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TODAY. Revisiting my Trumpian dilemma

I’ve posted about this before. But it’s getting worse now

On the one hand, I despise Donald Trump , Qanon, and the whole crazy movement to wreck our democratic institutions. I also despise Rupert Murdoch’s News Corpse, with its endless barrage of lies, climate denialism etc.

On the other hand, some of what News Corpse says happens to be true, even if its underlying purpose is to destroy President Joe Biden.

Today I find News Corpse’s Sky News showing this video about the war in Ukraine – and it’s probably aimed at destroying Biden.

My dilemma is – this sounds awfully like it could be true.

‘Naïve’ to think Russia will lose war, says Dr Jordan Peterson

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TODAY. The Ukrainian propaganda war becomes ever more sinister – with “filtration”

“Filtration” – yes – that’s the key word. It means the torture, expulsion, killing, of people that you call ‘collaborators” ETC. in Western propaganda now, there are dozens of media reports on how the Russians are abusing Ukrainians.

Then there’s just this one headline from the Wall Street Journal – “Ukraine hit squads are killing Russian occupiers and collaborators” (behind a paywall). What could they be thinking of? – When the standard Western dogma is that all the bad things are done by Russia, and Ukrainians are squeaky clean.

One report , from a pro-Russian media source, says “Ukraine cracks downs on civilians – official

I can’t imagine why on earth the Wall Street Journal lapsed from its religious Western duty to blacken Russians, but I bet they won’t let it happen again.

A heretical thought from a Westerner – but is it possible that, not just Russia, but both sides are guilty of atrocities, in this hate-filled Ukraine situation?

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Lucky timing for Liz Truss’s absurd energy policy

Not wishing to sound disrespectful, but –

The death of Queen Elizabeth has come at a lucky time for Liz Truss and her new Tory ministry. It has swamped the anglophone media – which seems to be ignoring the absurdity of Truss’s energy (and other) policies

Great British Nuclear will bring forward new nuclear projects at a rate of one a year this decade.

and the green light for more fossil
fuel extraction

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Trouble renewing the domain name

If any of you can still read this site (I can’t) – the annual payment for renewing this domain name lapsed by 2 days. So – now it is closed for me – the owner if this site. I’m having a lot of trouble trying to find out how to pay up and renew it..

So – that’s why has suddenly become invisible.

I do hope that I can renew this. I sure would hate for this site to be taken over by the disgusting pro nuclear lobby. Any helpful advice would be welcome.

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A big week in nuclear news

Unfortunately, right now when alternative news on nuclear issues is needed more than ever, our international website, is not available.  This is due to a domain name problem, which I hope will soon be fixed. has, for over 12 years, been gathering together those few news items that show the ‘other side’ of nuclear news – in a media landscape dominated by glossy spin from the nuclear lobby – regurgitated by the corporate media.

Indeed – right now – it borders on the hilariously funny –  as corporate media pushes nuclear power as safe and clean, while Ukraine, Belarus, even Europe anxiously fear catastrophe at Zaporizhia.

A bit of good news – Humanity’s Moment: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope by Joëlle GergisReviewed by Kara Nicholson


 Our Air Force is already ‘operating against China’.     Anti-AUKUS campaign ramps up over U.S.-China war talk. 

 US admiral issues blunt warning on building Australian submarines in overstretched shipyards. Australian submariners to train onboard British nuclear-powered submarines under AUKUS deal. Britain supports Australia’s nuclear submarines – (UK and USA vying for the sale to Oz?)

  AI Group Unveiled: a propaganda service for Defence, big business and the Coalition.


Russia and the U.S. are entering ‘dangerous and uncharted’ nuclear territory.

Podcast – How the Western Press has become a propaganda tool of the war industry and the Ukrainian government.

Infographic: The impact of nuclear tests around the world. Can the testing on anti-satellite weapons be banned?.

No energy solution without a radical rethink — World leaders suck in the fossil-nuclear mindset.

$Multibillion costs in the struggle to deal with nuclear wastes across the globe.

