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Film Festival March 11 – Fukushima 2021

FUKUSHIMA 2021, International Uranium Film Festival

March 11, 2021. Ten Years Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Rio de Janeiro International Uranium Film Festival Free Online Screening and Debate.

The first International Uranium Film Festival event 2021 is scheduled for Thursday, March 11, to remember the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster. A free seven day online screening in cooperation with the Cinematheque of Rio de Janeiro’s Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio)(link is external). We will show two awarded documentary movies about the Fukushima nuclear accident: a poetic short film by photographer Alessandro Tesei and a feature documentary by science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. The films can be watched online from March 11 to March 17.

After the screening the audience can chat with Fukushima expert, Professor Dr. Alphonse Kelecom from the Laboratory of Radiobiology and Radiometry of the Institute of Biology at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro. Since March 2011, Kelecom visited several times Fukushima. Of course non portuguese speakers are also invited. Prof. Alphonse Kelecom speaks Portuguese, English and French as well. Moderator is Márcia Gomes de Oliveira, director of the International Uranium Film Festival who visited Fukushima in 2015 by invitation of Peace Boat Foundation.

About the films: ………. more


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Jan 31 – Scotland’s Beyond Nuclear to hold Virtual Conference

The National 16th Jan 2021, HELENSBURGH CND’s Beyond Nuclear conference was postponed twice last year due to the pandemic. But the event will now be taking place virtually on January 31, from 11am to 4.30pm. To be staged by virtual event group
Cameron, Beyond Nuclear is designed to answer the question: “Why would we in Scotland want or need to have nuclear power stations when we have almost
unlimited potential for clean, renewable energy production?” The
conference will be in two parts; the first an examination of the negatives
involved in nuclear power production, contrasting with the positives of
clean renewable energy in the second.

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21 And 22 January New Zealand Celebrates Global Nuclear Weapons Ban, 2021 

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January 25 Takoma Park Commemorating ‘Nuclear-Free Zone’ with Virtual Film Screening,

Takoma Park Commemorating ‘Nuclear-Free Zone’ with Virtual Film Screening,

January 10, 2021 by Source of the Spring Staff,  The City of Takoma Park is commemorating its status as a Nuclear-Free Zone by hosting a virtual screening of the documentary film ‘The Nuns, The Priests, and The Bombs’ on January 25th.

The documentary “follows a community of peace activists, including two Catholic nuns and a Jesuit priest in their eighties, who are willing to go to prison, and even risk death, because of their deeply held conviction that nuclear weapons are immoral and violate international humanitarian law,” according to the film’s website:

Since 1980 activists in lay and religious life have undertaken dramatic Plowshares protests in an effort to raise public consciousness on the growing threat posed by the world’s nuclear weapons. Through their actions the activists seeks to invoke the biblical injunction, “They Shall Beat Their Swords into Plowshares”. This film follows two federal criminal cases against the activists for their protests: the July 2012 break-in at Y-12 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home of the largest U.S. stockpile of highly enriched uranium, and the 2009 break-in at the Kitsap Bangor U.S. naval base near Seattle. The film follows the activists’ legal efforts to justify their actions under international law and documents efforts at the United Nations to enforce the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and negotiate the new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

The City of Takoma Park passed its Nuclear-Free Zone legislation in December of 1983, and later established the Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee: “The Act prohibits work on nuclear weapons, including transportation and storage of such weapons within the City, and prohibits the City from doing business with companies that produce nuclear weapons or their components, with very narrow exceptions.”

According to The Washington Post, in 2012 Takoma Park City Council unanimously voted to grant a waiver to purchase computers from Hewlett-Packard, the first time that a waiver was opposed by the Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee. “Updated research indicates that Hewlett-Packard (HP) continues to conduct business with the Department of Defense and other federal agencies for cloud services capable of the development, deployment, security, and utilization of nuclear weapons,” the committee stated in its meeting minutes.

A Q&A with filmmaker Helen Young will follow the film screening, which will start at 7 p.m. on January 25th.

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Nuclear energy -neither clean nor safe, but back on East Bay Community Energy Board’s Agenda on Dec. 16

Nuclear is Back on East Bay Community Energy Board’s Agenda on Dec. 16   December 15, 2020  By Melissa Yu

Tomorrow, December 16th, at 5:00 PM, the East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) board will vote on whether or not to accept nuclear energy from PG&E, with the aim of re-selling it to a third party.

EBCE, Alameda County’s public power agency, exists to provide more renewable energy to its customers and reinvest its earnings back into the community to create local green energy jobs, local programs, and clean power projects.

Nuclear energy is not safe or clean. The Sierra Club remains unequivocally opposed to nuclear energy and encourages the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. We oppose even the buying and selling of nuclear power.

