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This week in climate/nuclear news

This is a bit more boring than usual, as, apart from the Australian bushfires, not many climate and nuclear events have been in the news this week.

A new book brings the nuclear and climate threats together in a scary warning. In The Plutocene: Blueprints for a post-Anthropocene Greenhouse Earth, Andrew Glikson considers a future scenario where nuclear war, radioactive pollution, and global heating combine to produce a new era. He urges a range of tactics to avert this gloomy future.

S and P Global Ratings has made it plain: nuclear power can survive only with massive tax-payer support.

A bit of good news –  Ocean Cleanup Makes History by Successfully Collecting First Plastic From Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Climate change is a health emergency – physicians.

World Nuclear Waste Report.   Dangerous radioactive hot particles span the globe.    Still no country for old nuclear waste. Tritium and other radionuclides are hazardous,even in transport and storage.

Will Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) submarines make nuclear submarines relatively obsolete?

400,000 insect species face extinction.

ICELAND. In framing Julian Assange, The FBI tried to make Iceland complicit.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. U.S. won’t clean up Marshall Islands nuclear waste dome but wants it free of anti-U.S. graffiti.  Nuclear tomb: The Runit Dome is chipping and cracking. The climate crisis tied up in the dangers of nuclear weapons in ways that nobody predicted

UK. Jeremy Corbyn could scrap UK’s nuclear weapons, in deal with Scottish National Party. A UK Labour govt would make ‘collective’ decision over use of nuclear weapons? Boris Johnson and the unlikely future for small nuclear reactors.  Likely delay in clean-up of radioactive contamination at Dalgety Beach. New type of uranium nuclear fuel has safety risks.


JAPAN. Fukushima: Japan’s government has not solved its many technical, economic, and socio-political problems. The plight of Fukushima nuclear workers getting leukaemia.  As Fukushima food export barriers fall, Japan aims to persuade ChinaPope Francis, visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki, wants a total ban on nuclear weapons.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea issues warning on nuclear negotiations deadline. US- North Korea negotiations may be revived.

EUROPE. European Union struggles to preserve Iran nuclear deal.

CHINA. China General Nuclear Power Group to invest $2.5 billion into a huge solar project – plus 2 GW of wind turbines.

BULGARIA. Bulgaria nuclear reactor capacity reduced over generator malfunction.

RUSSIA. Nuclear-Powered Aircraft failed for both USA and Soviets.

AFRICA. The push for nuclear power in Africa, but what happens to the wastes? Africa has fourfold growth potential with renewable energy plan.

FRANCE. France extends nuclear reactors outage after earthquake. France considering building 6 new EDF nuclear reactors at a cost of at least 46 billion euros ($51 billion).

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Nuclear and climate news- week to 12 November

Global heating is behind critical news in California, and Eastern Australia.  Following the huge wildfires, Californians are realising that it’s more like a war situation, with more battles to come. Preparedness and adaptation are now the immediate needs, as well as reducing carbon emissions. And extreme heat waves will bring public health crises to American cities, despite the current very cold burst.

Australia’s ruling Liberal Coalition is still studiously avoiding the words “climate change”, and pouring abuse on The Australian Greens for their supposed insensitivity in mentioning those words in connection with bushfires and drought.

A bit of good news  – New Zealand – one small nation shows how to be nuclear- free and climate friendly.

Planet in peril as world leaders ignore global heating’s catastrophes.

Julian Assange’s father comes to Ireland, Europe, to campaign for his son’s release.

Nuclear medicine has radiation dangers – a reminder to clinicians.

JAPAN.  Fukushima:  Radioactive waste bags still missing after Typhoon Hagibis.  Japan still has land space to store radioactive waste tanks, but tries to justify dumping into ocean.  $2.7 Billion Renewables Project to revitalise Fukushima. 11 solar power plants and 10 wind power plants for Fukushima prefecture. Decommissioning Fukushima nuclear station – cost-cutting culture is causing mistakes.



IRAN. Iran building a second nuclear reactor at Bushehr plant.

ARCTICFrozen nuclear city to ‘seep radiation into environment’ as ice melts.

INDIA. In Tamil Nadu, Rooftop Solar Has the Potential to Outdo Nuclear Power.

AUSTRALIA.  Australia’s media fights for freedom of press – BUT NOT FOR JULIAN ASSANGE. Australia’s out of control bushfires (all along the region where the nuclear lobby wants to put reactors!).  Sydney and surroundings – “Catastrophic” fire warning.

NEW ZEALAND. Deadline looms for nuclear veterans and descendants study.

PHILIPPINES. Philippines not prepared for the dangers of nuclear energy.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Tuvalu heads for 35% renewables with $6m solar and storage grant.

NETHERLANDS. Netherlands floats its solar boat as it aims for 27GW by 2030.

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Climate news, nuclear news -this week

This week, Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist and evangelical Christian, sends a powerful message to other Christians, on the urgent necessity to act on climate change. Scientific warnings have intensified over recent month. It used to be “a problem for our grandchildren“, but climate change is here, now. With a new urgency, the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2019 will be held from 2-13 December in Madrid.California wildfires signal the arrival of a planetary fire age.

