie nuclear corporation AREVA arises from dead -as “Orano”, “Framatome”.  Flamanville EPR: defects affect secondary circuit welds in nuclear reactor.  EDF discovering many more “anomalies ” and “non-conformities” in nuclear reactors.

RUSSIA. Putin announces a new array of nuclear weapons, that could evade a US-built missile shield. A forgotten nuclear disaster? 1985 Russian submarine accident.

SAUDI ARABIA. The last thing the Middle East needs is another country with the potential to build nuclear weapons.

AUSTRALIA. Australia’s extreme right wing Senator promises $445 billions to South Australia, if it takes in the world’s radioactive trash.


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The week that was in nuclear news – to February 24

Not much has changed this week: the simmering North-Korean -USA nuclear continued to simmer  quietly while the Winter Olympics were on: the global nuclear waste anxieties ratcheted up a little.

We got an insight into Donald Trump’s mindset about how to deal with  teenage gunmen, (or anyone difficult?) . He suggests giving bonuses to teachers who carry guns into the classroom. As a former teacher, I shudder to think what might happen in some classrooms with a bunch of obstreperous kids.

Climate change: global sea level rise is inevitable, but more emissions will make it worse. Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides.


Vain hopes for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) – expensive and there are no customers anyway.

Blocks to Mars travel – lethal radiation, and ,  – who pays?

Health Effects of Plutonium (lest we forget)

JAPAN. Japanese govt to support firms that export nuclear power technology.   Japan wants Fukushima evacuees to go home:  they’re not so sure. Japan to start nuclear cleanup of Fukushima town, Namie, around May.   Fukushima plant reactor #3 gets new roof cover.


NORTH KOREA. North Korea pushing ahead with intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and hydrogen bombs. North Korea preparing to launch cyber attacks.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korean president says Olympics have lowered tensions with North. (Washington Post). A South Korean province considers co-hosting the 2021 Asian Winter Games with North Korea.

EUROPE. Legal challenge to European Union against approving Hungary’s nuclear expansion plans.

SWEDEN. Swedish Environmental Court‘s very thorough study on copper canisters for storing spent nuclear fuel rods.

IRELAND. Belated consultation with Ireland about UK’s Hinkley nuclear plant – may help Ireland to fight other UK nuclear plans. Under UN conventions the peoples of neighbouring countries that could be affected by a nuclear project need to be consulted.

FRANCE. French police in body armour, with earthmover, evict activists protesting against nuclear waste dumping. France must come clean and admit that it has an exceptionally dangerous nuclear waste problem.

UK. UK’s plans for nuclear waste canisters – face the same problems as Sweden’s. Centrica to sell its UK nuclear holdings. France’s Electricite de France (EDF) boasts new cheaper nuclear reactor – makes Hinkley C nuclear project look unwise.  Continuing plunge in Britain’s electricity consumption.

SAUDI ARABIATrump Might Bend Nuclear Security Rules To Help Saudi Arabia get nuclear power.  Concern in USA Congress over Saudi Arabia’s real aims in going for nuclear energy.  Saudi Arabia, Egypt wanted US to bomb Iran.

IRAN. Iran would leave the nuclear deal if it brings no economic benefit.

INDIA. In India, groups unite to oppose construction of the atomic power plant at Kovvada.

CHINA.  China’s nuclear weapons modernisation is relatively small: China not wanting to attack USA. China again stresses its policy of No First Use of Nuclear Weapons.

SOUTH AFRICA. Not just Russian but ANY nuclear new-build is a poor choice for South Africa.


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Nuclear news in brief – week to 18th February

A thaw in North Korea’s attitude, with the Winter Olympics. Cynics dismiss this as propaganda, but it has obviously brought some calm to the situation in the two Koreas, and perhaps even changed the equation North Korea v USA.

The nuclear news this week has been dominated by the global problem of nuclear waste – what to do with it? France’s EDF proposes a  gigantic nuclear garbage pool.  Japan has a glut of plutonium wastes. America’s Hanford wastes cleanup will cost $111 billion.  The Swedish version of UK’s Radioactive Waste Management was rejected by Swedish Environment Court. Only now after 32 years, is Ukraine starting to remove the liquid nuclear wastes from the shattered Chernobyl reactor. Cumbrians are rejecting UK’s nuclear waste. The Australian government is quietly trying to bribe outback communities into hosting nuclear waste, with a deceptive tale about “medical needs” . As for Fukushima – don’t get me started.

