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Nuclear, climate, pandemic news for last week in June

Image from Together Against Sizewell C Painted by Lee Norton

We are going to need to learn to live with the virus. Scientists just beginning to grasp how bad this Coronavirus is.

Will the pandemic open up global action to halt global heating? 16th Century colonisation, slavery began the planet’s damage, 21st Century pandemic response could repair it.    Coronavirus is an SOS: Mend our broken relationship with nature, says UN and WHO.

Need for action on global heating –  It’s 38°C in Siberia.  One climate writer thinks that “it’s time to get emotional about climate”.

On the nuclear scene – same same – propagandists touting nuclear as a “cure” for climate change, and minimising the issue of costs. A European worry –  about a cloud with tiny levels of radioactivity detected, over Scandinavia and European Ar

US, Russia nuclear arms talks end with plans for second round.

How we can manage the intermittency of renewables and attain 100% renewables.

Julian Assange faces new indictment in USA.

UK.   Costing the Earth – New Nuclear is Beyond Expensive Beyond Dangerous and often Beyond Operational- so why is it touted as “Clean Energy”?  UK’s expensive problem of nuclear power’s inflexibility.

EUROPE. European Union countries agree to exclude nuclear, fossil gas from green transition fund

RUSSIA.  Russia denies its nuclear plants are source of radiation leak .  Radiation level increase in northern Europe may ‘indicate damage’ to nuclear power plant in Russia.  Russia’s priority is to involve UK, France in future nuclear arms control talks — diplomat. 2,000 Covid-19 Cases in Severodvinsk, city that builds Russia’s nuclear submarines.


JAPAN. Radioactive hotspots near Fukushima Olympic facilities: will Japan be ready for 2012 Games?  Testing for radiation in Fukushima – the continued anxiety.

UKRAINE.  Ukraine declassifies Chernobyl nuclear disaster documents.

CANADA. Ontario Power Generation pulls the plug on nuclear waste project.  Opposition by Saugeen-Ojibway nation brings end to plan for nuclear waste near Lake Huron.    Coalition for Responsible Energy Development wants a stop to nuclear expansion in Canada.    Small modular nuclear reactors fraught with problems.

BOSNIA. Unacceptable to build a radioactive waste repository on the BiH border, Bosnia forming an expert team to plan Croatian nuclear waste disposal .

FRANCE.  France’s old Fessenheim nuclear reactor to finally shut down- the first of many.

GERMANY. Nuclear waste from Germany to Russia.

NEW ZEALAND.  New Zealand stood up to the nuclear bullies- the Rainbow Warrior story.

POLAND. Marketing man Donald Trump trying to sell U.S. nuclear reactors to Poland.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea to ‘counter nuclear with nuclear’ against US.

IRAN. Board of IAEA issues mild rebuke to Iran.

AUSTRALIA. Labor reaches for bipartisanship on energy policy, but a DEFINITE NO TO NUCLEAR.    Julian Assange’s fiancée calls on the Australian government to secure his freedom.

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To 23 June – the week in nuclear/climate news

With a record world increase in coronavirus cases, Brazil and North America in the spotlight – media attention has been rightly focussed on the pandemic. FAIR exposes the false claims about China and COVID-19 . At the same time, global heating seems to be at a runaway pace, affecting the Northern Hemisphere, and especially the Arctic.  To protect our planet – we need to transform, not grow, the economy.

Global nuclear news is mainly just the same old collection of handouts from the nuclear industry, faithfully regurgitated by journalists who want to keep their jobs.  Otherwise, not much is happening.

A bit of good news – Coronavirus  more than 1500 treatment studies are underway world-wide.

Now, the nuclear arms race has become even worse.

Joint Project Nuclear Risk and Public Control.

Explaining ionising radiation -a film about nuclear fallout

COVID-19, nuclear war, and global warming: lessons for our vulnerable world.

Covid-19 pandemic – ‘fire drill’ for effects of climate crisis.  COVID-19 recovery plans – excellent opportunity for global renewable energy development.


RUSSIA.  The ‘chemical fingerprint’ of a 2017 nuclear explosion.    Anti-nuclear resistance in Russia: problems protests, reprisals.  Siberia’s alarming  prolonged heat wave.

UK.  UK’s Nuclear Future in Doubt amid Diplomatic Fallout over Huawai.   EDF’s failing nuclear reactors in UK.  Covid-19 pandemic being used to prevent proper public consultation on Bradwell nuclear project.   Bradwell nuclear project “unsustainable, unsuitable and unacceptable” – and not a done deal.  Sizewell nuclear power station could become a dangerous nuclear island. Sizewell C nuclear project threatens nationally important landscapes, habitats and species of the Suffolk coast.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Pacific leaders do not want the coronavirus pandemic to distract from work on climate change.

FRANCE. Nuclear power sales heavily affected by COVID-19 in France: legal battles to follow.

SOUTH AFRICA. Financially ruinous coal and nuclear power proposals – will muck up post-Covid-19 recovery. South Africa’s environmental watchdogs warn government against new nuclear power.    Renewable energy for South Africa – cost-efficient and quick – forget coal and nuclear.

SOUTH KOREA. Kim Jong Un’s cyberwar preparations.    U.S. – China talks may cover North Korea nuclear issue

BULGARIA.  French, American, Russian nuclear companies join forces to build Bulgarian nuclear station.

INDIA. Explaining the India-China conflict.

JAPAN. COVID-19 sheds doubts on Tokyo Olympics 2021.

IRAN. Europe’s effort to save Iran nuclear deal.

BRAZIL. 35 years in construction, Brazil’s very costly Angra 3 nuclear plant to be delayed yet again.

TURKEY. Environmental problems, and legal holdup for Russia’s $20 billion nuclear power project in Turkey.


