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To 17 September Nuclear and (some) climate news

This newsletter is intended to be about matters nuclear. It IS, BUT, again this week, climate change is the overwhelmingly big issue. I cannot do justice to it at all. Thank goodness, we have Covering Climate Now, and other great media, taking up the cause.

A bit of good news – What Was Once One of the Most Polluted Landscapes on Earth Now Has Some of the Cleanest Air in the Region.

The poles in climate crisis, and that includes “third pole” the Mingyong glacier. Forest fires destroying vital buffer against climate change. UN warns that climate crisis is the greatest ever threat to human rights.

Frightening new simulation of a US-Russia war triggered by one ‘tactical’ nuclear weapon.

The danger of government secrecy and cover-ups: Kate Brown’s “Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future” illuminates the truth about radioactive legacy of nuclear industry.

How to warn distant future generations about nuclear waste?

UN Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign calls for divestment.

The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector is fuelling climate change, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Much touted “advanced” nuclear reactors nonexistent and just not practical. The costs and the risks are too great. Small nuclear reactors safe? Not so.

UK. “The Guardian” co-opted by UK security services? Julian Assange to remain behind bars. Unacceptable risk to consumers: “regulated asset base” system to fund UK’s new nuclear reactors.  Forest to be chopped down for Sizewell C nuclear project, though project approval not yet complete.  UK continues to pour tax-payers’ money into (non-existent) Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

RUSSIA. Russia’s Floating Nuclear Power Plant Arrives At Far East Base Pevek.  Why Russia’s first atomic submarines were a nuclear nightmare. Russia’s nuclear torpedoes at the bottom of the sea.

UKRAINE. An emigrant’s memory of Chernobyl.

JAPAN. Japan’s New Environmental Minister Calls for Closing Down All Nuclear Reactors to Prevent Another Disaster Like Fukushima. Japan says TEPCO will dump more than 1 million tons of radioactive water from Fukushima nuclear plant into Pacific Ocean.  Plan to Release Radioactive Fukushima Wastewater Into Pacific Ocean Panned by Critics.


FRANCE. Fears of nuclear closures in France, as welding faults found in more nuclear reactors. France’s loyalty to the nuclear industry is now fading.

CHINA. China’s plans for a nuclear-powered icebreaker ship. China might come to regret its gamble on a nuclear future.

IRAN. UN urges Iran to co-operate with UN regulatory agency.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea willing to resume negotiations, wants USA to take a fresh approach.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia Plans To Enrich Uranium.


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Climate and Nuclear News This Week

In an extraordinary article in the New Yorker, Jonathan Franzen predicts that the climate apocalypse is now inevitable, and that main goal should preparation rather than prevention. He makes a persuasive argument, but has aroused the ire of climate scientists.

In nuclear news, the problem of Russia’s recent nuclear explosion lingers, as abandoned boats and beaches near the accident area are found to have high levels of radiation.   Also lingering are the catastrophic effects of radiation and chemical poisons unleashed on Iraq, with thorium, a product of depleted uranium decay, still causing birth defects.

Global catastrophe ever closer as nuclear arms race revs up.

‘All of us are in danger’: John Pilger delivers warning from Julian Assange.

UN warns on need for global action – treaty – as the world’s oceans are in dire trouble.


RUSSIA. A small nuclear reactor was definitely the cause of the Russian missile engine explosion. Akademik Lomonosov — the first floating nuclear power stations – both a nuclear and a climate danger. Safety and security preparations for remote Prevek as floating nuclear power plant enters East Siberian Sea.

UKRAINE. The radioactive fallout from Chernobyl continues to impact lives.


CENTRAL AMERICA. Emigration from Central America is driven by climate change.

UK. UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) gives incorrect information on Calder Hall. County Council rejects plans for transport of Hinkley Point A nuclear wastes through Somerset. Nuclear power is uninsurable. Britain’s Sizewell C and Bradwell B are not done deals.

FRANCE. Europe’s record heat linked to climate change. Deaths in France. France pledges to press Iran to comply with nuclear deal.

BANGLADESH. Excessive costs of nuclear power for Bangladesh.

BELGIUM. No more room for Belgium’s nuclear waste .

CHINA. Nuclear waste problem to be explored by China, in giant underground lab.

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

It’s not that climate change is getting any better – it’s just that there were fewer news articles about it this week. There was a pretty desperate call from Pope Francis for governments to act.

One weather news item that is getting a lot of coverage is Hurricane Dorian -. not necessarily caused by climate change, but exacerbated by it. It’s of particular interest because of the St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power stations on alert in Florida, potentially in its path.

August, the month when we remember the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,– has been an ominous month for bringing us all closer to World War 3. Donald Trump moved to trash all the nuclear arms agreements, that might put the brakes on international conflict.  Pentagon experts recommended Artificial Intelligence to control nuclear weapons. There have been at least 3 occasions when the imagination and intuition of a human being has just narrowly saved the world from a nuclear holocaust.

A bit of good news. Spanish group gives summer holidays to kids from Chernobyl’s polluted region.

Climate change is destabilising the Earth’s marine environment. ‘12 Years to Act on Climate Change’ – what does this really mean?

Nuclear winter – the global threat to life.   A freezing and deathly aftermath would follow a US-Russian nuclear war.

They are trying to break Julian Assange “physically and psychologically”. Injustices to Julian Assange in British prison. (Why is Australia making a huge fuss about an Australian detained in China, but ignoring Assange?)

BRAZIL. International calls for urgent action on climate, as new fires rage in Amazon forests.

JAPAN. Nearly 17 Tons of Radioactive Materials Detected in Japanese Food Imports. The danger of sourcing food and material from the Fukushima region.  Radioactive sushi: Japan-South Korea spat extends to Olympic cuisine.  South Korea concerned over food safety at Olympics with events slated for Fukushima.