Of course – none of the authorities in any of these countries has suggested the idea of stopping making  radioactive trash!


2017 – 2018 The trends in nuclear power construction.

Research into low dose radiation – a very complex issue.

SOUTH KOREAQuiet diplomacy brought South and North Korean athletes together for the Winter Olympics.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea wants to mend relations with South Korea – but also to continue nuclear military development.


JAPAN. Japan’s problem of no place to put low-level waste from nuclear reactors. (They haven’t got anywhere for high level wastes either) . Japan has enough plutonium for 5,000 nuclear warheads, and its Constitution does not rule them out 2020 Japan Olympics and the threat of nuclear terrorism. Kobe steel firm might have falsified data on nuclear waste container safetyDrone to probe Fukushima N-plant interior.


FRANCE.  EDF and the director of the Cruas-Meysse nuclear power plant (Ardèche) fined over nuclear waste mismanagement.  France’s energy giant EDF now making a revolutionary change – from nuclear to renewables?

SOUTH AFRICA. Hopes that South Africa’s new president will scrap nuclear deal.

RUSSIA. Mayak area- Radiation levels last fall 1,000 times above normal. Residents of Russia’s Yaroslavl region got a “false’ radiation alert scareBlow to Russia’s nuclear marketing ambitions – other investors back out of Turkey nuclear build.

ALGERIA. The untold story of Algeria’s victims of French nuclear bomb tests.

CHINA. China again delays building Westinghouse-designed AP1000 nuclear reactor, because of safety worries.

PAKISTANNew types of nuclear weapons being developed by Pakistan.



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Nuclear news – week to 9th February

Same old same old, but new, angst about being close to the nuclear brink.  Russia is upset at America’s new Nuclear Posture Review. Many commentator’s are alarmed as it escalates the arms race. No doubt, weapons companies are salivating at the thought of it, and America’s tax-payers ought to be concerned at its beyond  $1.2 trillion cost.

I know that this newsletter is now supposed to be leaving out climate stories. But it’s hard. Here we are, worrying about nuclear bombs, – while climate change is bringing us its own “weather bombs”.

USA- Russia New START Treaty takes effect – with central limits on strategic arsenals for 7 years.


INDIA. India keeping up in the nuclear arms race – 2 Nuclear Capable Ballistic Missile in one Week.

FRANCE. France in the nuclear weapons race – to spend 37 bn euros on upgrading nuclear arsenal. Terrorism: Radical Islamists in the nuclear industry?   Questioning France’s National Agency for the Management of Radioactive Waste (Andra). France’s nuclear culture of lies about serious nuclear accidents. The alarming state of France’s nuclear reactors. Costs of France’s Flamanville nuclear power project have exploded, and delays ballooned. France heading for a renewable energy revolution, with offshore wind power.

UK. Cost of replacing Britain’s nuclear submarines rockets by £1billion.   2,200 Massive steel containers produced – to house Sellafield’s piles of radioactive trash.   UK government promoting the nuclear industry – funding £7.5 million National College for Nuclear. A new report on Sellafield highlights the likely nuclear damage to Ireland.

JAPAN.  Abe, ex-Prime Minister Kan go head to head in nuclear debate.   Tepco ordered to pay $30,000 each to 318 people of the Minamisoma’s Odaka District class action suit. Desperate to save its failing nuclear business, Toshiba looks to Ukraine. The penultimate storage of contaminated waste.

Fukushima nuclear disaster: lethal levels of radiation detected in leak seven years after plant meltdown in Japan Fukushima 49.17% thyroid deficiency in the 295 000 young people under 18 years examined between 2011 and 2014. The mammoth task of cleaning up Fukushima’s radioactive nuclear reactor wrecks has only just begun.

SWEDEN. Sweden agonises over nuclear waste burial project that no community wants.

TAIWAN. Taiwan’s problem in searching for geological location for nuclear waste dump.

ITALY. Depleted uranium “helped sow deaths and illnesses” in Italian soldiers.

