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The week in Climate and Nuclear news

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The various human-caused threats to life on this Earth are becoming more apparent. Sometimes, it seems almost silly to separate them out -as climate change, pollution, deforestation etc, as they all add up to one grand global human disrespect for nature. The latest U.N. study reports loss of biodiversity as a even greater crisis than climate change.

It’s a global disgrace, that it’s been left to children to take the lead on climate action. World wide climate protests, by hundreds of thousands of school students.

Southern African States, Mozambique, Zimbabwe,  are now devastated by Cyclone Idai.  Sure, they’ve had cyclones before, but climate change is increasing the intensity, to record levels.

On the nuclear scene, one veteran correspondent asks  “Who will be the world’s next nuclear policeman?”, as USA abandons its historic role as  the world’s chief advocate for de-nuclearis.ation.  Meanwhile, Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton leads us back to the Nuclear Precipice. Trump’s USA is committed to dominating the world – heading for weapons in space. 

Over 1.4 million young people went on strike for climate action.  Mary Robinson, international climate badass, on why green solutions require a feminist lens.


INDIA. Indian military confirms deployment of nuclear subs amid rising tensions with Pakistan.


NORTH KOREA. The merits of letting North Korea keep its nuclear weapons, for now.

UK. UK Labour undermines renewable energy pledges with state ownership plan for new nuclear power plant.  UK pledges to fully fund EU nuclear-fusion facility.  EDF Energy extends outages at UK’s Hunterston B nuclear plant.  Are the UK’s cracked Hunterston nuclear reactors safe?  UK communities not convinced by bribes to host nuclear waste. UK govt’s health study of nuclear veterans – but they’ve lost half the records.

RUSSIA. Danger in Russia’s nuclear- powered icebreakers parked at Murmansk.

BRAZIL. Nuclear transport trucks in the thick of gang gunfire in Brazil.

IRELAND. Irish Council opposes dumping of UK’s nuclear waste in any part of Ireland.

ROMANIA. NuScale includes Romania in its desperate search for taxpayer funding for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

NORWAY. Teenage Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Has Been Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.


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11 March – news on this Fukushima anniversary week

Today we remember the catastrophe at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station, and the fact that this is a continuing disaster for that local area, for Japan, and for the world.  Eight years later, Fukushima nuclear wreck is still resulting in mounting tons of radioactive water, with no solution in sight. Japan continues its  culture of cover-up and denial about this national tragedy. An indigenous leader continues the fight for the truth on Fukushima’ s radioactive impact on the world, and condemns the University of California, for its role in the cover-up and denial of the seriousness of the situation. Eight Years on, the Fukushima  disaster still poses health risks“Recovery Olympics” does not impress everyone.

Nuclear insanity – education is desperately needed to alert the world to the nuclear weapons danger.  IAEA calls for more funding for its safeguards activities. The very dubious “market” for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

Global politics made more dangerous by climate change.

Rising temperatures threaten health of fetuses, researchers say.  On this warming planet, mosquito-borne diseases are increasing. Climate change and the uncertain future for migratory birdsMining company Glencore behind global campaign to undermine climate change information.

ARCTIC. Melting of Arctic sea ice will greatly enhance warming in Arctic.

INDIA. Nuclear threat still hangs over India and Pakistan.

KASHMIR. People of Kashmir – stuck in a dangerous, potentially nuclear, conflict.

JAPAN. The stigma continues, however much the propaganda spouts about the Fukushima nuclear ‘recovery‘. “Ice wall” – the effort to contain Fukushima’s radiation. Fukushima No. 1 storage tanks hold 1.1 million tons of treated water.   Fukushima nuclear workers still facing radiation danger, eight years on. Accusations of scientific misconduct concern city in Japan. 8 Years On: Tainted Soil Use Plan Draws Backlash from Fukushima Residents.    Schools refitted in Fukushima, but enrolment remains dismal. Former PM Junichiro Koizumi now a formidable foe to the nuclear industry.

UK. The future of Britain’s Hinkley C nuclear project is in doubt.   Misleading inaccuracies in BBC report on Hunterston nuclear reactors.  Europe’s oldest nuclear reactors, with cracks in their barrels, Hunterston B – should not be restarted.  Ceredigion County Council has reiterated a long-standing nuclear-free commitment.

SAUDI ARABIA. International Atomic Agency would require Saudi Arabia to have the same nuclear safeguards as Iran has.

EUROPE. Nuclear lobby groups Foratom and Romatom propagandise for nuclear – at “climate-friendly” event.

LITHUANIA. Lithuania wants Belarus to convert its Russian-built nuclear power plant to gas.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korean President Moon Jae-in praised North Korea’s offer to dismantle a key nuclear production complex.


