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Nuclear weapons, disarmament – nuclear and climate news this week

a-cat-CANNUCLEAR.  Articles on weapons and disarmament dominate the nuclear news this week.On Monday 29 August,  an international conference entitled ‘Building a Nuclear Weapons Free World’ will take place in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. That day will also be the 25th anniversary of of the closure of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site – largest in the world, where 456 weapons tests happened, leaving  a terrible legacy for the people.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for eradication of nuclear weapons.   The nuclear working group at the UN concluded its work in Geneva, and the majority of governments voted to recommended that the UN General Assembly set up a conference in 2017 to negotiate a new treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons, despite the Australian government’s best efforts to sabotage this. This is one of those times when I am ashamed to be Australian.

CLIMATE. A new study declares that human-caused climate change began at around 1830.  (I’ve always thought that it was 1801, because of the 1801 painting Coalbrookdale by Night – attached). Research indicates that the difference between 1.5 C and 2C  rise in global  temperatures will be significant, and in only 20 years’ time. Huge volume of Greenland Ice Sheet lost each year, due to global warming.  Again this year, Indonesia’s blanket of smoke is back.  India floods: Over 300 dead, millions affected  Louisiana National Guard Rescues 19,000 in Flood-Affected Areas.

UN Security Council warned on danger of nuclear drone terror attacks.

Global nuclear industry ponders ways to get taxpayers to pay up for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)


UK. New report shows that Britain’s Hinkley Point C nuclear station is not essential. UK figuring out how to get out of the Hinkley nuclear power deal.  Britain’s nuclear industry in turmoil over botched contracts. UK Nuclear Submarine HMS Ambush: Smashing Collision With Merchant Vessel.


NORTH KOREA ‘s submarine – launched missile. North Korea’s ‘Military First’ celebration enhanced by nuclear missile test.

SOUTH KOREA ‘s nuclear weapons advocates are now more vocal since North Korea’s missile test

CHINA. Public opposition threatens China’s grandiose nuclear power plans. China really part of the global nuclear marketing conglomerate.

TAIWAN‘s First Nuclear Decommissioning Project

SOUTH AFRICA nuclear electricity company non compliant with govt rules on advertising. Nuclear is not the cheapest source of electricity for South Africa. African countries are the least compliant in implementing global nuclear security safeguards.

FRANCE   to launch 6 tenders for solar energy projects

GERMANY ‘s green power going strong, with more renewable energy than it ever had nuclear

BULGARIA  Bulgaria seeks solution for costly blowout for Belene nuclear power plant

UKRAINE . Westinghouse puts on hold plans to build nuclear fuel plant in Ukraine

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Climate and nuclear news this week

climate SOSClimate change is an emergency – NOW . While some of us have for decades campaigned against the acute and chronic danger of nuclear weapons and nuclear power, I am having to admit that the climate change issue is urgent, in an even more powerful way.  That’s because climate change has crept up on the world in an insidious way, so that now it is just about at the tipping point, just about irreversible.

One could argue that, short of a global catastrophe – a nuclear war, the world might still stop the nuclear horror “later on”. There is no “later on” for climate change.

We must fight both of these horrendous global threats.

Regions hit by world’s hottest month. Global warming brings worse wildfires – United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. Get used to extreme floods. Climate Change – a serious matter now – will threaten future Olympic Games!

Nuclear reactors, old or new designs, doomed without hefty tax-payer subsidies.


UK.  UK’s Crown Estate recommends UK switching attention from nuclear power to offshore wind.  “Small Nuclear” companies keen to market their wares to UK government.

RUSSIA. International nuclear tensions: Russia builds ‘nuclear bomb proof’ underground bunkers.

JAPAN. Japan’s big ‘nuclear restart’ overtaken by conservation and renewables.   Shikoku Electric fires up Ehime plant MOX reactor amid protests.  Citizen groups organise for legal action to stop Japan’s nuclear restarts.

CANADA. Uranium Miner Cameco’s Tax Avoidance Cost Canada Over $2 Billion in Lost Revenue.

FRENCH POLYNESIA‘s Protestant church takes action against France over nuclear testing.

SOUTH AFRICADrone crash into Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

CLIMATE. Sahara-Like Heat Marches North, Sparks Scores of Massive Wildfires Across Portugal. An epic Middle East heat wave could be global warming’s hellish curtain-raiser. Carteret climate refugees seek home. Climate scientists’ predictions on sea level rise Rejection of expert knowledge – Clexit after Brexit.  Power of social media: Di Caprio on climate change.

