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Nuclear News – to 3 May

Nuclear issues seem to be on the back burner, in Australia, and pretty much everywhere else. South East Asia is the exception, with countries worrying about Japan’s plan to release the Fukushima nuclear waste water into the Pacific Ocean.    Still, I’ve found far too much nuclear news this week, for what is supposed to be a short newsletter.  Perhaps that’s an indication that anxieties about the nuclear industry are simmering away,below the surface, and behind the media trivia.

At least the pandemic is getting the media attention that is so desperately required.    The world is in the midst of its worst coronavirus crisis so far.
The one great lesson of the pandemic is surely that global issues should trump national greediness, and call for global cooperation..   Tackling climate change too requires global policies.

A bit of good news –  Countries step up to supply oxygen and medicine to India. Pakistanis express solidarity with India over its COVID crisis, pledges supplies and medical aid.

ICAN addresses Mount Isa City Council after nuclear appeal pledge .

UK in secret talks with Australia and others, about mining rare earths.  


We must continue to expose and refute the lies of nuclear industry.

Paul Beckwith on the failure of universities to address real world problems

The huge carbon footprint and massive energy use of online activities and of Bitcoin.

For climate action, renewables clearly beat nuclear power.

Chernobyl disaster and the U.N. response – a global matter.

Nuclear fallout from the Cold War might be killing our bees.

Growing aggressive behaviour by nuclear proponents – is nuclear facing obsolescence?

. In India’s pandemic nightmare, India and Pakistan need to invest in health, not nuclear weapons.

JAPANThyroid cancer increased 20-fold in Fukushima children. Radioactive leakage from nuclear waste containers near Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Even with water release to the Pacific, Fukushima nuclear plant needs more storage tanks.

Governor of Fukui Prefecture to approve restart of aging nuclear reactors, but local community is opposed.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korean fishermen protest against the dumping of Fukushima wastewater into the Pacific Ocean.


MARSHALL ISLANDS. The US Should Apologize to the Marshall Islands for Nuclear Tests.

UKRAINE. University of Sheffield researchers do detailed study of radioactive materials inside the wrecked Chernobyl nuclear reactor. On 35th anniversary of Chornobyl disaster, Ukraine opens new nuclear waste site. Chernobyl nuclear disaster: ‘Three-day evacuation lasted 35 years’. Corrosive corruption continues in Ukraine’s nuclear industry.

RUSSIA. Soviet Documents Reveal Cover-Ups At Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Before 1986 Disaster.

UZBEKISTAN. Does Uzbekistan really need a nuclear power plant?

EUROPEFrance and Russia portray nuclear hydrogen as ”green’‘- arousing anger of several European nations. The dangers of extending the operating lives of old nuclear reactors.

FINLAND. Delays, increased costs and geopolitical uncertainties throw doubt on construction of nuclear power station in Finland.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech Republic’s nuclear plan hangs on hope for European Commission to call nuclear ”green”.


. ‘If it’s safe, dump it in Tokyo’ – Pacific Islanders don’t want Fukushima waste water. France tested 41 nuclear weapons in the Pacific, and grossly underestimated the radioactive fallout.

SOUTH AFRICACabinet appoints critic as member of nuclear regulator board.

CANADA. Canadian government rejects Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, but majority of Canadians support it.

IRAN. Iran’s foreign minister criticises influence of Revolutionary Guards and speaks of nuclear deal in leaked audio.

SWITZERLANDCity of Geneva calls for the closure of French nuclear station in Bugey.

RUSSIA. Not to be forgotten – the 1957 nuclear explosion in Mayak centre, Russia, that continues to poison the region.

FRANCEHigh level of radioactivity near France’s uranium processing factory.

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand nuclear veterans want apology and compensation from the government.

MALAYSIA. Malaysia needs to speak out on Japan releasing nuclear waste into the sea .

AUSTRALIA. Australian government plan for a nuclear waste dump tears apart the small rural community of Kimba. ‘‘Low Level” radioactive trash to be removed to USA from posh Sydney suburb, while govt plans to send Higher Level nuclear waste to Kimba, rural South Australia

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This week in nuclear news

Forgive me for being so remiss – I’ve neglected to cover Prince Philip’s funeral. He deserves remembering for some good work that he did for the environment.

NUCLEAR.  Heightened anxiety about keeping, repairing the Iran nuclear agreement, and a suspicious accident at Iran’s nuclear enrichment site.   Continued pressure from the nuclear lobby to get Europe to decide that nuclear power is “clean and green”.

CORONAVIRUS .  The news is not good. A”shocking imbalance” in the distribution of coronavirus vaccines between rich and poor countries. Covid cases, deaths surging around the world as variants spread, vaccination lags.

CLIMATE. Radio Ecoshock covers the issue of Future Cities: Hot and Flooded.

A bit of good news  COVID-19 success story for Rwanda is a wake-up call for wealthy West.

Investigative journalism – “Fair” exposes in detail how corporate media uses “Tropes” to win intelligent people over to USA militarism. 

Two years since Julian Assange was seized from the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Let’s get rid of nuclear weapons before they ruin us.   Artificial Intelligence and the risk of catalytic nuclear war.

U.S. – China co-operation on cyber security.

Nuclear power – a way to stop other, faster, and cheaper, climate solutions. Despite the influence of Bill Gates, experts find that nuclear power is the wrong climate solution.

Japanese engineering firm EPC joins with NuScale in small modular reactor investment.

Racism, inequities move to the center of the climate debate.

Rapid global increase in energy consumption.

IRANAccident at Iran’s Natanz nuclear station. Iran calls Natanz nuclear enrichment site blackout ‘nuclear terrorism’. Iran nuclear talks to continue next week after breakthrough. It’s getting too late for an effective missile deal with Iran. Iran frees South Korean ship as more nuclear talks planned in Vienna.