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This week in nuclear and climate news

News is, by its nature, all about bad stuff. Whatever is normal, reasonable, decent,  is ordinary, and just not news, – a fact that we need to remind ourselves of, in these uncertain Covid-19 days.  There’s a lot of good will for changing society’s trajectory towards ruining our planet.  Half of the Earth’s ice-free land is still free from human impactPost-pandemic packages could green up our energy systems for environmental and economic benefit.   Some seemingly small ideas can have surprisingly large successes – for example, fast-growing mini-forests springing up in Europe are helping the climate.

Another bit of good news –  Elders Around the World in Their 80s, 90s, and 100s Are Bouncing Back From Virus – and Sharing Advice.

Our existential threat – our extinction.

Cloud studies indicate that global heating may be more alarming than anticipated.  Global heating to bring more frequent, more extreme, ocean waves.  Seeking ways to remove carbon from the air.

The last major treaty for nuclear weapons control now hangs in the balance.



TAIWAN. Taiwan green groups urge Japan not to discharge radioactive water.

FRANCE. Fire on French submarine – luckily its nuclear reactor, nuclear fuel, had been removed for overhaul Risk of fire on a nuclear submarine. France’s lucky escape, due to reactor being removed for overhaul. French nuclear watchdog demands EDF fix faults at 5 reactors.

RUSSIA. Russia: commentary on its nuclear deterrence principles.

EUROPE. Radioactive cloud over Europe in 2017 came from a civilian nuclear reactor.

INDIA. India will follow with nuclear weapons testing, if USA resumes testing.

UK. Investigative journalism – Will Sellafields nuclear waste waft to Ireland? Or waft somewhere else?    Why doesn’t debt-ridden EDF cut its losses and close its uneconomic UK nuclear reactorsSellafield waste will stay on site after 2021, Cumbria County Council agrees.  Grave climate risks to Sizewell C nuclear project – all too close to the sea.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea Vows to Boost Nuclear Program, Saying U.S. Diplomacy Failed.

SOUTH AFRICA.  South African activists threaten to sue over nuclear plan.

CANADA. Canada’s proposed radioactive waste disposal rules are weak and industry-friendly.  Delay to community vote on nuclear waste dump for South Bruce, Ontario.

ARMENIA. Armenia Rejects Russian Funding For Nuclear Plant Upgrade.

BELGIUM. Wallonia rejects nuclear waste disposal suggestion.

LUXEMBOURG. Greenpeace Luxembourg Protests against Belgian Nuclear WasteNo feasible solution found between Belgium and Luxembourg on nuclear waste disposal.

BRAZIL. Brazil government approves plan to complete third nuclear plant.

AUSTRALIA. Australia’s govt rushes nuclear waste Bill through Lower House, but this story is not over.All Users

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

Going back to “normal”? But “normal” IS the problem. The world waits, to see how the plans of nations to get over , recover, from the pandemic period are actually going  to work.  Not too well, in some cases.  New Zealand shines.

The nuclear lobby is enthusiastically promoting itself as a saviour in helping deal with the pandemic. Does anyone believe this spin? Meanwhile nuclear nations, led by USA, turn to a renewed burst of spending on nuclear weapons.

Time to transfer funds from weapons to making vaccines.

The world is sleepwalking toward a period free of nuclear arms control.

New report calls out banks that make nuclear weapons investments.

Loophole in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT): small military nuclear reactors lack safeguards.

Species are becoming extinct at an accelerating rate.

The most effective leader in the world – Jacinda Adern,  Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Some bits of good news – For the First Time, U.S. Renewable Energy Surpasses Coal Every Day For An Entire Month. Coronavirus Cooking Survey’ Finds That People Are Eating Healthier and Wasting Less


UK. Climate Experts Predict ‘Grim Future’ For Nuclear Power . UK’s Sizewell nuclear plan in doubt, due to cost and China’s involvement?  China is reconsidering building nuclear reactors in Britain.  Deep concern over environmental  cost of planned Sizewell C nuclear station.  Caring about Cancer? A UK and Irish perspective. Most UK pension providers are investing in nuclear weapons companies.   Choosing nuclear narrows future energy choices.

FRANCE. Huge police squadron paid by nuclear industry to monitor residents of Bure.  French state-controlled utility EDF has to inspect valve leaks at Flamanville, Taishan, Finland nuclear sites. EDF terminates nuclear electricity supply contracts.  High rate of cancers among Mururoa nuclear veterans’ families.  France goes back to its restrictive nuclear compensation law affecting Polynesian nuclear test survivors.

RUSSIARussian city Severodvinsk, (near site of nuclear accident) sealed off due to Covid-19. Russia will now allow use of atomic weapons against non-nuclear strike.   Anti–nuclear resistance in Russia: problems, protests, reprisals. The Mayak nuclear reprocessing plant: Rosatom’s dirty face- and the courageous opposition. Uranium mining protests in Russia.  Activists, despite government oppression, campaign for decommissioning of Russia’s aging nuclear reactorsNuclear submarine accidents contaminating Russia’s Far East.

INDIA. Nuclear power plants in the path of oncoming Cyclone Nisarga.

GERMANY.  German Parliament in debate on basing of nuclear weapons.  Discussion on Poland, Germany hosting nuclear weapons.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech Fiscal Council warns on the long-term risk of financing a new nuclear reactor.

IRAN. Iran challenges Donald Trump to return to nuclear deal.

NORTH KOREA. Kim Jong Un unlikely to use nuclear weapons – an alternative leader of N Korea might be worse.

ITALY. Latina plant, the last of Italy’s 4 nuclear power stations to be dismantled.