NUCLEAR  Nagasaki Peace Declaration 2016.

English language media continues to examine the nuclear industry’s situation in Britain and USA, and this is surely a concern for the global nuclear industry. If it collapses in UK and USA – the outlook for nuclear’s global future is grim.

UK is in the most critical situation – a plethora of articles on this: EU Investigating Unfair French State Subsidies to the Nuclear Sector – Areva’s 4 Billion Euro Bailout by French Taxpayers.  France’s ruling socialist party calls for freeze on Hinkley Point nuclear development. Theresa May is advised that now is the time to get out of Hinkley nuclear project. UK government’s own projections find solar and wind ‘cheaper than new nuclear’.

USA. Much unhappiness about New York’s subsidy bailout of the nuclear industry – eg. $700 million of public money goes to New York’s FitzPatrick nuclear deal. WHY?. New York will regret hasty decision to bail out upstate nuclear facilities. Subsidizing Nuclear Will Only Make Our Grid Problems Worse. New York “s Clean Energy standard drafted with an effort to avoid legal challenges about nuclear subsidy. New Jersey won’t be following New York’s example of subsidising the nuclear industry. U.S. electricity consumers could end up paying more than $2.5 billion for nuclear plants that never get built.

CHINA. Public opposition stops nuclear waste project, perhaps permanently.

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Hiroshima Day, and why the global nuclear lobby is watching London and New York

6th August – Hiroshima Day. Rather lost in the Brazil Olympics hype, but not forgotten by the hibakusha and other survivors, and families of victims of the nuclear bombing, and of those others, world-wide, who care.

hibakusha faces

State of the Climate Report documents shattering of environmental records.

a-cat-CANThe global nuclear industry, teetering on economic collapse, is intently watching for decisions made in two cities, London and New York.

London. Prime Minister Theresa May suddenly threw a spanner in the works of the world’s largest nuclear power programme – Hinkley Point C – for Somerset, England.  Just days before, France’s State-owned company EDF had given approval to build the project. The EDF decision was fraught, too, with unions opposing it, and senior managers urging delay. Everybody, including Tories, knows that the project is, economically, a white elephant.   Why do the French and  UK governments want to go on with it?  Complicated politics, l’honneur, and like Macbeth – in too deep to get out?

And then there’s the global nuclear lobby, ever there with political campaign funding and propaganda, and desperate for Hinkley to be the flagship of a new world-wide nuclear renaissance.

There’s also, however, the “small nuclear” lobby, like an aggressive little chihuahua, snapping at the heels of Big Nuclear. They wouldn’t mind if Hinkley fizzled out – it would prove that their (still only on paper)  Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)  and PRISMS, will fix British energy, climate change, and the global nuclear waste problem.

New York. The global nuclear industry is taking comfort from the latest decision in New York. The New York State Public Service Commission, backed by the Governor, approved a $7.6 billion bailout of aging nuclear power plants, including them in a “Clean Energy Standard”. It is hoped that this will kick off a nuclear revival.

UK – Lots about Hinkley

USA. Lots about New York President Obama pushes for UN call to end nuclear weapons testing, by-passes Congress. Wildfires threaten nuclear disaster at Hanford site.

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New York’s Clean Energy Standard includes nuclear as “clean “renewable”

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

This Clean Energy Standard is  a joke. Nuclear power masquerades as clean and green, when it is clear that nuclear power is neither. While the operating reactor produces minimal emissions, it is part of a highly carbon emitting chain of processes and transport . Uranium mining, milling, conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication, reactor building, waste pool and canister building, reactor decommissioning, waste burial –   all steps producing greenhouse gases.

And that other amazing lie – that nuclear power is “renewable”.
“Clean” – no mention of the unsolved toxic wastes problem, nor of the ever present risk of catastrophe.
And even with all this political help – nuclear power will still be uneconomic.