GREENLANDOpposition to uranium and rare earths mining – party wins Greenland election

EUROPE. Greenpeace warns European Commission on nuclear energy classification. Dodgy European Taxonomy report was favourable to nuclear power – but it’s far from a done dealNuclear nation France exerted pressure on European CommissionClimate taxonomy deal threatened by possible inclusion of nuclear as ”virtuous”.

FRANCEFrance fully nationalises debt-laden EDF nuclear company, – EDF can now focus on renewable energy. New defects found in France’s Flamanville nuclear project. Doubts that it will start-up on time, – or indeed ever!.

CANADA. Canada’s tax-payer funded small nuclear reactors unlikely to succeedPickering Nuclear plant at risk of ‘Fukushima-type accident.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s new tactical nuclear weapons means new dangers, new U.S. strategy needed.

SOUTH KOREA. Climate change probably increasing this problem – nuclear reactors halted because of jellyfish-like sea salps.

JAPAN. Crookedness, fraud, in 10 years of Fukushima nuclear clean-up. Japanese government and Tepco must pay monthly compensation to 3550 Fukushima residents displaced due to continued radioactivity. Japan’s Prime Minister getting ready to release Fukushima waste water into the Pacific ocean? Japan poised to release Fukushima nuclear cooling water into the sea. 4,000 Fukushima waste bags contain unidentified radioactive materials.

Japanese government continues Japan’s ”Nuclear Village” generous grants to keep ageing nuclear reactors going. Niigata governor wants Japan’s Nuclear Regulator to reassess Tepco, following security lapses. Japan halts restart of nuclear plant over poor anti-terror measures. Japan has the ability to become both coal-free and nuclear-free.


UK. UK losing credibility with its new, ambiguous, nuclear weapons policySleekit’ increase in Trident nuclear warheads on the Clyde.

Britain needs to rethink – whether it really needs new nuclear power, in view of tensions with the supplier, China. Chinese-French nuclear power station planned for Bradwell UK – issues raised that might prevent its construction. Uncertain future for EDF’s Dungeness nuclear power station. It may have to shut down early.

POLAND. In a positive move, Polish utilities remove their investment from nuclear power development.

RUSSIA. Russia planning to test a ‘doomsday’ nuclear-powered torpedo in the Arctic. Putin amassing, testing, huge military arsenal in the Arctic.

CHINABitcoin mining to consume more electricity than whole of Australia by 2024. Like the other nuclear powers, China wants to put a dirty great radioactive waste dump on indigenous land.

ALGERIA. French Prime Minister visiting Algeria. The question of radioactive dust from nuclear tests will be on the agenda.

SOUTHEAST ASIA. Southeast Asia can leapfrog uncompetitive nuclear energy, and go straight to renewables.

AUSTRALIA. There’s a long and devastating history behind the proposal for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia. Who Says There Is No Kimba Dump Opposition? Australia’s part in continuing nuclear havoc in Pacific islands – legacy of atomic bomb tests.

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Nuclear news – week to 22 March

Not a lot of remarkable news on nuclear this week . The nuclear lobby is doubling down on its media propaganda, touting nuclear as the solution to climatev change. Also it is determinedly promoting the Tokyo Olympics – the so-called ‘recovery Olympics’, despite the fact that international visitors are banned.

CoronavirusIncidence of new cases globally continues to rise, but death numbers are falling. Problems in distribution of vaccines.

Climate.   Developments in global heating are covered each week in Radio Ecoshock, which is a jump ahead of most news media. This week, it’s been about the predicted high temperatures in the world’s cities. Also, it’s a warm\ning that climate tipping points are coming sooner than expected.

A bit of good news March 20 was the U.N.’s International Day of Happiness.  For the fourth year in a row, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world, with Iceland coming in second, followed by Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Investigative journalism –  Advanced nuclear reactors : Assessing the Safety, Security, and Environmental Impacts of Non-Light-Water Nuclear Reactors.  New science report: advanced nuclear reactors no safer than conventional nuclear plants.  The economics of nuclear power plants are not favorable to future investments.

Nuclear power has become irrelevant — like it or not.   Why the Fukushima disaster signalled the end of Big Nuclear.

New research to determine plutonium pollution and its sources.

Don’t believe hydrogen and nuclear hype – they can’t get us to net zero carbon by 2050

Review of Michael Shellenberger’s book on ”Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All”.

JAPAN.  The nuclear lobby holds too much sway over governments, particularly in Japan.  Serious security lapse at a Japanese nuclear plant.    Japanese regulator decides against restarting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa No. 7 nuclear reactor.

New type of large and highly radioactive particles found in Japan.  Fukushima disaster 10 years on: How long will it take to clean up the nuclear waste?



RUSSIA.  Russia planning to dispose of highly dangerous nuclear reactor cores of submarines at bottom of Kara Sea.

IRAN.  United Nations nuclear watchdog says it’s possible to return to the Iran nuclear deal.

FRANCE.  France must restructure debt-laden EDF (Electricite de France) and reform nuclear sector by October.  Flamanville nuclear reactor: 3 new welds do not meet safety requirements.

PACIFIC ISLANDS.  Outcry in Tahiti over nuclear fallout study.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Unitede Arab Emirates $32 billion Barakah nuclear plant poses environmental, safety, and security problems.

AUSTRALIAMinerals Council of Australia trying to influence European Commission, to push for fossil fuels and nuclear.

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The nuclear lobby’s lying propaganda on the run up to COP Climate Conference

Ya gotta admire the global spread and relentless persistence of the nuclear industry at every level. Whether it be aimed ast schoolkids or heads of state,  – the message is just such a lie – that nuclear power is ”essential to fight climate change’

Never mind that nuclear power is itself very vulnerable to climate change (over-heating, rising sea leveles, storm surges, water shortages……)

Anyway, today I was captivated by a charming, pretty, graphic, touted by the Public Service Enterprise Group, (PSE&G’) in an article extolling nuclear power, published by INSIDER NJ.