UKRAINE. Clean-up to start on tons of liquid radioactive trash from all 4 of Chernobyl’s nuclear reactors.

RUSSIA. Russia postponing new nuclear reactors because of costs. Death of a hero who saved White Sea from nuclear disaster.

UAE. United Arab Emirates moves on in plan to develop nuclear power.

SAUDI ARABIA. A new arms race – for the Middle East? Saudi Arabia’s nuclear power plan is not economic.


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To February 3rd – Nuclear News

Henry Kissinger, long term and still influential political adviser, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that a pre-emptive strike on North Korea was “tempting”and “a rational argument”. And, with Trump’s new  Nuclear Posture Review, the world moves even closer to the brink. With the nuclear weapons race, is the unthinkable now becoming a comfortable idea?

I think of the “Me Too”movement – to change the situation of women being sexually exploited by predators,  and of this being covered up by men in power. And it is surely now time for a “Me Too” movement  – as insane decisions are being made about nuclear weapons by men in power.


Media silence on Julian Assange‘s precarious situation.

USA. Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review considers Russian “doomsday weapon”, though it might not be real.  Top U.S. nuke envoy says Washington wants talks with N.K. for denuclearization . Nuclear poker: Trump’s dangerous game. Daniel Ellsberg says that Trump is leading us into nuclear war. Pentagon plans  U.S. South Korea war games as soon as Winter Olympics are over.

The USA nuclear lobby is now trying to tie up longterm tax-payer funding for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

JAPANLethal radiation detected at Fukushima plant reactor 2. Japan Should Clarify its Plutonium Usage Plans.  Lingering effects of 2011 disaster take toll in fallout-hit Fukushima, experts warn. Tokyo Not Fit For Human Habitation?

CHINA.  Chinese Arsenal Significantly Smaller, Less Capable Than U.S. Arsenal.  China reorganising its nuclear companies in order to export nuclear technology. Britain’s new nuclear build – a profitable “golden era” for China’s State-owned nuclear companies.

UK.  Britain’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) wants to increase its radiation releases by over 2,000 per cent.  The dangerous job of specialist scuba divers hauling radioactive trash out of Sizewell nuclear fuel storage pond. The expensive hunt for robots that might help clean up UK’s Sellafield nuclear waste horror.

KAZAKHSTAN. Kazakhstan’s U.N. ambassador – nuclear testing harmed his country; dismantling nuclear arsenal has benefited it.

CANADA. Massachusetts gets a great power deal from Quebec. What is Ontario waiting for?

RUSSIA. Hazards of Russia’s radioactive trash in the Arctic.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa can’t afford nuclear build – renewable energy a wiser choice

MALAYSIA. History of rare earths processing disaster in Malaysia.

BELGIUM. Not feasible to keep Belgium’s nuclear power stations going – new study finds.

FRANCE. EDF’s plan to eventually shut down nuclear reactors in France.

NIGERIA. Nuclear fraud in Nigeria.


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The week that was in nuclear news

On January 25th, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) moved the minute hand of the  symbolic Doomsday Clock ahead by 30 seconds – to just two minutes before midnight.The clock, created by the journal in 1947, is a metaphor for how close mankind is to destroying the Earth.  It is now the closest to the apocalypse it has been since 1953. – the year when the US and the Soviet Union tested hydrogen bombs. The team of scientists made this decision based on several factors. These included North Korea’s nuclear tests, the war of words between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, America’s expanding nuclear arsenal, and rising tensions between Russia and the West.

The Bulletin pointed to climate change as an equally catastrophic danger, even if less immediate.

World close to nuclear annihilation, but in denial – Dr Helen Caldicott.

Donald Trump has set USA on a course for nuclear war – George Soros at World Economic Forum in Davos.

Renewable Energy. Once more – there’s lots of news, Best source is .

Nuclear systems: the grave risk of cyber attack.

Nuclear medicine doctors need protection from genetic damage from radiation.


JAPAN. Ibaraki nuclear plant used erroneous fuel rod data for over 40 years, utility says.  Fukui weighs new wave of reactors to protect status as Japan’s ‘nuclear capital’.   Japan’s Reconstruction Agency to Fold in 2021.  Selective abortion and radioactive contamination in Japan. Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 2: new investigation. Insufficient testing will mean playing radiation roulette for the consumers.