Fukushima tragedy: The day of black snow. Japan says no specific decision yet on disposal of Fukushima radioactive water.  New tactics from TEPCO to get Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPP reopening approval.


UK. Expert on birds warns of environmental catastrophe if UK’s planned Sizewell nuclear station goes ahead. A report corrects Sellafield nuclear damage to Ireland scenario from the UK.

INDIA. Tensions between India and Pakistan, as India contemplates abandoning its No First Use policy on nuclear weapons.

FRANCE.  France’s plan for a Generation IV nuclear reactor bites the dust.  France’s sodium-cooled fast Nuclear reactor turns out to be a dud. Cancelled.  The rocketing costs of Jules Horowitz materials testing reactor (JHR) hastened the demise of the Astrid fast nuclear reactor project.  The Flamanville EPR nuclear reactor – a nightmare site for EDF. “Chernobyl on the Seine” – Marie curie’s radioactive legacy.

IRAN. Iran’s President Rouhani talks with Emmanuel Macron, warning on reducing nuclear commitments.

RUSSIA. U.S. intelligence assessment – Russia’s Mystery Nuclear Explosion Occurred During Missile Recovery at Sea.  Trump’s friendliness with Putin makes it hard for NATO to do anything about Russia’s weapons tests and radioactive explosion. Examining the radioactive isotopes from Russia’s mystery explosion. Russia Spreads Influence in Africa Using Nuclear Power.

NORWAY. Nuclear Norway: Halden spiralling costs and no home for the radioactive waste.

CANADA. Canada didn’t sign the UN nuclear ban treaty, but can still take up its humanitarian provisions .

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To 27 August – the week in nuclear and climate news

The thing about climate change is –  it’s all happening faster than we expected!  Only a few days ago, MEDIA MATTERS was highlighting the way that mainstream media was practically ignoring the Amazon forest fires. That is changing. World leaders are now alert to this international tragedy.The Amazon fires bring to the fore the awful dilemma facing climate scientists in telling the public the truth about the world’s climate crisis.

The recent Russian nuclear accident cast a bit of gloom over Russia’s launching of its floating nuclear reactor for the Arctic region. Questions are still flying around about the radioactive illnesses and deaths involved in that accident. Also – a general recognition of the Russian government’s record of secrecy about nuclear accidents.

I suspect that the USA and UK nuclear industries are getting pretty desperate about their commercial future, and the necessity to export new nuclear technology.   There’s a hasty push going on in Australia to buy Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. In a rater undignified rush, there are no less than 4 separate Parliamentary Nuclear Inquiries going on, with abnormally short times permitted for Submissions.

Distinguished scientist Martin Rees – world must fight climate change, don’t waste tax-payers’ money on space travel.

Massive wildfires are burning across the world- July was hottest month ever.  New fires – hundreds – in Amazon rainforests. Life on Earth threatened by climate change – loss of Amazon Forests.

Sea level rise only half the story – climate change is altering ocean waves.

Chinese Academy of Sciences warns on the safety hazards of new nuclear .

JAPAN. Hiroshima Round Table’s urgent appeal to save nuclear agreements.  International concern growing over Fukushima’s radioactive contamination of surface-level soil. Warning on radiation risks at some parts of Fukushima, for Olympic Games 2020. Controversy over radiation and heat surrounding Tokyo Olympics.  The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Its Tragic Aftermath.

GREENLAND. Who will clean up America’s nuclear wastes in Greenland?

ICELAND. Funeral for the first glacier lost to climate change.


EUROPE. 18 nuclear power plants in the EU are operating without a valid licenseWind and rooftop solar could meet most of EU electricity needs. Renewables – onshore wind from Europe– enough to power the world.

IRAN. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif visits G-7 Summit. Iran working productively with France, to save nuclear deal,


UK. Brexit proving a problem for the nuclear industry – shortage of welders for Hinkley Point C project.  Cumbria councillors worried at “regulated asset base” plan for residents to pay in advance for new nuclear build. Dismay at safety risks of restarting Hunterston Nuclear Reactor 4.  UK Office of Nuclear Regulation seems to have increased the number of cracks permitted in Hunterston nuclear reactor. Rolls-Royce in talks to sell French nuclear business to Framatome.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea to increase radiation testing of Japanese food.  South Korea might make own food arrangements for Fukushima Olympic events.  South Korea demands answers over Fukushima radioactive water eventual sea dumping.

NORTH KOREA.  Kim Jong-un oversaw test of ‘super large multiple rocket launcher.    Toxic leak from North Korea’s nuclear programme.

UKRAINE. Bitcoin Hackers Charged As Nuclear Power Plant Security Compromised.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa scraps Russian nuclear plant plans.

CHINA. China dominates worldwide solar and wind energy generation.

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The week in nuclear news – to 19 August

The repercussions of the Russian explosion at a missile test centre continue. However, the radiation release was brief, and did not extend beyond the region, and not to neighbouring countries. There was confusion and secrecy following the explosion and Russian doctors were kept in the dark about patients being nuclear accident victims.

Attention has moved to questioning the missile project, – a mystery new nuclear weapon, dubbed Russia’s ‘flying Chernobyl’. What is clear, is that, in the month when we commemorate the nuclear tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  – the world, led by Donald Trump, is ripping up arms control measures, and ramping up nuclear weapons development.

I haven’t been able to keep up with the news on climate change –  extreme weather events in various countries, the UN report including humanitarian effects, the costs, injustices, and inability to meet the goal of confining temperature rise to 1.5 C.   In a powerful symbol, Iceland holds a funeral for the first glacier lost to climate change.