Mainstream media has been silent on the threats, and indeed the impacts, of extreme weather on nuclear facilities.  There is minimal (and all too reassuring) coverage following on the effects of Hurricane Hagibis on Fukushima’s collections of radioactive trash.   There is not a mention of the threats to  nuclear facilities, in the reporting on the Californian wildfires. For example, there are fires in Ventura County, which has the notorious nuclear Santa Susana Field Laboratory

A bit of good news – the Living New Deal Project.

Ruthless and relentless – USA-UK destruction of Julian Assange.

Fukushima is not safe for 2020 Olympics, nuclear scientists warn.

The human species at threat of wipeout – nuclear war in space.

A Global Review : Threats o f Nuclear Conflict. How an India-Pakistan nuclear war could start—and have global consequences.  United Nations adopts Japan’s nuclear disarmament resolution.

Argentina’s Rafael Grossi chosen to head UN nuclear agency.

No, thorium nuclear power is still not a viable energy technology.

 Greta Thunberg and Leonardo Di Caprio join forces in climate crusade.

INDIA. Heat deaths in India will increase greatly, if greenhouse emissions increase.


EU to ease Japanese food import restrictions.

FRANCE. French activists broke into nuclear plant, demonstrating the risk of terrorism.   EDF – a nuclear business financial meltdown.


MARSHALL ISLANDS. Legal action on The Marshall Islands’ leaky radioactive nuclear waste dome?

UK. UK launches review of net zero emissions. Nuclear costs escalate as wind prices keeps falling. Warning on ecological impacts of Sizewell nuclear project.   Britain’s Dungeness nuclear reactors -extended outages, since corrosion found in pipes.   Residents of Gillingham UK unaware of proximity of nuclear waste dump. UK Government propaganda for nuclear war in the 1980s.

IRAN. US renews support for foreign companies working with Iran’s nuclear program .

BRAZIL. 10th International Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, May 2020

RUSSIA. Beware of secrecy over Russian Nuclear explosion, and of American nuclear dangers. Russia’s Rosatom nuclear firm targets its marketing at African countries.

TURKEY. Turkey Has Long Had Nuclear Dreams.

PHILIPPINES. Only Russia will benefit if Philippines goes nuclear.

AFRICA. African countries being conned into nuclear debt, by Russia. No nuclear in South Africa’s future energy mix.

SAUDI ARABIA. USA negotiating nuclear sales with Saudi Arabia. Countries vie to market nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia.

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To 30 October – nuclear news

On October 24, seven Catholic peace activists were convicted on all counts for their 2018 protest against nuclear weapons. They face 20 years in gaol. This case is symbolic of where we  are at  – in the nuclear weaponisation of our planet.  At the same time, Julian Assange, in solitary confinement in UK, faces extradition to USA and a life sentence- for exposing the truth on U.S. military atrocities.

Climate change is going to be even more costly than we thought. In California, the severity of wildfires signals the future climate situations.

A bit of good news – The cleanest waste-to-energy power plant in the world.

World Nuclear Waste Report (WNWR) to be launched 11th November.

A young Hannah Rabin was the peace movement’s Greta.

Over 300 financial institutions put $748 billion in to nuclear weapons companies.

The hazards of nuclear submarines.

Offshore wind to become a $1 trillion industry by 2040.

Science journalism – dominated by white males.

ARCTIC. Permafrost is now becoming a carbon emitter.

EUROPE. Press freedom in Europe is on the decline.

JAPAN. Warning on Fukushima fallout for Tokyo 2020 Olympians. Fukushima’s continued struggle with radioactive waste. New plan for dealing with Fukushima’s radioactive water. 340,000 to evacuate Fukushima, landslide fears(- and what about the nuclear waste bags?)


AFRICA. Desertification and Drought – Sahara.

CHINA. China Rejects Policy of Nuclear Launch on Warning of an Incoming Attack.

UK. Assange Lawyers Issue Stark Warning to Journalists Around the World. Governments manipulate social media – Twitter executive is a British army psychological operations officer.

Brexit’s threat to Scotland’s environmental protection. UK govt postpones decision on Wylfa nuclear project.  Protestors against Sizewell nuclear project get their message out, despite EDF’s blocking tactics.

SWEDEN. Sweden’s wind power to surpass nuclear this year.

FRANCE. France’s government demands that EDF fix Flamanville nuclear reactor within one month.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. National nuclear commission strategy for Marshall Islands.

SOUTH AFRICA. Misuse of funds in South Africa”s nuclear reactor project.

RUSSIA. Highly toxic nuclear waste being imported into Russia, from Germany.  Worrying legacy of radioactive trash under planned Moscow roadway. Russian obfuscation over nuclear accident is a dangerous precedent.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea exasperated with USA’s hostile policies and demands.

IRAN. Iran Looms Over Race to Lead U.N. Nuclear Agency.