A climate scientist on the planet’s simultaneous disasters, from Pakistan’s horror floods to Europe’s record drought

Global fossil fuel subsidies rocket to almost $US700 billion in 2021


 Zaporizhia.      Collective madness — Zaporizhzhia is the poster child for abandoning the use of nuclear power.   Very real risks of nuclear catastrophe at Zaporizhia nuclear station, with the memory of Chernobyl ever present. A1 IAEA at Zaporizhia nuclear station: Dr Paul Dorfman assesses the risks.           Ukraine’s nuclear plant partly goes offline amid fightingFighting goes on near Ukraine nuclear plant; IAEA on site.     Nikopol under attack: Residents flee fighting near Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.   

  UN thanks Russia for keeping nuclear team safe. Fighting at Ukraine nuclear plant brings chances of a meltdown to a ‘coin toss’, expert says. U.S. Calls For ‘Controlled Shutdown’ Of Zaporizhzhya Plant As IAEA Inspectors Seek Access. New artillery attack as IAEA heads to Ukraine nuclear plant. 

 Pentagon admits ‘likelihood’ of Ukrainian shelling near nuclear plant.   Ukraine accused of targeting possible route of nuclear inspectors. Russia accuses Ukraine of fresh shelling of nuclear plant.    Satellite images show damage to buildings right next to Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactors.    Russia blames Ukrainian forces for potential disaster.   

 European Union providing Ukraine with over 5 million doses of potassium iodide tabletsZelensky aide says UN nuclear watchdog should be mistrusted ‘by default’. If people take part in referendums in Donbass region, Ukraine government will prosecute them as criminal offenders. Ukrainian government wants to sell nuclear energy to Germany .

Moscow says – US Afraid Inhumane Acts Committed by Azov Terrorists Will Be Made Public.    International Atomic Energy Agency inspection team on its way to Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

JAPAN. Fukushima town lifts evacuation order, but few former residents want to come back. Fukushima Plants Showing ‘Unusual Growing Patterns’.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. As Japan builds nuclear dumping facilities, Pacific groups say ‘stop‘.

RUSSIAGorbachev Ended Cold War, Eased Nuclear Tensions But Trusted US Too Much – Experts.

UK.   New nuclear bases and nuclear submarines in Scotland deemed “unachievable” by a UK Government watchdog.   Navy officer opposed to nuclear weapons sues UK Ministry of Defence .

   You can’t trust Liz Truss (oil and gas devotee) on energy policy for Britain      Nuclear power: the accumulating problems. Boris Johnson unveils £1.45billion nuclear submarine. Boris Johnson’s parting gift – a £30 billion nuclear debtBoris Johnson locking the next Prime Minister into unsustainable nuclear debt. High Court legal challenge to UK government against decision to build Sizewell C nuclear station.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion condemns decision for massively costly Sizewell C nuclear station. Boris Johnson’s legacy of the nuclear fantasy. Compulsory purchase orders of land for Sizewell C nuclear project . Stop Sizewell C urges Boris Johnson’s successor to totally review this costly nuclear project£3.3 million tax-payer boost for untried non-existent technology . Nuclear power for Britain – a “financial basket case “. UK’s Nuclear Gambit Faces Long Odds Even With Sizewell Approval.

GDF Community Partnership promotes “feel good” books to children., making nuclear waste dump ‘cute and safe’. A concerted push now for renewable energy would save Britons billions of pounds.

USA. Mothers For Peace disappointed that California Governor supports ”lifeline” for Diablo Canyon nuclear power station. USA’s Inflation Reduction Act a tidy little bonanza for the nuclear industry . City of Aiken will receive more than $168M in plutonium storage settlementRadioactive Waste ‘Everywhere’ at Ohio Oilfield Facility, Says Former Worker.

CANADA. Walk in Ignace protests nuclear waste storage site.

EUROPE. Gas prices and nuclear outages put European grid at breaking point.

SWITZERLAND. Future threat to Europe’s water supplies as Switzerland’s glaciers are rapidly thawing .

FRANCE. France braces for uncertain winter as nuclear power shortage looms.

PAKISTAN. The ‘horrors of climate change‘ hit Pakistan .

SOUTH ASIA. South Asian countries facing devastating extreme weather events – seek reparation from rich countries.