A bit of good news: a win for Aboriginal people in the abandonment of uranium mining in Australia’s Northern Territory. Mirrarr people to lead the Kakadu region’s transition.

Investigative journalism:  Australian investigative journalist Mark Davis explodes the myths around Julian Assange.

Climate change killing nuclear power? nuclear reactors can’t cope with water needs, as temperatures rise.

Cyber wars – as dangerous and deadly as nuclear wars ? Warning of  10 year totally dark Earth. – after a nuclear war between the US and Russia.

The Anthropocene is not an epoch. It’s a passing blink in geological time.

ARCTIC. Melting Ice Everywhere — Arctic Sea Ice Extent Hit New Record Lows in Late July and Early August.  Arctic sea ice could disappear completely through September if temps increase 2 degrees.


RUSSIA. Russia says small nuclear reactor blew up in deadly accident.    Russian Region Orders Gas Masks After Deadly Nuclear Blast. ‘Dirty bomb’: Mystery Russian ‘superweapon’ kills five.  Russia Testing Nuclear-Powered Mega-Torpedo Near Where Deadly Explosion Occurred.  USA abandoned the Nuclear-Powered Missile long ago due to its extreme danger. It seems that Russia just tried it again.     Russia’s fast nuclear reactor project is postponed.

JAPAN. Anxiety over risks of radiation and heat at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Fukushima: Nuclear-contaminated water raises 2020 Games site fears.  Swim marathon: Tokyo 2020, FINA watching water quality, temperature. Japan’s govt urges Fukushima evacuees to return – in drive to promote 2020 Olympics.   Will the propaganda ploy – the Tokyo 2020 Olympics really revitalise the nuclear industry and Fukushima?

Fukushima Daiichi’s radioactive water to run out of tanks in 2022.  Japan to resume effort to tackle contaminated water problem at Fukushima.   Tepco toughens stance toward nuclear disaster damages settlement. Fukushima students speak on 2011 disaster in Berlin.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea Wary of Japan’s Plans to Dump Fukushima Daiichi Radioactive Water into the Pacific.

KASHMIR. Kashmir – a “nuclear flashpoint“?

PAKISTAN. Pakistan’s “triad” of nuclear weaponry.

INDIA. India ponders changing its “no first use” nuclear weapons policy.     Implications for India if it revokes its No First Use nuclear weapons policy.

UKRAINE. HBO “Chernobyl”series grasped the truth about the conditions that led to the disaster.

UK. Hinkley nuclear project: UK govt faces questions about involvement of US export blacklisted Chinese firm. Revealed: mental health crisis at Hinkley Point C nuclear construction site. UK’s nuclear waste plans – squabbles in a local Council. No it wasn’t the wind turbines that caused a UK blackout.

CHINA. Li Yang’s photography of 404: China’s abandoned nuclear city. Solar power is now cheaper than grid electricity in cities across China.

GERMANY. Germany shows how it can lead the world in neatly shutting down nuclear power.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia wind farm claims world record low energy cost.

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To August 12 – nuclear news this week

NUCLEAR. This week , the spotlight has been on Russia, as conflicting and ambiguous reports come out, about a Russian rocket test explosion that caused radiation levels to spike in the Arkhangelsk region. The Russian nuclear agency Rosatom finally admitted its involvement. Russia honours as ‘national heroes’ the 5 nuclear scientists who died in this suspected secret testing of a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

CLIMATE. While governments and the older generation in general continue on their merry way with business as usual, young people are ever more concerned about climate change. It’s THE issue at this week ‘s International Congress of Youth Voices, in Puerto Rico.  High school students are organising Youth Climate Strikes.    Why stay in school if our planet will die?

How the viewing public was ‘protected’ from seeing what the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing did to people.  Hiroshima nuclear bombing, and the birth of the Doomsday Clock.

Another expensive nuclear weapons race about to take off. Putin And Trump are ‘normalising’ the increasing numbers, and the use, of nuclear weapons.

Wildfire cloud study sheds light on the processes of ‘nuclear winter”

Harm to astronauts’ brains from space radiation.

Even the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)  is concerned about radioactive trash management from Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.



Putin’s silence on mysterious radiation accident. Test rocket explosion causes radiation spike in northern Russian city.   Two accidents involving Russia’s military.  Nuclear fuel carrier “Serebryanka” is still at anchor near Russian military test site.  Naval base is on mysterious lockdown after an accidental missile explosion  Scientists found evidence that Russia covered up – a major nuclear accident in 2017.

Barents Observer report on Russian nuclear reactors in the Arctic. Russia’s planned dangerous expansion into the Arctic with nuclear icebreakers, Rosatom in control, increasing climate change.

KASHMIR. India and Pakistan on Hair-Trigger Nuclear Alert Over Kashmir.  Pakistan on the brink again, as India abolishes self-rule for Kashmir.

ARCTIC. Anxiety over Russian nuclear power plant afloat in Arctic.

MURUROA. Health research on descendants of Pacific nuclear veterans.

NORTH KOREA. It’s realistic to accept North Korea as a nuclear state.


UKRAINE. Chernobyl ‘sarcophagus” on the verge of collapse.

CHINA. China’s nuclear policy.  China buried nuclear waste in Sudan desert.

UK. Three British nuclear submariners sacked over cocaine use.

THAILAND. Government under pressure with growing opposition to nuclear reactor plan.

AUSTRALIA  Three  Parliamentary Nuclear Inquiries are now underway, with short deadlines for submissions. (You can bet that the nuclear lobby’s well-paid shills have sent theirs in already.) National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce’s heavy-handed, repressive, approach to community consultation. It’s even more undemocratic than the one in Wales

GERMANY. Tower of German nuclear station demolished. The plant was on line for only 13 months.