FRANCE. Many infringements found in Orano’s (formerly Areva) nuclear site at Tricastin.  France France facing the burden of nuclear waste.  Nuclear industry manages to cancel a film showing, about Fukushima nuclear disaster.  Bay of Biscay graveyard of nuclear-armed Russian submarine.

RUSSIA. Russia considering making spaceplane powered by a nuclear reactor.  Russia ready to enter deal to build nuclear power plant in Czech Republic.  Russia keen to have Bulgaria go into debt to Russia, to implement Belne nuclear station.

GERMANY.  All use of nuclear power will end in Germany by end of 2022.


SOUTH AFRICA. No nuclear power future for South Africa.  South Africa’s Jacob Zuma regime went all out for nuclear power, with secretive manipulations.


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To 5th March – nuclear and climate news

Well, Donald Trump and Kim Jong had a nice little photo-shoot in Vietnam. Nothing actually came of it. But , look on the bright side.  It could have been a lot worse.  Meanwhile USA and South Korea officially call off annual military exercises amid nuclear talks with North Korea.

Climate change’s impact on the oceans is already affecting marine life, and the world’s seafood stocks are declining. How to face what is happening – global environmental collapse. Good news – The young are stepping up to the climate challenge – The Sunrise Movement

Cold War-like arms race is likely to follow the collapse of a historic nuclear treaty.

The possibility of nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

Oxygen in oceans declining – climate change brings another threat to marine life

YouTube has become a leader in climate change denial.

Energy companies  should be planning for an industrial revolution driven by renewablesCompletely impractical to replace coal power with nuclear.

ARCTIC. Arctic ice – summers without it could happen sooner than predicted.

JAPAN. Japan’s long-drawn out nuclear “comeback” – safety and cost issues.  ‘Ionising radiation’ not so bad’ – subtle cover-up of the dangers, by Japan’s Centre for Environmental Creation. Japan’s nuclear watchdog concerned at possibility of volcano near nuclear station.

Nightmarishly high radiation levels –robots the only chance to deal with Fukushima reactors’ molten fuel. 2020 Olympics A grand propaganda effort – to minimise the reality of the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. Fukushima’s mountains of radioactive soil – community opposition to recycling it.  The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tokyo Olympics. Along the 2020 Olympics torch route in Japan – higher radiation levels.   Japanese Govt Olympic Games campaign to “showcase” Fukushima’s recovery is not really working.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s major nuclear reactor has been shut down for months.  North Korea’s frighteningly strong non-nuclear artillery.

IRAN. International Atomic Energy Agency chief again confirms that Iran is keeping to the nuclear deal.

RUSSIA.  Vladimir Putin signs decree suspending Russia’s membership of  Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).  Russia to lease nuclear-powered attack submarine to India for a cool $3 billion.

PAKISTAN. Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh warns on Pakistan’s readiness to use nuclear weaponsImran Khan to consult nuclear chiefs after India’s first air strike on Pakistan in decades.


UK. Faslane nuclear submarine base had hundreds of health and safety incidents in 2018. Rolls Royce largely getting out of the nuclear industry.

FRANCE. New defects, after a series of problems and delays, in France’s supposed “nuclear flagship” Flamanville. Huge workforce at Flamanville nuclear reactor, employed to fix unsafe welds.

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To 27 February – Climate and Nuclear News

I’ve tried to find good news – we need it. But, good news, by its nature, is not news. Most people try to behave decently, reasonable. When they don’t – that’s actually unusual , remarkable – and therefore is news. Anyway – here’s a good bit.:

Changing climate change“2040” paints an optimistic picture of the future of the environment, Youtube 2040 teaser

Meanwhile  – New report warns of climate Armageddon in less than 150 years.  New research indicates that world efforts towards climate change targets are likely to be too slow to take effectClimate change bringing crises, population displacement, wars to Middle East countries.  Climate change taking its toll on the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River.

Another good bit?  South Korea offers hope that the Trump-Kim nuclear summit could bring an end to the Korean War.

Meanwhile –  We are closer to a nuclear war than we would like to believe – new smaller bombs make this more likely. Indian and Pakistan relations have again reached a dangerous level.

What the planet needs from men .  New York Times – it’s time to panic about climate change. Sudden rises in methane levels – scientists warn on need for urgent action on climate change.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urges the United States and Russia to save nuclear arms safeguards.

Future is not looking good for thorium nuclear reactors.  The nuclear lobby’s dream of small modular nuclear reactors is not likely to come true

INDIA. India. With escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, could India consider a pre-emptive nuclear strike?  Union ministry of mines protects beaches from mining for thorium.