EUROPE.  The European Union plus France, Germany and the UK “deeply regret” US decision on Iran sanctions.   Desperate nuclear lobby tries to con the European Commission with its bogus claim about climate solving.

CHINA. China’s nuclear power ambitions face delays, waste problems, and the growing success of renewables.

ISRAEL. Nuclear Weapons: The Reason Why Even Iran Fears Israel.

AUSTRALIA. Australia’s nuclear-free, anti-uranium movement adapts to this pandemic period – presenting a series of webinars – “Yellowcake Country“.


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The week in nuclear, climate, pandemic news

The media’s, politicians’ and the public’s gaze has now shifted from the health aspects of coronavirus, to the economic effects of the pandemic, and of the response to it.

Which brings us to the question of – what should governments be doing with tax-payers’ money?

Well, one thing they shouldn’t be doing is wasting it.  Yet, in the case of the nuclear industry, that is what’s happening, and especially in the cause of nuclear weapons.   Alex Smith, of Radio Ecoshock covers not only the shocking economics of the nuclear industry, but its unsafety in this time of pandemic, the associated secrecy and bungling in America, Russia, Japan, China, Canada, Europe and beyond. And this includes the vulnerability of nuclear facilities to the effects of global heating.

Eminent Persons Warn Against Any Demonstration Nuclear Test Explosion. – “grave challenge to global peace and security” – Nuclear watchdog on potential U.S. nuclear test.

The Environmental Legacy of Nuclear Weapons Production: Five Case Studies — HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

The Triumph of Doubt‘ – corporations’ war on science.

Research is needed into health effects of 4G and 5G [electromagnetic] radiation.

SOUTH ASIA Extreme heat, humidity, air pollution – combined threat to South Asia.

EUROPE. European Union’s recovery plan promotes renewable energy, omits nuclear

FINLAND. Finland’s new nuclear reactor hit by valve leak.

LUXEMBOURG. New Luxembourg law allows claims over nuclear accidents.

BELARUS. Lithuania, Belarus sign nuclear incident notification agreement.

SWEDEN. Sweden gets a new Nuclear Emergency Plan.


CANADA. Ontario’s nuclear re-build postponed due to pandemicOpposition in Canada to nuclear waste dump on agricultural land.  Canadian farming community not happy about taking on nuclear wastes.

RUSSIA.  Oleg Bodrov on the status of the Russian nuclear industry.


JAPAN. Green light for Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing plant, but is it viable?  Coronavirus pandemic hampers Japan’s nuclear regulators’ probe into Fukushima disaster.

FRANCEResistance developing to EDF’s plan to store nuclear waste at Belleville-sur-Loire. Safety lapses at France’s nuclear reactors, new delays at EDF’s Flamanville 3 nuclear reactor .  Radioactive pollution at the Bugey nuclear power plant in France : EDF condemned.  Court set-back to France’s EDF nuclear supply contracts.

IRAN. Iran tops the list of countries which accepted inspections of the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2019.     Britain, France, Germany not happy that USA will end waivers for Iran civilian nuclear projects .  Iran envoy says that Trump has pulled the final plug in violating nuclear deal. Trump administration to remove almost all sanctions relief to Iran.

CHINA. The way that China plans its nuclear weapons strategy.

UKRAINE.  Ex-president Kravchuk estimates compensation for Ukraine’s nuclear weapons at US$250 bln.


AUSTRALIA. Australian nuclear dump decision trashes indigenous peoples’ rights. The Australian government has officially given up on climate action.

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

Can’t keep up with the pandemic news – I hope you can.

One thing, though. Beyond Nuclear has pointed out the significance of the floods in Midland, Michigan, where they do have one nuclear research reactor, but fortunately no commercial ones.  They warn on ” the almost impossible challenge of evacuating people to safety during simultaneous catastrophic events.” The floods bring together the climate, pandemic, and nuclear dangers all in one area.

Public attention is not on this one. BUT, the 2020 Review Conference of a landmark international treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), is due soon, though postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty is also at risk.  It’s under the radar, while everyone worries about COVID-19 and climate, – but the danger of nuclear weapons use is escalating, as Donald Trump unravels the treaty system that is aimed at preventing nuclear war.  He also wants USA to hugely increase its nuclear weaponry.

Some bits of good news – Maasai Nature Conservancy Asks For Help To Fight Pandemic—And 100,000 People Answer.  World’s Most Endangered Primate Population Triples After 17 Years of Careful Conservation

A moment of reckoning – when coronavirus meets climate change Coronavirus: How to prevent a new nuclear arms race – and future pandemics.

Australia, and other countries – deaths from global heatinge are being underestimated

The danger to children of low level nuclear radiation has been underestimated.

The international nuclear weapons raceComprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty at risk, due to Donald Trump’s accusations ?

ANTARCTIC. Antarctic krill threatened by warming waters – climate change’s danger to the marine ecosystem.

UK. Ministry of Defence’s poor management of contracts for nuclear infrastructure projects. Sellafield’s safety dilemma– risk of coronavirus versus risk of nuclear accident.   Britain will have to decide whether it wants nuclear power stations funded — and powered — by China. Doubts on the funding of Britain’s £18bn Sizewell nuclear plan.  Move to prevent dumping of Hinkley radioactive mud on the South Wales coast.  Shinfield residents urged to look out for update from nuclear weapons facility.

JAPAN.  Time that Japan faced up to the folly of its nuclear fuel cycle dream.

NORTH KOREA. Kim Jong-un Moves to Increase North Korea’s Nuclear Strength.


EUROPE. A mistaken idea, to put U.S. nuclear weapons in Poland.

INDIA. Climate: Cyclone Amphan disaster in India, Bangladesh.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia’s push for nuclear power – a nuclear weapons danger.

