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This week in nuclear news

The undersea volcano near Tonga is bad enough. But one wonders what would be the effect of disrupting nuclear wastes undersea, whether they  be from atomic bomb testing, or from the dumping of nuclear trash.

Coronavirus.  It’s not that I have given up on studying this: it’s just that the news, and changes, come thick and fast, and we all live in uncertainty.

Climate change. It’s all happening. Keep up with the latest at Radio Ecoshock – Arctic Will Change Your Life. Nitrous Oxide, Sea Ice, & Western Fires.

Nuclear. This week,  Ukraine stalemate, and the same old issues drag on – Europe’s struggle to depict nuclear as ”green”, UK’s struggle to finance the nuclear industry, France’s struggle with old, (and some cracking) reactors. And Fukushima’s crisis springs eternal.

Some bits of good news. By the way, – biggest response ever this newsletter has received on any subject –   about the butterfly story last week!   Some wins for the planet in 2021.  Nice stories about animals – including several ”non-extinctions”.   Beavers Saved From Euthanasia Transform and Replenish Rivers in the Utah Desert.

Is US extradition inevitable for Julian Assange?

In 2022, nuclear power’s future looks grimmer than ever.   Nuclear: economically unsustainable, inherently dangerous and absolutely unfeasible as a solution to climate change.      A hopeless pursuit? National efforts to promote small modular nuclear reactors and revive nuclear power. Small modular reactors (SMRs) offer no hope for nuclear energy.

Climate change crisis ranked as the biggest threat facing the global economy ahead of wars and pandemics. The environmental impact of emissions from space launches: a comprehensive review .

The Guardian view on The Green Planet: verdant and necessary

We study ocean temperatures. The Earth just broke a heat increase record.

Global heating linked to early birth and damage to babies’ health, scientists find

Stoltenberg: NATO ready for war in Europe.

Horrors of Hiroshima, a reminder nuclear weapons remain global threat.

ARCTICClimate change destroying homes across the Arctic. Fieldwork in the High Arctic found cataclysmic impact of climate change happening 70 years ahead of what the scientific models expected.

UKRAINEThe media downplays Ukraine’s ties to Nazism, as they promote weapons sales, and war against Russia.  This is how I feel about the Ukraine crisis.


JAPAN.  Fukushima Takes a Turn for the Worse . Survey at Fukushima No. 1 reactor container halted.   Severely damaged fuel at Fukushima No 1 reactor – survey to find this has been halted.   Robotic failure: “We don’t know the cause, and the outlook is unclear…” High barrier to internal investigation of high radiation dose at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1.     Japan to join with NuScale, Bill Gates’ TerraPower, to develop plutonium fast reactors and small nuclear reactors.


NORWAYNorway Activists Protest After Docking Of US Nuclear Submarine In Tromso: Reports.


SOUTH KOREA. Why joint US-South Korean research on plutonium separation raises nuclear proliferation danger .

IRAN. Former Israeli premier says notion of destroying Iran’s nuclear capabilities mere ‘nonsense’.

EUROPE. The science-based case for excluding nuclear power from the EU taxonomy. EU delays deadline on green investment rules for nuclear and gas. The detail in the European Commission’s draft for ”sustainable nuclear energy” makes nuclear energy unfeasible – even the nuke lobby hates it!  Downright absurd to classify a technology with the potential danger of nuclear power plants as green and sustainable. The European Union will need to invest 500 billion euros ($568 billion) in new generation nuclear power stations! The European Association for Renewable Energie Eurosolar rejects inclusion of nuclear and natural in the EU taxonomy.

RUSSIA. Russia finds worrisome NATO’s wish to lower nuclear threshold — diplomat.

MIDDLE EAST. Nuclear war is a genuine threat, so why have non-proliferation efforts stalled?  

CANADAWhat motivates Canadian province Premiers to enthuse about costly, probably useless, Small Nuclear Reactors?

GERMANY. Germany to stick to its guns on phasing out nuclear and coal energy . Germany’s admirable record in promoting renewable energy, as it leaves nuclear behind.

FINLAND. No plans for new nuclear , and Fennovoima project hampered by the Ukraine crisis.

LUXEMBOURG.. Luxembourg’s Energy Minister denounces France’s actions on promoting nuclear to Europe.

SWEDEN. Large drone observed over Forsmark nuclear station . Police hunt for drone seen flying over Forsmark nuclear station.  

AUSTRALIA.  AUKUS an unwelcome guest at the table of nuclear disarmament.  In Western Australia, first Cameco’s Kintyre uranium project was disallowed, now Toro’s uranium project also rejected

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This is how I feel about the Ukraine crisis.

We should study the whole context of this. Russia does not want to be encircled by threatening military systems, and probably nuclear missiles. Just as America felt threatened when Soviet Russia had placed missiles in Cuba. That caused a crisis, resolved when Russia removed those missiles. USA is obsessed with surrounding its perceived enemies with military installations.

The Ukraine government is corrupt, ( yes, I know Russia is corrupt, too) . Sections of Ukraine are ethicnally and linguistically Russian. Quite frankly, a return of Ukraine to Russia is no threat to America.

But NATO in Ukraine is a threat to Russia. USA is at grave risk of starting an uncontrollable war. What use would it be to bomb your enemy to obliteration, if you yourselves are also bombed to obliteration?

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This week’s nuclear news

It’s a critical time for the world, as Russia and USA face off over Ukraine – the mainstream media showing an extraordinary ignorance on the background for all this. In Australia we get only the USA government’s point of view – I don’t know about other countries.

The UK government is poised to legislate for electricity consumers to pay for nuclear reactors long before they are built, and to cop the costs of delays, things going wrong, or the wonderful new reactors not actually operating anyway.. Meanwhile Europe continues to contort itself with the conundrum of deciding that nuclear is ”green” and worthy of tax-payer funding. 
Coronavirus news– it’s all too much for me. We’re all in limbo – and a kind of mental paralysis sets in !

Climate Change.  No, it hasn’t gone away. The last seven years were the hottest on record.

Some bits of good news . To cheer myself up, I’ve been reading a lot about butterflies. AND, the nearly endangered Monarch Butterflies are back  – in their many thousands,  Developing food crops that can thrive in dry and hot conditions. 

Extraditing Julian Assange Threatens Journalists Worldwide.

 Treaties, Constitutions, and Laws Against War — limitless life What if deterrence doesn’t work?

Ukraine crisis.  US-Russia Talks May Be the Last Chance .     What War With Russia Would Look Like. NATO chieftain to Russia: Georgia, Ukraine belong to us, take it or leave it. On eve of Biden-Putin, NATO-Russia talks, Blinken blasts Russia as threat to European continent.

Emissions from the five major economies set to cause a doubling of extremely hot years in many nations. “Don’t Look Up:” Hollywood tackles the myths that fuel climate denial — RenewEconomy

Nuclear energy backers say it’s vital for the fight against global warming. Don’t be so sure. Nuclear is not a practicable means to combat climate change.

Six reasons to say ‘no’ — Beyond Nuclear International

To preserve the planet, we must reduce our consumption of resources..

UN chief welcomes P5 statement on nuclear war prevention . Five world powers vow to prevent spread of nuclear weapons.

Changing patterns for spreading misinformation on pandemics and climate change.

Going nuclear: Should nations unilaterally decide?

Hundreds of thousands of satellites brightening the night sky with negative effects on the ecosphere.

ANTARCTICA. Enormous Antarctic glacier becoming unstable. Maori workers exposed to radiation in cleaning up USA’s failed nuclear reactor in Antarctica.


Argentina pressures UK over deployment of nuclear weapons in Malvinas conflict .