IRAN. Iran does not seek to develop nuclear weapons, says President Ebrahim Raisi. Iran seeks stronger U.S. guarantees for revival of 2015 nuclear deal.

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TODAY. Suicide of our species? Ignoring global heating is the way there.

Look – this site is dedicated to exposing the lies of the nuclear industry, and to hastening its closure. as it continues its terminal decline.

At the same time, a space alien, laughing at our nuclear folly, must be even more amazed that the elderly white men who run the world continue to promote and pour money into the fossil fuel industries that are over-heating our planet.

While black, brown and yellow people will cop the brunt of what the white nations have caused – heck, global heating is even hitting the white nations now.!

Bad enough that China and North Africa get prolonged droughts, that a third of Pakistan is under water, but Europe and USA have had record heat, and gosh – it’s getting harder to ski in Switzerland, as glaciers melt!

These events are reported as separate ‘national’ issues, – but they’re really just one big planetary event.

The only known planet that can support human life is being trashed as we all support the industries that are doing the trashing, including the ridiculous wasteful, and very polluting space industries that apparently are designed to rescue us from our damaged planet.

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TODAY. What ? Shut down an important big nuclear station? Heresy!!

But but – we all know that nuclear power is so safe! So clean! It’s the answer to climate change!

And the USA government is going allout to promote the nuclear industry. Hell – It’s in the The Inflation Reduction Act. It is our duty to promote it.

Now – it’s only because the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is in a war zone, that the USA is panicking and wants a  ‘Controlled Shutdown’. The rest of the world’s nuclear reactors are safe.

And we want to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Middle East, and to African countries. It’s not as if there’s any danger of wars there – now is there?

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Nuclear news – week to 29 August

Some bits of good news  –   With all the various omnicidal threats to our planet, it’s a temptation to just give up.  But giving up is just not an option. This week, there’ve been two reminders -powerful messages of why we can still hope, and more importantly, still act – in a myriad of ways.   Radio Ecoshock replayed  It’s wrong to wreck the world. In this broadcast,  Kathleen Dean Moore  delivers an artful talk about our attack on Nature, and hope of reviving love instead. Alex Smith comments:  “Morality” sounds boring. This speech surprised and moved me. It will do the same for you.”Then there’s Dr Jane Goodall – still hopeful about the Earth’s future.

CoronavirusNo it hasn’t gone away – a slight drop in cases and deaths  world-wide.

Climate change.  The climate crisis is a hunger crisis.

The only thing keeping US and China from war is running dangerously thin.

The West’s false narrative about Russia and China.         The blind side to western wars and western war crimes. Civilian casualties in Ukraine-5,000? In Yemen-380,000? But Western Media tells a different story!      Ukraine and the Politics of Permanent War – Permanent war requires permanent censorship.

Are Russia and NATO trying to destroy the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?. Meeting on Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty ends in failure, as Russia blocks final draft.

Commemorate August 29: International Day against Nuclear Tests .

Astronauts Going to Mars Will Receive Many Lifetimes Worth of Radiation.

Busting the absurd pro-nuclear spin of “Ecomodernism”.

Digital damage: Is your online life polluting planet?


  Russia-Ukraine war latest: what we know on day 186 of the invasion.     Imperiled Ukrainian nuclear power plant has the world on edge – a safety expert explains what could go wrongThe cost of Ukraine’s de-Russification. The Hidden Truth about the War in Ukraine, and about Crimea and Donbass – Jacques Baud.   

 Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine announces mandatory evacuations .     Fears of ‘radiation cloud through Europe’ if Ukraine plant blows.     Fears of a radiation leak mount near Ukrainian nuclear plant’.    Anti-radiation-sickness pills given out amid shelling near Ukrainian nuclear station. UN chief demands halt to “nuclear saber-rattling” at Ukrainian nuke plant.     Russia says it destroyed howitzer used to shell Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. 

Zelensky ‘troubled’ as he questions inner circle’s loyalties – Erdogan.      Zelensky warns “no more peace talks”, if Donetsk People’s Republic prosecutes captured Neo Nazi fighters for war crimes. ‘We should kill as many Russians as we can’ – Ukrainian envoy.     Ukrainian Hit List – targets Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Daria Dugina, Kissinger and 1000s of journalists. ‘Peacemaker’ of death: This Ukrainian website threatens hundreds of thousands with extrajudicial killings — some are Americans. 