Time and time again we’ve fought to keep nuclear out of EBCE’s power content. Simply promoting nuclear in another form does not make it acceptable — even for slight financial gains.

We urge you to join us in asking the Board to reject this latest proposal. Let’s make sure EBCE stays cleaner and greener than the incumbent utility.

The meeting agenda, speaker sign up, and Zoom link will be posted and updated here. Sometimes these meetings can be long. If you would like us to text you when the agenda item is being discussed, please message Melissa Yu at

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Saturday, July 18th, 2pm UK time -Online discussion- “Connections between nuclear weapons and nuclear power”

How much do you know about the connections between nuclear weapons and nuclear power?   JULY 13, 2020 BY MARIANNEWILDART   Why is the UK government so addicted to nuclear?

Nuclear weapons and nuclear power share several common features. In fact, the UK’s first nuclear power stations were built primarily to provide fissile material for nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

The development of both the nuclear weapons and nuclear power industries is mutually beneficial. And now it appears that the government is using the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to subsidise Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

As part of a Parliamentary investigation into the Hinkley project, it emerged that without the billions of pounds earmarked for building this new power station in Somerset, Trident would be ‘unsupportable’. Professor Andy Stirling and Dr Phil Johnstone argued that the nuclear power station will ‘maintain a large-scale national base of nuclear-specific skills’ essential for maintaining Britain’s military nuclear capability.

Join CND for an online discussion with Professor Stirling and Dr Johnstone about these connections.

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Could Donald Trump cancel the November 2020 election? Don’t let it happen

PETITION TO: Donald Trump

DONALD TRUMP: Please Guarantee the November, 2020 Election Will Proceed

Campaign created by
Harvey Wasserman
We want Mr. Trump to guarantee that he will not attempt to cancel the November, 2020 election, and that he will guarantee that even if we are still in a pandemic, the necessary steps will be taken to make sure the nation can exercise its right to vote.

Why is this important?

Nothing is more sacred to American democracy that our right to free and fair elections. A major dialogue is under way as to how to conduct this fall’s election even if the Pandemic still rages (see Please join us. Thank you.

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Coronavirus Halts Street Protests, but Climate Activists Have a Plan

Coronavirus Halts Street Protests, but Climate Activists Have a Plan, NYT, 20 Mar 20, Greta Thunberg, protesting in Brussels this month, is now calling for digital strikes.  The coronavirus outbreak has prompted climate activists to abandon public demonstrations, one of their most powerful tools for raising public awareness, and shift to online protests.

This week, for example, organizers of the Fridays for Future protests are advising people to stay off the streets and post photos and messages on social media in a wave of digital strikes.

“We are people who listen to the scientists and it would be hypocritical of us to not treat this as a crisis,” said Saoi O’Connor, a 17-year-old Fridays for Future organizer from Cork, Ireland.

Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swedish activist who inspired the Friday youth protest group, last week stayed at home and tweeted a photo of herself and her two dogs, with a message calling on protesters to “take it online.”

Similarly, a coalition of climate movements had planned huge protests around commemorations for the 50th annual Earth Day in April. Those have now been canceled or moved online. One group, Earth Initiative and March for Science New York City, plans to live-stream speakers and performers at an online event.

Dominique Palmer, 20, a Fridays for Future organizer in Britain, acknowledged the challenges of protesting online. Hashtags and snappy videos are good, she said, but really making an impact will require more work. Twitter protests in which activists send out messages aimed directly at selected officials, and phone-banking, in which they telephone them en masse, are two of the ideas under consideration.

The new strategy marks a sharp turnaround for climate activists. A year ago this month, more than a million youth activists took to the streets worldwide in a global day of climate action.

It also comes at a crucial time. With a presidential election in the United States this year, activists had hoped to raise the profile of climate change on the public agenda. And, just days after the election, world leaders are scheduled to gather in Glasgow for United Nations-led climate talks where presidents and prime ministers will face pressure to get more ambitious about reining in greenhouse gas emissions. …..

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USA campaign in Count the Nuclear Weapons Money global movement

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13-15 September 2019 – International Uranium Film Festival in Portugal

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New Hampshire citizens’ group to monitor radiation emanating from the Seabrook Power plant.

Group looks to monitor Seabrook power plant radiation, By 

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6th June- world premiere of movie ‘The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons’

Beyond Nuclear 2nd June 2019 , At 7pm, on the 6thof June, at the Village East Cinema, in Lower Manhattan,
Pressenza International Press Agency, of which I am a co-director, will
host the World Premiere of our new documentary on the Treaty to Prohibit
Nuclear Weapons.