PAKISTAN.  Tensions in Kashmir: Pakistan readies for war.

RUSSIA. Russia flexes nuclear muscles , warns on its ability to strike nuclear targets in USA.  Call for Solidarity with the Russian Environmental Organization Ecodefense.

BELARUS. If USA US deploys nuclear weapons in Europe RUSSIA and Belarus will consider a joint military response.

JAPAN. Okuma, the host town of crippled nuke plant to lift evacuation order.  Japan and Tepco again ordered to pay damages to Fukushima nuclear disaster evacuees.  Tokyo governor won’t speculate on Olympic bribery scandal.  Robot claw grasped bits of molten nuclear fuel in Fukushima reactor.  Probe shows challenges posed by melted nuclear fuel at Fukushima plant.

NORTH KOREA.   North Korea sees nuclear weapons as key to its survival.   North Korea blasts Japan, claiming that Japan in “nuclear weaponizing”.

FRANCE. France’s nuclear corporation, EDF, faces the first of many mammoth nuclear plant burials.

FINLAND. Safety problem at Areva’s Olkiluoto nuclear reactor in Finland.

BELGIUM.  Three Green MP’s arrested after anti-nuclear protest at Belgian military base.


UK. Britain’s energy policy in a right mess, as new nuclear power stations are shelved.  A hard Brexit is going to be really hard for UK’s nuclear industry.   Packed church in East Suffolk hears residents’ opposition to Sizewell C nuclear project. Church of England backs further action on climate change. Offshore wind could replace UK’s failed plans for new nuclear power.

CHINA. Wind and solar power in China – fast outstripping nuclear power

IRAN. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accuses USA of hypocrisy over planned nuclear technology sales to Saudi Arabia.    International Atomic Energy Agency says that Iran is sticking to the terms of the nuclear deal.  Iran’s nuclear power station struggling financially.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa inquiry hears how former president Jacob Zuma pressed for ‘astronomically expensive’ nuclear deal.


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Climate and nuclear news to 13 February

The discussion on climate change is subtly switching from warnings, and debates on, climate change impacts, to adaptation, preparation for those impacts.  What prevents us from thinking ‘meaningfully‘ about climate change.

While all seems quiet on the nuclear front, the nuclear arms race is now grimmer than ever.  Meanwhile angst over nuclear waste continues on both sides of the Atlantic. And I really wish that there were news from secretive Russia and China, about their waste problems.

Global warming temperatures to rise by 1.5 Celsius in 5 years – India to get knocked out. Climate change increasingly ranks as the world’s most pressing security threat – Pew Poll. Climate chaos ahead, as Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melt?

Increasing danger of the radioactive by-products from the nuclear industry.

Growing cancer rates: the focus must be on prevention, on researching environmental causes.

CENTRAL AMERICA. Central American immigration driven by climate change, but this fact is being ignored.

JAPAN. TEPCO firmly at fault for balking at payouts to disaster victims.  The State of Medical Nuclear Emergency Declared after the Fukushima Meltdown is Still On Today!  Japan’s Reconstruction Agency to air ad for Fukushima products on TV, online and at cinemas. Fire extinguisher system at nuclear plant freezes.


BRAZIL. Brazil prosecutor calls for emergency safety measures at tailings dam at former Poços de Caldas uranium mine. Brazil moving towards nuclear-powered submarine.

BELGIUMGoogle refuses to blur its satellite images of nuclear facilities. Belgium heading for a nuclear-free future.

RUSSIA. Russia is open to considering new proposals for a broader nuclear weapons treaty.  Russia’s very threatening new 100-megaton underwater nuclear doomsday device.

NETHERLANDSRed Cross urges Netherlands to sign UN nuclear weapons ban treaty.


NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s moves to hide its nuclear missiles from US strikes.

FRANCE. France to build hypersonic nuclear weapons.

ARCTIC. Secret USA nuclear base in Greenland revealed.

AFRICA. Is nuclear power REALLY a clean-power fix for Africa – as Russia and China push it.

UGANDA. Despite the severe disadvantages to Uganda, of nuclear power, Uganda’s govt succumbs

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The week to 5 February, in climate and nuclear news

This week has seen extreme weather in both North and South hemispheres. Yes, there have always been cold snaps and heat waves – “one in a hundred years” events, but climate change is making them more frequent and more extreme.

The world seems to be taking it all too calmly, – that USA and Russia are both about to withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty , opening the way to a renewed arms race, and, with Putin and Trump in charge, increasing the risk of nuclear Armageddon.

2 billion people at risk, as Himalaya’s glaciers melt.  Paradoxically, extreme cold weather indicates that global warming is accelerating. Atlantic ocean circulation is being altered, by climate change.