Adoption of Clean Energy Standard Acknowledges Nuclear as Clean, Green Energy, Oswego County Today, Aug 4, 2016,  In passing the Clean Energy Standard (CES), New York is now the groundbreaking world leader in recognizing nuclear power’s crucial role in our energy portfolio and in the protection of our environment

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This week’s nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

CLIMATE. Accuracy of climate modelling in predicting ocean and atmospheric warming. Hottest year on record – 2016 shaping up to be that. Climate Change, Drought Fan Massive Sand Fire, Forcing 20,000 Californians to Flee. USA’s African Methodist Episcopal church speaks out on climate change. Heatwave deaths linked to climate change. World’s climate endangered by Russia’s wildfires.

 Climate change will drive voter turnout in America. Climate change a focus for the USA Democrats election policy.

Costs of European wind energy dropped.: wind in Europe now cheaper than nuclear power. Solar energy on track to become the cheapest power globally.


Record 11 year low for uranium price.


UK.  EDF approved UK Hinkley nuclear project, but now there’s a new delay.   Like Brexit, UK’s Hinkley nuclear plan is based on shaky politics, not on economic reality.  UK proposal to offer subsidy contracts to Russia, China and South Korea to build nuclear power stations!

Future of UK’s Bradwell and Sizewell nuclear projects now in doubt as government to review Hinkley plan. Report questions value of new nuclear projects in Wales compared with renewables.  Cost of Hitachi nuclear plant for North Wales is far too high.

 Rail transport of nuclear wastes across North Wales is opposed by residents.  Despite Brexit, Swedish energy company Vattenfall commits to £300m UK offshore windfarm.

TURKEY. B61 thermonuclear warheads in Turkey – a worry in the light of coup attempt.

JAPAN. Radioactive cesium stays for 3 years in bodies of Fukushima nuclear clean-up workers. TEPCO admits that ice wall will not stop groundwater from entering crippled Fukushima Daiichi reactor buildings.  Japan Atomic Energy Agency again fails to do safety tests at Monju fast-breeder nuclear reactorCitizen science takes on Japan’s nuclear establishment. Japan business lobby says Abe govt can’t rely on nuclear energy.

FRANCE. EDF board member resigns, attacking Hinkley Point nuclear project as financially ‘risky’. French government propping up nuclear company EDF with a cash boost.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s nuclear company Eskom urging government to freeze renewable energy program.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. South Korea in charge of nuclear power system in United Arab Emirates.

POLAND‘s restrictive new law hampers wind energy development.

NORTH KOREA‘s nuclear weapons not able to reach Britain

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The week that was in nuclear and climate news

a-cat-CANRemarkable story of the week –  The deadly secret of Russia’s secret nuclear radioactive city  Ozersk, codenamed City 40

CLIMATEClimate change threatens economies, as workers hampered by increasing heat. Montreal Protocol to be amended to phase out climate damaging hydrofluorocarbons. Global Heat Leaves 20th Century Temps ‘Far Behind’ —June Another Hottest Month on RecordIf Amazon forest catches fire, world climate will be in even bigger trouble.

NUCLEAR  World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2016 launched in Tokyo.  Nuclear Risk Assessment – more dangerous than previously thought.


FRANCE. Several French trade unions want “out” of EDF’s Hinkley nuclear project

USA. The dark money behind Stewart Brand‘s advocacy of nuclear power. Total cost of Pentagon’s secretive bomber program estimated at $100 billion.

SOUTH KOREA. Thousands protest against planned deployment of USA anti-missile system

RUSSIA. The deadly secret of Russia’s secret nuclear radioactive city Ozersk, codenamed City 40


CANADA. Canada’s Federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair demands independent investigation in to nuclear unsafety allegations.  Calgary succeeds brilliantly with wind-powered Light Rail Transport.

SOUTH AFRICA. nuclear energy plans stalled: too expensive. Dirty uranium industry not a job creator for South Africa.

IRAN. Iran and West both compliant on nuclear deal – but cautious

RENEWABLE ENERGY North America looking at a Trillion Dollar Renewable Energy Market  Cochin International Airport in Kerala, India powered entirely by solar energy.

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

CLIMATE Record 9 hottest years in a row. Warning to Teresa May on climate threats to Brexit Britain.  Democratic Senators naming and blaming the funders of climate science denial. USA media keeps the issue of climate change off the political agenda.  Frivolous lawsuits aimed to attack climate scientists. Donald Trump’s real estate empire already suffering from climate change.

NUCLEAR.  Things are crook, very crook, for the uranium industry.