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Hiroshima – Nagasaki week – nuclear news

There’s a not at all funny irony in that significant nuclear weapons decisions have been made by USA and Russia in this anniversary week.    USA formally withdraws from nuclear treaty with Russia and prepares to test new missile. Putin warns that Russia will follow if USA develops new nuclear missiles. A dangerous nuclear arms race likely to follow, if the New Start Treaty is not renewed.  USA Democrats struggle with Senator Elizabeth Warren and others’ determination to change America’s present “presidential first use” policy, and make it official U.S. policy not to be the first to use a nuclear weapon.

Intense heat waves have swept Europe this summer, breaking temperature records in at least a dozen countries. Scientists have warned that the world should expect more scorching heat waves and extreme weather due to climate change.   July confirmed as the world’s hottest month ever recorded.

Samantha Smith – a 10 year old who acted to reduce nuclear weapons.

The Myths, the Silence, and the Propaganda That Keep Nuclear Weapons in Existence.  Collapse of the INF treaty could be followed by the expiry of New Start.     What Exactly Is Nuclear ‘No First Use’?

Nuclear power will ‘lumber into extinction,’ ex-regulator says.  Nuclear power has never been financially viable.

Major problem for astronauts – radiation damages mood and memory?

UKRAINE. Belarus’ forgotten children – victims of Chernobyl’s nuclear radiation.



MARSHALL ISLANDS. Radiation Levels Higher in Marshall Islands Than in Chernobyl. Marshall Islands to survey leaking nuclear dome.

FRANCE. Another French nuclear plant having difficulties due to hot weather and poor river flow. Climate change continues to affect France’s nuclear power industry.

RUSSIA. Sunken Soviet Sub leaking high levels of radiation, Norwegian researchers say.The nuclear disasters that we don’t hear about – The Kyshtym DisasterRussia’s coverup of 2017 nuclear accident in the Ural mountains.   The nuclear accidents we don’t hear about – Soviet Submarine K-19.

INDIA. Kashmir, nexus of conflict between nuclear antagonists India and Pakistan, faces crackdown, plunges into fear.

UK. The nuclear disasters we don’t hear about – The Windscale Fire.

IRELAND. Overwhelming arguments against nuclear power for Ireland.

BRAZIL. The nuclear accidents we don’t hear about – The Goiânia Accident.

CANADA. The nuclear accidents we don’t hear about – Chalk River Ontario.

BELGIUM. Belgium broke law but can keep nuclear plants open, EU court rules.

UK. Brexit: nuclear medicine at risk from no-deal. UK union unhappy with financing plan for new nuclear power plants.  Concern in Suffolk over the socio-economic and environmental effects of massive Sizewell nuclear project.

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Week to 31 July in nuclear news

Oh it’s climate again! How can we ignore it?  This time, it’s not just the heat-waves across the Norther hemisphere, but the effects of that hot air moving to the Arctic. Greenland and the Arctic in general, are headed for a record sea ice melt.  It will be an unprecedented ice loss – ultimately rapid loss will lead to rising sea levels.

Nuclear news?   There doesn’t seem to be much. Is that because the important stuff is kept secret, or at best, pretty quiet?   Russia is the best at this.  Now it is revealed, by an international team of scientists, that in September 2017 there must have been a nuclear accident at the Mayak nuclear reprocessing facility in Southern Russia. It’s the only feasible explanation for the cloud of Ruthenium-106 across Europe in late September.

New economic research discusses nuclear power’s real costs – ‘seven decades of economic ruin’. (a brief report on this is here)

Bits of good newsInternational kindness to Chernobyl children from radiation-contaminated areas – but more help is needed.  For First Time Ever, Scientists Identify How Many Trees to Plant and Where to Plant Them to Stop Climate Crisis

‘Thermal limits’ – extreme heat effects on the body

The horrors of nuclear weapons testing – 460,000 premature deaths.

New report: nuclear energy cannot be classified as “clean”, nor as economic.

ARCTIC.  Unprecedented wildfires in the Arctic release huge CO2 to the atmosphere.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Bikini Atoll, site of nuclear bomb testing, still 10 times more radioactive than Chernobyl.


Toxic water level at Fukushima plant still not under control. 17 years needed to send treated Fukushima water into sea: expert. Robots the only hope for highly radioactive areas in wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The ghost towns in Fukushima Prefecture.   Is Fukushima Safe for the OlympicsOlympic Games as PR to change the image of Fukushima and its radiation problems. Anti-Olympics groups want more attention put on event’s downfalls.   Opponents want Olympic money used to rebuild Fukushima. The 2020 Olympics may become a disaster. Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics are showing the nightmare waiting for L.A. in 2028.    Asahi’s ‘Fukushima beer’ launch invites South Korea scorn.

Mothers’ group in Kyoto hosts Fukushima preschoolers, parents for retreat.  Beach in Fukushima Prefecture reopens for first time since 2011 disasters. Temporal variation of radionuclides contamination of marine plants on the Fukushima coast after the East Japan nuclear disaster. TEPCO to decommission all four reactors at Fukushima Daini.

International Symposium for Peace: The Road to Nuclear Weapons Abolition.  Nuclear-Free Forum in Japan calls for worldwide end to nuclear power. Churches aim for joint church action to end nuclear energy.

IRAN. Constructive talks between Iran and Europe, but no definite result. Iran links tanker row to nuclear deal.  Iran intends to restart activities at Arak heavy water nuclear reactor.

MIDDLE EAST. Heading for a Nuclear and Ballistic Missile Arms Race in the Middle East.