China urges dialogue, as Russia and USA ramp up nuclear weaponry, pull out of weapons treaty.– Why so little public anxiety about risk of nuclear war? With Putin and Trump in charge!!

How the utilities financial system is rigged to give the nuclear industry the advantage.

Storage of nuclear waste a ‘global crisis’ as stockpile reaches 250,000 tons, Greenpeace warns.

Sending dummies into space, to test effects of radiation on women.

ITALY. Radioactive poisoning by the world’s military – the scandalous case of Sardinia.



UK. UK’s ageing nuclear power stations are likely to close early. UK’s Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit’s under-reported analysis – renewables cheaper than new nuclear.

INDIA. India’s Kudankulam nuclear power station means big debt to Russia.

HUNGARYCountries going into deep nuclear debt to Russia; Hungary the latest victim of this political blackmail.

CANADASNC-Lavalin, with its record of corruption should be barred from federal contracts. Grim outlook for uranium industry -financial analyst Jayant Bhandari.

SWITZERLAND. Employee faked radiation test data at Swiss nuclear plant.

FRANCE. Pump malfunction causes shutdown at Flamanville nuclear reactor.

BANGLADESH. Nuclear power: Surviving on secrecy and misinformation.

TAIWAN. Taiwan to abolish nuclear power in 2025.

RUSSIA. Russia also to withdraw from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, weakening weapons control. Russia’s Plan to Solve the North Korea Nuclear Crisis?

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech industry minister: nuclear reactor tender not realistic in 2019 .

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The week that was, in climate and nuclear news

It must be harder for residents of the Northern hemisphere to get their heads around the idea of global warming causing extreme cold weather, but – climate scientists tell us that this is the case. Easier for residents of the Southern Hemisphere , especially Australia and New Zealand to accept the idea of global warming.

A great pity that government secrecy and the language barrier combine to prevent us learning anything about nuclear matters in China and Russia. Are they finding nuclear power cheap?  Do they have no problems with nuclear waste?  I doubt that.

Meanwhile the British government flounders about, pretending that its nuclear industry has a future, when informed opinion, and the stopping of new programmes indicate that it does not. In the USA, there’s a concerted push by nuclear companies, and some politicians, for “new nukes”, specifically for tax-payer funded Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – the push is led by Bill Gates.

A bit of good news – Radioactive Cesium-137 diminishing in 2 Fukushima rivers, after close to 8 years.

Rapid Arctic Warming Linked To Mid-Latitude Weather Extremes. How global warming can lead to extreme cold weather, too.

Climate change reshaping how heat moves around globe. Our global home”is on fire” – Greta Thunberg at the World Economic Forum 2019.

Doomsday Clock at 2 minutes to midnight – “The New Abnormal”       Nuclear disarmament, non proliferation, “peaceful use” on the agenda as France, Russia, Britain and the United States meet in ChinaStorage of nuclear waste a ‘global crisis’: report


JAPAN. Greenpeace slams Japan’s plan to dump radioactive Fukushima water into the ocean.  TEPCO failed to spot leak of contaminated water.  Japan’s plans to sell nuclear plants overseas derailed.

EUROPE. NATO chief says ‘no real progress’ on nuclear treaty.

FRANCE.  France’s government snidely changes law to avoid paying compensation to Polynesian victims of atomic bomb testing. French nuclear company EDF considering retreating from operations in UK.


NORTH KOREANorth Korea’s Nukes and the ‘Forgotten War’.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea looks for nuclear dismantling pledge by Kim at second summit with Trump.

GERMANY. Germany phasing out coal, but will not import nuclear power as replacement.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia could be planning for nuclear weapons. 5 countries scramble to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Shares slump for Europe’s biggest publicly traded power company, due to Czech Republic’s PM’s nuclear power dream.

HUNGARY. Hungary’s problems in financing new nuclear power plant.

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To 22 January – Nuclear and Climate News

I promised to find good news. It’s not that easy. But  – Sir David Attenborough says ’Human activity has created a new era, yet climate change can be stopped.    And, again, I am struggling with the reality that it is nearly, perhaps already is, too late, to stop the progress of global warming. Which makes climate change a more urgent problem than the nuclear threat.

Even if climate change is now irreversible, it’s no time to give up: the effort now must be to slow its progress, and to plan and adapt to its impacts.

Latest nuclear news indicates that Britain’s nuclear dream is collapsing. Japan’s plans for selling nuclear reactors overseas are collapsing. USA is embroiled in nuclear waste problems. Not so in totalitarian Russia and China, where the State runs the nuclear industry, education, and the media, and maintains secrecy about nuclear costs, unsafety, and waste problems.