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

It seems that it takes the very young and the very old to grasp the world’s climate emergency, and have the guts to demonstrate this to the world. Greta Thunberg and her family are paying the price for her outspoken courage. David Attenborough, (in the past constrained by the BBC) now speaks boldly about the planet’s environmental crisis.

Nothing dramatically new in the nuclear area.

Freedom of information, press freedom, civil liberties, – might not be directly linked to climate/nuclear issues, -but, indirectly, they’re linked to everything. In London, a judge denies Julian Assange a delay in extradition hearings, as he, having been effectively in solitary confinement, struggles to meet the power and resources of the US government. His own country, Australia, spinelessly  backs the USA, as usual. Meanwhile the Australian media is launching a concerted campaign against Australia’s exceptionally repressive laws that target. journalists

2019 Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor report.

JAPAN. note. Apologies and correction re last week’s story – Hurricane Hagibis Spreads Fukushima Radiation (But No, 2,667 Bags of Decontaminated Waste were NOT Washed Away!)

Women make up 80 percent of cancer patients aged 20-39 in Japan, study shows. Distribution of highly radioactive microparticles in Fukushima revealed.  At Least 14 levees broke in Fukushima Prefecture.  Lies dominates typhoon Hagibis Diet debate response.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea Brings Fukushima Radioactive Water Sea Dumping Issue at International London Convention and Protocol of Marine Pollution. Activists urge Japan to avoid Fukushima in Tokyo Olympics.


INDIADetermined opposition to nuclear expansion in India’s iconic tiger reserve. India keeps increasing its nuclear weaponry – aimed at Pakistan and China.

IRAN. Iranians losing trust that Western countries would keep faith with a nuclear deal.

RUSSIA. Russian nuclear submarine aborts ballistic missile test.

UK. More evidence of safety risks: Hunterston B nuclear reactors should be closed. Safety concerns over Berkshire nuclear weapons factories. Removal of highly radioactive material from 60 year old Dounreay Fast Nuclear Reactor (DFR).

TURKEY. Erdogan’s Ambitions Go Beyond Syria. He Says He Wants Nuclear Weapons. Turkey isn’t “holding 50 US nuclear weapons ‘hostage”. Removing a nuclear arsenal from Turkish soil is a necessary step in reducing a global danger.

ANTARCTICA. Radioactive chlorine from nuclear bomb tests still present in Antarctica.

AUSTRALIA.  Federal govt trying to con Australians that a national nuclear waste dump is a “local” not a NATIONAL ISSUE.

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To 15 October – nuclear news this week

Again – climate and nuclear news collide. In Japan, Typhoon Hagibis re-spreads nuclear contamination far and wide – nuclear workers at heightened risk. Low lying Marshall Islands, victim of nuclear testing, now declares a Climate Emergency.

Revealed by Wikileaks – facts about nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry.

Climate Scientists urge protestors to keep on going with Extinction Rebellion.  Google publicly decries climate change, privately donates to climate denialism Massive Carbon Tax is needed– International Monetary Fund.   U.N. officials on how Nuclear Power is irrelevant to climate action. The woman who was first to scientifically show, in 1856, how atmospheric C02 caused global warming.

The impossibility of nuclear power solving climate change. Mainstream media fails to cover news on military carbon emissions.

Physics Nobel Laureate predicts NO Migration to Other Planets.


FRANCE. Soaring costs of France’s Flamanville project casts a blight on the global nuclear industry. EDF’s Flamanville nuclear project – more costs, more delays.  The million year problem – deep burial of nuclear wastes.


NORTH KOREA. North Korea threatens to resume nuclear, long-range missile tests.  A Partial North Korean Nuclear Agreement Is Better Than None at All.

SOUTH KOREA. Drones a threat to nuclear facilities.

INDIA. Continued strong public opposition to nuclear power in India.

RUSSIA.  Putin warns on the need for a new nuclear weapons treaty.  Russia and the quest for nuclear power in space.

TURKEY. USA anxiety over its nuclear weapons stashed in Turkey.


IRAN. Iran categorically opposes nuclear weapons – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.  Urgent need for diplomacy with Iran.

PHILIPPINES. Senate to probe Philippine’s nuclear energy program.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. UAE cooperating with Russia to buy Russian nuclear fuel, minister.

SAUDI ARABIA. Russia ready to work with U.S. to build Saudi nuclear power plant – Rosatom.

ISRAEL. Submarine launched missiles in Israel’s probably 300 Nuclear Weapons.

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Nuclear news for first week of October

Radio Ecoshock, which (along with Paul Beckwith) I regard as the best information source about climate change, devoted its most recent programme to Australia. Australia does stand out – as both the “canary in the coal-mine”– for climate change, and as the top climate-denialist country.

In today’s Australian news I find an item which illustrates this. Australian country towns are in drought, losing their water supplies. But the national obsession with sport goes on. Thousands of litres of water were trucked in to the now waterless town of Pooncarie – to settle the dust on the race track, for the annual racing carnival.  Australia’s P.M. Morrison criticised Greta Thunberg, and Australia continues to take no real action on prevention of, or adaptation to, climate change.