I just felt the need to make PSE&G’s picture honest.


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Nuclear news – week to 15th March

The Fukushima anniversary is over. A sigh of relief?  We can now all forget about it? Not really.

Numerous well-researched articles on the event conclude that Japan’s struggle with the aftermath has no end in sight. A hastily released ”comforting ” health report from The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation has been criticised as unconvincing and inconsistent. The Japanese government, and the  global nuclear lobby doggedly persist in planning for the ”Recovery Olympics” in Tokyo in July.  But in view of the pandemic and the lingering radiation, that may not be a done deal

Meanwhile – global heating plugs along – without much publicity – Siberia’s warming shows climate change has no winners.   Without changes to mitigate global warming, summer could last nearly six months, study finds.
Global coronavirus cases are beginning to rise again, and there are a number of nations where the situation is worsening by the day.
A bit of good news – USA – Fauci Agrees We Can Reach Normalcy by Fourth of July.

Fukushima: “How Japan was blinded to the predicted certainty of disaster“.     10 years after Fukushima – still nuclear regulatory capture, and poor safety culture.  Whitewashing of Fukushima meltdown by United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation.

Nuclear power faces a wobbly future.  Ten years on from Fukushima, nuclear power continues to struggle with deeper problemsNuclear power is unpopular: promoted only by those with vested interests.

Billionaire Bill Gates’ nuclear ambitions would make climate disaster worse.

Global nuclear industry in decline since 1996, even without Fukushima disaster.

The long-term problem of ”peaceful” plutonium.

The radiation danger to astronauts– cancer, heart disease -an ethical problem.  Space radiation – harmful to astronauts, not only with cancers, but also with heart and blood vessel effects.  Low doses of radiation used in medical imaging lead to mutations in cell cultures.

The growing threat of space debris.

How the world came close to nuclear war catastrophe.

‘Every euro invested in nuclear power makes the climate crisis worse‘.  Small modular reactors not the solution, says German nuclear authority .

Need to establish compensation schemes for future nuclear accidents.

So-called ”cloud” computing means huge electricity use in data so-called ”farms”.


 The truth about Fukushima today – and the cover-up – Thomas A Bass.   Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Nearly ‘Ended The Japanese State’. Harm done to people by the Fukushima evacuation, but radiation was still the root cause of all this.    The Asahi Shimbun continues to warn against nuclear power -Japan’s risk of another “Fukushima -type” disaster.

Japan’s Nuclear Clean-Up Has No End in Sight.   1.2 million tonnes of contaminated water and nowhere to put it – Fukushima’s continued legacy.   Review of film ”Fukushima 50”.       The thought of the Olympics – the only hold-up to emptying contaminated water to the ocean.

Impossible timetable set for returning Fukushima nuclear site to ‘greenfield”.  Japanese government hopes that not-yet-designed robots might clean up Fukushima nuclear mess.  Part of Tomioka, 6 miles from Fukushima, is still a no-go zone.    Radiation from Fukushima meltdown collects in timber in affected region.

Tokyo Olypics: is it safe to promote Japan’s so-called “recovery” by sending athletes into a nuclear exclusion zone?  United Nations Scientific Committee on Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) report on Fukushima health effects -rushed, inadequate, inconsistent.

Cash-strapped Japanese nuclear company funds road plans near idle nuclear plant.

Japan’s main opposition party -”Japanese society is viable without operating nuclear power plants”.

FRANCE. French Nuclear tests: revelations about a cancer epidemic.

PACIFIC ISLANDS.  France has consistently underestimated the devastating impact of its nuclear tests in French Polynesia.  110, 000 people in French Polynesia affected by the radioactive fallout from atomic bomb tests.  Time to clean up Bikini Atoll, to right the nuclear wrongs done to the Pacific islands people.


GERMANY.  Germany pledges to work towards a nuclear-free Europe  The Greens are likely to be propelled into government in the national vote.

UK. Nuclear power losing out in the UK – not a good omen for the global nuclear industry.      Trident nuclear warhead numbers set to increase for first time since cold war, despite commitment to decrease nuclear weaponss stockpile.  Safety breaches at Sellafield have raised fears of a Chernobyl-style disaster.

CHINA.  China maintains only a lean nuclear weapons force – aimed at survival if attacked..

TURKEY. Anxieties over Turkey’s new Russian-backed nuclear plants.  Turkey’s nuclear ambitions bring fears of a ”new Chernobyl” in the region.   – Turkey’s nuclear power plant could prove irresistible to terrorists.

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand groups oppose launch of U.S. military nuclear satellite.

TAIWAN.  Nuclear power not an option for Taiwan.  Taiwan environmentalists to hold anti-nuclear rally in June.

SLOVENIA.  Slovenia’s hazardous old nuclear reactor in an earthquake zone.

AUSTRALIA. Australian uranium fuelled Fukushima .  Australia must learn the lessons of Fukushima.–  Time for Australia to clean up uranium mining damage, and end this toxic industry – Western Australia could lead the way. its nuclear tests in French Polynesia.  110, 000 people in French Polynesia affected by the radioactive fallout from atomic bomb tests.  Time to clean up Bikini Atoll, to right the nuclear wrongs done to the Pacific islands people.

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Nuclear news this week- Fukushima anniversary week

The global nuclear lobby will be glad when March is over. They were glad to see the end of January – too much public interest then in the U.N. Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

March is worse, especially because of the 10 year anniversary (11th March) of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown, with clean-up nowhere in sight. The half-hearted hype is now on for the Olympic Games in July. The whole plan was for the Games to demonstrate that the nuclear catastrophe was actually nothing much to worry about, and yet again, to promise a ‘nuclear renaissance’.