GREENLAND. Greenland ice melt is happening at an unexpectedly fast rate.

ASIA. The threat to millions of people, as glaciers in Central Asia melt.

AUSTRALIA.   Australia leads the world in global warming – with the 15 hottest sites.  Australia bakes as record temperatures nudge 50C.   Australia faces ‘new normal’ of year-round bushfires . Heat in New South Wales – bushfires, health impact, and roads melting.


NORTH KOREAKim Jong Un continuing to play to the vanity of Donald Trump?


TAIWAN. The pitfalls of Direct Democracy- Taiwan’s referendum and the vote on nuclear power.

ISRAEL. Super Weapon: Israel Could Arm Stealth F-35s with Nuclear Weapons.  Secret Handwritten Memos Reveal How Israel’s Nuclear Program Came to Be.

JAPAN. High radiation levels in Fukushima area, but the Japanese government is pushing people back there.   Time to retire Japan’s aging nuclear reactor at Genkai.   Nagasaki: Life after Nuclear War – the past and the future.

RUSSIA. Russia’s plans for nuclear-powered unmanned underwater weapons.

CHINA.  Pentagon report on China’s nuclear weapons program, still “significantly below” the U.S.  Concerns about safety of China’s planned 46 nuclear reactors within a radius of about 100 km from Hong Kong and Macau. Chinese residents concerned over imports of rice produced near Fukushima disaster area.

GERMANY. Germany urges Russia to destroy missile to save nuclear treaty.

FINLAND. Wild mushrooms in Finland still containing high radioactive cesium from Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986.

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To 15 June – climate and nuclear news

I scratch around for good news on climate. Alex Smith, of Radio Ecoshock, notes that ‘several long-time climate bloggers and Facebook activists are “retiring” to their private lives.’ He quotes one: “I’m no longer interested in awakening the masses. The masses made it clear that they are not interested.”

The grand old man of coastal science Dr. Orrin Pilkey warns: start withdrawing from the coast-line now, or wait for the coming panic. As Australia’s government promotes coal mining and coal power, and avoids any action on climate change, every State and Territory in Australia is being  hit with record heat.  Decentralising the energy supply system – renewables are creating a new world order.

On the nuclear scene, the New Nuclear Arms Race remains the biggest threat in 2019. Meanwhile, as the nuclear industry fails economically, the mainstream media continues to pour out articles about “new nukes” – Small and Medium Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)Molten salt reactors. – articles that read like straight handouts from the nuclear lobby.onal Park to get $216 million boost.

Space travel? The human body is not compatible with ionising radiation.

Japan, the U.S. and France failing in their efforts to sell nuclear reactors overseas, (or at home).

UK. UK to use Regulatory Asset Base (RAB) funding for Wylfa nuclear plant, exposing consumers to financial risk?  UK’s nuclear energy renaissance derailed, as Japanese companies step back from nuclear investment? Hitachi to post $2 billion special loss, will suspend UK nuclear power operations. Hitachi looks certain to cancel its plans for a £16bn nuclear power station in Wales. Increasing major cracks in Hunterston nuclear reactors: call to close them permanently.

USA.   State of Washington opposes federal plan to reclassify Hanford nuclear waste. State of Oregon not happy with federal govt plan to declassify some high level nuclear wastes.  Iowa Utilities Board OK’s Alliant ending nuclear power purchase: Duane Arnold nuclear plant to shut down. “Nuclear modernization” a euphemism that ushers in a new and dangerous global nuclear arms race. USA Dept of Energy again confirms its plans to use SRS plutonium for nuclear weapons.

JAPAN. Funding deadlock looks set to sink Japan’s last overseas nuclear project.  Japan abandoning ambition to sell nuclear power reactors to Turkey.   Major financial group in Japan bans lending to those developing, making or possessing nuclear weapons.  Radiation doses underestimated in study of city in Fukushima. Japan Atomic Power Co. (JAPC) denies granting local prior consent for Tokai reactor restart

OCEANIA. Nuclear weapons tests in the Enewetak Atol: rising sea levels add to the toxic legacy.

RUSSIA. Russian blogger reveals photo of venting cloud of radioactive dust from 1987 nuclear test gone wrong.  Russia might revive its fearful automatic nuclear weapons launch system.

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To January 7 – Nuclear and Climate News

I’ve made my New Year’s vows –  to keep this newsletter shorter, and to include good news – good things happening. I am mindful of Greta Thunberg’s dictum – “Look for action – then the hope will come”   Climate change: six positive news stories you probably missed in 2018

All the same, climate change’s drastic and rapid impacts must not be ignored. Paul Beckwith keeps us up to date on developments, especially in the all-important Arctic.