UK. UK’s £1m a year bribes to communities to host nuclear waste.  With big plans for new nuclear stations, Britain desperately trying to get volunteers to host waste dump. Cumbria Trust reminds UK nuclear lobby that hosting nuclear waste is a VOLUNTARY process UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) wants to raise permissable levels of radiation release. Hinkley Point C to get £14bn from UK and Japanese taxpayers – despite ever-cheaper renewables.  UK new nuclear build would create an intolerable waste burden on communities into the far future.

SWEDEN. Swedish Environmental Court rejects plan for spent nuclear fuel repository.  Wild boar in Sweden have record radiation levels – legacy of Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

AUSTRIAAustria sues European Commission over Hungary’s nuclear plant.

FRANCE.   With collapsed uranium market and nuclear stagnation, failed company AREVA rebrands itself.   Macron’s France weakening on plans to phase out nuclear power? France plans to phase out nuclear power without increasing carbon emissions.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa has no money for nuclear power: says  Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

CANADA. Ontario’s nuclear dreams no match for the reality of falling electricity demand. Quebec Labour Tribunal rules in favour of man who claims he developed cancer from radiation at work.

UKRAINE. The unpublicised un-safety problem – Ukraine’s nuclear industry.


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Nuclear news – week to 20th January

The climate of fear. An article by Tony Schwartz, biographer of Donald Trump, describes Trump’s main effect on the body politic , after a year in office: “Trump has made fear the dominant emotion of our times.” This culture of fear is now expressed in actions – USA quietly preparing for war with North Korea, Russia’s new underwater drone – a ‘doomsday’ weapon, United Nations: Secretary General warns on growing nuclear war danger.

End nuclear weapons and nuclear power – we owe this to our children.

I’m so sorry that I’m not now covering climate change issues – it’s not as if these are going away!

World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report found nuclear war, extreme weather top list of 2018 global threats.  The bizarre coincidence of two false alarms announcing the start of nuclear war.The absurdity of underground bunkers to save us in nuclear war.

Nuclear weapons a poor choice for defense against cyber attacks. Pentagon suggests nuclear weapons to counter cyber attacks.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is urging nations not to damage Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement.


JAPAN. Long-Term Exposure to Low-Dose Radiation and Cancer: Dr. David Richardson at the Hiroshima Peace Institute . TEPCO claims to have found ‘fuel debris’ in No. 2 reactorTroubled Toshiba plans to eliminate negative net worth by selling Westinghouse claims to U.S. hedge fund. Japan-U.S. nuclear fuel reprocessing pact automatically renews after 30-year deadline passes.

INDIA. Forcible displacement of Indian villagers to make way for unnecessary, uneconomic, nuclear reactors. India again test-fires a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile.


PACIFIC ISLANDS. Sea level rise, nuclear trash – Pacific islanders tragedy – only New Zealand offers help.

FRANCE. France’s costly and unsatisfactory efforts at dismantling nuclear reactors.

CANADA. Indigenous Canadians oppose “insanity” of planned nuclear waste disposal near Ottawa River. Groups opposed to new nuclear licence march in Ottawa.

SOUTH AFRICA. Clear danger of South Africa’s energy company Eskom defaulting on its debt.


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The week that has been in nuclear news

International relations seem to become ever more complicated and risky. Donald Trump says ” I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un”. It is really hard to make sense out of Trump’s utterances, and the climate of “new media” makes that all the more difficult, and dangerous. Donald Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster thinks it’s about time to bomb North Korea. 17 former nuclear launch officers warn Congress about Trump’s power to destroy.

 European powers urge US not to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal. If he did, it would certainly not help international efforts to persuade North Korea to cease its nuclear weapons drive.

The new media landscape allows Donald Trump’s lies and brutal language to be “normal“.

Time for new movies to raise awareness of nuclear bombing.

U.S. and Russia Race to Build Nuclear Weapons They Can Actually Use Against Each Other.

Accidental nuclear weapons launches could result from cyber attacks.

Fukushima Darkness: Radiation of Triple Meltdowns Felt Worldwide.

Atomic batteries, including plutonium pacemakers – not monitored.