EUROPE. New generation European nuclear power will need investment of 500 billion euros by 2030. Existing plants will require 50 billion. European citizens divided over nuclear energy . European Commission’s divisive plan to label nuclear power ”green”, revealed on the sly? Anger as European Union is poised to subsidise the corrupt and rapacious nuclear industry. Including nuclear power as ”sustainable” completely undermines the European taxonomy’s original aim of the Green Deal.

AUSTRIA. Austria ready to take legal action against inclusion of nuclear power in Europe’s ”green taxonomy”.

RUSSIA. Russia’s nuclear submarine construction reaches a post-Soviet high. Russia’s secret nuclear waste city – Ozersk, City 40.

FRANCE. France – a serious anomaly detected in several EDF nuclear reactors. Fault found in France’s Chooz 2 nuclear reactor – its outage shutdown now extended.

GERMANY. German government struggles to unite on EU energy proposal.

NETHERLANDSFacebook’s gigantic data farm planned for Netherlands causing a severe energy problem.

IRELAND. Ireland’s EU commissioner Mairead McGuinness insists that nuclear power is ”green”, amidst backlash over the EU ”taxonomy”.

GIBRALTARNuclear submarine visiting Gibraltar puts people and the environment in danger.

NORTH KOREA. What we know about North Korea’s nuclear weapons and their military power.

SOUTH AFRICA. Nuclear power station life-extension project running late — even before it starts.

AUSTRALIA. The Australian government is complicit with USA and UK imperilling the health of Julian Assange, may well cause his death. The Australian media colludes with USA, UK and Australian governments’ persecution ofJulian Assange -”Crikey journal” typifies this . .     

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Nuclear news – week to 4 January

As Omicron rips around the world, attention turns to medical science. In this ever-changing story, conspiracy theories are rife, and trust in science is shaken. Trust in science is diminished, too, in climate change. By and large, media and governments seem content with a ”business as usual” policy.

And now, the European Union is about to declare that nuclear power has miraculously become ”clean”, ”green” and ”sustainable” – worthy of tax-payer funding – this is a real blow to the credibility of science.

Why a U.S.-Russia War Would Inevitably Be a Globe-Annihilating Nuclear War.

Will the European Commission buy into the lie that nuclear power is clean and green? Angry response in Europe to the draft European Commission plans to accept nuclear power ”climate-friendly” – eligible for tax-payer financial help.

Land and water ecosystems ‘stressed to a critical point’ .

Nuclear Twilight – the ”limited” nuclear war.

Germany, France, Britain, U.S. discuss Ukraine crisis, Iran nuclear talks.

The murky world of financing Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs).

Increased compensation for those damaged by nuclear accident – OECD.

Threat of nuclear war: Not a thing of the past. UN Nuclear Ban Treaty conference postponed again because of Covid-19.

Radioactive radiation could damage biological tissue also via a previously unnoticed mechanism.

More fusion folly — Beyond Nuclear International

World urgently needs a Paris-style agreement for biodiversity .

COP 27 – the risk of the climate summit becoming a stalemate.

Our Oceans Are Not Sewers.

A Ukrainian invasion could go nuclear: 15 reactors would be in a war zone. Ukraine aims to produce enough uranium for nuclear energy needs.


EUROPEDismantling of nuclear reactor will be expensive, but provide jobs for several decades. Germany aiming for far-reaching methods to reduce carbon emissions across all sectors. European Commission drafts plan to label gas and nuclear investments as ”green”. EU Commission’s draft taxonomy plan – ”a licence to greenwash”.

JAPANGrowing radioactive waste crisis at Fukushima nuclear power plant. Despite widespread opposition, Japan plans to dump water from Fukushima plant into the Pacific Ocean. Japan’s plan for dumping nuclear waste-water into the sea. Protesters call for abolition of nuclear weapons. Naoto Matsumura Guardian Of Fukushima in TokyoPop March 2022. Japan to implement compensation rules for losses by Fukushima rumors.





France to lead the European Council – a worrying situation as Macron cosies up to polluting corporations, especially nuclear. Massive leak of tritium at France’s Tricastin nuclear power plant. Nuclear authorities dismiss a massive tritium leak from nuclear reactor as unimportant. But should they?  France’s oldest nuclear power plant, shut in 1985, still highly radioactive

 With 15 nuclear reactors shut down, France faces risk of power cuts. France’s electricity consumers face curbs as EDF struggles with problems and shutdowns. Long and difficult dismantling of EDF’s graphite technology nuclear reactors to continue.

CHINA. China hits back at ‘double standards’ amid US tech war, Washington’s nuclear weapon concerns.

SWEDENRare stoppage in Sweden’s Forsmark nuclear power station.

KAZAKHSTAN. Kazakhstan may build nuclear power plant to provide electricity for energy-guzzling Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin miners in Kazakhstan will rely on government building new nuclear power plant.

INDIA. India  Launches Nuclear Submarine With ‘Vertical Launch System’. India, Pakistan exchange list of nuclear power installations.

FINLAND. FINLAND. Finland’s underground nuclear waste facility in construction, seeks operating licence.

IRAN. Iran launches rocket into space as nuclear talks continue. Will 2022 Bring A Revived Iran Nuclear Deal — Or A Hard-Line Plan B?SOUTH KOREA. South Korea presidential contender vows to seek nuclear-powered submarines, months after Australia’s Aukus deal. 

AUSTRALIA. Australia’s nuclear-free collective efforts and achievements in 2021. The Australian government’s Kimba nuclear waste decision rides roughshod over Australia’s obligations under international law.

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Nuclear news – last week in December

It would be so good to welcome in the New Year with really great news. But, at least there are some indications of better news on the way, both in the unfolding pandemic story, and in efforts to stall global heating.    

As for nuclear, in a bizarre way, the pandemic has been helpful to the clean energy cause.  The pandemic has caused delays in the ”supply chains”. Among other effects, this has made the push for small nuclear reactors (SMRs)  even more likely to fail. For example, despite the hype, Rolls Royce’s plan for SMRs for Qatar resulted in a fall for their share price, as the transport of parts is problematic.

Pandemic.  Omicron: bleak new year or beginning of the end for the pandemic?.   Scientists are cautiously optimistic that the variant may be a sign the virus is losing its power, despite the high infection figures.

Climate.  Earth’s Climate: Rapid and Dramatic Changes.

Julian Assange’s lawyers start process for UK Supreme Court appeal against his extradition to America.

The science-based case for excluding Nuclear Fission Technologies from the EU Taxonomy .

Spent FuelThe risky resurgence of nuclear power.

Nuclear power has no business case and could make climate change worse.

Is the thorium-fueled “Molten Salt reactor a proven technology?

Report:  “Moving Beyond Missile Defense and Space Weapons”

Nuclear liabilities – the tax-payer is the insurer of last resort.

Some bits of good news – Costa Rica was the star at COP26 Climate Summit.   The rare spots of good news on climate change.

ARCTIC. A second great nuclear ice breaker for Russia to keep the Northern Sea Route open.

EUROPE. European Commission experts call on EU not to label nuclear ‘green‘. European Commission will decide in 2022 if it considers nuclear energy as a ”climate friendly” investment. European Commission facing a backlash from Greta Thunberg and environmentalists over plans to include nuclear and gas in the EU ”green” taxonomy.

FRANCE. France short of electricity, as it shuts down 2 nuclear reactors due to safety concerns.

BELGIUM. Belgian government to close its nuclear plants by 2025 .

ASIA. Rapid shrinking of glaciers in the Himalayas.

JAPAN. Plight of Fukushima’s fishermen . USA puts pressure on Japan to not attend nuclear ban treaty meeting, not even as an observer. TEPCO files for approval of Fukushima plant water release. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear powerplant out of action for many months due to 74 instances of defective welding..

CHINA. China opposes Japanese decision to release nuclear-contaminated water into ocean.

CANADA. Canada to be the guinea pig for America’s probably unviable small nuclear reactor.