CANADA. Bruce Power and the Ontario Government ordered come clean on the cost of nuclear power.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea risk of power disruption, as nuclear spent fuel builds up, with storage shortage.

NORWAY.  Dismantling of Norway’s nuclear research reactors – up to 25 years, about $billion

AUSTRALIA. Misleading and inaccurate information provided by authorities on National Radioactive Waste Management. Australian Law on radioactive waste to be changed in order to prevent any judicial review!.

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The week in nuclear, climate, and yes, coronavirus news

There’s  no avoiding coronavirus news, and it changes all the time.  The focus has shifted to”post – virus”, though it is not clear that it is “post” now, or even within 2020.  At present, New Zealand and Vietnam are looking like shining success stories.  The secret of their success? –  strategic testing, aggressive contact tracing and effective public communications campaigns. That last point -all important -that everyone, down to small kids, understands the basic story, the national plan and what they need to do.  Planning needs to be national, and then, international.

Who knows whether the post-Covid-19 period will move towards a cleaner and more humane world, or back to “business as usual” or worse?     Meanwhile the non-stop news cycle takes its toll, and of course, being news, it’s all bad.   It’s probably good to (a) take lots of breaks from the news, and (b) follow good news.  Some examples:

  • The IEA says greenhouse gas emissions will fall by more than 8% this year, the largest annual decrease ever recorded. NPR
  • A decade ago over 40% of the UK’s electricity came from coal. This week, it clocked up its first full coal free month since the advent of the power grid in 1882. Gizmodo
  • Sweden has closed its last coal-fired power station two years ahead of schedule, becoming the third European country to exit coal. Independent .
  • Freshwater insect species have risen by 11%, possibly due to efforts to clean up rivers and lakes. Science

You can find good news at FUTURE CRUNCH, and at GOOD NEWS NETWORK.

The torture that awaits Julian Assange in the US.

Latest climate models suggest global heating could be worse than we thought. Killer heat and humidity already with us.   Covid-19 highlights risks of doing nothing on global heating.    Water loss in northern peatlands threatens to intensify fires, global warming.

How much radioactive waste is stored on our planet?

The race to nuclear suicide continues despite Covid-19 crisis.  $73 billion world spent in 2019 on nuclear weapons, half of it by USA.  The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty– its promise and its failure.

THE ATOM: A LOVE AFFAIR – nuclear dream to global nightmare.


JAPAN.  3600 working in Nuclear power plants in Japan – concerns raised over coronavirus. Worker infection halts anti-terror project at Genkai nuclear plant.  Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing, a pointless effort , to postpone coping with plutonium trash.  Korean navy to study impact of Fukushima Daiichi’s radioactive water leakOnagawa 2 upgrade faces further delay.  Fukushima Daiichi buildings pose safety risks.  The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Civil Actions as a Social Movement.


CANADA. ‘Small Modular Nuclear Reactor’ entrepreneurs trying to revive dangerous ‘plutonium economy’ dream. Investigative journalismNuclear waste plan divides South Bruce community.

RUSSIARussia proposes 3 year extension of Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start-3): USA silent.    Raising dangerously radioactive Russian submarines from the bottom of Arctic oceans.

NORWAY. Nuclear fraud in Norway could affect nuclear safety in other countries.

FRANCE. Coronavirus affecting France’s nuclear reactors’ safety and output. French government tries to downgrade radiation risk, avoid compensating Polynesian victims of nuclear testing.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea, Germany to bolster ties in transition towards renewable energy.

IRANIran’s Nuclear and Military Efforts in the Shadow of Coronavirus and Economic Collapse.

UKRAINE. How an innovative  community overcame Ukraine’s nuclear trauma.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s nuclear waste problem– why plan to increase it?

GERMANY. Radiation leak at nuclear research reactor.  As Germany transitions to renewables, massive nuclear cooling towers are demolished.

PAKISTAN. Nuclear war between India and Pakistan very unlikely.

AUSTRALIA.  Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) question government’s plan for nuclear waste dump near Kimba, South Australia.  13 top Australian non government organisations say that the Kimba nuclear waste dump plan is illogical.

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Climate, nuclear, coronavirus news this week

An unidentified member of AIM Native American woman sits with her rifle at ready on steps of building in Wounded Knee, South Dakota, March 2, 1973. Indians still have control of town having seized it on Tuesday. Eleven hostages they had taken were finally released. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

The movement is on, in many countries, to return things to”normal” as the infection “curve” is reported to be “flattening”.  But as lockdown rules are eased, in Germany and South  Korea, infection rates go up again.  With 4 million confirmed cases globally, there is no slowdown in the rate of infection. USA’s death toll is 80,000, while Russia’s and Brazil’s are thought to be soaring.  COVID-19 is such a strange disease. Like climate denialism, –  is a form of coronavirus denial going on?

A potential US extradition of Julian Assange poses existential threats to democracy..

Another world is possible.

Tiny killer agents – Cornaviruses, and also, Nuclear Radiation.  As with viruses, containment of atomic weapons may be good, but eradication is best.  .

International co-operation – essential for Coronavirus action, and for Climate action .  Can Covid-19 response be a model for climate action?.  Climate change – a bigger still challenge follows coronavirus.  A small window of opportunity to stave off rapid global heating.

2020 hurtles toward the warmest year milestone –Heat+ humidity – global heating has already made parts of the world too hot for humans.

Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues Consensus Statement.


UK.   Wide and growing coalition of real concern about EDF’s Sizewell C nuclear project.  Delay in preparations for Wylfa nuclear plant.    Barrow, UK – hub of nuclear weapons work and nuclear transport.  As UK’s Torness nuclear power station deteriorates, – cheaper to build renewables than to repair aging reactors.  UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) gags staff on subject of Trident nuclear weapons in Scotland..