NORTH KOREA. North and South Korea agree on Winter Olympics, but not on denuclearization. Chromosome defects found among N. Korean defectors who lived near nuke test site.

EUROPE. European civic leaders worried about dangers of nuclear facilities stationed near borders of their counties.

JAPAN. HELEN CALDICOTT: THE FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR MELTDOWN CONTINUES UNABATED. Bill calling for “immediate halt” to Japan’s reliance on nuclear power.  Regulator urges release of treated Fukushima radioactive water into sea.    Experts anxious about lifting of Japan food ban.

CHINA. China becoming the global leader in renewable energy.  China unlikely to go ahead with AREVA’s nuclear reprocessing plan, despite Macron’s support.  China’s huge bunker for leaders to survive nuclear war

UK. Japanese and British taxpayers at risk as their governments commit to $20 billion loan for Wylfa nuclear project– Cumbria not the safest, nor cheapest, nor easiest place to bury UK’s nuclear waste. Westinghouse saved – nuclear industry must not be allowed to go belly up?- Nuclear Liability – UK government sets out new rules for ‘intermediate risks’Protest opposing USA military use of Ireland’s Shannon Airport. UK Trident bomb base in Scotland has ‘significant’ radioactive waste problem.

RUSSIA. Putin fears that terrorists might attack nuclear power stations, using drones.

FRANCE. The troubled and exorbitantly expensive history of the EPR nuclear reactor.

BRAZIL. Armed raid on nuclear workers’ housing raises fears over Brazil’s two reactors.


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Nuclear news for the first week of 2018

With regret, this newsletter is now going to focus mainly on nuclear issues. Climate change is no less important – indeed the harsh reality of climate change  is worse than we thought.  Climate change is being covered brilliantly by excellent websites, such as Radio Ecoshock and Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are being left out, too, despite their huge importance.  The new, narrower, focus is just because it’s all been getting, too much, too hard, and – newsletter too long.

My thanks to Lonnie Clarke of The Age of Fission– radio programme, (Missouri) for her information service, and for interviewing me this week .  Also thanks to  David Archer (TMI Podcasts) (Toronto) for the interview today.

With the Trump government now overturning net neutrality laws, it becomes ever more important for all the avenues of independent media to work together to spread information on the nuclear threat.


UN officials welcome reopening of communication between the two Koreas.

Nuclear industry desperately lobbying for financial help to be counted as “clean”.

Population Oscillations OR Collapsing Ecosystems.

Nuclear fusion – not really close at all.


UK.  Renewables a better option than nuclear power: but nuclear is needed for maintaining nuclear weapons.   Britain’s Hinkley nuclear project rife with scandalous conflicts of interest.  Blunders, catastrophic, delays, even bankruptcy… ANOTHER nuclear power plant is going into financial meltdown. Delay in removal of nuclear wastes from Anglesey’s Wylfa power station.

NORTH KOREA. Improvement of inter-Korean relations.

JAPAN. Japanese gov’t to guarantee bank loans for Hitachi’s “risky” nuclear plant project in Britain. Westinghouse, Toshiba’s troubled nuclear unit, is acquired.

Radioactive debris at Fukushima – a huge challenge to Japanese govt and TEPCO.   Fears of children who have to check radiation levels outside before they can go and play.   Is Fukushima a healthy place to play Olympic ball games?

CANADAOntario’s nuclear emergency plan – inadequate, says Greenpeace.

FRANCE. French Greenpeace activists in court for breaking into the first nuclear plant.

CHINA. Another blow further delays China’s nuclear energy programme.

INDIA. Stop nuclear power expansion – says Former Chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.

PAKISTAN.Pakistan and India exchange information on their nuclear installations and facilities.

MALAYSIA. ISIS supporters in Malaysia, and plans to make a thorium “dirty bomb”– Concern in Malaysia over radioactive thorium and uranium in building materials

BELGIUM. Belgium became the world leader in problems at nuclear power plants– Nine nuclear incidents in Belgium in 2017

TAIWAN.Taiwan’s green shift defies energy security fears.

GERMANYRadioactive leak in German nuclear reactor.  Germany has broken another renewable energy record.

KENYA. Growing concerns on the safety and feasibility of Kenya’s planned Sh2 trillion nuclear energy project.