USA. Investigative journalism –  How did Ohio’s nuclear industry get a $1.1billion bailout?dark money did the job! Ohio takes a backward leap, as Ohio Governor Signs Coal and Nuclear Bailout at Expense of Renewable Energy,

UK. Surprise surprise! UK’s New Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a big fan of the nuclear industry.

UK Nuclear Finance: From No Subsidies to Nuclear Tax. A layman’s guide to the ‘Regulated Asset Base’ that will fund Sizewell C nuclear power plant. Tax-payers still on the hook for UK’s planned ‘nuclear renaissance’. UK’s love-in with “an innovative funding model” does not hide the hideous expense of nuclear power.

Yet more delay at Flamanville nuclear debacle – doesn’t bode well for UK’s Hinkley Point C project.  UK government commits to ordering mini nuclear reactors from Rolls Royce.

Boris Johnson’s secret instructions on nuclear action.

UKRAINE.  The dreadful truth of Chernobyl radiation’s health and death toll is now coming out.

RUSSIA. The often forgotten nuclear disaster in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Fears about a Soviet-era nuclear waste site, on the planned route for a Moscow expressway.

CHINA.China absolutely clear on its policy of No First Use of Nuclear Weapons.

EUROPE.  Nuclear power losing its appeal in Eastern Europe. Soaring temperatures in Europe – risk of record ice melt in Greenland.

INDIA. India’s Govt prohibits mining of thorium and other atomic minerals by private entities  .

GERMANY  Germany’s Grohnde nuclear plant headed for shutdown, due to high temperatures. Renewable energy providing more electricity than coal and nuclear power combined in Germany.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea’s new submarine.

AUSTRALIA.   Australian Senate passes motion to retain Australia’s ban on nuclear power. Australia’s legal ban on nuclear power will remain, says Environment Minister Sussan Ley.

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Nuclear/climate news to July 23

Again – hard to focus on nuclear issues, as extreme climate events continue.  Africa is suffering from a crippling drought, as is IndonesiaEurope Faces Another Record-Setting Heat Wave This Week . India cops both flooding and heatwaves. Record high temperatures in America. Australian writer Peter Boyer– outlines the plight not only of his country, but of countries across the globe.

Nuclear news – less  dramatic, but still important.    In USA and UK, how to fund nuclear development is the preoccupation of the industry. The State of Ohio is just about to finalise a vote for a dodgy plan that will subsidise its nuclear plants, while ending incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Meanwhile the UK plan is for consumers to pay upfront through energy bills, for new nuclear projects before they’re even built,  – and might not even be built.   Alas, we don’t have access to information on Russia and China, but it appears that both countries are more and more relying on selling nuclear reactors overseas, rather than making them economically viable at home.

America’s original moon plan was to explode a nuclear bomb on the moon.  A heightened solar cycle, by chance, reduced the exposure of Apollo astronauts to space radiation.   Future space travellers will be, in reality, radiation guinea pigs.

Dangerous nuclear arms race to follow, if New Start Treaty is not renewed. World security needs nuclear New Start agreement – USA-Russia, not a distraction about China.

July to be world’s hottest month on record.

UN nuclear watchdog chief Yukiya Amano dies at 72.

New research shows how low dose ionising radiation promotes cancer.

The radioactively polluted oceans.

MARSHALL ISLANDS.  New revelations on the very high radiation in the Marshall Islands.

IRAN. Iran makes ‘substantial’ nuclear offer in return for US lifting sanctions. Iran’s diplomatic offer on nuclear inspections meets with USA scepticismU.S. Slaps Sanctions On Nuclear Supply Network for Iran’s Enrichment Program.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea, angered by US military exercises, plans to resume nuclear, missile, tests.

JAPAN. 40 years, $2.5bn costs for 4 Fukushima Daini nuclear reactors to be shut down.   Fukushima Upper House candidates face cynical voters despite anti-nuclear platforms. Fukushima: The ‘100 times normal’ radiation area outside exclusion zone – ‘Worrying!’

FRANCE. Climate change continues to affect France’s nuclear power industry.  France’s nuclear reactors impacted by latest heat wave.   Swedish climate champion Greta Thunberg has received the first Freedom Prize in France.

GERMANY. Activists walk “cease and desist” order into nuclear weapons base.


GUAM.  New bill introduced in U.S. Congress will benefit Guam victims of radiation exposure

CHINA. China faces up to the pollution and radioactive waste problems of rare earths mining and processing.

UKRAINE.  Doubts on the safety of Ukraine’s nuclear reactors.    Vladimir Shevchenko – heroic photographer of Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

UK. Hinkley Pt nuclear station’s cooling system will mean massacres of fish.

TURKEY. A lot of safety worries for Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear plant.

CANADA, Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – at least 10 years away – Canadian Nuclear Association.

EUROPE. Secret Locations of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe revealed.

INDONESIA. Strong rejection of nuclear power for Indonesia.

RUSSIA. For the second time in a week, take-down of Russian nuclear reactors, due to malfunction. Uncertainty over safety of Russia’s floating nuclear power plants. Moscow’s Polymetals Plant’s slag heap – an intractable radioactive hazard=- could become Moscow’s Chernobyl?.

SOUTH AFRICA. The sorry history and sorry future of nuclear power in South Africa.

AUSTRALIA.  French journalists arrested while filming anti-coal activities.  How the Mirrar Aboriginal people, helped by environmentalists stopped uranium mining at Jabiluka.

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Nuclear news to 16 July

You’ve seen the TV series, now understand that  the Chernobyl catastrophe is far from over.