FRANCE. The French government asked EDF for earlier restart of nuclear reactors (now on maintenance). EDF HAS DECIDED TO CLOSE TWO NUCLEAR PLANTS AFTER FINDING CRACKS. Tricastin nuclear power station: a radioactive leak in groundwater. The Environmental Authority requires a list of all the problems encountered in building the Flamanville EPR nuclear reactor.

GERMANY. Germany steadfast in rejecting nuclear power, aims for 100% renewables.

IRAQEnvironmental Ruin in Modern Iraq – largely due to depleted uranium.

IRAN. Iran holds air defence drill near Bushehr nuclear plant. Iran Diplomat Condemns West’s ‘Psychological Warfare’ in Nuclear Deadlock. The chance for nuclear diplomacy shouldn’t be wasted. Iran Simulated Attack On Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Site In Recent Wargames.


FINLANDOlkiluoto EPR nuclear reactor starting up, 12 years late .

SWEDEN. Swedish environmental groups sound a warning on the government’s plans for a new radioactive waste dump.

SLOVENIA and CROATIA. Lack of transparency on radioactive waste , on intake of international nuclear waste.

RUSSIA. Depleted uranium exports to Russia are not a ”resource” – they are radioactive waste.

TANZANIA. Tanzania seeking information on ‘nuclear waste’ ship detained in Mombasa.

AUSTRALIA. Australian government and Labor opposition ignore the suffering of Julian Assange. Can they afford to, as election looms?    Traditional owners lodge legal challenge to planned Kimba nuclear waste dump.

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This week in nuclear news

Just when we thought it was safe to go out again, along comes the Omicron variant of Covid-19.  It’s almost comic, watching our (Australian) politicians twisting themselves into knots telling us to go out and rejoice, while the medical experts are more quietly advising us to wear masks and steer clear of crowds.Meanwhile more populous countries struggle with the sheer numbers of infections, and the load on health services.

While the pandemic swamps the news –  weather extremes keep happening.  

On the nuclear scene, all seems quiet, BUT, there’s something of a crisis brewing in France, where climate effects and aging technology are causing problems in nuclear power supply, cracks both real and symbolic, are appearing as Macron gallantly pushes for a new ‘nuclear renaissance’.

 What you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic on 20 December,   Fauci warns Omicron COVID variant ‘raging through the world’       Top US infectious diseases expert warns hospitals in the country could face stresses in coming weeks as COVID-19 infections surge.

CLIMATE.  2021: when the link between the climate and biodiversity crises became clear.


Chris Hedges on the Execution of Julian Assange.   Classified Documents Invalidate United States‘ Appeal Against Assange — Richard Medhurst. The disgraceful case mounted against Assange by a corrupt U.S. Department of Justice and their hired guns in Britain.

Nuclear power’s economic failure – a ”renaissance in reverse”. Dr Jim Green dissects the hype surrounding Small ”Modular” Nuclear Reactors. Why Nuclear Power Is Bad for Your Wallet and the Climate.

Small nuclear reactors for military use would be too dangerous – excellent targets for the enemy.

15 minutes to save the world’: a terrifying Virtual Reality journey into the nuclear bunker.

Climate change has crashed Earth’s ”air – conditioners” – the North and South polesWarmer winters are happening across the globe.Adapting to climate change will only get more expensive 

  Nuclear Energy Can­not Meaningfully Contribute to a Climate-Neutral Energy System . Energy economics – getting the fuel -oil and nuclear -for continued expansion of capitalism – is costing more all the time.

Understanding cobalt’s human cost

PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ constantly cycle through ground, air and water, study finds

Anti-5G’ necklaces are radioactive and dangerous, Dutch nuclear experts say.

Some bits of good news – 10 inspiring environmental victories of 2021 Don’t Look Up: A movie about climate change that is actually good

ANTARCTICAAn Antarctic glacier the size of Britain could ”shatter like a car windscreen” in the next 5 to 10 years. Humanity should not test whether Antarctica’s ice will hold out.

ARCTIC. U.N. sounds alarm bells over highest Arctic temperature on record. Fukushima toxins in Arctic add to pressure on Japan.

CANADA. Nuclear Plants Masquerading as Climate-Friendly Shouldn’t Qualify for Green Finance.

JAPAN.Fukushima.    Steel Pipes to be Driven into Thawed Parts of Frozen Earth Wall at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Japan’s Fukushima water set to be dumped as critics attack ‘flawed’ Tepco report. Greenpeace says that TEPCO ignored risks to South Korea when assessing radiological impact of releasing Fukushima nuclear water waste. TEPCO starts offshore drilling to release Fukushima water Japan urged to revoke decision to dump nuclear wastewater after study finds Fukushima radioactive material reaches Arctic Ocean

EUROPE. European Union’s rift over nuclear power. EU countries at odds over green investment label for nuclear energy. Accepting nuclear and gas as ”green” (or even ”amber”) would jeopardise the credibility of the entire European Green DealFrench nuclear plants out of operation, exacerbating Europe’s energy crisis.


FRANCE. France’s Association for the Control of Radioactivity in the West (ACRO) reveals plutonium pollution in La Hague.

  Uncertainties persist, as France shuts down the 4 largest nuclear reactors, because of corrosion and cracks. EDF shares slide after faults found at nuclear plant. EDF shuts down nuclear reactors on safety concerns. France’s EDF takes more nuclear reactors offline after faults foundLower output from France’s nuclear power stations is causing electricity prices to soar. French Environment Minister asks EDF to conduct audit on nuclear power availability, following safety shutdowns. EDF to delay maintenance outages at 3 nuclear reactors in France, to avoid a supply shortage.

 To obtain authorisation to commission the Flamanville EPR nuclear reactor, EDF must get full infomation on the incident at the Taishan EPR reactor

 France’s Court of Audits demands information on the costs of future EPR nuclear reactors, and cost implications for waste management. 

 ”Green” taxonomy.  Protesters denounce French push to label nuclear as sustainable energy. French President says discussions continue with Germany about nuclear power as ”green”. France ready to join forces with fossil fuel promoters, in order to put nuclear at the heart of European environment policy. 

RUSSIA. Russia is offering to USA and NATO an alternative way out of the present Ukraine crisis.

UK. UK’s nuclear test veterans ‘were victims of a crime. 

 Natalie Bennett, a Green member of UK Parliament deftly separates nuclear facts from nuclear fantasy. 

 Call to halt Hinkley Point C new EPR nuclear reactor until problems at similar reactor in China resolved. Independent advice to British government said that no further nuclear plant is needed, beyond Sizewell C. Cracks cause Torness nuclear plant to close early.   Heysham 2 nuclear power station to close earlier than planned,

Nuclear Free Local Authorities call for ”no watering down” of safety regulations regarding future nuclear fusion reactors . 

INDIA. Prominent Indian activist Medha Patkar urges Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister to close down Kudankulam nuclear power station.

IRAN. Because Trump left the nuclear deal, we might have to learn to live with a nuclear Iran . Iran nuclear talks to resume ‘soon’ after modest gains in Vienna. Iran and UN inspector reach agreement on reinstalling camera’s at Karaj nuclear facility.

FINLAND. Finland’s Olkiluoto nuclear plant to power up 12 years late.

SWEDEN. Sweden’s Non Government Organisations want the government to reject nuclear repositary plans, on safety grounds.

CHINA. China to lead in global wind power.

TAIWAN. Residents on Taiwan’s Orchid Island hope that the nuclear waste storage facility will now be closed . Taiwan rejects nuclear power in referendum

SOUTH AFRICA. Call to rally against extending the lifespan of ageing Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

GERMANY. German experts argue that high costs, delays and toxic wastes mean that money for nuclear power would be better spent elsewhere.