International Women’s Day – today 8th March, is a bit of a worry for the nuclear industry.  Ionising radiation is more damaging to women than to men, and polls consistently show that women oppose nuclear power.  Women are rarely part of decision-making, and when they are –  shock horror!  With nearly equal female representation in Switzerland’s parliament – it decided to shut down the nuclear industry.   In Germany, that very strong Chancellor Angela Merkel, was a supporter of nuclear power – but after the Fukushima catastrophe, she changed her mind.  It’s all a dilemma for the nuke lobby –   trying to get some (preferably  young and glam) women into the nuclear career,  – but oh dear, they might put too much emphasis on health, children’s future, etc – and hysterically change their mind, as Merkel did.

1st March – Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Day.  This day commemorates for Pacific islanders, the nuclear colonialism, that brought atomic bomb testing, radiatio-induced cancers, and continuing environmental pollution to their previously pristine lands and waters.  Today, militaristic colonialism is still in full swing across the region, and is still resisted.

CLIMATE.  I cannot resist referring you to the wonderful Katherine Hayhoe, interviewed on Radio Ecoshock. This woman, who is also a religious communicator, has the gift of explaining climate change entertainingly and with clarity.

Some bits of good news The first real-world data for COVID vaccines is in – and it’s really good news.   

In a Japanese village ravaged by tsunami and nuclear disaster, two farmers grow indigo to rebuild community and heal

Nuclear Games.

Elon Musk and Bill Gates: beware of gurus toting solutions to climate change.

Nuclear energy proponents downplay its unresolved moral and ethical concerns.  Despite the problems, small nuclear reactor salesmen aggressively marketing: it’s make or break time for the nuclear industry.

Some bits of good news The first real-world data for COVID vaccines is in – and it’s really good news.   

In a Japanese village ravaged by tsunami and nuclear disaster, two farmers grow indigo to rebuild community and heal

ANTARCTICA.  Ominous news; Antarctic ice is melting at an accelerating rate.


Ex-PMs Kan, Koizumi urge Japan to quit nuclear power generation .    10 years after Fukushima nuclear disaster, – poor prospects for nuclear revival in Japan.


Opinion poll – 77% of Ayshire public support a total ban on all nuclear weapons.

Hinkley Point B nuclear station to close ‘early’ due to aging graphite blocks.

Concern about the marketing of radioactively contaminated scrap metal.

Proposed Cumbrian coalmine. But is the real purpose a high level nuclear waste dump?.

How Scotland’s Dunoon became an American nuclear base, and a target.  Scottish Council calls on big pension fund to stop investing in weapons makers.


IRAN.  UN’s nuclear watchdog agency will not be ‘bargaining chip’ in Iran nuclear deal.  President Rouhani says that Iran is prepared to fulfil nuclear deal commitments.

GERMANY.  Germany to pay nuclear operators 2.4 bln euros for plant closures.  Widespread public support for Germany’s nuclear phaseout, as renewable energy expands.

ALGERIA French report on the unfairness of France’s nuclear history in Algeria.

RUSSIA. Russia’s most high-tech multi-purpose nuclear submarine further delayed.

CHINA.  China to ramp up its nuclear weapons, in the interests of its own survival.

FRANCE.  Safety expert recommends shutdown of several of France’s old, dubiously safe, nuclear reactors.  France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) has safety concerns about Flamanville nuclear power plant .  A new setback for France’s Flamanville nuclear reactor.

SWITZERLANDWomen in government – the key to getting rid of nuclear power.

LUXEMBOURG. Hopes in Luxembourg for the closure of Cattenom nuclear power plant.

ARMENIA. Armenia should shut down, not repair, its dangerous nuclear power station.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa, with no way to deal with radioactive waste, must not develop new nuclear power.

PACIFIC ISLANDSNuclear Free And Independent Pacific Day 2021.

TURKEYDust with French nuclear test residue threatens Turkey.

IRAN.  Iran’s foreign minister says Tehran will offer a constructive plan for nuclear talks.

INDIA.  In India, Google and Facebook help a vicious government campaign against environmental activists.

AUSTRALIA. Australia dodged a bullet in not getting nuclear power.


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The week in nuclear news – to March 1

Like most people, I have not been able to keep up with the pandemic news. Figures on the incidence of Covid-19, and on deaths, seem to fluctuate.  Amidst the uncertainties about types of vaccines, new virus strains, and the anti-vaxxer movement, still there is an atmosphere of optimism.  Vaccine acceptance is rising in many countries, and health workers and many volunteers are putting in the efforts to administer vaccines , and care for those who are ill.

David Attenborough warns the U.N. Security Council –  the world risks ‘collapse of everything’ without strong climate action.

A bit of good news – Pollution in the Mississippi River Has Plummeted Since The 1980s


The role of the Churches in promoting the U.N. Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.  Nuclear-weapons treaty the right way forward.

The media revels in rockets to Mars, ignores the horrible risk of plutonium pollution.

Why is the media fawning over nuclear businessman Bill Gates?  Nuclear power-not clean, not renewable – Bill Gates is wrong.

Dr Helen Caldicott on Independent Australia tells The Truth About Nuclear Power.

JAPAN. Investigative journalism – Fukushima nuclear containment system failed: this kind of disaster will happen again.  Fukushima nuclear station seismometers not functioning when latest earthquake happened.  Fukushima nuclear mess 2021 – the tasks ahead.  Fukushima evacuees on return visits find radiation signs confusing.  The Fukushima nuclear catastrophe – far from over, 10 years later.

CANADA.  What would go into the Chalk River MoundOpposition to nuclear dump plan for upstream at Chalk River.  Ways in which Near Surface Radioactive Waste Disposal would leak.

FRANCE.  France’s nuclear reactors’ lives to be extended beyond 40 years.  France slow to leave nuclear power, (cheaper to extend lives of reactors).