It’s difficult for me to stick just to nuclear news, as the enormity of the climate crisis becomes more apparent. While extreme events might not be caused by global heating, climate change is exacerbating them and increasing their frequency. Millions of people displaced by floods – India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Tropical Storm Barry spares New Orleans but fuels fears of floods and tornadoes.  New research – climate change is worsening wildfires.

Of course, there is a nuclear connection, too. Both floods and fires are potentially disastrous to nuclear power plants. You don’t hear much about this, but the nuclear industry is very worried about floods.

“Climate distress,” “climate grief,” “climate anxiety” – psychological effects on people.

U.S., Russia to discuss nuclear arms limits in Geneva.

Heat waves, rising seas, – climate change threatens France’s and UK’s nuclear plants.  Even the nuclear industry itself is pretty pessimistic about its futureRecycling nuclear waste still itself produces nuclear waste.

HISTORY. Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 – how close we came to World War 3

JAPAN. Fukushima – a nuclear catastrophe that continues.  Fukushima Prefecture Council election: both candidates campaign on anti-nuclear platforms.  A Fukushima Ghost Town Seeks Rebirth Through Renewable Energy.

IRAN. Iran still committed to the nuclear accord, but will decrease its commitment if other signatories cannot help.


UK.  Future of the nuclear industry in Britain is far from clear.  UK’s energy industry plans, especially nuclear, stalled while waiting for new Prime Minister.  UK’s new nuclear funding model would leave taxpayers liable for rising costs or delays. Safety breaches at Sellafield nuclear waste plant.   UK’s Sizewell C nuclear project not likely to provide many local jobs. Sizewell B nuclear plant ammonia leak closes part of beach.   Huge carbon footprint of Hinkley nuclear project, and itself threatened by climate change.   Prioritise growth, or prioritise life. We can’t do both.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. Alarmingly high radiation in soil, ocean sediments and fruits from Marshall Islands.

TAHITI. Tahitians remember atomic bomb tests and withdraw from France’s propaganda memorial project.

RUSSIA. Planetary catastrophe – was not likely from the Russian nuclear submarine accident.    Tax-payer funding absolutely critical to Russia’s nuclear industry.  The Russian Orthodox Church just might cease its blessing of nuclear weapons.   Russia’s new Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier? Just all talk?

ARMENIA. Illegal transport of thorium at Georgia’s border with Armenia.

UKRAINE.  The dangers of Chernobyl nuclear site being turned into a tourism mecca.

INDIA. India’s tigers and other endangered species now threatened by uranium mining in Amrabad Tiger Reserve.

CANADA.  A generation of children was given*radiation treatment without warning of cancer risks  .

ARCTIC.  Nuclear Waste In The Arctic.

TAIWAN.  Taiwan about to close second nuclear reactor.

*this Canadian link now corrected, thanks to MiningAwareness

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This week’s nuclear news

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The TV mini-series “Chernobyl” has reminded the world of something that the insurance industry fully understands: even if the probability of a nuclear accident is very small, the consequences of a nuclear accident are very big.

Two current events highlight the risks of nuclear disaster:

14 sailors died in a heroic effort to avert a planetary catastrophe, in a fire accident on a Russian nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea.

 Earthquakes in Southern California raise anxieties about the safety of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Station. The Quake That Could Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone. What are the risks at closed San Onofre during a big earthquake?

Far from stopping climate change – nuclear reactors are being stopped by climate change.

Special UN meeting to discuss Iran: Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany try to keep nuclear deal.

United Nations warns that climate crisis disasters are happening at the rate of one a week and work is urgently needed to prepare developing countries for the profound impacts. Rich countries are not immune.

Renewable energy racing ahead, close to beating nuclear power.

RUSSIA. Russia’s nuclear submarine fire: what is known so far . Local fishermen saw the Russian nuclear submarine accident.   14 Russian Sailors Killed in Fire on Nuclear Sub.   Russian commentators criticise secrecy on details of nuclear submarine accident.    Trip to check radiation after 1989 sinking of Russian sub.  Russia’s President Putin officially halts participation in nuclear treaty .

IRAN. Iran to breach nuclear deal limits:  still far from producing a nuclear weapon. Fiery Imam suggests missile attack on Israel’s Dimona nuclear power plant.  Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief says -The world knows Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapon.


UK.  Britain’s nuclear power projects not economically viable, and adding to global warming.   £1.68bn pre-tax loss for Horizon Nuclear Power, builder for suspended Wylfa Newydd project.  Expert opinion: small nuclear reactors a very bad deal for Scotland.  Together Against Sizewell C: the battle to save UK’s Suffolk coast from nuclear development. Nuclear power – unsustainable – half Scotland’s reactors offline – but renewables supplying the load.

UKRAINE. The Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe is not over. Chernobyl radiation proves harmful to vital forest mammal . Chernobyl’s $1.7B nuclear confinement shelter finally revealed.

IRAQ. Dramatic rise in cancer rates in Basra, where depleted uranium weapons were used.

FRANCE. French government wants an independent audit of EDF’s Flamanville nuclear plant.

AUSTRALIA.   Australia would be wise not to mindlessly follow USA into war against Iran.

TURKEY. Arrests in Turkey for theft of nuclear weapons material.

JAPAN. Should Fukushima exclusion zone be widened?

SINGAPORE. Singapore plans huge 50MW floating solar project.

BELGIUM. Belgium’s green party demands review of nuclear waste storage project.

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The past week in nuclear/climate news

It’s hard to stay focussed on nuclear news, as the climate news really can’t be ignored. As always, non European, non anglophone, and poor countries are copping it most – Climate Change is Devastating India With Heat Waves and Water Shortages. But right now, much media focus is on the Northern hemisphere – new heat records being set across Europe, wildfires, heat records in Alaska.