VIETNAM. Vietnam set to restart nuclear power project, with Russia’s help.  


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Nuclear news this week, and news on Julian Assange

It’s not exactly ”nuclear” news. In fact, not at all. I heard that Julian Assange supports nuclear power, but that’s not the point. But what’s happening to Julian Assange is a frightening precedent for anyone who dares to publicise American military atrocities . Actually, it’s not all that new.  Now forgotten – Wilfred Burchett, the Australian journalist, was the first to visit, photograph, and report on the sufferings of the Hiroshima atomic bomb victims. Burchett was censored, persecuted, and his character smeared by the USA  government and its faithful vassal, the Australian government.

Meanwhile – back at the subject –   the West beats the drums of war, over Ukraine.

Coronavirus; Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update.Climate change:  EXTREME: We Just Left the Old Climate Behind

Some bits of good news –  Largest Farm to Grow Crops Under Solar Panels Proves to Be a Bumper Crop for Agrivoltaic Land Use.
   Hundreds of Solar Farms Built Atop Closed Landfills Are Turning Brownfields into Green Fields      Once Biologically Dead, London’s River Thames Rebounds – With Seahorses and Seals

Even when he is silenced, immobilized, locked up and hidden from public view, Julian Assange continues to shine a light on the abusive mechanisms of power. The latest court case for Australian Julian Assange – and the death of democracyAppeal to UK’s Supreme Court will just lengthen Julian Assange’s legal torment.

FIRES OF WAR Biden is pushing us to brink of NUCLEAR WAR over Ukraine in chilling echo of Cuban missile crisis, Russia claims.

What happened at COP26? Six compelling arguments why nuclear energy is spectacularly unfit to power a just transition. Nuclear can’t deliver on climate .    Buyer beware: greenwashing is becoming more sophisticated 

Japan’s upcoming nuclear waste dump.

UKRAINE. Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine? Russia Angered by Senator Roger Wicker’s Nuclear Strike Remarks on UkraineUkraine Is a Problem Only as Long as the West Makes It One.

EUROPE. U.S. European Command, NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Command Europe leaders meet to “improve warfighting readiness”. European Union passes sustainable taxonomy law, but postpones decision about nuclear power. President of the European Commission to have the final say on whether Europe considers nuclear power to be ”clean” and ”green”?

CHINA. Inside information from China could sink the French nuclear flagship EPRTaishan Problems. An investigation is still under way into leaks at nuclear power plant. China Wants to Join Southeast Asia’s Nuclear-Free Zone.

JAPAN. Japan PM to push for progress at NPT meet to scrap nuclear weapons. A lonely evening at home for Fukushima man retracing past.

MIDDLE EAST. Nuclear reactors in the Middle East are vulnerable to missile strikes.  Push for a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East, BUT Israel is the elephant in the room.

IRANIran nuclear talks pulled back from the brink as Tehran shifts stance. Iran slams Europeans over nuclear deal stance. Tough talks ahead for Iran nuclear deal.



FRANCE. “Nuclear power has no future inFrance“.

GERMANY. The shutdown of Germany’s last nuclear power plant could enable the North to cover 160% of its electricity needs with renewablesNuclear exit to unleash wind power in Northern Germany,

TURKEY. Turkey’s nuclear plans threaten Eastern Mediterranean ecosystems.

AUSTRALIA. Assange facing extradition to US: where is the outragePM under pressure to end Assange ‘lunacy’. Australian government urged to push UK and US to free Julian Assange. Independent MP Andrew Wilkie implores the Prime Minister to pick up the phone to the US president and UK prime minister to end the prosecution of Julian Assange.   

How the military-industrial complex has captured Australia’s top strategic advisory body

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Nuclear news – week to 6th December

Coronavirus.    Omicron proves we’re not in control of Covid – ‘only global action can stop this pandemic’
Climate Change.   Heating at the Poles will determine the fate of this life on Earth.
Nuclear. Last week, it was France that dominated nuclear industry news. This week, it’s Russia and Norway.  The news brings together the issues of climate change and of nuclear danger. The melting of the Arctic now enables Russia to forge ahead with its search for mining fossil fuels there, with the result that  Norway is taking a keener than ever interest in monitoring levels of ionising radiation in the region,

Analysis: Small Modular Reactors Are Decades Away. That Suits the Fossil Lobby Just Fine..

Nuclear risks are laid bare by COVID-19

Omicron Variant: For Better or For Worse?NATO foreign ministers meeting ends with veritable declaration of war.
Nuclear power is a failure – former French Environment Minister.
The nuclear consequences of cyber vulnerabilities.

Fact check: Is nuclear energy good for the climate? 

COP 26 agreement that energy efficiency investments needed for at least half of the investments needed to stall global heating..‘Deluge of plastic waste’: US is world’s biggest plastic polluter

Renewable energy growing at a fast pace, China and India leading the way.

EUROPE. The nuclear fuel chain – uranium mining to radioactive waste problem- European Commission to decide if it is ”green” and”sustainable”.NORWAY.Norway faces up to fast increasing radiation risks. Drones monitor the nuclear ships, icebreakers, submarines that clutter the Arctic.
 President of Belarus – ready to host Russian nuclear weapons if NATO moves atomic bombs to Eastern Europe.


USA. US Ex-Senator warns – US, NATO allies risking ‘all-out nuclear conflict’ with Russia. Urgent need to correct exaggerated claims about China‘s nuclear arsenal and its intentions. Nuclear industry handouts to universities continue. New Name- Same Scam. NuScale small nuclear reactors become ‘VOYGR”, universities co-opted. More delays and extra $1 billion expected for Georgia nuclear plant.

CANADA. 9 top US nuclear no-proliferation experts write to Prime Minister Trudeau requesting a review of Canada’s planned nuclear reprocessing to recover plutoniumGordon Edwards critiques a Canadian documentary on the ”Nuclear Revival” and small nuclear reactors. Canada to get its version of the mythical beast – the Small Nuclear Reactor – GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) BWRX-300.

JAPAN. Fukushima Daiichi Frozen Wall Section Fails. Study: Fukushima discharge to affect entire Pacific Ocean in 10 years. Tracking contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear accident.

CHINA. China puts forward proposals as Iran nuclear talks resume. Design flaw: the incident that shut down China’s EPR nuclear station could happen to other EPR reactors.. Design flaw could explain problem at EDF’s Chinese nuclear plant. Whistleblower explained the tank design problem that caused the shutdown at Taishan nuclear power station. Safety fault in China’s European Pressurised Water Reactor (EPR) does not bode well for UK’s Hinkley Point C and Sizewell nuclear projects.

TAIWAN. Taiwanese Group walks for 30 hours to protest nuclear power.

RUSSIA. Global heating brings easier Arctic passage for Russia’s floating nuclear power plant to open up Arctic for more fossil fuel mining, more global heating.

MIDDLE EAST. UN chief calls for nuclear weapons-free Middle East.

IRANGuarded optimism among Western diplomats, as Iran nuclear talks progress in Vienna.

KAZAKHSTAN. At the Global Alliance of Leaders for Nuclear Security and Nuclear-Weapons-Free World (GAL) meeting, Nursultan Nazarbayev proposes  Global Forum on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament

FRANCE. France joins the Small Nuclear Reactor frenzy, bringing out its odd version ”NAAREA“.

AUSTRALIA. Nuclear waste dump plan, Legislative and regulatory obstacles, highly dangerous wastes – Kimba nuclear dump is still an uncertain project.  Kimba temporary nuclear waste dump plan is unnecessary, now that federal government has approved upgraded storage plan at Lucas Heights.  
 The people of South Australia are being excluded from the discussion and decisions about the Federal govt’s planned nuclear waste dump. 