I wish that I knew the Russian language, and had access to Russian information, because climate change in the very Northern region is profoundly affecting Russia – its business, agriculture, and especially its operations in the Arctic. It is a chilling thought (no pun intended) that Putin has now put the nuclear industry in charge of shipping safety in the Arctic.

Russia certainly has toxic nuclear sites. This, along with Putin’s fervour for nuclear imperialism, means that, without media coverage, the world is ignorant of Russia’s nuclear health, environmental, and safety toll.

Then there’s the reality of escalating nuclear weapons tensions. While there is hope, in The U.N. Nuclear Ban Treaty, the Doomsday Clock  (monitoring the risk of nuclear war) is at a record 2 minutes to 12.

Weather – perhaps our best hope of bringing home the urgent message of climate change.

Between USA’s John Bolton, and Russia’s nuclear hawks – the fragmentation of nuclear arms control spells global danger.

The nuclear power industry is moribund.

Brave environmental journalists face increasing threats and dangers.

Climate change brings a boom in jellyfish, and a threat to nuclear reactors.

ARCTIC. Tons of methane being released into atmosphere by melting ice sheets.

UK. Academic whitewash of leukaemia incidence near Sellafield nuclear site. The nuclear lobby will be delighted with this knighthood, earned for obscuring the cause of leukaemia.  UK govt offers up to £2.5million to prospective “nuclear dustbin” communities, but not to communities endangered on nuclear transport routes. UK govt now prevents any one local council from pulling out of plans for a vast underground nuclear waste dump in Cumbria.


JAPAN. Fukushima prosecutors demand TEPCO execs get 5 years for negligence that led to nuclear meltdown.   Japan losing hope for having a nuclear export industry. Japan abandoning ambition to sell nuclear power reactors to Turkey. Costs for scrapping 79 nuclear facilities estimated at 1.9 tril. Yen. Farmers struggle to keep cows left behind near Fukushima plant.

RUSSIA. President Vladimir Putin’s new secret weapon –NUCLEAR drone which sends 1,640ft high WAVES.

NORTH KOREA. Earthquakes still being set off due to North Korea’s September 2017 nuclear test.

INDIA. Uranium mining brings disease, deaths, deformities to Jharkhand, India.

GERMANYRenewables beating coal energy in Germany.

CHINA. Chinese state media boasts nuclear weapons escalation, in response to Trump.

AUSTRALIA. Dave Sweeney reflects on the achievements of Australia’s nuclear-free movement in 2018.  The global nuclear lobby co-opts academianow they’ve got University of Tasmania.

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To 19 December – the week in climate and nuclear news

Climate has to dominate this week’s news. It seems that it takes a 15 year-old schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg to best spread the message, the reality of the planet’s situation. . Radio Ecoshock introduced some hard questions that have been ignored:

What social disruptions are being caused by global heating –  increased levels of malnutrition, starvation, disease, civil conflict and war – and not ecluding affluent nations?

Should we tell young people what we’ve done to the climate? (Too late: they are telling us.)

Far from perfect, but still, nearly 200 nations reached an agreement on climate action rules.

Some good news in the climate battle – over 1000 institutions to divest from fossil fuels. Makoma Lekalakala: ‘There should be no nuclear in climate financing’. Nuclear power is no answer to global heating – even if only because nuclear power is unaffordableGlobal nuclear industry aggressively lobbying climate negotiators.

The drying of soils due to climate change is shrinking the world’s water supply.

Numerous nuclear accidents at sea (doesn’t inspire confidence for nuclear-powered space travel). No restraints on nuclear weapons use, if USA abandons Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

ARCTIC. Degrading permafrost puts Arctic infrastructure at risk by mid-century.

JAPAN. Japan’s nuclear export industry about to get the fatal blow.  High Iodine distribution, low intake among children after Fukushima nuclear accident.



AUSTRALIA. Australian government’s hypocritical performance at UN Climate Summit.

FRANCE. How France multiplies hazardous nuclear waste. Replacing nuclear with renewables would save France $44.5 billion.

RUSSIA. Russia claims US ignoring outreach on nuclear treaty dispute. Russia woos China to join nuclear framework with US.  Russia marketing nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.– White House fury as Russian nuclear planes visit Venezuela .

TAIWAN. Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CFTPP) held over Taiwan , because of its referendum rejecting food from Fukushima.

GERMANY.   Explosion and fire at German Advanced Nuclear Fuels plant.     Residential batteries ready to compete with fossil fuels and nuclear in Germany.

FINLAND. Radioactive reindeer in Finland and Norway.

IRANIranian hackers take aim at foreign nuclear experts and US official.