UK. Chilcot says Britain shirking its responsibilty to help clean up radioactive destruction in Iraq. British Parliament to vote on renewing Trident nuclear missile system, as Brexit problems loom. Brexit uncertainty adding to anxiety of former supporters of UK’s Hinkley nuclear project. Renewal of Trident nuclear weapons system opposed by British Labour and Scottish National Party.  Drigg Nuclear Waste Dump Menaced By Coastal Erosion: Foreign Companies Profit; UK Taxpayer Holds Liability. Britain’s nuclear submarines’ radioactive wastes will NOT be going to Scotland.

USA. Renewables beat nuclear on economics, as Wall Street now finds. “Indian Point” New Documentary Investigates Nuclear Power from New York to Fukushima.  President Obama ready to make policy changes to reduce role of nuclear weapons. Republicans trying to roll back the Iran nuclear agreement.  Workers on strike at Hanford Nuclear Reservation due to health concerns.  Department of Energy not able to meet deadline on demolishing Hanford’s Plutonium Finishing Plant. Connecticut lawmaker seeks justice over “stranded nuclear waste“. Old nuclear waste from Manhattan Project contaminating Niagara County.  “Outrageous and Reckless Endangerment of Public Health” Proposed by US EPA: Increased Radiation in Drinking Water after Nuclear Accident.   Sodium cooled nuclear reactors are not necessarily safer. Ratepayer ripoff: $19 billion nuclear plant for Virginia. Generous subsidies proposed for Upstate New York nuclear plants.

JAPAN. Again, a Japanese court blocks restart of 2 nuclear reactors. Japan could change pacifist constitution after Shinzo Abe victory. Nuclear power opponent wins governor’s race in South West Japan.

POLAND halts nuclear power plans, looks to renewable energy.

IRAN. Forces in Iran trying to torpedo nuclear deal.

AUSTRALIA. South Australia’s financially risky nuclear waste import scheme.

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to 1 July – the week in nuclear news

a-cat-CANWorld action effective against damage to ozone layer: our choices can help.

French Polynesia at UN presses case for compensation for nuclear tests.

Island states most at risk of global warming impact – Maldives want action.

UK. Brexit – the ‘coup de grace’ for Britain’s new nuclear? Brexit could result in Britain’s unilateral nuclear disarmament.  Hinkley nuclear power plan, and the costs of its radioactive wastes. Senior EDF managers want Hinkley nuclear project to be postponed.


JAPAN.   Nuclear watchdog finds 3 nuclear plants guilty of ‘malicious’ safety violations.  Monju nuclear reprocessing fiasco  Reuse of radioactive soil approved despite 170-year safety criteria estimate   Melted fuel may be at the bottom of Fukushima No.2 reactor. Prefecture’s subsidies for residents near Fukushima No. 1 plant to run out next year. Japan’s anti-democratic secrecy law means no accountability in the nuclear industry. Business analysts do not share the optimism of Toshiba’s new CEO, on nuclear power.  Fukushima plans point to a better energy source. Four new solar power plants in Fukushima.

RUSSIA Russia’s nuclear marketing: the ambitions and the reality. Draconian Russian Law Curbs Free Speech, Privacy, Freedom of Religion.

INDIA. India stopped by China, from joining Nuclear Suppliers Group.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. International Energy Agency favours clean energy to cut air-pollution mortality. America’s future in renewables: nuclear can’t compete on costs nor on safety. Solar powered spacecraft to arrive on Jupiter on July 4. Route 66 – America’s first public solar road. Nestle’s new deal for powering its UK and Ireland operations with wind energy

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Wrap up of week’s nuclear news


a-cat-CANCLIMATE. May Marks 8th Consecutive Record Hot Month in NASA’s Global Temperature Measure. Dozens of USA climate denial groups funded by biggest US coal company.  Parts of Philippines May Submerge Due to Global Warming.

NUCLEAR.   Nuclear disasters and “normalization” of contaminated areas

UKRAINE‘s  very dangerous nuclear waste storage situation. The media ignored the fiasco of AREVA’s nuclear waste storage facility at Chernobyl.

INDIA. Nuclear marketers see India as a saviour of nuclear industry.


JAPAN. Fukushima: 173 Children Thyroid Cancers in Fukushima Prefecture Another evacuation order lifted.   Tepco chief likely banned use of ‘meltdown’ under government pressure: report. Tepco to inject cement instead of frozen water wall.  Japan report on Chernobyl disaster’s health effects to be publicly released.