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2017: Remarkable stories on nuclear issues

Because my websites focus on nuclear news, many important climate stories were not covered there. A pity – now that the most accurate climate predictions are turning out to be the worst case scenarios. It is clear that climate change is a global emergency – NOW.

Some remarkable climate stories that we did cover: Rise of deadly heatwaves will continue.   Food crops already affected.  Lakes around the world are affected by heat from climate change.  The importance of the Arctic – warm water being pushed to the surface, the disappearing ice, and its consequences, rapid spread of ocean acidification.

I’ve selected not the major news items, but nuclear stories that ought not to be forgotten.

The most impressive story of 2017:

brings together the climate and nuclear issues – Australian Mark Willacy’s text and visual coverage of the climate danger to the nuclear waste “dome” on Enewetak atoll.

Equally impressive

– USA’s  Kate Brown  and Ukraine’s Olha Martynyuk’s  – investigation of the cherry-pickers of Ukraine  “The Harvests of Chernobyl”.

Because many of these stories are long, and complicated, I’m providing here first the links to extracts on, which contain links to the originals.

NUCLEAR WEAPONS:  Evidence that Britain’s nuclear power industry subsidises nuclear weapons. America’s nuclear bomb tests and their health toll on Americans.


Listing the financial institutions that provided 344 billion available to 27 nuclear weapon producing companies. How it happens that taxpayer $trillions are spent on nuclear weapons –  Follow the money.  $billions of Americans’ tax money squandered on weapons. How did the Pentagon lose $10 TrillionAmerica’s war profiteers

JAPAN and FUKUSHIMA. What It’s Like for Informal Labour Employed in Nuclear Power Stations in Japan.  The Fukushima Daichi nuclear power complex is a continuing, permanent, catastrophe. Small head size and delayed body weight growth in wild Japanese monkey fetuses after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster    Many articles by dunrenard.

RADIOACTIVE WASTE DANGERJust Moms, St Louis and the continuing horror story of nuclear weapons’ waste. Problems at Los Alamos National Plutonium Facility-4 (PF-4) – dangerous plutonium pits. Nuclear catastrophe narrowly avoided at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


NUCLEAR INDUSTRY STAGNATES, and DEBUNKING THE PUSH FOR “NEW NUCLEAR” Stagnation – the most optimistic term to describe the global nuclear industry.  How the public pays and pays to keep the nuclear industry alive. Debunking the hype about Generation IV “new nuclear”.
Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea – the meaning of Trump’s threats
Andreeva bay – Ever increasing piles of toxic Russian radioactive trash – a challenge for Norway and Russia to clean up.
Uranium Mining – Health effects of uranium mining in India
Nuclear fusion – Debunking the myths about nuclear fusion – The ITER Power Amplification Myth
Scandalous history – The plutonium abuse of an Australian child, by Argonne National Laboratory

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Good news for a change this week – on nuclear and climate

Well, of course, it’s hard to find good news. I see that a “good news” media has just started up . I don’t like their chances – but that’s only because good news isn’t really news.  News is about something unusual happening. The vast majority of human beings are going about their lives, trying to care for their family and friends, trying to live  a decent life. That’s just not news. Particularly at this time of year, people are mostly making an extra effort to be kindly to others, – with Christmas, Hanukka, and at least 12 other religious celebrations.  So – it’s the much rarer bad incidents that are news.

On climate, so many millions of people, and so many organisations are trying to save this planet’s quite fragile environment. Intergovernmental efforts continue, with the recent Paris Summit. Renewable energy is taking off across the globe, especially in China, but also in America, despite Trump.

The global nuclear-free movement continues to have successes, exposing the nuclear industry, working for nuclear clean-ups, and for dismantling nuclear power, and for preventing new nuclear development

The much maligned United Nations continues its work, with a huge number of positive agencies, including many humanitarian ones. Non government agencies join in this work

The Nobel Peace Prize Award to ICAN might appear to be ineffective.  But to have 122 of the UN member states adopting the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is a great symbolic start – in universal recognition  that having nuclear weapons , planning to use them, and using them – are crimes against humanity.