Climate change problems, and effective remedies, are often ignored. Air-conditioning is both a partial remedy, but also a big cause of global warming. Energy efficiency is the single best answer to climate change, but often a neglected one.

On the nuclear theatre- well, it seems to be all theatre – with Donald Trump basking in the spotlight entering North Korea – no actual  negotiation achievement – but then the spotlight itself was the goal. More of a worry is the escaling tension and confusion over Iran, as it builds up enriched uranium, and Europe struggles to keep Iran in the nuclear agreement.

Urgent need for international diplomacy: the world facing a renewed nuclear arms race.

Bonn climate talks: Key outcomes from the June 2019 conference. Despite Donald Trump, the G20 nations (except USA) are sticking to the Paris climate agreement.

EUROPE. European Parliament excludes nuclear energy from EU’s green investment fund.

FRANCE. Nuclear reactors in France face temporary shutdown due to extreme heat.


IRAN. How Close Is Iran to a Nuclear Bomb, Really? No solution found to the nuclear issue, after European talks with Iran end.  Iran doesn’t want to leave the nuclear agreement, calls on Europe for trade help. HBO TV series ” Chernobyl” causing great interest in Iran.


UKRAINE. Chernobyl military survivor reveals secrets.  Chernobyl survivors confirm the accuracy of the TV series, about nuclear radiation.

RUSSIA. Putin talks of Russia, USA , resuming negotiations on nuclear arms reduction treaty. Russia threatens military response to any NATO action over nuclear-ready missile. NATO says it will act unless Russia destroys nuclear-ready missile.  Russia’s nuclear power station for the Arctic– a floating Chernobyl? Doubts on the “usability” of Russia’s Submarines Armed with Nuclear Drone-Torpedoes.

INDIA. India’s nuclear power programme unlikely to progress. Ocean energy is a better way.  Anxiety over Belarus nuclear reactor starting up: Lithuania buys iodine tablets.

BELARUS. Belarus nuclear physicist warns on the unsafety of new nuclear plant.

TURKEY. Turkey’s President Erdoğan admits that Sinop nuclear power plant has been halted (too costly).

JAPAN. New research identifies Fukushima reactor material in the environment.  TEPCO ordered to compensate ex-plant worker.  Voices of Fukushima power plant disaster victims strengthens call to ban nuclear energy.

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Nuclear news this week

Teetering about on the edge of nuclear war –  that seems to be Donald Trump’s favoured position for the world. Or is it just that he is determined to be the dramatic centre of attention at all times? Trump has just threatened Iran with ‘obliteration’, (hardly something designed to give the Iranians confidence about peaceful negotiation). Meanwhile Trump  received a “beautiful” letter from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, who in turn received an “excellent” letter from Trump, although actual negotiations between USA and North Korea are at a standstill.  It would be funny, if it were not so serious.

A bit of good news:  ‘Projects For Good’ – This Ingenious Website Makes it Easier to Change the World

The Middle East presents a dangerous nexus of nuclear reactors and violence: military action is still an option. “It’s absolutely essential to avoid any form of escalation in the Gulf” – UN Secretary-General Antonio GuterresWorld’s nuclear weapons – fewer in number, but not safer.

Nuclear power to solve climate change? Too many sound reasons against it.

Researchers Find Radioactive Particles from Fukushima or other Nuclear Disasters Could Stay in Environment, Human Lungs for Decades.

The world’s societies on the brink of unmanageable climate chaos. Worrying feedback loop between damaged ozone layer and climate change.

ASIA. Devastating future for Himalayan region, as melting of glaciers has doubled since year 2000.

ARCTIC. Nuclear wastes and other poisons are being released by melting Arctic ice.


SAUDI ARABIA. Fears that a nuclear Saudi Arabia will destabise the region. Trump’s secret support.  UN Investigator: ‘Credible Evidence’ Ties Saudi Crown Prince, Khashoggi Death.

IRAN. Iran has NO nuclear weapons program.

ISRAEL.    Israel’s Secretive Nuclear Facility Leaking as Watchdog Finds Israel Has Nearly 100 Nukes-.  Israel’s Netanyahu ramps up the rhetoric against Iran. Pre-emptive Nuclear War: The Role of Israel in Triggering an Attack on Iran.  Concerns about the safety of Israel’s aging Dimona nuclear reactor.

RUSSIA. The worrying secrecy of Russia about the true state of its nuclear wastes. Nuclear company Rosatom on a drive to sell nuclear technology overseas.  Russia’s nuclear weapons and the religious connection.  Russian officials warn on terrorists’ plans to steal nuclear weapons.

JAPAN.  Hundreds of evacuees and their children continue to suffer from effects of Fukushima nuclear meltdown.  No Damages To Nuclear Power Plants Reported After Earthquake In Japan – Trade Ministry.  First 3 Days of 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Race Route Thru Fukushima.

UK. Danger of nuclear bomb convoys in Scotland Sizewell nuclear budget meltdown could hit taxpayers under EDF proposals.  High costs of Britain’s nuclear submarine graveyards.

FRANCE. France wants EDF to sell more nuclear power to rivals, price could increase.  France’s EDF struggling with the costs of fixing ever-delayed Flamanville EPR nuclear project.   To comply with Paris climate agreement, France could switch to 100% renewables.

GERMANY. German climate activists storm open cut coal mine.

CHINA. China’s new solar thermal power plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 350,000 metric tonnes yearly.

SWEDEN. Sweden says two aging nu Veteran of Chernobyl nuclear clean-up: HBO TV episode was very accurateclear reactors safe to run till 2028.

UKRAINE.  Latest Chernobyl Shelter Implementation Plan operating this year, at cost of nearly £2billion   Secret military facility near Chernobyl nuclear site. Veteran of Chernobyl nuclear clean-up: HBO TV episode was very accurate.