IRAN. IAEA and Iran strike three-month deal over nuclear inspections.  Iran lawmakers call for president’s prosecution over IAEA deal.  Iran talks ‘avert’ impact of nuclear inspection deadline.  Some Iranians and Israelis in full agreement on wanting to stop Iran nuclear deal.


UK.  Assange’s partner exposes ongoing denial of his legal and democratic rights,  Jeremy Corbyn – Britain Should Join Nuclear Ban Treaty and Scrap Nukes.  Labour’s nuclear weapons stance needs a rethink.   RSPB petition on Sizewell C with over 105,000 signatures shows the depth of public concern with this development – highlighted in upcoming NFLA meeting.

INDIA.  Influence of Biden administration brings peaceful push between India, China, Pakistan.

SOUTH AFRICA.  New nuclear build would face legal stumbling blocks.

EUROPERadioactive dust over Europe – from France’s nuclear bomb tests in the Sahara!    Luxembourg’s continued fight against nuclear power in Europe.

ISRAEL.  Israel should come clean about the expansion at its secret nuclear weapons plant.

AUSTRALIA. Australian federal and state governments keeping laws banning nuclear power, despite Murdoch pro nuclear propaganda.  Legislation banning nuclear power in Australia should be retained.

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Nuclear, coronavirus, climate -news to 22 February

Coronavrus update:

Climate;  disinformation is rampant.   –we have allowed governments around the world to throw away the time when we could have stopped the endless killer heat waves, fires, rising seas, superstorms, dying coral, dying everything. We let governments from Monarchies to Oligarchies to alleged Democracies endanger life on this planet, including our kids future.

If we can’t change that, we really are doomed.” – Alex Smith, Radio Ecoshock.

Nuclear – it is disappointing to me to listen to interviews with Bill Gates-  he is not questioned on his statements pushing nuclear power for climate. It seems that being a billionaire entrepreneur qualifies him for a kind of reverent belief and trust . Meanwhile, a real climate expert , Michael Mann, has just published an authoritative book on the subject.

Hunting for good news – but it’s tricky. Lots of good news on things like individuals being kind to homeless people. But there’s a dearth of news about public, government, action to provide homes for the homeless.

Nuclear lobby planning to take over the U.N Climate Change Conference.

Living longterm in radioactively contaminated areas damages our health.

On nuclear power as climate solution, Bill Gates shows alarming ignoranceBill Gates’undemocratic approach to climate crisis.  New books on climate change; Michael Mann versus (nuclear promoter) Bill Gates.

The “negaWatt” – the best energy is the energy you don’t use.

JAPAN.    ICAN chief urges Japanese govt to attend UN Nuclear Ban Treaty meeting.  Japan town mayor OKs restarting nuclear reactor over 40 years old– A decade after the Fukushima meltdown, this Japanese region faces a new nightmare — radioactive water in the sea. Water leaks indicate new damage at Fukushima nuclear plant.  New highly radioactive particles found in Fukushima .

EUROPE.  Nuclear industry very nervous about EU evaluation of its’green’ claims.

CANADA.  Community fights Canadian govt’s slick propaganda pushing for high-level radioactive waste dumpCanada’s nuclear waste storage ”“cannot and will not go forward without the informed and willing consent of potential host communities”

UKRAINENew documentary explores Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.


BRAZIL.  Global nuclear industry – rotten to the core: it’s not just Brazil.


IRAN.  Iran foiled series of assassinations planned by Israel – says Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi.  Iran vows to limit nuclear inspections if partners fail to act.

POLANDGermany concerned about Poland’s nuclear energy plans.

BULGARIA.  Bulgaria prosecutes former energy ministers over mismanagement of Belene nuclear power project.

SOUTH AFRICA.  South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa ignores nuclear his State of the Nation Address.  South Africa: an example of how nuclear waste costs are passed on to later generations.

ISRAEL.  Israel expands Dimona nuclear facility previously used for weapons material.

FRANCE. Significant safety incident at EDF nuclear power plant in Flamanville.

AUSTRALIA. Wise warning to Australian government to withdraw embarrassing Nuclear Waste Dump Bill.

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I am appalled at the idea of ”Mothers For Nuclear”

As a mother myself, I am appalled that such a group as ”Mothers For Nuclear” even exists.  Dont

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

they know about the effects of ionising radiation on women, especially pregnant women?   Don’t they know about the breast cancers, the birth deformities in irradiated areas such as Pacific atomic bomb sites, and Belarus-Ukraine, near the Chernobyl site.  No, they don’t seem to.  (Perhaps that ‘s the beauty of a narrowly S.T.E.M. education?)

Both Heather Hoff and Kristin Zaitz work at the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant.   Hoff worked as a plant operator, and now as a procedure writer.  Zaitz works as a civil engineer.

Hoff was inspired by none other than that top nuclear schill Michael Shellenberger, and by the glossy  nuclear advertising film ”Pandora’s Promise”.

They sound very sincere, but also very ignorant of the negative issues around the nuclear industry.

Why am I not surprised?   The nuclear industry is busting its guts trying to get women onside.  Their favourite thing is getting (preferably young and attractive) women into engineering, and at the top of nuclear companies.    (This is good in two ways  – good to promote the industry’s ‘gender equality’ image, and good if they muck up, as Leslie Dewan did, in her bogus claims for Transatomic’s molten salt reactor –  let a woman take the flak!)

The thing is – lots of women have expertise in biology, genetics – and an understanding of the effects of ionising radiation.  But the nuclear industry has got us all conned that these are ”soft”sciences.  So – if you’ve got ”hard” scienvce knowledge – like engineering, then you can be an authority on nuclear issues.

These two women sound very sincere – alarmingly so.