Nuclear power began in America in the 1940s, with the Manhattan project to develop nuclear bombs.  Of course it is till aligned with nuclear weapons, but now, “peaceful” nuclear power is dying in USA. France is moving away from nuclear power. In China, and India, as renewable energy booms,  nuclear power slows.

The global movement for  a nuclear free world is active everywhere, but faces huge challenges, especially where the industry is tax-payer funded, and exceptionally secretive – as in Russia and China.

One nice little news item – the early release from prison of brave anti nuclear activist Sister Megan Rice.

I suppose that next week – I will resume the dreary recitation of all the bad stuff  – because that’s what news is.  In the meantime, many millions of people are being kind to each other, and wishing for peace –  not news, but true all the same.


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Australia claims world first: fully solar-powered train

World-first solar train now leaving the platform in Byron Bay with zero emissions, ABC North Coast , By Bruce Mackenzie, 17  Dec 17,  What is claimed to be the world’s first fully solar-powered train is operating on the New South Wales North Coast.

A refurbished 70-year-old ‘red rattler’ is running on a three-kilometre stretch of disused rail line at the popular tourist destination of Byron Bay.

It made its maiden trip yesterday with almost 100 passengers on board.

Electric bus solar system

The $4-million project is the brainchild of multi-millionaire businessman Brian Flannery, who owns a resort in the area.

“Hopefully it attracts people to Byron Bay,” Mr Flannery said.

“I think international tourists will come here to have a look at this world’s first solar train.

“So let’s see, in five years’ time they’ll probably still say I’m mad, but it’s a bit of fun.”

Tim Elderton, from the Lithgow Railway Workshop, was tasked with building curved solar panels and a battery system to power the train.

“Of course the major difference is it’s got solar panels on the roof so it can recharge itself.

“For those cloudy days we’ve also got 30 kilowatts of solar panels in this [station’s] roof here so we can also plug it in.

“On a sunny day like today we can do about four or five trips before we have to plug it in.”……..

Tram infrastructure a possibility

Longer trips than this one — 10 minutes to cover three kilometres or so — would require regular recharging stations along the route, but Mr Flannery said the technology might be suited to inner-city trams.

A lot of the tram networks of course have overhead wires and they’re electric but they’re powered off the grid from overhead,” he said.

“But in a case where you want to build a tramline without that infrastructure, I think you could.

“At various stations you could top the train [or tram] up.”


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It’s nearly Christmas – it’s also nearly crisis – nuclear and climate news to 16 December

I know. It’s just not what you need to hear in the week before Christmas.  Unfortunately, I am reminded by the wonderful Katharine Hayhoe  that even if you ignore, or even disbelieve in scientific findings –  they are still there, still real.

My two big influences this week come from Radio Ecoshock. Firstly – we’ve underestimated global warming. Our current path heads to worst 5 degree warming. And, there’s suppression of climate facts, and some disinformation on global warming.  My second – it’ s the same as last week’s – Future Earth may be home to grass, bugs, and maybe, – maybe – a few humans. It’s a hot radioactive world.

Well – on with the dance –

The Arctic is melting with no turning back. We have been underestimating the amounts of sea level rise due to global warming. For the first time, scientists identify human-driven climate change as the cause of global heat waves in 2016. Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective – American Meteorological Society

10 December: Nobel Peace Prize awarded to International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson changes his mind: now will not talk with North Korea without “conditions”.  U.N.’s Guterres warns against ‘sleepwalking’ into war over North Korea.


FRANCE. EDF keen to market nuclear to Asia, demands tax-payer support to build new nuclear reactors.


JAPAN. Government and utilities shaken by high court challenge to public trust in Japan’s nuclear authority. One Fukushima Tepco employee’s Leukemia certified, how many of the subcontracted employees ignored? Intensifying the Fukushima denial campaign. Many children diagnosed with thyroid cancer after 3.11 disasters, families still worried.

FRANCE. New defects detected in AREVA’s European Pressurised Nuclear Reactor (EPR). France faces a decade-long struggle to upgrade its nuclear power plants. France’s nuclear corporation EDF to make a massive push into solar energy.

RUSSIA. Russian nuclear plant says it finally emits nuclear isotope #Ruthenium106. Donor nations to pay up for trying to fix Russia’s devilish nuclear waste problem at Andreeva Bay. The unsolved hazard of damaged spent nuclear fuel rods – Andreeva Bay.