EUROPE.NATO Abandons Diplomacy, Says No Longer ‘At Peace’.

FRANCEFrench nuclear woes stoke Europe’s power prices.   Nuclear: EDF extends the shutdown of four reactors for several weeks. “It is really urgent” to “get out of this dependence on the nuclear fleet which is weakening us more and more”

JAPAN. The legacy of Shinzo Abe: a Japan divided about nuclear weapons. The government is planning to “promote” nuclear power plants…but there are so many difficulties to overcome before this can be realized, and there are doubts about the assurance of safety and security. 

Fukushima.    Tepco delays removing Fukushima nuclear debris. Robot issue delays fuel removal from Fukushima nuclear plant. More data needed before ocean release of Fukushima water. The number of evacuees from Fukushima Prefecture due to the nuclear power plant accident.

PAKISTAN. Pakistan’s desperate plight after monster flooding.

CHINA. The Chinese non-threat. China’s record-breaking heatwave, threatening water resources. China deploys ships and jets near Taiwan — Taipei.   Chinese people are not enthusiastic about the nuclear industry

SOUTH KOREA. Resistance by local population thwarts the development of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD). S Korea signs $2.25 billion deal with Russia nuclear company.

SAUDI ARABIA. The Saudi path to nuclear weapons.


Rethink Research throws cold water on the Nuclear Energy Institute’s enthusiasm for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).


RUSSIA. Russia To Raise Dugina Assassination At Emergency UN Meeting. The murder of Daria Dugina- by a Ukrainian neo-Nazi operative? A nuclear showdown? One of the greatest ‘realist’ fears about the Russia-Ukraine conflict is actually groundless, and here’s why.

IRANA Crucial Week For The Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran’s UN envoy slams Israel refusal to join NPT, urges nuclear-weapon-free zone in Middle East.

FINLAND. Finnish energy company to take Russia’s nuclear giant to court.

MIDDLE EASTWhy the Middle East may be too hot to live in by the end of the century

NEW ZEALAND. The world stands on a nuclear precipice – we must avoid catastrophe- Jacinda Ardern.

HUNGARY. Hungary approves construction of two Russian-built nuclear reactors.

AUSTRALIA.  Australia and China policy- David Bradbury interviews strategy expert Hugh White – .     Australian government working with pro-nuclear zealot Jonathon Mead to plan US/UK nuclear submarines for Western Australia

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TODAY. Constant wars are essential to keep America’s only big industry (weapons sales) going

Arundhati Roy says, “Once weapons were manufactured to fight wars. Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons”

But what would Arundhati Roy know about anything?

After all – she’s only a woman. And she’s a brown person, not white. But, most damning of all – she’s not a weapons expert – i.e in the pay of America, corporations, military, or government.

Bruce Gagnon comments about –

“we won’t make ‘consumer products’ anymore because it was cheaper to send those jobs overseas. Our role in the US, Barnett said, would be ‘security export’. Thus it should be no surprise that the #1 industrial export product of the US today is weapons. When weapons are your #1 industrial export product, what is your ‘global marketing strategy’ for that product line?

The USA doctrine of endless war is a bipartisan economic plan. Washington and its NATO allies are now planning for war with Russia and China.

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Nuclear news – week to 23 August

A bit of good news – Antibody “master key” discovery could neutralize all COVID variants.

Climate change-  The Social, Cultural, and Economic Implications 

Nuclear. A strange contradiction going on – with double messaging coming from the nuclear lobby and IAEA. We must bear in mind that the goal of the IAEA is to  “assist  its Member States, in the context of social and economic goals, in planning for and using nuclear science and technology for various peaceful purposes, including the generation of electricity, and facilitates the transfer of such technology and knowledge in a sustainable manner to developing Member States” – in other words – to promote nuclear power.

So -we are being told that the safe way towards climate action is nuclear power, and especially now , as we need to avoid Russian gas.  (Apparently Russian uranium is OK. ) At the same time, the IAEA is warning that the presence of the Zaporizhia nuclear plant in a military zone is a threat to European, even global safety.  So – nuclear reactors are safe, but in some circumstances, very unsafe.

The Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is a fraud as the nuclear Mafia continue to spend $billions on their nuclear arsenals

” The New Space Race is Going Nuclear”.           As Threat of Militarisation Rises, International Community Races to Set Standards for Responsible Behaviour in Outer Space. (without much luck!)

Arctic is warming nearly four times faster than the rest of the world – new research. ‘Off the charts’: Glaciers in Europe experience extreme melt.


PACIFIC ISLANDS. Pacific Alliance of Municipal Councils starts Petition against dumping nuclear wastewater in Pacific.

EUROPE. Europe Gutted Own Security to Funnel Kiev Weapons, Expert Says.

JAPANKishida, ‘PM from Hiroshima’, is Shifting Japan’s Long-Standing Pro-Nuclear Weapons Posture.  Fukushima Daiichi NPS Accident Compensation: Citizens are paying more while NPP operators have had their share reduced!      Dumps and Museums, the Legacy of a Nuclear Disaster.   

INDIA. Centres to be set up for people exposed to chemical, nuclear attacks,

RUSSIA. Russia admits that explosions in Crimea were the work of Ukrainian saboteurs.

GERMANYGermany rules out delay to nuclear phaseout.



FRANCE. Counting the cost of cracking at EDF’s nuclear reactors.

SINGAPORE, Singapore’s next prime minister warns U.S. and China may ‘sleepwalk into conflict

MALAYSIA. Malaysia’s Mahathir says US seeking to provoke war in Taiwan.

SOUTH KOREA . Thousands of South Korean unionists protest US-South Korea war games.

PHILIPPINESNuclear power not a realistic option for the Philippines, given the seismic and other disaster risks.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s nuclear sector has failed its test: the Koeberg nuclear plant life extension.

PANAMA. Islanders in Latin America face relocation, because of climate change.

AUSTRALIA. Gem Romuld – ‘Reject the deadly logic of nuclear deterrence’.  Richard Marles reaffirms Australia’s commitment to the one-China policy and ‘stabilising’ Canberra-Beijing relations.

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Nuclear news this week

Some bits of good news –  100% renewables is feasible worldwide at low cost.  

big increase in numbers of the beautiful chameleon-like  giant cuttlefish (above). The Spencer Gulf is home to the only known large breeding colony of Giant Australian Cuttlefish. The increase is due to the re-imposition of a temporary fishing ban in the area . But in 2012, the federal government subtly  changed law to enable BHP to expand its uranium mine, and to build a desalination plant that would alter the breeding area, and eliminate this species. Work of the Conservation Council of South Australia, a public outcry, and a petition, helped to prevent the extinction of this species

Covid-19 .  It’s not as if the pandemic has gone away –   does anybody care any more? How COVID-19 is affecting the globe.

Climate change hasn’t gone away either. It is here world wide. Red Cross and Red Crescent care.

 Attacking a nuclear plant ‘suicidal,’ UN chief tells journalists in Japan.

Nuclear war between two nations could spark global famine.    The Lessons We Haven’t Learned.      Connecting Toxic Memories: Hiroshima and Nuremberg.

Storage of nuclear wastes and of dead nuclear reactors is becoming a political nightmare.

Risk of death rises as climate change causes nighttime temperatures to climb



Ukraine Plant Under Fire Showcases ‘Dangerous’ Nature of Nuclear Power, Experts Say.

More shelling near Ukraine nuclear plant. Very high radiation risks amid shelling at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Ukraine calls for demilitarised zone around the shelled Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. Ukraine and its Western backers should be held accountable for the ‘suicidal’ attack on Europe’s largest nuclear powerplant.  Russia summons session of UN Security Council over nuclear emergency.    Ukraine targets Russian soldiers accused of threatening nuclear plant.    70% of Western weapons sent to Ukraine don’t reach troops – CBS.

EUROPEMoldova ships in radiation pills as fighting rages near Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Climate change: Drought highlights dangers for electricity supplies from nuclear, hydro, fossil, and solar sources.

JAPAN. Nagasaki urges the elimination of nuclear weapons as city marks 77th A-bomb anniversary . Nagasaki A-bomb survivor told German foreign minister to spurn ‘nuclear umbrella‘. 