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Nuclear news – week to 29 November

  PANDEMIC.  WHO Reaches Draft Consensus on Future Pandemic Treaty   More omicron cases pop up as world rushes to learn more.
CLIMATE CHANGE –  it hasn’t gone away. Keep up to date with Radio Ecoshock, and – Rebel Against the Crash.  Also Paul Beckwith –

NUCLEAR.  Again,France is in the news, as President Macron, (formerly opposed to nuclear) pushes for the industry. Meanwhile safety issues continue, and also concern over radioactive releases from La Hague into the seaMeanwhile the global nuclear industry watches with concern, as Britain struggles to organise the funding ( Regulated Asset Base) for its new nuclear plans.

Nuclear power being hyped in the media, but its prospects are grim.

Nuclear power for MINDLESS, ENDLESS, ENERGY use – data”farms” and Bitcoin.

Small modular reactors not the solution . Are small nuclear reactors actually small, safe, economic ?

Nuclear Fusion Recedes Into Far Future For The 57th Time.

Climate 129 reputable European and international organisations have signed up to letter opposing inclusion of nuclear and gas as being ”sustainable” and ”green”.

Latest COP 26 pledges will lead to 16% increase in carbon emissions, NOT the necessary 45% decrease.

Climate and biodiversity: mapping the irrecoverable carbon in Earth’s ecosystems. IEA: Rate of energy efficiency improvements needs to double to put world on track for net-zero.

Economic Cost Of Peak Population: Japan, China, The World.

ARCTIC. Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than we thought – Study Melting Arctic sea ice linked to ”worsening fire hazards” in Weatern USA  .

 EUROPEEurope to pay half for raising Russia’s dangerous sunken submarines, – while Russia builds new ones!

NEW ZEALAND. This world of pandemic and climate change can no longer afford the luxury of nuclear weapons proliferation.


CHINA. China calls on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to make Southeast Asia a nuclear-weapons-free zone.

JAPAN. Tepco to repair Fukushima nuclear station’s partially melted protective ice wall. Robots to probe Fukushima No.1 reactor from Jan.


  France quietly benefiting from the neglect of international commitments to protect the seas from radioactive discharges. Radiation control organisation calls for significant reduction in toxic releases from La Hague nuclear facility.

 As presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron opposed nuclear power, now he’s all for it. France’s Court of Auditors warns on the ”uncertainties” surrounding the future of nuclear power. France’s government in some confusion about when construction of new nuclear reactors will begin. 

Risk of lack of electricity: is EDF’s nuclear fleet properly managed?

  Costs of electricity from Flamanville nuclear power station will be three times higher than from the most competitive renewable sources.

  Tricastin nuclear power plant: cascading cover-ups. Manager at Tricastin NPP files complaint about safety issues and harrassment .

ITALY. Residents in the Basilicata region again gear up to fight against hosting a nuclear waste dump.

CANADA. Bipartisan USA lawmakers Press Biden to stop Canadian plan to store nuclear waste near Lake Huron. . Financial hypocrisy – the pretence that nuclear power is green and cheap .


KAZAKHSTANCrypto currency mining is rampant, so Kazakhstan looks to nuclear energy, despite its dreadful history there..

INDIAA silent killer is choking Delhi. For millions, there’s no choice but to breathe it in

ISRAELUS warns Israel its attacks on Iran nuclear program are counterproductive . The U.S. Is Bracing for Blows With Israel as Iran Nuclear Talks Near.

GERMANY. Will Germany’s Next Government Ditch U.S. Nuclear Bombs? Incoming German government commits to NATO nuclear deterrent. New German government aims for coal exit, and 80 pct renewables, by 2030, German nuclear power shutdown will not lead to power shortage: report.

HUNGARYNuclear power in Hungary: Green, cheap and independent?

IRAN. UN nuclear watchdog fails to reach access deal with Iran.

BULGARIA. Belene nuclear plant: Bulgarian far-right leader threatens to send opponents to a labour camp.

MALTA. Prisoners and families exposed to undocumented, possibly risky radiation levels.  

AUSTRALIA. AUSTRALIA. Kimba nuclear waste dump plan. Minister Keith Pitt confirms that the federal government has bought the land at Kimba for the national nuclear waste dump.  To set up nuclear waste dump , the Australian government will have to override South Australian State government laws 

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This week in nuclear news – France and more

Miles too long again this week  – sorry.  I put the most interesting bits in  bold.

Nuclear. The interesting thing right now is France’s struggle to get Europe to agree that nuclear power is ”clean” and ”green”. The background to this is that France’s nuclear industry is in a pretty bad state. Debts, scandals and safety problems. Most reactors getting near their use-by date. Strangely, the prestigious and independent Court of Audits has reported that nuclear power has a dubious future, but President Macron is ignoring that report, and promising a global nuclear revival, led by France.
Coronavirus –  it’s all still happening.Climate: COP 26 is over – but global heating is all still happening, too.
Some bits of good news:   The EU drafted legislation to tackle deforestation.   The UK’s largest urban rewilding project was approved. Refugees in Cameroon Have Turned aTreeless Desert Camp Into a Thriving Forest.

The consumerism that destroys life is also the cause of the environmental emergency.

The 2015 Paris climate agreement – a weak ‘treaty’, but it is working up to a point.  Nuclear energy: a distraction on the road to climate solutions. 

Global agreements against the dumping of nuclear waste into the world’s oceans.

America’s relentless pursuit of Australian Julian Assange is a threat to any journalist who might expose a USA massacre of civilians.

Gorbachev: claims that nuclear weapons guarantee peace are a delusion. The elimination of nuclear weapons a moral imperative – Vatican. New film: The ‘Mothers of the Revolution’ Who Stared Down Nuclear Weapons. Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons Takes a New Approach With Informative Videos for Children and Young Adults.

Low dose radiation has its medical benefits, but has harmful effects on the immune system.

Use Less Stuff Day-Thursday November 18th

ANTARCTIC. Antarctic ice sheet changed alarmingly quickly in past – and may be happening again now.


GERMANY. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel maintains stand against nuclear power being classified as sustainable. German banks sceptical about nuclear and gas inclusion in green taxonomy.l

EUROPE. Over 100 European non government organisations urge the European Commission to block nuclear power from being accepted as a clean green investment . EU Council stresses the need to fully implement and universalise the NPT treaty.

AUSTRIAAustria prepared to sue European Union if it includes nuclear in green finance taxonomy.

SWEDEN. The growing unsolved problem of nuclear waste – becoming desperate in Sweden.

FINLAND. Finland’s nuclear power project collapsing – unprofitable and unnecessary.

BELARUS. Belarus’ new nuclear power station has further problems, shut down at present . Belarus leader says he wants Russian nuclear-capable missile systems.

RUSSIA. Russian diplomat calls for coordinated global efforts to enact Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. ‘The graveyard of the Earth’: inside City 40, Russia’s deadly nuclear secret.

CANADADisastrous floods intensified by climate change.


JAPAN. Japan’s PM Kishida resolved to achieve nuclear-free world . Japanese municipalities are finding resistance to hosting nuclear waste dump, despite substantial government bribes. 

Temperature of Fukushima Daiichi’s “frozen earth wall” rises again. Japan’s nuclear regulator inspecting seismic risks at Shika nuclear power station..
U. N. nuclear agency team to review plans for release of Fukushima water.


MARSHALL ISLANDS“Blown to Hell: America’s Deadly Betrayal of the Marshall Islanders” 

NORTH KOREA. North Korea replaces, punishes 14 cadres and technicians working on nuclear-powered submarine program. The Central Committee criticized the technicians for failing to follow party policy to “localize” production . No North Korea nuclear, ICBM tests for the time being.

KENYA. Kenya’s $5billion nuclear power dream is delayed by 10 years.

EGYPTCOP 27: Growing concern that civil society groups will have restricted access.