SOUTH KOREA‘s  nuclear waste dilemma: will have to build waste dump

RUSSIA.  Government Against Rights Groups (Includes Environmental Groups). Russia’s powerful new nuclear icebreaker.

TAIWAN’nuclear waste problem – sees overseas reprocessing as the answer.

IRAN. US agencies and prosecutors influence Europe’s banks to impede Iran nuclear deal. Time that USA government backed its Iran nuclear deal and promoted investment.

KUWAITKuwaitis (KIA) Want Out of French State Owned Nuclear Group Areva

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In brief – Nuclear News This Week


EUROPE.  Heightened threat of a nuclear terror attack.   Rising number of thyroid cancers beyond Ukraine, linked to Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Increasing illness among US sailors exposed to radiation near Fukushima.

FINLAND . Finland’s Fennovoima nuclear station dependent on Russia for all the finance

BIKINI ATOLL Alarmingly high levels of radiation remain

JAPAN.  In Japan, nuclear advertising is back, and journalists are intimidated. . Fukushima medical survey confirms 14 new child thyroid cancer cases.

TAIWAN  environmentalists take legal action against nuclear restart.

RUSSIA. Russia’s Rosatom keenly marketing nuclear power to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. There’s heap of articles like this one. Russia is marketing its nukes everywhere!

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Nuclear news to 4th June

a-cat-CANOur only hope against nuclear pollution and annihilation – an informed citizenry.

Probability of a big nuclear accident within the next 10 years.

NUCLEAR MARKETING. Russia moving in on America as a market for its nuclear fuel. China, South Korea and Russia battle to win Kenya as nuclear customer. USA’s Westinghouse in rush to sell nuclear reactors to India. Russia and China working together to market nuclear reactors to the world. Russia flogging nuclear to Nigeria. And to Bolivia.  China’s plans for marketing floating nuclear power plants (- but major risks, good terrorism targets)


UK.  Secrecy over nuclear waste plans regarding EDF’s Hinkley Point deal. Nuclear safety experts are calling for households in the UK to be supplied with anti-radiation pills

UKRAINE Cuts Russia Out Of Plans To Build Nuclear Reactors. Russia halts nuclear waste disposal from Ukraine.

SOUTH AFRICA. Let’s not forget the nuclear corruption in South Africa

NORTH KOREA   Ballistic missile launch fails for the fourth time in recent months, South Korea says.

TAIWAN  Reports 7.2 M Offshore Earthquake. Taiwan definitely to abandon nuclear power.

INDIA. Indian company exits nuclear project, switches to wind energy.

CHILE  producing too much solar energy.

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High time the media stopped the lie about nuclear energy being “clean”


a-cat-CANIt’s high time that the media came clean about nuclear energy being supposedly “clean”.  Nuclear proponents were hand in glove with the coal and oil interests for decades – denying global warming.  They’re still hand in glove, helping those dirty industries keep going until aven dirtier nuclear takes over.
The climate argument is a hoax. So they nuclear reactor itself produces few (not zero) carbon emissions. So we are supposed to ignore all the carbon emissions from uranium mining and milling, fuel conversion, fuel fabrication, reactor construction, and all the transport involved in this chain. Then there’ s the chain at the end  – the building of spent fuel pools, waste containers, then eventual tomb for the wastes, and the dismantling, transport and burial of the dead reactor. The whole chain is not only carbon intensive, it’s also dangerous, and a chain of targets for terrorism.  Time to stop the lies about nuclear solving climate change!
global warming A

Decline of US nuclear industry is accelerating “…..Over the past few years, US companies have closed or announced plans to close eight reactors with a combined capacity of 6300 MW. Fertel claimed that another 15 to 20 plants are at risk of closure over the next 5 to 10 years. ……

Over the past seven years, Exelon has lost $800 million operating its Quad Cities and Clinton nuclear plants in Illinois, and the energy company has said it can’t continue to sustain those losses.

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Climate, nuclear news to 28 May

Investigative journalism lives! This one is brilliant. NBC4 is revealing LA’s Nuclear Secret – investigative journalism spells it out

a-cat-CANCLIMATE Drastic impact of climate change: NASA shows these effects.   Climate change leading to mass migration crises if world does not act.   Donald Trump will pull the US out of the UN global climate accord, push coal, oil.  Canadian wildfires – huge release of carbon to the atmosphere.  New Tar Sands Impact on Climate, Air Quality Found.   ExxonMobil must be made accountable for their climate change deception.