INDIA. India has 140 Nuclear Warheads – And More Are Coming.

BULGARIA. Bulgaria’s planned nuclear power station unlikely to ever be built.

BELGIUM. Call for Belgium’s unsafe Tihange nuclear reactor to be shut down.

CHINA. Chinese military is building a test facility to simulate thermonuclear explosions.


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Climate and nuclear news – to 12 December

William Perry,  formerly of the Pentagon, and former U.S. Secretary for Defense, is renowned for his work aimed at limiting nuclear weapons, and warning the world of the great threat of nuclear war.

But now, even Perry is recognising that, in some ways, climate change is an even greater existential threat to the world. He points out that nuclear catastrophe can happen quickly, but that it’s possible to prevent it. But climate change is happening slowly, inexorably, and could be irreversible.

He’s convinced me, and I had always thought that nuclear disaster was the most important danger.

With that new realisation in mind, I’m seeing the events in Poland this week – the COP24 UN Conference on Climate Change, with a more acute interest.  This international meeting comes right after the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

Fabricated media attacks on Julian Assange. The article that a Fairfax journalist didn’t want to write, about Julian Assange. Rallies will demand that Australia insists on Julian Assange’s safe departure from UK.

Do corporations have a legal right to destroy the planet’s ecosystem?

The worst performing countries for climate action- USA and Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia, the US, Kuwait and Russia tried to erase meaning of UN’s report on the impacts of 1.5C warming. Coal lobby is prominent at COP24 U.N climate change conference.  Climate denialist group held fringe meeting in Poland, banning access by environmental reporter.

New nuclear power plants, prolong existing ones – to solve global warming?

A wave of change is coming to our planet’s water resources.

Energy efficiency the starting point for effective climate policies.

Assessing the effects of planetary electromagnetic pollution.


JAPAN. Former mayor expresses anger at Tepco in trial over Fukushima crisis. Results of the first-round thyroid examination of the Fukushima Health Management Survey. Thyroid cancer impact on children and teens following Fukushima nuclear accident.  Fukushima evacuees forced back into unacceptably high radiation zones.

TAIWAN. Taiwan Votes to Maintain Import Ban on Fukushima Food Imports.

FRANCE. Despite President Macron, France’s government report calls new nuclear power uneconomical.


NORTH KOREA. If USA does not lift sanctions, North Korea could revive nuclear weapons development.

INDIA. Nuclear Expansion in Kaiga: Is India Ready for the Risk?

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa Energy Minister Fires Nuclear Corporation’s Board .

RUSSIA. Russia sends 2 nuclear-capable bombers to Venezuela.

GERMANY. Germany a leading solar power producer, despite its low hours of sunshine.

IRAQ. Depleted uranium – the cancer-causing weapon still taking its toll in Iraq.

BELARUSTOR-M2 air defense missile systems to protect Belarus nuclear power plant.

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This week in climate and nuclear news

The world is at the crossroads as U.N. Climate Change Conference takes place in Poland. Many experts think that we have passed the point of no return. UN Climate Conference faces the daunting need for the world to quit coalWorld Bank funding for action on climate change, and for adaptation to climate change.  David Attenborough urges world leaders to LEAD .

Nuclear power, touted as the solution to climate change, is on fact, only a hindrance to action on climate change.

World Meteorological Organization warns: world running out of time to combat climate change. World’s Worst Public Health Crisis  – Climate Change. The over-looked solution to climate change – equality for womenFlawed arguments in nuclear industry’s push to be seen as climate change solution.

The other big Trump-Putin story: Nuclear weapons treaty hangs in the balance as Russia-US tensions rise.

Molten salt nuclear reactors not commercially viable, but useful for military.

NORTH KOREA. A mistake to expect Kim Jong Un to give a full renunciation of nuclear weapons in advance.

FRANCE. Why France must shut down many nuclear reactors. Report shows how unprepared France is, in the event of a nuclear accident. Appeal lodged to stop commissioning of Flamanville EPR nuclear reactor vessel. France abandons plans for the Astrid (Advanced Sodium Technological Reactor for Industrial Demonstration).

TAIWAN. Taiwan Votes to Maintain Import Ban on Fukushima Food Imports. Taiwan doesn’t know what to do with radioactive trash, so decommissioning of 1st nuclear power plant is delayed.



JAPAN.  Japan to scrap Turkey nuclear project.     Thyroid cancer impact on children and teens following Fukushima nuclear accident. 2020 Olympics being used to put a nice gloss on nuclear industry, and Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. Fukushima evacuees forced back into unacceptably high radiation zones.

CANADA.  Saskatchewan sues federal government over cost to clean up abandoned uranium mine.