NEW ZEALAND. The global nuclear weapons race is back on: New Zealand needs to continue its stance for disarmament.

AUSTRALIA. New files expose Australian govt’s betrayal of Julian Assange and detail his prison torment. Australian TV blatantly advertises weapons sales, in absurd claims about China invading Australia. Morrison’s tactless belligerence towards China, while USA moves to mend relationship to China.

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Nuclear news as COP26 closes

It’s all about COP26 this week, but the pandemic persists.And- the media’s gone quiet on nuclear issues, – but at COP26 and elsewhere, the nuclear lobby is working away relentlessly.

The greenest energy is the energy we don’t use

COP26 – while some progress has been made, a current policy world of 2.6C or 2.7C warming is still one with potentially catastrophic impacts on human and natural systems. COP 26 waters down the prospects of world action to stop coal pollution.

COP26 – Why Nuclear is NOT a Solution. EU states split on classifying nuclear energy as ‘green’.  Is nuclear power the way forward to combat the climate crisis? – Allison Macfarlane cautions.

Action on global heating? Inadequate COP26 kept this possibility alive, by just a thread. Experts alarmed at the weakening of climate targets at COP26. “Cover decision” – a draft outcome of COP26 climate talks – planet still headed for 2.4C of warming above pre-industrial levels. New draft of climate deal of COP26 weakens plans to get rid of fossil fuels

The People’s Summit for Climate Justice plans ambitious pressure on governments for real action. At People’s Summit for Climate Justice, campaigners accuse COP26 of failing the climateGreta Thunberg and youth activists filing legal petition to UN, urging for a declaration of “system-wide climate emergency”. 

Study shows that the biggest delegation of all at COP26 is that of fossil fuel lobbyists. Unfair restrictions on observers at COP26 climate talks. Honest Government Ad | Net Zero by 2050 .  Carbon capture and storage – not all that it’s cracked up to be. China and Saudi Arabia blocking progress towards a deal at COP26.

cross-continental electricity interconnector grid system may be a practical option for renewable energy.

Nuclear weapons. The environmental dimension of the use of nuclear weapons. Nuclear War and Climate Change: The Urgency for Action .

ICAN and PAX show how despite $billions still going to nuclear weapons, – $63 billion has moved away from this funding. “Perilous Profiteering: The companies building nuclear arsenals and their financial backers

Escalation of nuclear tensions between USA and China as a result of the AUKUS deal. Winning and losing the nuclear peace.

Over time, radiation causes damage to the structure of nuclear reactors.

Wind and solar can supply most of world’s energy needs, most of the time, says study.

Bitcoin could be nuclear power’s last hope of salvation?

EUROPEInvestor backlash predicted, if European Union were to include Nuclear and Gas as ”Green” in its EU Taxonomy. Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria and Portugal warn against including nuclear in the proposed EU taxonomy. France and other pro nuclear countries push for nuclear to be included as ”sustainable” in EU taxonomy.. Europe’s dilemma over whether or not to include nuclear power in its sustainabble finance taxonomy.

GERMANY. Germany reaffirms its opposition to nuclear power being designated as ”sustainable’‘.

FRANCE. President Macron boosts nuclear industry, but in reality, France’s prospects for new reactors are grim. President Macron does not have the legal power to decide on new nuclear reactors – requires Parliamentary agreement . France: public inquiry for the authorization to reprocess new fuels. EX manager sues EDF over safety concerns.

JAPAN. Agency to phase out health care aid for evacuees in Fukushima. Pacific concerns over plans to release contaminated water from Fukushima.



CHINA. China’s Taishan nuclear power plant remains closed, following fuel leak.

MARSHALL ISLANDSThe Children Who Suffered When a U.S. Nuclear Test Went Wrong.

 Taiwan’s referendum about unsealing nuclear power plant: but safety risks persist. Referendum on safety issues concerning Taiwan’s long-mothballed Fourth Nuclear Power Plant.

FINLAND. Finland’s Greens remain anti-nuclear, despite antics of a breakaway group.

RUSSIA. Russia sends nuclear-capable bombers on patrol over Belarus for second day amid ‘migration crisis’.

SOUTH AFRICA. FW de Klerk, who ended South African apartheid, leaves another legacy: nuclear disarmament.

HUNGARY. Opposition Leader Keresztes accuses Hungarian government of secrecy and errors in approval of Paks Nuclear Power Plant Upgrade.

AUSTRALIA. Nuclear power for Australia? A crazy fantasy that would surely lose the election for the Liberals. Issue for The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA): IS ANSTO’s NUCLEAR REACTOR VIABLE?

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This week – nuclear and much climate news

Realistically, COP26 could never be a great success, because each nation represented there has the top priority  of ”winning” – furthering its own interest. Such a summit can never succeed until the prevailing view is for the general good – for the planet and all its peoples.
Also realistically, the world has made extraordinary progress over recent years, in recognising the integral connections between climate change,  biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. At COP26, some significant steps have been taken. Not a success, perhaps,  but not a complete failure, either.

Honest Australian Government Ad | COP26 Climate Summit.


CLIMATE   Extreme weather events now the new normal – State of the Climate report 2021. Global emissions to surge past pre-Covid, as world fails to grasp ‘green recovery’.

  COP26.   Progress report on Glasgow climate talks.  Positive announcements at COP26 do give some hope. Glasgow will not get close to pledges to halve emissions by 2030 – warming will shoot past 2°CProspects of limiting global heating to 1.8C on the basis of commitmentsmade at the Cop26 climate summit are, though good, only “a hypothesis”. Despite all the criticism, the COP climate process has made historic steps forward. Cop26 week one: the impression of progress – but not nearly enough. Nation after nation at Glasgow pledges to abandon use of coalRallies in Glasgow and Sydney call for ‘survival of humanity’ in face of climate change  .

 Few willing to change lifestyle to save the planet, climate survey finds.   What the most affected regions need from COP26 — The Earthbound Report The role of efficiency and smart grids in conserving energy.  Positive developments: rise in electric cars, ever cheaper renewables, moves towards energy efficiency. Solar and wind keep getting cheaper, and crush coal, gas and nuclear on costs: Lazard.

Entering the Absurdicene as the Anthropocene loses its relevance — Sustainability Bites

 Nuclear at COP26.  Nuclear power, fossil fuel companies represented at COP26 climate talks.  Nuclear industry pushing its spin and doing deals on the sidelines at COP26/  Nuclear workers’ unions want nuclear energy included as clean and sustain able. ‘No One Died From Radiation At Fukushima’: IAEA Boss Statement Met With Laughter At COP26 .

Billionaires Not Morally Qualified to Shape Civilization. The need to stop population growth,and the way to go about this.

USA and UK’s transparent persecution of Australian Julian Assange. Chris Hedges: The Assange case is the most important battle for press freedom in our time.

A supporter of nuclear power has second thoughts. You don’t need nuclear to get to net zero,’ says climate professor Jeffrey Sachs.

Pandora Papers: is the world’s biggest leak the world’s biggest cover-up?

”Deep fakes”: corruption of data has worrying implications for nuclear policy.

Entering the Absurdicene as the Anthropocene loses its relevance — Sustainability Bites

UN ”Code of Conduct” towards preventing arms race in space, but no treaty banning weapons in space.


Lies, lies and nuclear submarinesUK Astute class nuclear submarine visits Perth. Australia’s Foreign Minister off to South East Asian countries to try to soothe their worries about nuclear submarinesChina reprimands Australia on AUKUS and submarines that risk nuclear weapons proliferation, and make Australia target. US and UK must stop’: Chinese diplomat warns New Zealand audience of Australia’s nuclear ambitions. Foreign Minister Marise Payne to visit South-East Asia to ease fears over AUKUS, submarine plan. Few realistic options for Defence to fill its submarine ‘capability gap’ before new nuclear fleet. Tony Abbott wants Australia to buy second-hand ”retired” nuclear-powered submarines, for training purposes. 