Bill Gates is wrong. Nuclear power will not save the climate.

How nuclear power powers the bomb.

NORTH KOREA. USA – North Korea talks broke down, but USA calls them “good discussions”.  North Korea launches missile into waters near Japan days before nuclear talks set to resume with U.S.

IRAN. International Atomic Energy Agency reports improved cooperation with Iran.

INDIA. India and Pakistan sliding toward potential nuclear warStrong environmental opposition in India, to uranium mining and nuclear power.


CHINA. China buried nuclear waste in Sudan desert.

FRANCE. Nuclear company EDF denounced by France’s economy minister as a “state within a state”.

UK. Scrutiny on Britain’s nuclear plans: small modular reactors uncompetitive.

BANGLADESH. Russia’s manipulations in supplying Bangladesh with nuclear technology.

JAPAN. Nuclear Scandal Hangs Over Japan’s Abe as Parliament Opens. Bribery scandals in Japan’s nuclear power sector. Statement of opinion of a resident of the city of Date, Fukushima Prefecture, presented to the Tokyo Regional Court.

SAUDI ARABIA.  Saudi King’s Personal Bodyguard Killed Because He Knew Too Much

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Nuclear news – last week of September

Greta Thunberg gave an impassioned speech at the United Nations Climate Summit, It has resulted in some quite vicious media attacks on her, while it has highlighted the inability of world leaders to take effective action to stop or slow global heating.

It has also sparked a new burst of climate denialism. Nevertheless, science persists in uncovering the unwelcome facts.  The French National Center for Scientific Research has just released a report warning that  Earth could warm 7 degrees C by the year 2100. Numerous scientific bodies warn on increasing greenhouse gases, and increasing pace of global heating.

The World Nuclear Energy Status Report 2019 was launched on September 24. Some brief notes on its findings are here. They indicate that the commercial nuclear industry is in decline.


CLIMATE. Sir David Attenborough slammed the Australian government’s response to climate change. Scott Morrison and Donald Trump happily together against action on climate change.  Scott Morrison on climate change: he just doesn’t “get it. Behind closed doors: Australia pushes reputation as world’s leading fossil fuel dealer.    Minerals Council of Australia makes global top 10 climate policy opponents.  Australian schoolgirl attends United Nations Youth Climate Summit.

NUCLEAR. 50+ groups sign joint civil society statement on domestic nuclear power.  Submission for the public good: to Federal Nuclear Inquiry – Noel Wauchope.    Lyn Allen and Richard Ledger’s nuclear submission – for the public good.  Nuclear submarines for Australia? Dangerous, would require costly taxpayer insurance.   NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro wants to “normalise”nuclear power.

Nuclear waste dump ballot to go ahead in Kimba, South Australia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Clean Energy Finance Corporation and National Farmers Federation back ready-made clean energy solutions for Australian farmersTwo huge renewable hydrogen projects planned for Queensland. Small but “smart” Kanowna solar farm comes on line in northern NSW. Australia’s main grid copes just fine with minimal amount of coal.


Leaders of world’s largest emitting economies do not have real plans to meet goal of net zero emissions.

Nuclear weapons an unacceptable danger to humanity – U.N.Secretary-General António Guterres.

Weapons proliferation risk of nuclear power in space.

Climate change makes nuclear waste even more of a deadly threat.  Nuclear power is on the skids: it’s really not going to help address climate change.  Nuclear energy too slow, too expensive to save climate: report .

Uranium industry in permanent collapse? And thorium industry probably no better.

IRAN. Iran prepared to make a new nuclear agreement with Trump.


RUSSIA.  Russia’s deadly explosion in August has awakened Russians to the nuclear danger.  The worst nuclear disaster you’ve never heard of.

USA. Nuclear power’s future is threatened by a mix of solar, wind and batteries.  Shadowy sources, dark money, funding Chinese conspiracy ads against Ohio’s nuclear referendum.


TAIWAN. Taiwan warns Japan over radioactive water release.

SOUTH KOREA.  Exasperation in South Korea as US-North Korea nuclear talks are failing.   S. Korea slams Japan’s actions over Fukushima plant water crisis.  Dispute between Japan and South Korea, over radiation levels in Fukushima food exports.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. A rude concrete sign indicates a deadly truth about nuclear radiation and cancer.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Pacific Island nations urge action on climate change at UN.

CHINA. China ‘poised to unveil new nuclear missile’ at military parade in warning to Trump.

INDIA. India has 130 to 140 nuclear warheads—and more are coming, according to a new report. Should the world worry?

AUSTRALIA. 50+ groups sign joint civil society statement on domestic nuclear power.  Sir David Attenborough slammed the Australian government’s response to climate change. Scott Morrison and Donald Trump happily together against action on climate change.  Scott Morrison on climate change: he just doesn’t “get it. Behind closed doors: Australia pushes reputation as world’s leading fossil fuel dealer.    Minerals Council of Australia makes global top 10 climate policy opponents.  Australian schoolgirl attends United Nations Youth Climate Summit.