BAHRAIN. Bahrain’s new environmental bill – strict laws against nuclear waste dumping.

JAPAN. More delay for Japan to open Onagawa nuclear power plant Unit 2: Unit 1 to be closed.

NORTH KOREA. Satellite images reveal North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s new nuclear facility.

RUSSIA. The pandemic is a direct threat to Russia’s secret nuclear cities – says Rosatom chief.

INDIA. Lockdown in Tamil Nadu: 800 guest workers  stage protest at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, attack cops .

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s financially difficult nuclear ambitions.

BOSNIA. Bosnia aims to stop Croatia’s plan for radioactive waste dump close to the border.

LITHUANIA.  Lithuania presses Belarus to delay use of nuclear fuel, for safety reasons.

UKRAINE. Ukraine’s Energy ministry limits operations of nuclear power plants.  Looking back to May 1986 – the exodus from Kiev, after the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

SOUTH KOREA.  South Korea sticking to its policy of phasing out nuclear power, switching to renewables.

FRANCE. France’s Strategic Nuclear Forces Big drop in France’s nuclear power generation..

SPAIN. The search for the 4th hydrogen bomb dropped over Palomares, Spain.

GERMANY. SPD, junior partner in Germany’s coalition government, calls to withdraw US nuclear arms.

AUSTRALIA.  Bogus claims and dodgy Fed govt nuclear waste dumps process.  Tilman Ruff: the Australian government has not made the case for Kimba nuclear waste site: a transparent public review is needed.

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

Well, ya can’t get away from it. It’s always the pandemic! This week, the news moves on to considering the future.  Biodiversity scientists warn that future pandemics are on the horizon, if we don’t stop our rapid destruction of nature. With increasing human population, encroaching on wild habitats, there’s increased risk of pathogens transferring between animals and humans. 

But also, the pandemic is showing us how our trashed world can heal.

Amidst the continuing propaganda for the (still non existent) new “cheap ” small nuclear reactors, comes the sobering fact that the nuclear industry is in trouble, in this time of pandemic.  It’s not just nuclear’s unique  safety problem, but now the business problem. As wind and solar power thrive , nuclear power is going down the drain, with low prices and slumping demand.

A bit of good news –  Hole in the ozone layer is now closed.

The nuclear pandemic.  Nuclear Issues and Epidemiology.    Low Oil Prices May Kill Off The Next Nuclear Boom Before It Begins.

New START is the only U.S.-Russian nuclear treaty still in effect. Time to renew it.

Petersberg Climate Dialogue to be held virtually this year.  Climate change: lakes and rivers will become drier, increasingly infectious and toxic.

Solar and Wind Cheapest Sources of Power in Most of the World   Solar heating.

ARCTIC. An Arctic island is warming SIX times faster than the global average.

JAPAN.  16 Japanese Financial institutions won’t invest in companies involved in nuclear weapons. Half of highly radioactive exhaust stack dismantled at Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 1,

RUSSIA. Coronavirus a big threat to Russia’s secret nuclear cities, as virus incidence rises. Russia warns US against using low-yield nuclear weapons, threatening all-out retaliation.   With international finance help, Russia is dismantling its most radioactive ship.


UK. UK ignored warnings about pandemic danger, cut health funding, spent up big on nuclear weapons.  Report warns on the threat of sea level rise to Sizewell nuclear plan.  Everyone is needed in bid for a future free of nuclear .

NORTH KOREA. Time to support humanitarian initiatives for North Korea.

ISRAEL. Netanyahu’s deceitful push to try to get USA to attack Iran.

INDIA. Hundreds of foreign companies procuring nuclear materials for India and Pakistan.

FRANCE.  France’s unfairly heavy monitoring of anti-nuclear activists, treating them as violent criminals.

AUSTRALIA. Flinders Local Action Group want a new process for disposal of Australia’s nuclear waste.  South Australian group calls –  ” No to radioactive waste on agricultural land in Kimba or South Australia.”  Dr Helen Caldicott explains the (virtually eternal) problem of toxic nuclear waste.

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The week in climate and nuclear news

While we are preoccupied with the pandemic, global heating is not going away. Climate Change Made 2019 The Warmest Year On Record. Eleven of 12 hottest years have occurred since 2000, new climate report warns. What happens after coronavirus will determine our climate‘s future.

Coronavirus illustrates the unsafety of nuclear facilities. In the USA , and presumably in Russia and other countries, too, nuclear power stations have to be refuelled, a process that involves many hundreds of workers – a real problem for “social distancing”.   Compare that situation with solar and wind power plants, where the fuel is delivered directly, all by itself – requiring no transport, no armies of workers.

That, and other considerations, such as astronomic costs, do not deter the American government, locked as it is in the embrace of the nuclear lobby.  Now they are coming straight out with the admission, or perhaps the boast, that new nuclear reactors are essential for the nuclear weapons industry. I am sure that it is the same in Russia.

A bit of good news –  For the First Time in 240 Years, White-Tailed Eagles Spotted Flying Over England

To save the planet, cultural, social and political transformation is essential; new technologies only part of the answer.  Arctic marine life threatened as a result of Alaskan sea ice disappearing.   International climate ministers meet to discuss green recovery post COVID-19European Solar Generation Breaks Records, As Coronavirus Shutdowns Reduce Air Pollution.

Animals in radiation zones are not doing well.

Occupational Radiation Exposure: Serious Risks and Safety Solutions.

Animals in radiation zones are not doing well.

ARCTIC.  North pole soon to be ice free in summer .


NORTH KOREA South Korea’s government dismissed rumours about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un being gravely ill. Expert reveals ‘power struggle’ for ‘control of nuclear weapons and military’. Kim Jong Un Mystery Grows on Reports of Train, Medical Team. North Korea already has its nuclear arsenal. even if Kim should die..