 USA and UK’s transparent persecution of Australian Julian Assange.

JAPAN. Japan’s election gives reprieve for nuclear sector. Winning candidates at odds on the future of nuclear power. Fukushima farmers fear nuclear-tainted water’s impact on businessLake Close to Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Could Stay Radioactive For Another 20 Years.

EUROPE. A ”scientific disgrace” – a leaked document pushing nuclear and gas as sustainable will damage the EU’s credibilify on green finance. The EU Taxonomy is designed to identify which activities are green: it’s about science, not promoting business. International Thermonuclear Experimental (fusion) Reactor (ITER) will consume as much power as it will generate.

KAZAKHSTAN. Mohamed bin Zayed Receives Nazarbayev Prize for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World and Global Security.



CANADA. Canada’s Environment Minister refuses to declare his support for nuclear energy.

CHINA. China’s grandiose plans for nuclear build and export of reactors. China increasing its nuclear arsenal, but still far smaller than USA’s. China’s strategy in its nuclear weapons buildup.

FRANCE. Is it green, or forever toxic? France’s radioactive waste crisis. Nuclear rift at climate talks. French nuclear company pressing President Macron to declare nuclear power strategy. A close shave in 1999 with a flood at France’s Blayais nuclear power plant. A year after damaged by fire, French nuclear submarine has been repaired. Anxieties in Pays de la Loire over plan for small nuclear reactor. .

CZECH REPUBLICNew study throws gloom on hopes for future nuclear energy in Central Europe.

IRAN. Nuclear talks with world powers to resume on November 29. Austria Backs Result-Oriented Nuclear Talk. Can the Iran nuclear deal be saved?

TURKEYFire at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.

PORTUGAL. Portugal’s success in cutting greenhouse emissions through its offshore floating wind and solar plants.

GERMANY. New Study: Electricity would already be Cheaper today with a Full Supplyof 100% Renewables. 

TAIWANESG  Environmental Social and Governance investing excludes nuclear power.

BANGLADESH. Nuclear power for Bangladesh – a long, very costly, very dangerous process.

SAUDI ARABIASaudi Arabian negotiators move to cripple COP26 – Greenpeace response

RUSSIA. Russian deputy UN  envoy supports China’s concern on AUKUS’ nuclear threat.  

AUSTRALIA. Australia at COP26 – a damaging presence. Australia’s credibility at a low point, with Scott Morrison’s lying and appalling performance at COP26. Nuclear submarines.  Australia’s very awkward nuclear embrace.

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This week’s nuclear news – much about climate

Well. it’s all about climate this week.  Not much mention of reducing energy use, energy conservation etc – even though this would be the cheapest, quickest and most effective measure to slow down global heating.

My pick: top stories of the week Too expensive, too slow: Even the baseload argument doesn’t work for nuclear. The push for nuclear power in space.      Hidden agenda: Will COP26 let nuclear power in the door and, if so, why?

Another example of climate change damaging the nuclear industry –jellyfish increase clogging up cooling systems of reactors

Too expensive, too slow: Even the baseload argument doesn’t work for nuclear.

CLIMATE.    World is failing to make changes needed to avoid climate breakdown, report finds. The myth of “newer, safer, less expensive” nuclear power to fix the climate. Hidden agenda: Will COP26 let nuclear power in the door and, if so, why?

‘We have left it too late’: COP26 unlikely to limit warming to 1.5C, scientists warn . UN warns world ‘way off track’ as greenhouse gases grow . The world is nowhere near to kicking its dirtiest habit. World heading for catastrophe without bolder climate plans, UN warns. 35 official events at Cop26 put on by polluting companies. If COP26 fails, it could mean mass migrations and food shortages – Boris Johnson. From the climate crisis to nuclear war and technological disruption: The future of security reassessed.‘Illusion’ of climate action by big emitters clouds outlook for COP26 talks      Cop26 will be whitest and most privileged ever, warn campaigners               ‘It’s the protests which are giving me hope’: activists descend on Glasgow

NUCLEAR WEAPONS.  Even the mind of Dante could not imagine the inferno a nuclear war will plunge us in. Fear of ‘devastating’ nuclear war as world’s major powers enter a new arms race. A nuclear arms race is unavoidable without serious intervention.

IPPNW statement on how WHO could advance the planetary health imperative to eradicate nuclear weaponsReinforcing security through prohibition of nuclear weapons. The untold story of the world’s biggest nuclear bomb.

Another example of climate change damaging the nuclear industry –jellyfish increase clogging up cooling systems of reactors

Correcting Alan Finkel’s nuclear fallacies.

Happy Birthday King Rupert

EUROPE. The European Commission struggles with push to have nuclear power included as clean and sustainable. EU countries ramp up pressure to grant nuclear a ‘green’ investment label.

CANADA. Problems and public opposition to the plan to store high level nuclear wastes under the Great Lakes. South Bruce citizens want a referendum on plan to permanently house Canada’s nuclear waste. War hawks quietly positioning Canada to participate in US-led Ballistic Missile Defence program.

FRANCE. The French Négawatt program presents its 2022 scenario for getting France to fully renewable nuclear-free energy system. Huge study on France’s energy system and scenarios for 2050 includes costs and environmental effects of nuclear and of renewables.

 A damning new confidential report on France’s future nuclear reactor plans. Nuclear power is a divisive issue in France, leading up to the election.. Doubts that the Flamanville nuclear reactor will start on the planned date. France’s failing EDF nuclear company hopes to save itself by marketing small nuclear reactors.



JAPANStiff opposition to Japan PM’s nuclear push as election approaches. Japanese government’s energy policy . concentrates on restarting old nuclear reactors. 

Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor, who taught others about opposing nuclear weapons, dies at 96. World without nuclear weapons remains a goal after Sunao Tsuboi’s death.

 Pumice may affect nuclear power plants in Japan.

Freezing wall to be used for longer period than expected, “trump card” of countermeasure against contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, without sufficient verification. Temperature rises over 10 degrees Celsius in some parts of the “frozen earth wall” to reduce contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Prospects for renewable energy in Japan look good, future for nuclear power uncertain.

INDIA. Why India’s nuclear ICBM test is counterproductive for tactical and strategic stability.

CHINA. Response to claims about China’s space aims.

TAIWANNuclear has no place in Taiwan.

IRAN. Iran says nuclear talks with six powers to resume by end November. U.S. imposes new sanctions on Iran, sanctions that are unrelated to nuclear activities. USA in talks with allies on getting Iran to agree to nuclear deal- Blinken. UN General Assembly First Committee approves Iran’s proposal for nuclear disarmament.

ISRAEL. Israel preparing for possible strike on Iranian nuclear sites. Likud MK: Israel must strike Iran by year’s end if there’s no new nuke deal.

GREECE. Greece will never turn to nuclear energy.

BELGIUMHigher Health Council is very critical of nuclear power.

NORTH KOREA. N. Korea accuses U.S. of acquiescing in nuclear proliferation with double standards.

AUSTRALIA.    Farmers fear that Australian climate inaction could jeopardise future export potential    Australia has a ‘suicidal’ climate policy, says former UN climate chief   

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Nuclear news – in the lead-up to Cop26

Nuclear might get in to Cop26 as ”green”, but maybe as ”amber”

Miles too long this week. But, in the lead-up to Cop26 I think it’s important to note climate policies , and to recognise the movements towards energy conservation and genuinely clean energy.    The nuclear spotlight is on Britain this week, with much brouhaha about small nuclear reactors, (though they’re not actually small, and not much government investment is actually going in to them, – nor are they attracting private investors)

Pandemic news  around the world.