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Nuclear and climate news – to 23 September

It’s been an important week for the world’s climate. Today, the world’s leaders meet in New York for a Climate Action Summit. The United Nations is trying to pressure the world into faster action on climate change.  On Friday, millions, led by children demonstrated in cities around the world, for action, for abandoning fossil fuels I was at the Melbourne protest, and I have never seen a rally so massive, paralysing the central business district.  So many children! It’s their future.

Some good news – The ozone layer is repairing – international co-operation pays off.

Nature is being exterminated: the Climate Strikes are just the beginning of our fight back. Climate Emergency – ‘We’re losing the race’. From space, the human impact on the Amazon is clearly visible. The good, the bad and the ugly: the nations leading and failing on climate action.

The health impacts of climate change.

Rising temperatures, rising seas – the growing climate change menace to nuclear power.

The catastrophe that would be a “limited nuclear war“. Dramatic rise in the risk of a US-Russia nuclear war, which would kill mega millions.

The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector is dystopian.

ANTARCTICA. Surface melting causes Antarctic glaciers to slip faster towards the ocean.

USA. Investigative journalism – Humboldt Bay – a case study in how not to involve the community in cleanup of a dead nuclear reactor nuclear.

RUSSIA. New nuclear weapons that could make continents uninhabitable.

IRAQ. Iraqi children with congenital disabilities caused by depleted uranium.

CANADA. Canada’s Conservative and Liberal politicians in the service of the nuclear lobby, not the Canadian people. Ontario’s secretive role in helping Trump to nuclear weaponise Space.

UK. Ever cheaper wind energy a big threat to UK’s nuclear white elephants. Strong environmental case to scrap Bradwell B new nuclear build.  Opposition in Suffolk to Sizewell nuclear plan, which hugely threatens wildlife. Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) see Revenue Asset Base (RAB) financial model as a danger to UK’s public purse.   More robots needed to clean up nuclear trash at Sellafield UK.

JAPAN. Despite previous warnings, and findings, court finds Tepco executives not guilty after Fukushima nuclear disaster. Japan is  lying about the Fukushima nuclear disaster as it promotes the 2020 Olympic Games. Japan says Dumping Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean Is ‘Only Option. Japan’s Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi hopes son will push for abandonment of nuclear power.

FRANCE. Faulty parts found in a number of France’s nuclear reactors. Iodine tablets for 2.2 million people in France.

AUSTRALIA. In Australia, millions unite in 40 organisations to say NO to nuclear power.

ISRAEL. Israel’s duplicity about its nuclear weapons.

TURKEY. Turkey’s Foreign Minister explains hurdles in Turkey’s path to nuclear weapons.

INDONESIA. Nuclear lobby’s keen propaganda campaign in Indonesia.

NORWAY. Nuclear freighter’s Arctic voyage sparks fear in Norway.

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To 17 September Nuclear and (some) climate news

This newsletter is intended to be about matters nuclear. It IS, BUT, again this week, climate change is the overwhelmingly big issue. I cannot do justice to it at all. Thank goodness, we have Covering Climate Now, and other great media, taking up the cause.

A bit of good news – What Was Once One of the Most Polluted Landscapes on Earth Now Has Some of the Cleanest Air in the Region.

The poles in climate crisis, and that includes “third pole” the Mingyong glacier. Forest fires destroying vital buffer against climate change. UN warns that climate crisis is the greatest ever threat to human rights.

Frightening new simulation of a US-Russia war triggered by one ‘tactical’ nuclear weapon.

The danger of government secrecy and cover-ups: Kate Brown’s “Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future” illuminates the truth about radioactive legacy of nuclear industry.

How to warn distant future generations about nuclear waste?

UN Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign calls for divestment.

The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector is fuelling climate change, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Much touted “advanced” nuclear reactors nonexistent and just not practical. The costs and the risks are too great. Small nuclear reactors safe? Not so.

UK. “The Guardian” co-opted by UK security services? Julian Assange to remain behind bars. Unacceptable risk to consumers: “regulated asset base” system to fund UK’s new nuclear reactors.  Forest to be chopped down for Sizewell C nuclear project, though project approval not yet complete.  UK continues to pour tax-payers’ money into (non-existent) Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

RUSSIA. Russia’s Floating Nuclear Power Plant Arrives At Far East Base Pevek.  Why Russia’s first atomic submarines were a nuclear nightmare. Russia’s nuclear torpedoes at the bottom of the sea.

UKRAINE. An emigrant’s memory of Chernobyl.

JAPAN. Japan’s New Environmental Minister Calls for Closing Down All Nuclear Reactors to Prevent Another Disaster Like Fukushima. Japan says TEPCO will dump more than 1 million tons of radioactive water from Fukushima nuclear plant into Pacific Ocean.  Plan to Release Radioactive Fukushima Wastewater Into Pacific Ocean Panned by Critics.


FRANCE. Fears of nuclear closures in France, as welding faults found in more nuclear reactors. France’s loyalty to the nuclear industry is now fading.