INDIA. Why India’s Hypersonic Missile Could Trigger A Nuclear War.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. No justice for Marshall islands, with rising seas and nuclear trash.

NEPAL. CT scan service shut following radiation leak.

AUSTRALIA. Australians are more likely to be scared about the costs of nuclear power, than about the Chernobyl miniseries.

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The week in nuclear news – to 18 June

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Nations with nuclear reactors are slowly waking up to the fact that mounting nuclear waste is a global emergency.   At the G20 meeting in Japan,  Japan proposed setting up an international framework for cooperative research into how to dispose of high-level radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. The first meeting on the framework is planned for October in France.

A bit of good news: First UK Supermarket Chain to Eliminate Plastic From Produce Will Save 1,300 Tons of Plastic From Landfill

Nuclear power is far from “emissions free”.

Escalating collapse of global insect populations.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Journalism on trial, Scahill, Hedges, Pilger and more: the charges, the defense, what you can do.


FRANCE. Electricite de France (EDF) has financial woes, hopes to save itself by switching from nuclear to renewables?

JAPAN. Japan’s restarted nuclear reactors could be forced to shut down for safety measures to be implemented.

NORTH KOREA. Living with a nuclear North Korea: how to move beyond the impasse.

RUSSIA. Investigative journalism. How Russia’s nuclear industry co-opted religion.

KAZAKHSTAN. HBO’s Chernobyl Stokes Anti-Nuclear Mood in Kazakhstan .

UK. UK Labour’s energy policy means that nuclear energy could be prioritised over renewables.  Climate change denier makes big donations to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

INDIA. VCK Chief Thol. Thirumavalavan opposes Nuclear fuel storage facility in Kudankulam plant.

UKRAINE. “Chernobyl” TV series – was drawn from the testimony of those who were there.  Chernobyl meltdown: the melted metal, with uranium and zirconium, formed radioactive lavaChernobyl ‘suicide divers‘ saved Europe from nuclear devastation.  Birth defects in the Chernobyl region.    “Chernobyl” TV series gets high rating, highly viewed in Russia and Ukraine. The clean-up of the Chernobyl nuclear wreck– the costs and international effort.  Holtec and Ukraine developing Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (dodgy underground devices)

IRAN. Iran to further scale back compliance with nuclear deal.  Japanese PM Shinzo Abe says Iran has ‘no intentions’ to make or use nuclear weapons.

LITHUANIA. Lithuanian Energy Institute scientists seriously working on nuclear decommissioning system.

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The week to 13 June, in Nuclear News

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Although climate change is still the monumental threat to all life on earth, I’ve decided to return, above all, to the original focus of this newsletter – nuclear news.

The nuclear issue is the perfect subject for examining how  prevailing journalism and shonky history distort genuine historiography.  And, this week, there’are fine examples of this in articles about the HBO TV min-series “Chernobyl”. There are articles claiming that the series is “inaccurate”, “exaggerated”, and quoting minimal health effects, and the area as a wildlife paradise.

In fact, series writer Craig Mazin extensively researched the subject, to faithfully retell the events of the April 1986 nuclear disaster. Historian Kate Brown thoroughly examined copious records of the huge health toll in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and reported on this, and on its implications for the future.   Daniel Taylor discusses the accuracy of the series, and reflects on the secrecy, bureaucratic mismanagement, and the war on truth which prevails concerning the nuclear industry, both in the Soviet era, and in today’s world, whether East or West.

Investigative journalism : Detailed history of violence of nuclear power – from start, to finish in the very very long future.

These Are the Banks and Financial Institutions Investing $748 Billion in Nuclear Weapon Producers.

Mars and travel to Mars – will kill astronauts with ionising radiation.

Global extinctions of plant species – going at a frightening rate.

A ‘P5+4’ summit could break the nuclear weapons deadlock.

AFRICA. Extreme heat and humidity a killer combination now affecting one third of the African urban population.  Solar panels all over the Sahara desert?

JAPAN. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pretending that all is well at Fukushima, using this lie to promote Olympics.  Japan’s government plans more nuclear energy, and of course increased pile of plutonium wastes. According to Japan govt’s official statistics on pediatric cancer, children cancers doubled since Fukushima. Japanese parish priests shared stories of suffering from victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  Not a single watt of electricity, but still 1 trillion yen in basic revenue.

UKRAINE. Mini series Chernobyl unfolds the horror of radiation sickness – a warning for the future. Chernobyl miniseries could not be made in the real Chernobyl wasteland – radiation would have damaged the film kit.  Holtec’s involvement in  Ukraine’s Chernobyl’s dry store facility



CANADA. Dispute over Ottawa River nuclear waste dump: more transparency needed.

RUSSIA.  Leading Russian Journalist Detained On Apparently Trumped Up Narcotics Charges.  30 years later, a Soviet general still suffers from effects of radiation at Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Putin warns that New START nuclear arms treaty is at risk.

KAZAKHSTAN.  Top Uranium Producer Gloomy About the Prospects for Nuclear Power.

SWEDEN. Scandinavian farmers still impacted by radioactive fallout from Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

IRAN. Germany’s foreign minister has arrived in Tehran in hopes of saving nuclear agreement.

ARGENTINA. China wants to sell nuclear technology to Argentina – but big problems plague the industry.

MARSHALL ISLANDS Marshall Islands giant clams – a delicacy – except for the plutonium.

GERMANY.  Germany’s energy plant operators as well as government are clear that nuclear station lifetimes will not be extended.

AUSTRALIA. Australia heads for authoritarian rule, as Federal Police under government control, threaten press freedom. Australia’s police raids on the media will silence whistleblowers.


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