The Activists Who Embrace Nuclear Power, New Yorker, By Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, February 19, 2021

“……… But Hoff and Zaitz work at a nuclear plant and have been flown to give talks at industry-sponsored events; Mothers for Nuclear has received small donations from others who work in the industry. There is no denying the conflict of interest posed by their employment; even within the pro-nuclear community, their industry ties provoke uneasiness. Nordhaus, the executive director of the Breakthrough Institute, wrote in an e-mail that, although he thinks Hoff and Zaitz are “well-intentioned,” nuclear advocacy should be independent of what he called “the legacy industry.” ……..
On the air, Hoff explained who they were. “Mothers for Nuclear offers a different voice,” she said. “Nuclear power plants are run by lots of men, and women have been more scared of nuclear energy. We’re here to offer the motherly side of nuclear—nuclear for the future, for our children, for the planet.”…….

To be fervently pro-nuclear, in the manner of Hoff and Zaitz, is to see in the peaceful splitting of the atom something almost miraculous. It is to see an energy source that has been steadily providing low-carbon electricity for decades—doing vastly more good than harm, saving vastly more lives than it has taken—but which has received little credit and instead been maligned. It is to believe that the most significant problem with nuclear power, by far, is public perception. ………..—the pro-nuclear world view can edge toward dogmatism. Hoff and Zaitz certainly seem readier to tout studies that confirm their views, and reluctant to acknowledge any flaws that nuclear energy may have. ……

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Nuclear news – week to 15 February


The Julian Assange extradition case is back in the news, As Joe Biden pushes for extradition,   What did we really expect from a Biden win?   I am reminded of an old English comedian, who explained America’s political parties:

Well the Republican Party is the same as our Conservatives, whereas the Democratic Party is the same as our Conservatives

In nuclear news,  Japan is alerted by a 7.3m  earthquake all too close to Fukushima nuclear plant wreck.   The systemic corruption in the industry is highlighted this week,, with the continuing saga of political crookedness in Ohio.

CLIMATE  –   the role of methane in global heating, – the Arctic, and USA’s leaking natural gas.

Some bits of good news  – 10 Positive COVID Updates From Around the World – 2021 is Looking Brighter.

‘Ecocide’ proposal aiming to make environmental destruction an international crime.

The real value of the nuclear ban treaty.

Drone swarms: coming (sometime) to a war near you. Just not today.



CANADA. Even a pro nuclear enthusiast admits that Small Nuclear Reactors cause toxic radioactive wastes.

ASIA.  No nukes in Asia…or anywhere.  New types of computer malaware target nuclear facilities.

JAPAN.   Powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake jolts Fukushima area.  Tremors continue in northeast Japan.  Leak at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant a concern after  Earthquake.  Court orders Tokyo Electric Power Company pay ¥600 million to 271 plaintiffs.   Fukushima to Triple Wind Power Generation .

RUSSIA.  Crimea to demolish dangerous, (and never operational), nuclear power station.  Despite punishment by the government, Russia’s ‘‘Eco-Defense’ has helped to stop construction of a nuclear power plant.

FRANCE.  French nuclear attack submarine patrolling South China Sea .  No apologies from France, over nuclear bomb tests’ pollution in Algeria.

UKRAINE.  Ukraine’s complicated plan to deal with its excess nuclear energy generation.

NORTH KOREA. Expert panel reports that North Korea is relying on cyberattacks to fund nuclear weapons.

EUROPE. European Parliament calls for a halt to Belarus nuclear plant in Ostrovets.

IRAN.  Israel’s military threat to Iran. Iran calls on U.N. to respond.Iran warned by France, Germany, UK, over uranium metal production

ALGERIA. Radioactive poisoning of the environment: France’s nuclear legacy of wastes in Algeria.

INDIA.  Amidst the trauma of the Chamoli flash floods, people recall an old lost nuclear device.

SOUTH AFRICA. Koeberg Nuclear Power Station containment buildings damaged by prolonged exposure to sea air.– Koeberg has suffered severe damage, according to Koeberg Alert Alliance.

AUSTRALIA.  Australian government’s brazen duplicity concerning Julian Assange. Australian Government could face an unwinnable legal case if Senate passes the Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump Bill,

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This week: Not a lot happening in nuclear news, while coronavirus and climate change rage on.

It is getting harder to keep up with the coronavirus news – the fluctuating numbers regarding new cases, the comparisons between various vaccines, the good news  (Israel’s success), the bad news (new more infectious strains).

Then there’s the new preoccupation in the media about big sporting events.  In USA the Superbowl could turn into a super-spreader. The Australian Open Grand Slam tennis is watched anxiously, as an indication of whether the July Tokyo Olympics could safely go ahead.

Meanwhile it’s becoming clear that this pandemic is not going to be over quickly, that the vaccines are not a ”silver bullet’‘, and it is truly a global problem, needing global treatment.

CLIMATE. We are all too often focussing on USA, Canada, Australia, in news coverage. This week, a horror event in India brings home the impacts of global heating elsewhere in the world. Indian Glacier in Himalayan Valley Crumbles, Causing Flash Flooding. Himalayan glaciers melting at alarming speed.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  I muse that these industries are also becoming corporate giants, encouraging endless energy use, and overconsumption of new technologies, with little care about their toxic wastes. Whatever happened to energy conservation?

Largely due to the pandemic, nuclear developments have gone very quiet –  I guess that’s one compensation.

A bit of good news – Good news on ozone: world scientists make global assessment 5 February 2021.


Economics’ failure over destruction of nature presents ‘extreme risks’,

Nuclear power unaffordable in USA, Russia, India, France, even China, but NO SOLUTION TO WASTES.

USA and Russia extend The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START Treaty) to 2026.

Bees may be more susceptible to ionising radiation than previously estimated.

As outdated nuclear power closes down, pro nuclear shills viciously attack critics.