CHINA. China’s plans for a nuclear-powered icebreaker ship. China might come to regret its gamble on a nuclear future.

IRAN. UN urges Iran to co-operate with UN regulatory agency.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea willing to resume negotiations, wants USA to take a fresh approach.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia Plans To Enrich Uranium.

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Climate and Nuclear News This Week

In an extraordinary article in the New Yorker, Jonathan Franzen predicts that the climate apocalypse is now inevitable, and that main goal should preparation rather than prevention. He makes a persuasive argument, but has aroused the ire of climate scientists.

In nuclear news, the problem of Russia’s recent nuclear explosion lingers, as abandoned boats and beaches near the accident area are found to have high levels of radiation.   Also lingering are the catastrophic effects of radiation and chemical poisons unleashed on Iraq, with thorium, a product of depleted uranium decay, still causing birth defects.

Global catastrophe ever closer as nuclear arms race revs up.

‘All of us are in danger’: John Pilger delivers warning from Julian Assange.

UN warns on need for global action – treaty – as the world’s oceans are in dire trouble.


RUSSIA. A small nuclear reactor was definitely the cause of the Russian missile engine explosion. Akademik Lomonosov — the first floating nuclear power stations – both a nuclear and a climate danger. Safety and security preparations for remote Prevek as floating nuclear power plant enters East Siberian Sea.

UKRAINE. The radioactive fallout from Chernobyl continues to impact lives.


CENTRAL AMERICA. Emigration from Central America is driven by climate change.

UK. UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) gives incorrect information on Calder Hall. County Council rejects plans for transport of Hinkley Point A nuclear wastes through Somerset. Nuclear power is uninsurable. Britain’s Sizewell C and Bradwell B are not done deals.

FRANCE. Europe’s record heat linked to climate change. Deaths in France. France pledges to press Iran to comply with nuclear deal.

BANGLADESH. Excessive costs of nuclear power for Bangladesh.

BELGIUM. No more room for Belgium’s nuclear waste .

CHINA. Nuclear waste problem to be explored by China, in giant underground lab.

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

It’s not that climate change is getting any better – it’s just that there were fewer news articles about it this week. There was a pretty desperate call from Pope Francis for governments to act.

One weather news item that is getting a lot of coverage is Hurricane Dorian -. not necessarily caused by climate change, but exacerbated by it. It’s of particular interest because of the St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power stations on alert in Florida, potentially in its path.

August, the month when we remember the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,– has been an ominous month for bringing us all closer to World War 3. Donald Trump moved to trash all the nuclear arms agreements, that might put the brakes on international conflict.  Pentagon experts recommended Artificial Intelligence to control nuclear weapons. There have been at least 3 occasions when the imagination and intuition of a human being has just narrowly saved the world from a nuclear holocaust.

A bit of good news. Spanish group gives summer holidays to kids from Chernobyl’s polluted region.

Climate change is destabilising the Earth’s marine environment. ‘12 Years to Act on Climate Change’ – what does this really mean?

Nuclear winter – the global threat to life.   A freezing and deathly aftermath would follow a US-Russian nuclear war.

They are trying to break Julian Assange “physically and psychologically”. Injustices to Julian Assange in British prison. (Why is Australia making a huge fuss about an Australian detained in China, but ignoring Assange?)

BRAZIL. International calls for urgent action on climate, as new fires rage in Amazon forests.

JAPAN. Nearly 17 Tons of Radioactive Materials Detected in Japanese Food Imports. The danger of sourcing food and material from the Fukushima region.  Radioactive sushi: Japan-South Korea spat extends to Olympic cuisine.  South Korea concerned over food safety at Olympics with events slated for Fukushima.

Fukushima tragedy: The day of black snow. Japan says no specific decision yet on disposal of Fukushima radioactive water.  New tactics from TEPCO to get Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPP reopening approval.


UK. Expert on birds warns of environmental catastrophe if UK’s planned Sizewell nuclear station goes ahead. A report corrects Sellafield nuclear damage to Ireland scenario from the UK.

INDIA. Tensions between India and Pakistan, as India contemplates abandoning its No First Use policy on nuclear weapons.

FRANCE.  France’s plan for a Generation IV nuclear reactor bites the dust.  France’s sodium-cooled fast Nuclear reactor turns out to be a dud. Cancelled.  The rocketing costs of Jules Horowitz materials testing reactor (JHR) hastened the demise of the Astrid fast nuclear reactor project.  The Flamanville EPR nuclear reactor – a nightmare site for EDF. “Chernobyl on the Seine” – Marie curie’s radioactive legacy.

IRAN. Iran’s President Rouhani talks with Emmanuel Macron, warning on reducing nuclear commitments.

RUSSIA. U.S. intelligence assessment – Russia’s Mystery Nuclear Explosion Occurred During Missile Recovery at Sea.  Trump’s friendliness with Putin makes it hard for NATO to do anything about Russia’s weapons tests and radioactive explosion. Examining the radioactive isotopes from Russia’s mystery explosion. Russia Spreads Influence in Africa Using Nuclear Power.