The climate  disaster is here.  Earth is already becoming unlivable. Will governments act to stop this disaster from getting worse? The Kids Are Not Alright.

It’s hard to find ”good” news, but a lot of good work is being done, in climate activism. And also in genuinely clean energy. see


Impact of the pandemic – women, and people of colour now losing their jobs in the area of Nuclear Policy .

UK High Court Should Deny Extradition Because CIA Planned to Assassinate Assange

There are no real climate leaders yet – who will step up at Cop26? – Greta Thunberg. Cop26: ‘World conflict and chaos’ could be the result of a summit failure. ICLEI launches its 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Energy Compact.

Renewable not radioactive – Joint organizational statement prior to the COP26 Climate Summit. Nuclear power has no place in a green energy future-because of – time delay, success of renewables, huge costs, dangers, weapons connection, and wastes.

Nuclear power has no place
 in a healthy, sustainable future- IPPNW. Research shows that a rapid truly green energy transformation will quickly achieve a near-net-zero emissions energy system. Insurance industry not convinced that nuclear power is ”green”, and is wary of nuclear as an investment risk.

James Hansen says nuclear power is answer to climate. Is he right?  

Simulated space radiation causes ill effects on central nervous system of male mice. More evidence that space radiation may be harmful to the male brain.

OSPAR Convention for the Protection of the North-East Atlantic discreetly postpones its commitment to reduce radioactive discharges at sea .

EUROPEEuropean states disagree on nuclear power – Eastern states pro nuclear, Western against it, (except for France) . The nuclear industry might get taxpayers money by calling itself ”amber”, if it’s too hard to appear ”green”.

FRANCE. France’s Global Chance association recommends renewable energies, see nuclear power as unsustainable. The RTE (Electricity Transport Network) Energy Futures 2050 study shows that $100 renewables is feasible. l’association négaWatt reports on planned closure of nuclear reactors, and carbon neutrality to be achieved by reducing energy consumption and by renewables. 

 France may have hidden agenda in promoting small nuclear reactors.

France: public inquiry into disposal of nuclear waste. Close security on village where France’s nuclear waste inquiry commission works.

JAPAN. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirms release of Fukushima wastewater to start in 2023. Backlash against Japanese Prime Minister’s haste to dump Fukushima nuclear water into the ocean, Japan’s Carbon Goal Is Based on Restarting 30 Nuclear Reactors   . China and 8 Asia-Pacific island countries raise joint objection against Fukushima wastewater disposal. Recently restarted – Fukui nuclear unit halted for a year on safety issues.

UKRAINE. COVID Restrictions Deny Southern Belarus Children Rare Escape From Chernobyl Radiation.



INDIA. Tamil Nadu leaders call for a nuclear-free zone, and stopping of development of Kudankulam project .

PAKISTAN. Why the U.S. let Pakistan nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan off the hook .


CHINA. China did not test hypersonic nuclear missile, foreign ministry says. China backs ‘no first use’ nuclear policy, calls on nations to cut warhead stockpile.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s ongoing nuclear missile tests prove it’s time to normalize relations.

SPAIN. Spain is turning rapidly away from coal and nuclear, going for renewable energy.

GREENLAND. Greenland to reinstate its ban on uranium mining.

AFRICA. Nuclear disarmament: how Africa can play a role in securing a nuclear weapons free world.

SWEDEN. Swedish authorities delay permission for nuclear waste dump operation, due to concerns over corrosion of copper in containers.  

AUSTRALIA. Nuclear power? It’s of zero use to Australia’s emissions plan. Concern in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN ) about Australia’s nuclear submarines. Coalition avoids meltdown over emissions target – but at what price? National Party did a secret climate deal with Morrison, but nuclear power was not included.

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Nuclear news – week to 12 October

Keeping up with the pandemic – it’s all still happening.

The nuclear submarines and AUKUS have continued in the news, and re likely to keep going – problems about who’ll supply them, about their HEU fuel, about obsolescence, about anxieties in South East Asia, about revving up tensions between USA and China.

However, as this week develops, the news focus is shifting to the coming Cop26 climate conference. The nuclear lobby is now salivating about the possibility of it having a role in this international.summit

Pandora Papers reveal world’s Tax Avoidance B-Team. Where’s the A-Team?

The CIA Plot to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange in London is a Story that is Being Mistakenly Ignored. Deathly Silence: Journalists Who Mocked Assange Have Nothing to Say About CIA Plans to Kill Him.
Chris Busby on the truth about black rain, radiation and cancer.  Nuclear Radiation – Incompatible with Life. Low dose radiation and cancer – the Linear No Threshold model holds good.

Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World. Developing countries demand action on climate from the polluting rich countries

The stagnating landscape of the nuclear industry -no chance of competing with renewables.

Why Greta Thunberg’s speech was the best – blah none

What is Cop26 and why does it matter? The complete guide

Who’s who at Cop26: the leaders who hold the world’s future in their hands

Will all submarines, even nuclear ones, be obsolete and ‘visible’ by 2040Nuclear submarine deal needlessly raises tensions.

Organised crime highly active in the nuclear industry.

UKRAINEBirth defects in the Chernobyl region (from the archives).

GERMANYMushrooms in Germany are still contaminated by Chernobyl radiation.

FINLAND. Finland lobbied EU to declare nuclear power sustainable after unpublished cabinet decision. Finland’s Greens turn a lovely shade of nuclear yellow, as they back nuclear power as ”sustainable”.

JAPAN. Security lapses at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata . A-bomb survivor Setsuko Thurlow hopes Japan’s new PM can lead nuclear disarmament debate. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida praises Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Nuke disaster radiation continues to threaten traditional ways of life in northeast Japan. Industry minister vows to promote scrapping of Fukushima plant as top priority.

CHINAWhy China sent a record number of fighter jets and nuclear-capable bombers into Taiwan’s defence zone. China demands answers on US nuclear submarine accident in South China Sea.

INDIA. Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker, activists oppose spent nuclear fuel storage facility in Kudankulam.



SOUTH AFRICAWe must question why small modular reactors and the rebirth of nuclear energy are all the rage.

FRANCE. 2022 French Presidential candidates divided over nuclear energy. The French are mainly for nuclear power, but not so keen on new nuclear stations.

NORWAY. Norway led the way in 25 years of clean-up of Russia’s dead nuclear submarine radioactive trash.

NORTH KOREATime to find more realistic options than complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantling of the North Korean nuclear program .

RUSSIA. Russia aims to lift old dead nuclear submarines from the bottom of the Barents and Kara Seas by 2030. Russia’s perilous job in raising sunken nuclear submarines. Russia withdraws offer to freeze nuclear warhead production. Terrorists trying to get secrets on production of nuclear weapons

MIDDLE EAST. The risks of a catastrophic spent nuclear fuel fire near the Persian Gulf..

PACIFIC ISLANDSCNMI House slams Japan’s plan to dump nuclear waste into Pacific.

. Swedish insurance group Länsförsäkringar cuts off investment to nuclear weapons.

CHILE. Chile ratifies UN Nuclear weapons ban treaty .

IRAN. US calls for ‘imminent’ return to nuclear talks with Iran. Preventing an accidental nuclear crisis in Iran and beyond.

ISRAEL. Israel May Accept Iran As Nuclear Power According To Secret Talks.

PAKISTAN. Pakistani nuclear weapons scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan dies aged 85. How A.Q. Khan brought the atomic bomb to Pakistan and beyond.

NEW ZEALAND. Jacinda Ardern warned twice Rocket Lab’s launches could break Nuclear Free Law.

AUSTRALIA. Australians for Assange call for help – save our failing democracy, as USA continues, by despicable means, their case against him. Can the Australian government ignore this powerful letter exposing the foolish decision to ”go nuclear” with submarines and AUKUS?

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