SOUTH AFRICASouth Africa’s Portfolio Committee on Energy (PCE) praises Nuclear power, glosses over cost, waste, problems.  Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa) embroiled in dodgy deals, conflicts of interest.

AUSTRALIA. Australian schoolchildren on strike for action on climate change.

INDIA. Political connections in Holtec’s plans for boosting nuclear power in India.

BELGIUM. Belgium re-authorised nuclear power without having an environmental assessment – EU Magistrate criticises.

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This week in climate and nuclear news

Anti-science got a boost this week, as the “leader of the free world” Donald Trump, visiting the catastrophic California wildfire sites, reaffirmed his rejection of climate science.    The Trump administration went on to deny its own government’s dire new report on climate change. It is disturbing and sad, to see so many people accepting the doctrine, which was named by Carl Sagan decades ago, – climate denial. Even as the evidence mounts – of rising global average temperatures, arctic melting, sea level rise, and increasing extreme weather events,- politicians and much of the media promote the fossil fuel line of denial.

The world heads for Armageddon, as nuclear weapons control is wound back.

IAEA Director General Amano says Iran is abiding by nuclear deal, says North Korea should re-admit inspectors.

Study shows that women care more than men do, about climate change.(surprise, surprise)    Sir David Attenborough to speak for the people at UN climate summit.

Julian Assange at risk, as changes occur in Ecuadorian Embassy.

BANGLADESH. Climate change, rising sea levels, salty drinking water and increased miscarriages.


RUSSIA. Russia to give up its policy of ‘no first use’ of nuclear weapons.



UK. Frightening projections by UK’s Met Office on impacts of climate change, rising seas. UK’s environmental campaigners “Extinction Rebellion” block roads around London’s Parliament Square.

Sellafield – a nuclear misuse of public funds – and Hinkley Point C will be the next. UK customers to pay in advance for Hinkley nuclear power, AND cop the financial risk?  Architects awarded contest prize for nuclear project that is now cancelled.  Calls for permanent shutdown of Hunterston nuclear reactor 3, with its 350 cracks.    Uncertainty and delay, as UK struggles with plans for dealing with radioactive trash.

VIETNAM. Vietnam government abandons costly nuclear power plans.  Taiwan to host Asian anti-nuclear forum in 2019 .

TAIWAN. Taiwan still on track to become nuclear-free, despite pro-nuclear referendum.

BULGARIA. Bulgaria’s Belene Nuclear Power Plant project unlikely to ever be built, now needs EU approval.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czechs consider nuclear power options: would require tax-payer funding.

SOUTH AFRICADoubts on future of South Africa’s nuclear research reactors, with glut of medical isotopes, and with particle accelerator production.

FRANCE. France could shut down up to six nuclear reactors by 2028.

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The week in climate and nuclear news

A reflection on the media, especially “social media”: some news media covered the radioactive danger of wildfire at the closed Santa Susana nuclear site, and the need for that site to be properly cleaned up. I covered it, too, on my websites – might have reached one or two thousand people, on a good day.  BUT – celebrity Kim Kardashian’s call for the clean-up would have reached 58 million people!

Public awareness of climate change just might be growing, as its impacts multipy.  Habitable areas of our planet are shrinking – as climate change exacerbates extreme weather. “Predatory delay” – how the fossil fuel industries created and maintained climate change denialism.  Nuclear power is touted as the solution to climate change. But, as well as the many other drawbacks to this ‘solution’, is the fact that nuclear is not ‘low carbon’ as claimed.

Edward Snowden Condemns US Justice Department for Targeting Assange  (Why is Australian govt not helping Julian Assange?)



JAPANIAEA urges Japan to reach decision soon on handling of radioactive water at crippled Fukushima nuke plant.  Abe, IOC chief to visit Fukushima venue for 2020 OlympicsHigh court rejects bid to shut down Shikoku Electric reactor.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea tests new ‘ultramodern tactical weapon’ amid stalled nuclear diplomacy.

RUSSIA. Vladimir Putin considers his response to US exit from nuclear pact. Russia boasting of a spaceship to Mars ‘in very near future’.

TURKEY. Turkish environmentalists go to the Supreme Court to stop construction of nuclear power station.

SPAIN. Spain will close the last of its nuclear reactors and coal power plants before 2030.

IRAN. Iran hopeful that Europe can salvage nuclear deal – foreign ministry .

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan’s evidence at the State Capture Commission.

FRANCE. France’s Environment Minister questions viability of EPR nuclear. France to cut back on nuclear power.

POLYNESIA. President of French Polynesia admits that leaders lied, over 3 decades, about dangerous radioactivity from French nuclear tests.

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