The shadows grow longer in Fukushima   More Cases of Stomach Cancer in Fukushima Prefecture .    Japan’s unilateral decision of dumping nuclear-contaminated water into ocean not responsible: Chinese ambassador for disarmament affairs .   “Legal Battles Continue over TEPCO and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Cause”    Respite for Japan as radioactive Fukushima water accumulation slows

Hisashi Ouchi Suffered an 83-day Death By Radiation Poisoning.

SOUTH KOREAFukushima water dumping plan triggers fresh anger from South Korea.



NORWAYUranium Film Festival for the first time in Norway- 24 – 25 August.


CANADA. New Liberal leader questions small nuclear reactors Nishnawbe Aski Nation opposes possible site for storage of nuclear waste. Ontario nuclear waste site selectors delay announcement until 2024.

IRANU.S. says ready to quickly conclude Iran nuclear deal based on EU text.

GERMANY. Germany continues to close down its last remaining nuclear reactors. Utility company Eon talks about possibility of delaying the closure of Germany’s last nuclear reactor.  

AUSTRALIA. Taiwan not worth a mushroom cloud.      How even small nuclear war would kill billions in apocalyptic famine.    Bob Carr puts Peter Dutton on the spot -calls for detail on Dutton’s plans for nuclear power in Australia.    Nuclear power – never a realistic option for Australia.

Nuclear bomb tests at Maralinga triggered Hedley Marston to study fallout over Australia.

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TODAY. Russia and Ukraine blame each other. Whom to believe?

My natural inclination is to not believe either of them. They’re both putting out propaganda, sure to include many lies.

The big issue right now is the danger around the Zaporizhzhia (or Zaporozhye) nuclear power station – the largest in Europe, which is being shelled by artillery. The Ukrainians say that Russia is doing this. The Russians say that it’s the Ukrainianians.

Of course, we being good Anglophone news absorbers, we are obliged to believe that the Russians are shelling Zaporizhzhia , a place where they are now in control. We have to believe that it is always the Russians’ fault, otherwise we are pretty much traitorous, (and our publications like this one, will be censored and erased from Google Search)

The picture above shows the Zaporizhzhia NPP and its huge collection of nuclear wastes. No wonder that Mr Grossi, head of IAEA security is tearing his hair out in anxiety over this perilous situation.

Now I, (treacherously) think that it is the Ukrainians who are shelling the nuclear station. They do have a motive, as they are desperate to get it back under Ukrainian control. But why would the Russians want to attack the place, where they’re already in control? “In order to discredit Ukraine” – say Zelensky and co. Gimme a break. The Rusians may be awful etc etc, but they;re not stupid.

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The past week in nuclear news

Some bits of good news Needles of Hope in the Ukraine War HaystackRenewables are booming – REN21 Global Review.

The pro Trump forces are going allout to blame and damage Joe Biden and his administration. I keep getting stuff from the non-corporate media. And some of it is in colourful and extreme language. And I know that some of it is from the Trumpians.    My problem is that in some of the Trumpian propaganda – the facts have a disturbing habit of sounding like they’re true. No – I do not want to support Trump’s ambitions. But yes, I do want the truth to come out. Especially about Ukraine and Taiwan. And the West is hiding it.

Why Is There More Media Talk About Using Nuclear Weapons Than About Banning Them?

The lost nuclear bombs that no one can find.

Poland rewrites or obscures the history of the Russians’ liberation of Auschwitz.

Anti-Nuclear Protest at U.S. Mission to United Nations.

Is nuclear disarmament possible? World one misstep from ‘nuclear annihilation’: UN chief. Biden, Putin strike conciliatory tones as nuclear arms talks start at U.N. If we are to survive…we must change course.

Nuclear weapons will not bring peace or security, only dangers.

The Anti-China Brainwashing Is Working: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix. Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Stoked Tensions With China. What Comes Next?

Washington Is Making the Same Blunder Regarding Taiwan That It Did in Ukraine.

Russia’s very profitable nuclear industry – NO SANCTIONS on that!