JAPAN.  Tsunami could overtake Fukushima Daiichi’s seawall.   Buildings around Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in poor condition, unsafe.  Friends of the Earth and Peace Boat launch video series about Fukushima evacuees.

UKRAINE. Ukraine Continues Fighting Fires Near Defunct Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.

UK. UK govt again to try “astronomically expensive” plutonium reprocessing nuclear reactors . The end of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel has left an expensive UK plutonium stockpile with no peaceful use.   Under cover of Coronavirus constraints, EDF could speed application for £14 billion Sizewell nuclear reactor build, without pubic consultation.

INDIA. A dire need  to closely scrutinize  Indian procurement and export practices in defense and nuclear deals. .

TAIWAN. Taiwan environmentalists mark Chernobyl nuclear disaster anniversary, call for renewables not nuclear.

CANADA.  Canada on verge of investing in plutonium.

FRANCE. France’s nuclear company EDF in spiralling debt crisis.    Fitch downgrades EDF’s Outlook to Negative.   EDF nuclear power company looks to a profitable future in small-scale, distributed RENEWABLE energy.   France: The Forgotten Nuclear Power That Could Kill Billions of People.

RUSSIA. Russia dumps its plans for costly huge Nuclear Destroyer and supersized Frigate Programs. Russia building 69,700-ton nuclear powered icebreakers to keep the Northern Sea Route navigable year round.

FINLAND. Latest delay…/latest-delay-in-olkiluoto-nuclear-fuel-loadings-leads-to-fitch-revising-outlook-to-negativen Olkiluoto nuclear fuel loadings leads to Fitch revising outlook to negative.

AUSTRALIA. Australian govt’s devious ploy to further dispossess the Bangarla Aboriginal people. South Australia’s $27.9 billion food, wine and tourism markets endangered by Kimba nuclear waste dump plan.

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The past week in climate and nuclear news

Everything’s quieter, as we all batten down the hatches, and wait for that Covid 19 curve to flatten ….

The planet needs a green recovery. But are governments up for this?

Some bits of good news –   Optimistic COVID Updates  – Himalayan Mountaintops Visible for the First Time in 30 Years as Air Pollution Continues to Plummet in India.

2020 predicted to be Earth’s warmest year on record.   Climate Change Multiplies the Threats of Infectious Diseases.  To tackle the climate crisis, the world cannot return to normal after Covid-19Changes for a low carbon economy are possible: we must advocate for this.

Artificial Intelligence in nuclear weapons and military systems.

UKRAINE. Smoke from Chernobyl area wildfires made Ukraine’s capital have the worst air pollution in the world.  With dry and windy conditions, new areas of ‘smoldering’ reported near Chernobyl nuclear plant.  Heavy winds fan new fires breaking out in Chernobyl exclusion zone.  Criirad final report on Chernobyl Fires – Recommendations and findings.  Abandoned Chernobyl nuclear plant is threatened by approaching wildfires.


UK.  UK’s plutonium problem as it shuts down its last nuclear reprocessing facility.    Environmental rules governing radioactive waste, fish farming, recycling and other sectors are being weakened due to Covid 19.   For UK’s new Labour leader, climate action and Green New Deal will be key goals

FRANCE.  Covid 19 outbreak causes EDF to extend outages of nuclear reactors for several months.  EDF cutting back on its nuclear energy goals.

RUSSIA.  Opening the lid on Russia’s super-secretive nuclear industry.    No easy fix for Russia’s troubled Arktica ice-breaker – delivery delayed for at least a year.

BELARUS. Belarus to get a new nuclear reactor along with $10 billion debt to Russia.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. With the threat of Covid 9, nuclear test affected Pacific Islanders need Medicaid restored.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. United Arab Emirates’ new ‘cheap and cheerful’ Barakah nuclear reactor adds to danger and Middle East tensions.

SAUDI ARABIA.  Saudi Arabia’s nuclear reactor will eventually lead to a Saudi nuclear weapon, and to its use.

AUSTRALIA. Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is critical of Government propaganda on Kimba nuclear waste dump planParliamentary committee finds that Kimba nuclear waste dump law may breach Indigenous human rights1


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Climate and nuclear news – week to 13 April

With the whole world in the grip of anxiety about coronavirus, and preoccupied with responding to the pandemic, climate scientists and activists ponder the opportunity to develop a green economy when it is over.  And indeed, the global climate, and the world’s biodiversity are right now benefiting from the lockdown response.  But, alas, the signs are already there, that, in recovering from the health crisis, governments are more likely to promote polluting industries and consumer spending, and to relax environmental safeguards. It’s too early to tell.

As for the nuclear lobby, it continues to battle bravely on, with propaganda about nuclear’s role in diagnosing COVID 19, and with promoting small nuclear reactors. Despite the nuclear industry’s present urgent problem with Coronavirus and staffing– or perhaps because of this, it is heavily promoting “clean”, “safe”, “cheap” nuclear power to Africa.

A bit of good news – Reports Find Social Restrictions Are Working to Curb New COVID-19 Cases From Italy to Seattle

The coronavirus pandemic, like other global catastrophes, reveals the limitations of nationalism.

Climate change could cause sudden biodiversity losses worldwide.

Ordinary people can beat the nuclear establishment: it’s been done before.

New START treaty must be extended, a U.S. – Russia nuclear arms race an intolerable threat to the whole world.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation in a Deadlock.

Nuclear fusion, too hot, too costly? And not ready before 2050.