NORWAY. Nuclear Norway: Halden spiralling costs and no home for the radioactive waste.

CANADA. Canada didn’t sign the UN nuclear ban treaty, but can still take up its humanitarian provisions .

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To 27 August – the week in nuclear and climate news

The thing about climate change is –  it’s all happening faster than we expected!  Only a few days ago, MEDIA MATTERS was highlighting the way that mainstream media was practically ignoring the Amazon forest fires. That is changing. World leaders are now alert to this international tragedy.The Amazon fires bring to the fore the awful dilemma facing climate scientists in telling the public the truth about the world’s climate crisis.

The recent Russian nuclear accident cast a bit of gloom over Russia’s launching of its floating nuclear reactor for the Arctic region. Questions are still flying around about the radioactive illnesses and deaths involved in that accident. Also – a general recognition of the Russian government’s record of secrecy about nuclear accidents.

I suspect that the USA and UK nuclear industries are getting pretty desperate about their commercial future, and the necessity to export new nuclear technology.   There’s a hasty push going on in Australia to buy Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. In a rater undignified rush, there are no less than 4 separate Parliamentary Nuclear Inquiries going on, with abnormally short times permitted for Submissions.

Distinguished scientist Martin Rees – world must fight climate change, don’t waste tax-payers’ money on space travel.

Massive wildfires are burning across the world- July was hottest month ever.  New fires – hundreds – in Amazon rainforests. Life on Earth threatened by climate change – loss of Amazon Forests.

Sea level rise only half the story – climate change is altering ocean waves.

Chinese Academy of Sciences warns on the safety hazards of new nuclear .

JAPAN. Hiroshima Round Table’s urgent appeal to save nuclear agreements.  International concern growing over Fukushima’s radioactive contamination of surface-level soil. Warning on radiation risks at some parts of Fukushima, for Olympic Games 2020. Controversy over radiation and heat surrounding Tokyo Olympics.  The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Its Tragic Aftermath.

GREENLAND. Who will clean up America’s nuclear wastes in Greenland?

ICELAND. Funeral for the first glacier lost to climate change.


EUROPE. 18 nuclear power plants in the EU are operating without a valid licenseWind and rooftop solar could meet most of EU electricity needs. Renewables – onshore wind from Europe– enough to power the world.

IRAN. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif visits G-7 Summit. Iran working productively with France, to save nuclear deal,


UK. Brexit proving a problem for the nuclear industry – shortage of welders for Hinkley Point C project.  Cumbria councillors worried at “regulated asset base” plan for residents to pay in advance for new nuclear build. Dismay at safety risks of restarting Hunterston Nuclear Reactor 4.  UK Office of Nuclear Regulation seems to have increased the number of cracks permitted in Hunterston nuclear reactor. Rolls-Royce in talks to sell French nuclear business to Framatome.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea to increase radiation testing of Japanese food.  South Korea might make own food arrangements for Fukushima Olympic events.  South Korea demands answers over Fukushima radioactive water eventual sea dumping.

NORTH KOREA.  Kim Jong-un oversaw test of ‘super large multiple rocket launcher.    Toxic leak from North Korea’s nuclear programme.

UKRAINE. Bitcoin Hackers Charged As Nuclear Power Plant Security Compromised.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa scraps Russian nuclear plant plans.

CHINA. China dominates worldwide solar and wind energy generation.

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The week in nuclear news – to 19 August

The repercussions of the Russian explosion at a missile test centre continue. However, the radiation release was brief, and did not extend beyond the region, and not to neighbouring countries. There was confusion and secrecy following the explosion and Russian doctors were kept in the dark about patients being nuclear accident victims.

Attention has moved to questioning the missile project, – a mystery new nuclear weapon, dubbed Russia’s ‘flying Chernobyl’. What is clear, is that, in the month when we commemorate the nuclear tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  – the world, led by Donald Trump, is ripping up arms control measures, and ramping up nuclear weapons development.

I haven’t been able to keep up with the news on climate change –  extreme weather events in various countries, the UN report including humanitarian effects, the costs, injustices, and inability to meet the goal of confining temperature rise to 1.5 C.   In a powerful symbol, Iceland holds a funeral for the first glacier lost to climate change.

A bit of good news: a win for Aboriginal people in the abandonment of uranium mining in Australia’s Northern Territory. Mirrarr people to lead the Kakadu region’s transition.

Investigative journalism:  Australian investigative journalist Mark Davis explodes the myths around Julian Assange.

Climate change killing nuclear power? nuclear reactors can’t cope with water needs, as temperatures rise.

Cyber wars – as dangerous and deadly as nuclear wars ? Warning of  10 year totally dark Earth. – after a nuclear war between the US and Russia.

The Anthropocene is not an epoch. It’s a passing blink in geological time.

ARCTIC. Melting Ice Everywhere — Arctic Sea Ice Extent Hit New Record Lows in Late July and Early August.  Arctic sea ice could disappear completely through September if temps increase 2 degrees.