The title, The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons, is
a reference to the speech made by Setsuko Thurlow to the assembled throng
of dignitaries and International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN)
campaigners, during her Nobel Laureate Speech in December 2017 when the
Peace Prize was awarded to ICAN. The film charts the story of the
development of the atomic bomb through to the negotiations to prohibit
nuclear weapons, and is told through the interventions of 14 people whose
roles have been key in the fields of activism and diplomacy.

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Chernobyl- Survival & the Future: Professor Kate Brown

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Anti-nuclear protesters plan a “die-in” outside Westminster Abbey

Daily Mirror 30th April 2019 . Anti-nuclear protesters plan a “die-in” outside Westminster Abbey this week as a service marking the 50th anniversary of Britain’s
submarine-based missile system is held. Prince William, Government
ministers, military top brass and Royal Navy veterans will pack the London
landmark for a ceremony heralding a half century since Operation Relentless
was launched. But some 180 Church leaders have signed a demand calling on
the Dean of Westminster Abbey to “urgently reconsider” the tribute.
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament general secretary Kate Hudson said:
“Surely Westminster Abbey must now realise it has made a very serious
error of judgement.

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ACTION ALERTS – Support two American Veterans for Peace arrested in Ireland and the Kings Bay Plowshares.

 APRIL 8 & 9 – TAKE ACTION TO GET KEN AND TARAK HOME!   Nuclear Resister, 

Ken Mayers and Tarak Kauff, two American members of Veterans for Peace, were arrested at Ireland’s Shannon Airport on March 17 after entering the airfield to inspect and investigate an OMNI Air International plane on contract to the U.S. military. The pair were refused bail in Ennis District Court the following day. They were granted bail at a later court hearing, and released from Limerick Prison on March 29 pending trial. Their passports were taken and they were ordered to stay away from airports. The men are currently not able to leave Ireland before their trial. An April 4 court hearing was postponed until May 8, and they were not able to raise the issue of being allowed to return to the U.S.


People are asked to make calls, letters and visits to Irish Embassies and Consulates, the State Department, and elected officials on April 8 and 9 so that these institutions experience a flood of support for Tarak and Ken and protest against U.S. military flights through Shannon Airport. Letters to the editor of your local paper are also important.

Ask that Tarak and Ken be allowed to return home to the U.S. until their trial, which is months if not years away. Being forced to stay in Ireland amounts to punishment before being convicted, and not being allowed to return home is damaging to their health, their finances and their families. The two U.S. veterans were arrested trying to get the Irish government to enforce the law and end illegal U.S. military flights (including rendition flights) through Shannon Airport, and stop Ireland’s complicity in the illegal U.S. wars in the Middle East.

See “Action Points” here ( for details on who to call, and click on “Talking Points” here ( for Ed Horgan’s detailed notes about why Ireland should not be allowing the U.S. flights through Shannon. Under the “Resources” link here ( are samples of letters to the Irish Embassy, Secretary of State Pompeo, and to local newspaper editors.

* Call the Irish Embassy and consulates in the U.S. (click here ( for a listing).
* Call the State Department: To comment to the State Dept, call 1(202) 647-6575, then press 8. Prepare your short message first, in case you get the machine. If you get a person, engage.
* Call your senators and representatives, especially if you are in New York or New Mexico, where Tarak and Ken are constituents.
* Write a letter and deliver it in person to your local Irish consulate or embassy (see sample letters here ( ).
* Organize a vigil at your local Irish consulate or embassy.
* Write letters and op ed pieces for your local newspapers.

More information is posted at (


One year ago, on April 4, 2018, seven Catholic nuclear disarmament activists entered Georgia’s Kings Bay Trident nuclear submarine base with banners, crime scene tape, hammers and an indictment charging the U.S. government for crimes against peace. Three of the seven Kings Bay Plowshares (Elizabeth McAlister, Fr. Steve Kelly and Mark Colville) remain in jail in Brunswick, Georgia; four are out on bond with ankle monitors (Patrick O’Neill, Carmen Trotta, Clare Grady and Martha Hennessy). They are waiting for the court’s decision on motions for dismissal of their charges based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.


A global petition has been launched in support of the Kings Bay Plowshares, calling for their charges to be dismissed and for a renewal of the movement to abolish nuclear weapons. Please join several Nobel peace laureates and others, and sign the petition now! Click here ( to sign.


Email: (
Website: (
Instagram: (

Please support imprisoned anti-nuclear and anti-war activists – The Nuclear Resister needs YOU!

The Nuclear Resister is a bare bones operation that depends on grassroots support to chronicle anti-nuclear and anti-war resistance, and support the women and men in prison for their acts of conscience. We need your help to continue this work – please read more here ( !! Or go directly here (  to make a secure online donation and find information about how to send a check.  Each and every donation, large or small, will be gratefully received – thank you!

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