CANADA.  Canadian local community group opposes nuclear waste dump on farming land.

IRAN.  Zarif: compensation not pre-condition for reviving Iran nuclear deal.

CUBA.  Cuba signs up to another nuclear disarmament treaty.

EUROPE.   Increasing business and jobs in closing down Europe’s nuclear reactors, as renewable energy grows/    New Chernobyls on Europe’s doorstep?

JAPAN. In desperate economic plight, two Japanese towns willing to host nuclear waste dump.  Kepco seeks prefectural government approval to restart aging nuclear reactors.  Japan’s huge radioactive waste problem.  Research into radiocesium in forests after the Fukushima disaster: Concerns and some hope.

UK.  UK’s Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate recommends against development of Wyfa nuclear project.        Pandemic causes Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine replacement to be delayed by another year.  Aviva Investors doubtful about backing Sizewell nuclear power station.

SPAIN.  Why Spain plans to ban uranium mining.

FRANCE . Unusually damaging Mw 4.9 earthquake near several French nuclear reactors.  Unprecedented number of France’s nuclear reactors to go offline, and strikes continue.  The dangers and uncertainties in Andra’s radioactive waste disposal project in Bure (Meuse)

SOUTH AFRICA.  South Africa’s new nuclear power plan would be a costly mistake

AUSTRALIA.     Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump Bill yet again postponed in the Australian Senate.  High Court ruling a helpful precedent for opponents of Kimba nuclear dump.    Meanwhile South Australia achieved world-leading 60pct wind and solar share over last year.

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With Biden in power, the nuclear lobby is emboldened , and pushing its false ”climate solution” propaganda

After a lovely non-computer day in the country, I start looking through the Google news

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

on”nuclear” – and what do I find?.   Article after article on how good it’s going to be now, for the nuclear industry, the (false) climate cure, because Joe Biden is backing it!

– a few headlines :

Nuclear Backers Already Like Joe Biden

Illinois Lawmakers work on a solution to keep Byron Nuclear Power Plant open

The nuclear science path to sustainable development.

Japan says nuclear energy crucial to hitting net zero goal by 2050 .

Will France abandon nuclear power ? (a pro nuclear article)
Nuclear power the key to zero emissions .
China supports the peaceful use of nuclear energy
Does everyone think that a clean, decent world is to be attained by taking the cowardly and easy way out?   We need to help workers and communities into clean industries that they can be proud of, and out of the toxic nuclear grip.   NOW!


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To February 1st – nuclear news

Crisis within a crisis: Responding to COVID-19 around the world.

Climate crisis: world is at its hottest for at least 12,000 years – study.  Scientists say temperatures globally at highest level since start of human civilisation.

On nuclear news –  there’s a kind of hush, all over the world.…..     Well, I suppose that this could be seen, in one twisted way – as good news. This is the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is putting the brakes on nuclear development, in UK, and the USA.   As always, we don’t know much about its impact on Russia and China.

Still, the global nuclear lobby keeps up its unrelenting propaganda on nuclear power  as the (false) cure for climate change.         Also distressing is the move for nuclear reactors to be permitted to operate for 100 years, a cunning, but dangerous, way to avoid costs of decommissioning them,

A bit of good news –.  Oh dear, I had trouble finding it this week – had to revert to one a few weeks back – What went right this week: hope for stabilising the climate.


Avoiding a ‘Ghastly Future’: Hard Truths on the State of the Planet.

The most dangerous situation humanity has ever faced – Doomsday Clock stays at 100 seconds to midnight Who’s next? Experts worry about East Asia and the Middle East getting nuclear weapons.  Nuclear weapons proliferation can be contagious.

Nuclear wastes – deliberately left to our grandchildren.

Why nuclear power is a bad way to balance renewable energy .

French parliamentarians nominate Julian Assange for Nobel Peace Prize.

AFRICA.  All-Africa Conference of Churches welcomes Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty.

JAPAN.  Fukushima nuclear clean-up delayed as new radioactive contamination found.  Fukushima businesses battle for survival, as few former residents return.  “The Toxic Pigs of Fukushima” a contender for the Oscar Awards.

UK.  Britain’s unaffordable nuclear power plans collapse, one by one.    Ho hum – another delay, another cost rise – for the beleaguered Hinkley nuclear power project.  Half a £billion here, half a £billion there – the costs of Hinkley Point C go up again.

In its failed search for a national dump site, UK govt rebrands its nuclear waste agency, promises honesty this time.   EDF plans 2 new sites for dumping radioactive mud dredged from Hinkley Point. From both UK and Ireland – calls for independent review into dumping Hinkley nuclear mud into the sea.     Isle of Man Wakes Up to What is Planned – sub sea nuclear dump.  Huge legacy of radioactive trash in UK, much of it already in Cumbria.   It is all over for Britain’s £20bn Wylfa nuclear project.

In Burghfield, homes to built dangerously close to nuclear weapons establishment.

RUSSIA.  Russian lawmakers  approve New START nuclear treaty extension.

IRAN.  Iran rejects reversing nuclear steps before US lifts sanctions.


FRANCE.  Should France extend the life of its oldest nuclear reactors?  Use of illegal workers at Flamanville nuclear site..

TURKEY. Dire problems at Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear Project.

GERMANY.  Get the Nuclear Weapons Out of Germany.

ITALY. Italian government lists 61 potential sites for nuclear waste dumping.

ARMENIA. Armenia’s nuclear power station a danger to Azerbaijan and the region.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Anxiety in Czech Republic about nuclear supplies from China, or from Russia

SOUTH KOREA.  South Korea considered setting up a nuclear power station with North Korea.

AUSTRALIA   Kimba nuclear waste dump issue is in limbo in the Australian Senate.  The Australian government’s Radioactive Waste Bill does not meet required IAEA standards.