UKRAINE. Chernobyl wildfires now ‘close’ to exploded nuclear reactor.  What is causing the Chernobyl Wildfires? Year on Year, mostly in the Summer. Fukushima forests future? CRIIRAD monitoring Kiev nuclear risk of Chernobyl radioactive plumes #Strontium90 #Plutonium #Cesium137/134.  Satellite Imagery of Chernobyl Fires April 8 and 9 2020 – NASA.  Ukrainian firefighters continue to struggle with Chernobyl are fires, amid radiation fears. As at 5 April, radiation levels in Chernobyl area were 16 times above normal, due to forest fires.   The unsafety of Ukraine’s nuclear reactors: Ukrainian Association of Veterans of Atomic Energy and Industry fear “another Chernobyl”.


UK. Who has the UK nuclear button while Johnson is ill? No comment.    David Lowry: Covid-19 spread shows up vulnerability at heart of nuclear programmes. With coronavirus problem, Hinkley Point C nuclear project should be paused.  Sellafield nuclear construction stalled – pause in construction extended to April 27. Call to stop construction at Hinkley Point C nuclear project, due to coronavirus risk.

More delay in planning application for UK’s Wylfa Newydd nuclear project.  Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) call for more stringent safety measures, and the closure of EDF’s old nuclear reactors.     Microbes in nuclear fuel ponds slow down the decommissioning process. University boffins discuss the eternal problem of nuclear wastes.  U.S. taxpayers might cough up for a private company’s new “Small Nuclear” space travel gimmick.

JAPAN. To help future generations, Fukushima mothers have become radiation scientists’.

SOUTH KOREA. The Carbon Brief Profile: South Korea.

INDIA. India’s dangerous nuclear triad.

BOSNIA. Bosnia might need international arbitration over Croatia’s nuclear waste dump plan near the border.

PAKISTAN. Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons, even defensively used, could usher in a larger nuclear war.

RUSSIA. Russia wants to extend New START nuclear weapons treaty, but the U.S. has not revealed its plans.  Russia gambles on safety and cost, in extending life of fast breeder reactor.

BANGLADESH. Russia evacuates some employees from Bangladesh nuclear site.

VIETNAM. 277,700 Vietnamese support “Appeal of the Hibakusha “ – call to eliminate nuclear weapons.

SWEDEN.  Sweden’s wind power on the way to putting nuclear out of business.

ISRAEL. USA has helped Israel to develop a mighty armory of nuclear missiles.

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Nuclear and climate news this week

Global problems intertwine. Global heating contributes to epidemics of infectious diseases, by promoting the spread of disease vectors, like mosquitoes.  There is no established link between covid-19 and climate change. However, the way we are altering the planet will make the spread of some diseases more likely.  National responses to the coronavirus pandemic bring the opportunity to tackle climate change.  To get a perspective – the climate crisis is a greater catastrophe than Coronavirus.

The current story of Captain Brett Crozier, captain of the nuclear aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, illustrates the moral poverty of the secretive nuclear culture, and the moral poverty of USA’s nuclear commander-in-chief, Donald Trump. The ship, with nearly 5000 crew, had a number of cases of coronavirus. The captain wrote to the Navy, begging to have the sailors evacuated, a plea which was rejected. Later, the sailors were evacuated, but the captain was fired.  President Trump explained that what Crozier did “was terrible” .

But that’s just one nuclear ship – what about the world’s nuclear ships and nuclear submarines? How safe  are they, with warship crews now falling victim to COVID-19 ?

Some bits of good news –   Another Roundup of Positive Updates on the COVID Outbreaks From Around the World. Earth’s Ozone Layer Continues to Repair Itself. (Also – if you can persevere with  the video “Sam and the Plant Next Door”- it’s  quite uplifting. )

Despite propaganda from nuclear/coal front group, Breakthrough Institute, NOW IS the time to talk about climate changeThe Climate Crisis Will Be Just as Shockingly Abrupt as the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Put people and health before nukesNew hypersonic weaponry complicates Nuclear Arms Control Regime. Noam Chomsky on the urgent need to eradicate nuclear weapons.

Covid 19 and government responses are affecting nuclear construction world-wide. The nuclear industry and the impact of coronavirus.   A creeping catastrophe: the world’s nuclear reactors are getting dangerously old.

JAPAN. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s deadly hazard – highly radioactive sandbags.-TEPCO plans to take 30 years to release Fukushima nuke plant water into sea or air .  Countries may use coronavirus crisis to rein in climate commitments: Japan a case in point. Protective gear shortage hits Fukushima workers.   Coronavirus question mark still hangs over Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

UK. Doctors warn on coronavirus danger for Australian citizen, Julian Assange, imprisoned without conviction, in a coronavirus incubator. Expert opinion recommends furloughing Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons.    EDF’s hypocrisy –Hinkley C nuclear construction continued, despite pandemic, as “essential” work. Sizewell C nuclear project: community has lost faith in the integrity of EDF.  UK ‘s new nuclear projects further delayedSam and the Plant Next Door – growing up by the nuclear power plant.


UKRAINE. Wildfires in Ukraine: authorities say that those near Chernobyl are now extinguished.  Firefighters battle forest blazes near Chernobyl nuclear siteRadiation spike as forest fire hits Chernobyl nuclear zone .

RUSSIA. Russia’s response to coronavirus risk for nuclear stations – isolate the nuclear workforce.  The Russian point of view on nuclear arms control.

CANADA. Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization to spend millions on propaganda.

CHINA. Nuclear power plant shut down by host of tiny shrimp clogging filters.

BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA. Bosnia and Herzegovina oppose Croatia’s nuclear waste plan.

SWEDEN. Sweden’s Vattenfall AB’s 44-year-old Ringhals-1 shut down, as energy prices fall.

GERMANY.   Germany averages more than 50% renewables over March quarter.