Outcome of United Nations open-ended working group on nuclear disarmament.

Nuclear marketing propaganda abounds: USA desperately wants to market nuclear power to India, China – to Sudan, USA – to Vietnam, USA and Japan – to North Wales, UK , Russia- to Vietnam , Russia –  to South East Asia, Russia– to Iran, Russia – to Africa

USA Despite Obama’s calls for nuclear disarmament, U.S. disarmament is slowest since 1980. Obama meets Hiroshima survivors, calls for a ‘Moral Revolution’ for nuclear disarmament. Hiroshima survivors tell of that day on 6th August 1945. The USA Pentagon’s budget labyrinth for a planned $1 trillion splurge.

CHINA readies nuclear armed submarines for the Pacific.

JAPAN.   Japanese government to announce a shift away from nuclear power?  Low-level nuclear waste to be buried 70 meters underground. Tokyo Accused of Cooking Fukushima Radiation Data. Fukushima clean-up chief still hunting for 600 tonnes of melted radioactive fuel.

CANADA. Canada’s wildfires – surrounding a radioactive trash site. Canadian nuclear company SNC-Lavalin Named In Panama Papers.

GERMANY. German State close to Belgium prepares iodine tablets, in concern about neighbouring nuclear stations. LITHUANIA, and environmentalists not happy with Belarus’ nuclear power plan

SWEDEN   heads for 100% renewable energy

SOUTH AFRICAPolitical scandal hangs over South Africa’s nuclear energy plans. Nuclear programme could set south Africa back trillions of rand.

UK. Hinkley nuclear project’s future is in doubt – French unions not happy with Hinkley plan. UK designs for more beautiful nuclear reactors.

IRAN. UN Agency Reports Iran Has Complied With Nuclear Deal.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES setting a solar power trend in the Gulf.

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Climate and Nuclear News This Week

a-cat-CANCLIMATE CHANGE. NASA – World Just Had Seven Months Straight of Record-Shattering Global Heat.  World Bank warns on the growing dangers of climate change.   Climate change exacerbates wildfires – Canada’s tragedy. Women head UN climate change body/

Noam Chomsky on the twin threats: Climate Change and Nuclear Proliferation.

NUCLEAR   Uranium industry finally acknowledging its dire situation. International Atomic Energy Agency keen to teach kids how great is the nuclear industry.


FRANCE.  Sparks flew at Electricite de France’s AGM: EDF has €37 billion of debt.  EDF hoping to extend life of nuclear reactors, postpone decommisson costs. Credibility of nuclear corporation EDF taking a beating over Hinkley Nuclear project shemozzle. French prosecutors launch probe into Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic bid.

UK.  How Margaret Thatcher’s nuclear dream has turned into UK’s Hinkley nightmare.  Genetic damage in children of nuclear test veterans: an investigation begins.  Former AREVA CEO ‘Atomic Anne’ Lauvergeon under a cloud at Rio Tinto.  Greens Urge Ireland to Insist on Hinkley Nuclear Power Consultation Following UNESC Ruling.

JAPAN. Japanese cities say ‘no’ to nuke restart.   Mayor blasts nuclear power to students visiting from Taiwan.  FUKUSHIMA: No one knows where the Fukushima nuclear reactor melted cores are.  Tepco to put some Fukushima decommissioning work on hold during G-7 summit.   School to close in Fukushima as too few children able to attend.

RUSSIA plans for Africa to be its nuclear colony, starting with south Africa. Russia joins the throng desperate to sell nuclear radioactive trash to Britain.

CANADA. Indigenous residents of Yellowknif, Canada, send Terrestrial Energy nuclear salesmen packing.

CHINA. Chinese nuclear companies planning to carve up nuclear exports between each other.

ARMENIA. Nuclear danger in Armenia.

INDIA.  to sell nuclear reactors to Bangladesh (But what if Bangladesh is under water before long?)

PAKISTAN wants to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

GERMANY Adolf Hitler’s secret NUCLEAR BOMBS found – claims engineer

100% renewable energy powers Portugal for four days.  Revolutionary solar power: London Borough’s solar panels over marketplace. Berkely Lab finds that Solar Power brings Environmental and Public Health Benefits.

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