Small nuclear reactors produce more radioactive trash than large ones do – American Academy of Sciences

Nuclear energy vs renewables: which is the best solution for the climate crisis? It’s all about public perception. Can the crooked nuclear industry convince the world?

‘Climate endgame’ warning: Scientists warn global warming could trigger nuclear war, financial crisis or an extinction-level pandemic. Climate Endgame: Risk of Human Extinction ‘Dangerously Underexplored’ .Climate breakdown is super-charging extreme weather.


POLANDPoland’s double standard on how it treats refugees, and the prospect of exhaustion by those housing Ukrainians.

TAIWANIs Taiwan’s Independence Worth War?

JAPAN. Hiroshima marks 77th anniversary of atomic bombing amid nuclear threat. 

Fukushima Prefecture seeks government help in preventing reputational damage to its marine products. Construction begins at Fukushima plant for water release. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant “Treated Water” Discharged TEPCO Announces Undersea Tunnel Construction to Begin in 4 Days “Already Started? Citizens were in a state of exasperation.   Ironic for Tokyo to caution others on nuclear issue despite Fukushima plan.


CANADALantern ceremony in Winnipeg calls attention to threat of nuclear weapons.


FRANCE. Reduced electricity output from France’s nuclear reactors due to high temperatures. EDF cuts output at nuclear power plants as French rivers get too warm. Bad luck for the river environment – nuclear reactors allowed to release hotter waterFrance importing power, as nuclear stations cut output because of global heating, Drought may force nuclear power production cut. France’s problems with nuclear corporation EDF.

RUSSIA. No one can win a nuclear war: Putin.

ISRAEL. Israel, secretly having nuclear weapons, will not join the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

IRAN. Iran says ‘optimistic’ after EU proposal for nuclear deal. Eu, Iran Russia optmistic.

AUSTRALIA. Australian Prime Minister Albanese refuses to meet with Assange’s family . Hard-Wired for Corruption -The arms trade and Australia’s lax monitoring regimes. Does Australia actually need nuclear submarines?

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TODAY. My Trumpian dilemma

Here’s my dilemma.

The last thing I want to do is to promote the cause of Donald Trump

BUT – on some matters -the Trumpians might be right, and telling the truth!

We are now brainwashed by the corporate media into a religious belief that Ukraine and Taiwan are good, and Russia and China are evil.

Anyone who says otherwise is a stooge of Russian and Chinese ”disinformation. Right?

The pro Trump forces are going allout to blame and damage Joe Biden and his administration. I keep getting stuff from the non-corporate media. And some of it is in colourful and extreme language. And I know that some of it is from the Trumpians.

My problem is that in some of the Trumpian propaganda – the facts have a disturbing habit of sounding like they’re true.

No – I do not want to support Trump’s ambitions. But yes, I do want the truth to come out. Especially about Ukraine and Taiwan. And the West is hiding it.

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TODAY. Rewriting history in the interest of hating Russia.

Russians are no saints. The Russian army is no saint. I’m sure there’ve been atrocities by Russia, especially in Stalin’s time, and during World War 2, and now , in Ukraine.

BUT – now we are all, especially in the anglophone media, being systematically taught to hate Russia.

Today we learn that Poland  is shutting down the Russian exhibition at the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum. This doesn’t matter – OR DOES IT?

It’s pretty easy to wipe out the history of the Russian soldiers liberating Auschwitz. You see, that happened on January 27 1945, well before the war ended in May. There was very little publicity about the liberation. In later months, as the war was ending liberation of other camps by the British was widely publicised.

In fierce fighting on the outskirts of Auschwitz, 231 Russian soldiers died. In the main camp, and a subsidiary camp, the soldiers found 12000 prisoners alive. One Russian soldier spoke Yiddish to the prisoners, eliciting a response from the terrified prisoners. Russian soldiers worked with Polish Red Cross to help the prisoners – setting up a hospital onsite. Russians first heard the stories from the surviving prisoners.

Denialism of history is a curse that is helping to bring the human species closer to self-annihilation. To add to a current wave of denialism of the holocaust, we now have denialism of the heroic role of many Russians in World War 2, and of their co-operative role with Polish citizens in caring for the sick and emaciated Auschwitz prisoners.

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