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The week in nuclear news

Of course, the big world news is the coronavirus. Climate is as always, the vital second issue.

There was much favourable reaction to the nuclear ban treaty coming into force last week. The critics and sabotage from the nuclear weapons nations will no doubt come later.

Apart from the ban treaty, nuclear news has been very much in the background.  The global nuclear industry is not wasting this ”quiet” time, but instead is ramping up and reorganising for a 2021 propaganda blitz.

Some bits of good news –   Arctic Oil Drilling Plans Suffer ‘Stunning Setback’ as Almost ‘No One Shows Up’ For the Sale. UK Prioritizes Climate Crisis By Supporting Sustainability in Developing Countries With $4 Billion Plan.  Startup Builds 3 Huge Indoor Farms in Appalachia Turning Coal Country into Agricultural Hub


International Physicians for the Preve.ntion of Nuclear War comment on “The great evasion “.    Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – a major step towards a safe world. Praise from United Nations, Pope Francis, for nuclear ban treaty coming into force.  5 nuclear activities that are now Illegal under international law.  Nuclear Ban Treaty obligates countries to assist nuclear victims and remediate environments.

Russia and USA exchange documents to extend the NEW START nuclear weapons agreement.

Quietly, under the brouhaha of the pandemic, the global nuclear lobby prepares a propaganda onslaught.

Pro nuclear publicist James Conca made a very big gaffe about Fukushima disaster.

GREENLAND.  Uranium mining plunder of Greenland, and the threat to the sub-arctic environment.



RUSSIA.  Russia to withdraw form Open Skies Treaty, EU concerned.  Russia welcomes US proposal to extend New Start nuclear treaty.


FRANCE.  The hidden costs of France’s old, past-their-use-by-date nuclear reactors.  Radioactive releases from the Golfech nuclear power plant accumulate downstream. Serious shortcomings in the file on Bure (Meuse) underground nuclear waste storage EDF collapses on the stock market amid difficult negotiations in Brussels..

CANADA.  We need parliamentarians to stop project, prevent Ottawa River from being permanently contaminated — Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area.  Canada’s nuclear regulator updates its drug and alcohol testing requirements.

IRAN.  President Hassan Rouhani has urged U.S. President Joe Biden to return America to the nuclear deal.

PAKISTAN. Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile.

SOUTH AFRICA, South Africa the only country to have nuclear weapons, then abandon them.

MOROCCO.  Another bit of boring nuclear propaganda – from Morocco this time.

ALGERIA. Investigation of Algerians affected by France’s nuclear bomb tests.

TAIWAN.  Taiwan. Nuclear power plant referendum set to take place in August.

AUSTRALIA. Morrison government gets in early to disparage nuclear ban treaty, but Labor supports it.   Australia could sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty and still keep its military co=operation with America.

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Quietly, under the brouhaha of the pandemic, the global nuclear lobby prepares a propaganda onslaught

”If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth ” – Joseph Goebbels 

This month, I’ve concentrated my efforts on the ground-breaking and historic UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons coming into force. Of course, the nuclear weapons states will try to destroy that Treaty.   Failing destruction, they will aim for pooh poohing and rubbishing that Treaty. Finally they’ll go for a favourite strategy – ignoring it, and hoping that the world will just forget about it.

I don’t think that the world will forget about it. The challenge will be to help those workers and communities that depend on nuclear-weapons-making to be helped out of that toxic situation, and into life-sustaining work and activities.

MEANWHILE, as media and science correctly focus on the global coronavirus pandemic, the issue of nuclear power has pretty much disappeared from view.  Nothing is happening?

Not so. Things are happening, and the nuclear lobby is busy planning a big propaganda push – a Goebbels-worthy spinfest, for 2021.

Today, the nuclear weapons industry is pretty much the only reason for”peaceful” nuclear power.  ”Peaceful nukes” provide the trained experts, the technology development necessary for the weapons industry.  If governments and universities can be persuaded to back commercial nuclear energy, this solves a lot of probems. Especially, it helps to blur the picture on the astronomic costs of nuclear weapons, as quite a lot of costs are covered by ”peaceful” nuclear development.

There’s another pressing reason to keep nuclear power going. It’s the horrible and never-ending cost of shutting down reactors and dealing with their toxic wastes.  How much cheaper to just relicense them for 100 years?    That way, the present responsible officials will all be gone, and they don’t have to worry about that problem. Heck – they’ve handed it over to our great-grandchildre,  What a fine idea!  NOT!!

Against this background, the nuclear lobby is girding its loins for the public perception battle.

Armed with lies –  that nuclear fixes climate –  that it’s cheap, is clean, works great with renewables, essential for society –  blah blah,  the nuclear lobby is preparing its onslaught. They generally try pretty hard to ignore matters like comparative costs, and wastes problems.  But they can just lie again, if put on the spot about such problems.

Just a few quotatios from World Nuclear News :-

The barrier to nuclear is perception

”addressing perceptions of its alleged drawbacks”

Bilbao y León –  “the nuclear industry has responsibly managed all its used nuclear fuel and waste “from day one”.

“We know where every ounce of used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste is because we have been managing it throughout the history of the nuclear industry.  …….

The real challenges to nuclear are external”  –small modular reactors ..cheaper, safer, better, and going to provide more discreet financial solutions” [the discreet bit is true?]

The government nuclear regulatory authorities are, unfortunately, usually well onside with the industry –  in what is known as “regulatory capture”.   Again, from World Nuclear News –

The hurdles advanced nuclear developers face‘ – ””We, as the regulator, are working on building public trust, confidence and social acceptance in these new technologies.’‘ 

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the skills of Sama Bilbao y Leon, Director General of the World Nuclear Association. She’s great with language (as the global nuclear lobby has realised, in appointing her, and several other women, to top promotional positions.)

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