NORTH KOREA. The danger of the unsafety of North Korea’s nuclear facilities.

EGYPT. Russia disburses El Dabaa nuclear power plant loan/bribe to Egypt. Egypt to go into big debt to buy Russian nuclear reactors that it doesn’t need.

SAUDI ARABIA. It looks as if Saudi Arabia wants uranium enrichment etc as prelude to nuclear weapons development.

MIDDLE EAST. In Middle East – a heightened risk of attacks on nuclear facilities.

CHINA. Tests reveal crack in key component of Chinese nuclear power plant, 130km west of Hong Kong. China builds refugee camps – prepared for influx should Kim Jong-un’s regime collapse.

NIGERIA. Nigeria: Nuclear Agency Spent N367 Million Illegally – Senate Panel.


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The news to 8th December – nuclear and climate

Can Humans Survive? Nuclear weapons and climate change both threaten our existence, but with different time scales and probability.

Closer to the nuclear brink: American air drills begin over the Korean peninsula. The human consequences of nuclear war: a new medical plea against war.

Nuclear news in America is getting more intriguing – with more being revealed about the shady nuclear deals done by Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.  It’s enough for Trump’s lawyers to be concerned, as Flynn is now co-operating with the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

On the climate front – when it comes to climate predictions –  the most accurate ones are turning out to be the worst case scenarios. Even in rich countries, climate change is already costing us all financially, and it’s going to get worse.

The illegality of  a plan for a nuclear attack.

Hanford, USA and Mayak, Russia – their hidden radioactive megapollution.

Media to blame for focussing on Trump trivia, minimising climate change.

ANTARCTICA. Antarctica – so remote, but so significant in climate science.– An immense glacier is melting, in Antarctica.

NORTH KOREA.  United Nations’ political chief makes rare visit to North Korea.   North Korea says nuclear war on Korean Peninsula inevitable. U.S. ex-envoy Robert Gallucci urges Washington and Pyongyang to consider China’s ‘freeze to freeze’ compromiseEnvironmental dangers from North Korea’s nuclear bomb tests. North Korean nuclear tests sickening residents with ‘ghost disease,’ defectors say.

UK. Electricity from Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) would be much more expensive than from ‘conventional’ reactors. Small Modular Nuclear Reactors not economically viable, but UK govt is funding them anyway. Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit calls for windfarms: wind energy now cheapest form of electricity.


JAPAN. Tokyo 2020 Olympics costs skyrocket because of Fukushima nuclear reconstruction.  Tokyo 2020 to feed IOC food from disaster-hit regions.   The Japanese Government Is Lying to the International Community: the Radiological Situation in and around Fukushima is NOT Safe.

Failure of Monju fast-breeder nuclear reactor leaves Japan with a huge spent fuel problem. UN General Assembly endorses a Japanese anti-nuclear resolution.   Proposal for Japan to ‘rent’ nuclear weapons from USA.

Fukushima dome roof takes shape, but radiation remains high.   Tepco officials warned workers and journalists not to stand too long next to Fukushima nuclear reactor storage pool. Japan struck by two earthquakes.

RUSSIA. Incident at Russia’s Mayak nuclear reprocessing plant may have caused radiation cloud over Europe.   Fundamental problems with the Russian nuclear industry.    Russia’s deception, denial and propaganda over the nuclear event at Mayak. Russia slams North Korea’s nuclear gambling and US’ provocative conduct.

CANADA. Search narrowed for place to store used nuclear fuel. Just say no to a nuclear waste dump anywhere near the Great Lakes: the message from many officials and residents. Candu nuclear reactor to be buried.

UKRAINE. Risk of Chernobyl sarcophagus collapsing – radiation danger to workers now sealing it    Solar power to take over, on Chernobyl’s nuclear wasteland.

FRANCE. Drones still buzz around France’s nuclear power plants!  France to reduce its use of nuclear power as soon as possible, and discredit the myth of “cheap” nuclear energy. European citizens lodge a complaint against EDF and French govt on nuclear unsafety.

ARMENIA. Armenia considers plan to abandon nuclear power and go for renewables.



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