RUSSIA. Russia says small nuclear reactor blew up in deadly accident.    Russian Region Orders Gas Masks After Deadly Nuclear Blast. ‘Dirty bomb’: Mystery Russian ‘superweapon’ kills five.  Russia Testing Nuclear-Powered Mega-Torpedo Near Where Deadly Explosion Occurred.  USA abandoned the Nuclear-Powered Missile long ago due to its extreme danger. It seems that Russia just tried it again.     Russia’s fast nuclear reactor project is postponed.

JAPAN. Anxiety over risks of radiation and heat at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Fukushima: Nuclear-contaminated water raises 2020 Games site fears.  Swim marathon: Tokyo 2020, FINA watching water quality, temperature. Japan’s govt urges Fukushima evacuees to return – in drive to promote 2020 Olympics.   Will the propaganda ploy – the Tokyo 2020 Olympics really revitalise the nuclear industry and Fukushima?

Fukushima Daiichi’s radioactive water to run out of tanks in 2022.  Japan to resume effort to tackle contaminated water problem at Fukushima.   Tepco toughens stance toward nuclear disaster damages settlement. Fukushima students speak on 2011 disaster in Berlin.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea Wary of Japan’s Plans to Dump Fukushima Daiichi Radioactive Water into the Pacific.

KASHMIR. Kashmir – a “nuclear flashpoint“?

PAKISTAN. Pakistan’s “triad” of nuclear weaponry.

INDIA. India ponders changing its “no first use” nuclear weapons policy.     Implications for India if it revokes its No First Use nuclear weapons policy.

UKRAINE. HBO “Chernobyl”series grasped the truth about the conditions that led to the disaster.

UK. Hinkley nuclear project: UK govt faces questions about involvement of US export blacklisted Chinese firm. Revealed: mental health crisis at Hinkley Point C nuclear construction site. UK’s nuclear waste plans – squabbles in a local Council. No it wasn’t the wind turbines that caused a UK blackout.

CHINA. Li Yang’s photography of 404: China’s abandoned nuclear city. Solar power is now cheaper than grid electricity in cities across China.

GERMANY. Germany shows how it can lead the world in neatly shutting down nuclear power.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia wind farm claims world record low energy cost.

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To August 12 – nuclear news this week

NUCLEAR. This week , the spotlight has been on Russia, as conflicting and ambiguous reports come out, about a Russian rocket test explosion that caused radiation levels to spike in the Arkhangelsk region. The Russian nuclear agency Rosatom finally admitted its involvement. Russia honours as ‘national heroes’ the 5 nuclear scientists who died in this suspected secret testing of a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

CLIMATE. While governments and the older generation in general continue on their merry way with business as usual, young people are ever more concerned about climate change. It’s THE issue at this week ‘s International Congress of Youth Voices, in Puerto Rico.  High school students are organising Youth Climate Strikes.    Why stay in school if our planet will die?

How the viewing public was ‘protected’ from seeing what the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing did to people.  Hiroshima nuclear bombing, and the birth of the Doomsday Clock.

Another expensive nuclear weapons race about to take off. Putin And Trump are ‘normalising’ the increasing numbers, and the use, of nuclear weapons.

Wildfire cloud study sheds light on the processes of ‘nuclear winter”

Harm to astronauts’ brains from space radiation.

Even the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)  is concerned about radioactive trash management from Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.



Putin’s silence on mysterious radiation accident. Test rocket explosion causes radiation spike in northern Russian city.   Two accidents involving Russia’s military.  Nuclear fuel carrier “Serebryanka” is still at anchor near Russian military test site.  Naval base is on mysterious lockdown after an accidental missile explosion  Scientists found evidence that Russia covered up – a major nuclear accident in 2017.

Barents Observer report on Russian nuclear reactors in the Arctic. Russia’s planned dangerous expansion into the Arctic with nuclear icebreakers, Rosatom in control, increasing climate change.

KASHMIR. India and Pakistan on Hair-Trigger Nuclear Alert Over Kashmir.  Pakistan on the brink again, as India abolishes self-rule for Kashmir.

ARCTIC. Anxiety over Russian nuclear power plant afloat in Arctic.

MURUROA. Health research on descendants of Pacific nuclear veterans.

NORTH KOREA. It’s realistic to accept North Korea as a nuclear state.


UKRAINE. Chernobyl ‘sarcophagus” on the verge of collapse.

CHINA. China’s nuclear policy.  China buried nuclear waste in Sudan desert.

UK. Three British nuclear submariners sacked over cocaine use.

THAILAND. Government under pressure with growing opposition to nuclear reactor plan.

AUSTRALIA  Three  Parliamentary Nuclear Inquiries are now underway, with short deadlines for submissions. (You can bet that the nuclear lobby’s well-paid shills have sent theirs in already.) National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce’s heavy-handed, repressive, approach to community consultation. It’s even more undemocratic than the one in Wales

GERMANY. Tower of German nuclear station demolished. The plant was on line for only 13 months.

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