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The week in climate and nuclear news

Yes, I know, it’s bad form to be writing about anything but the virus. But here goes, anyway.  As to climate change,  the current dread of the coronavirus feels awfully like a familiar version of the anxiety that many of us have felt about the climate crisis. There’s a bit of a silver lining, in that global greenhouse has emissions have dropped.

The pandemic, and its consequence – social isolation, have  stalled industry, and are expected to wipe out global growth in renewables deployment in 2020.

The nuclear industry has put a bold face on it, claiming that construction of huge new reactor stations are essential, so that workers at UK’s Hinkley Point C build, and USA’s giant Vogtle nuclear build  can count as “essential” so the building programmes can stay on track.  But, even more remarkable, the USA nuclear industry uses coronavirus to gouge $billions of tax-payer money.

Anyway, what should we do about this truly awful global situation?  I can think only of Voltaire’s famous advice – given by his fictional character Candide – “we must go and work our garden.”

A bit of good news – Chinese Company Ships Crates of Masks to Italy , Covered in Italian Poetry: We Are ‘Leaves of the Same Tree’


A major scorecard gives the health of Australia’s environment less than 1 out of 10.  With the pandemic, and the bushfires, we now must strengthen the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC).  Webinar: Yeelirrie – A Case for Environmental Law Reform .

Action on Covid19 gives a lesson for action on climate change.

Pandemic brings a danger that is unique to the nuclear industryNuclear security must not be forgotten, even in times of pandemic.

With all eyes on pandemic, Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty still needs attention.

Nuclear waste disposal: Why the case for deep boreholes is … full of holes.

How will the IAEA spin the mind-boggling costs of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)?


UK. Call to suspend all contractor work at Hinkley new nuclear site, because of Covid19.  EDF, French company building Hinkley Point power station, shifts workers’ costs to UK govt.  Government under pressure to suspend non-essential construction work (such as building nuclear plants) Hinkley nuclear construction work continues, while rest of UK is in lockdown. UK and Fench govts consider nuclear construction as “essential”, so can remain open.

RUSSIA. Entire crew of nuclear submarine in coronavirus quarantine.  Moscow preparing highway though nuclear waste site, despite protests.


BELARUS. Belarus to swap gas dependence on Moscow for nuclear dependence on Moscow .

TURKEY. British small nuclear reactors to help Turkey to get nuclear weapons?

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A weird week of news in nuclear, climate, Covid19

graph above is of world total.

Events happen so quickly. It becomes important to know what news is true, and what is not. It is something of a crisis in journalism, – which analysis, which interpretation is credible? I try to follow articles that make sense, and come from reliable writers and journals. Reported numbers vary a lot – of those infected with Cov19, of the deaths. For one example – USA infection numbers are almost certainly far greater than reported, because of inadequate testing. In interpretation, Donald Trump’s phrase the “Chinese virus” feeds in to xenophobia, an unfortunate theme when global co-operation is needed, to combat a global epidemic. Politicians exploit false conspiracy theory that the coronavirus is a bioweapon.

What action is needed?  I found this article, with its excellent graph, a reliable guide. It helped me to conclude that the drastic shutdowns and “social distancing”will have awful results, but that inaction on coronavirus would be worse.

Some bits of good news – 10 Positive Updates on the COVID-19 Outbreaks From Around the World

Coronavirus Covid-19 Testing Per Capita By Country; The US Near The Bottom; India Worse

Tokyo Olympic Games‘ costly chaos: they can’t be held in 2020.

“Balance” a dangerous practice – journalists presenting as equal -Trump’s and scientists’ opinion on coronavirus science.

Coronavirus threatens nuclear power plants with staff shortages, possible shutdowns.

Destruction of habitats, loss of biodiversity, bring pandemics.

Impact of coronavirus is curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Paul Ehrlich on Coronavirus and the growthmania that drives environmental destruction. Bill McKibben on the Virus and the Climate MovementGlobal warming influence on extreme weather events has been frequently underestimated. Coronavirus Halts Street Protests, but Climate Activists Have a Plan.Ozone-depleting chemicals appearing again in the atmosphere.

Nuclear Power Plants: Tritium is a lot more hazardous than they say. Dr Ian Fairlea on Epidemiological Evidence of Cancer Risks.

“Peaceful” and military nuclear reactors always inextricably linked.  Nuclear-powered submarines – fraught with legal and political problems.   New research on the global climate impacts of a small nuclear war.  The catastrophic danger to nuclear weapons complexes, of climate change’s extreme weather.

A new low-cost solar technology for environmental cooling.


UK Sellafield nuclear facility cuts back drastically on staff working onsite.  Sellafield nuclear waste site to close due to coronavirus. Nuclear waste transport disrupted by measures to stall coronavirus.  Hinkley nuclear worker concerned at coronavirus risks at the site. EDF reassures UK that during coronavirus epidemic, nuclear operations will continue.   Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine base is in the grip of a Coronavirus scare.

The Sizewell C project would tear through preciously fragile nature preserve. The Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group (BANNG) protests the lack of full information on nuclear plans.


RUSSIA.   Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News.   Big European bank offers to help Russia retrieve 1000s of radioactive junk from the Arctic sea.

FRANCE. French nuclear workers in fear of coronavirus infection.  Coronavirus cluster in the area – construction stalled at France’s Flamanville nuclear reactor.

CANADA. Canada pushing Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, but the outlook for uranium/nuclear industry is bleak.

IRAN. Iran, hit by hardship and coronavirus, gets callous sanctions from Trump administration.

BULGARIA. Bulgaria delays deadline for Belene nuclear project bids.

NORTH KOREA. What effect will pandemic have on tensions with North Korea?

AUSTRALIA. Doctors again call on Australian govt about Julian Assange’s precarious health, risk of coronavirus.  The Morrison govt’s emergency measures are a massive subsidy to Australia’s largest corporations.

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