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Future for renewable energy looking good in USA and elsewhere

Whatever the outcome of the upcoming mid-term elections in the country, [USA] the present momentum to create renewable energy opportunities looks likely to have broad bipartisan support….Even as the country was combating the downsizing of its economy and the job losses spawned by it, “more renewable energy capacity was installed than conventional fossil or nuclear power stations,” according to a recent report by Bank Sarasin, the Swiss financial institution.

Bright future for renewable energy Not only US and Europe are creating opportunities but also rest of the world gulfnews  By Manoj Nair,  October 24, 2010 Dubai : Barack Obama might have been less than enthusiastic recently about installing new solar panels at the White House, but this has in no way deterred the US from committing a growing cache in alternate energy resources. Continue reading


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Local solar air conditioning system makes sense in a warming climate

In the end dry and the sun is used to process the cooling meaning using no electricity as compared to conventional air conditioning systems, low energy consumption mean less greenhouse gas and the gas that is used in the solar cooling system is greenhouse neutral, conventional air conditioning systems use a lot of energy and contribute to global warming,

Solar air conditioning for your home | All Cooling Systems , October 20th, 2010 by: coily Using the sun to cool your home or office will provide great cooling, savings and is environmentally friendly, this systems does not use the grid…….. Continue reading

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What kind of nuclear material goes through Canada’s Welland Canal?

Candidate’s nuclear claim still uncertain, Election 2010 – Municipalities Thorold mayoral race,  St. Catharines Standard – Ontario, CA, 25 Oct 10, A Thorold candidate’s claim that nuclear warheads pass through the Welland Canal has been sunk by the Canadian navy, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something afloat.

During a mayoral debate last week, candidates were asked about nuclear waste coming through the canal.Jim Handley quipped there were already warships armed with nuclear warheads passing through…

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Information on nuclear weapons radiation kept from the public

The passage of the Atomic Energy Act in the US empowered that State to control, to the point of prohibition, public discussion of relevant information….The bulk of the world’s population, East and West, suffered from an imposed ignorance about the nature of nuclear weapons and radiation……

Radio-phobia « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 25 Oct 10, “…….. the Soviet Union built an elaborate, multi-layered system of denial and deception, the main elements of which included the restriction of access to nuclear facilities and personnel, strict information protection measures, an enhanced counterintelligence posture, and technical countermeasures…..”

Of course the methodology described above applies equally to all other nuclear powers. The control of nuclear information was not simply motivated by the desire to thwart the enemy. Such control was an important measure in the effort to keep domestic populations controlled and compliant.

Vast tracts of the former USSR remain contaminated. The Soviet victims of this era are now acknowledged by East and West.

The situation in the West is similar. There is a glaring difference however. Western victims are far less likely to be acknowledged in the West than are the Soviet victims.

The story of Lallie Lennon is one example. The contamination of the Hanford site, one of the most contaminated in the world, is another.

In the US there is a guaranteed and defined right to free speech. This is a striking difference between the US and the USSR.

The passage of the Atomic Energy Act in the US empowered that State to control, to the point of prohibition, public discussion of relevant information……

Thus, for example, Dr Linus Pauling, a US citizen, had his passport controlled to the point where he was not able to travel outside of the United States. International pressure induced the US government to suspend its control over the movements of Pauling. As a result he was able to collect the second of his Noble Prizes in person…..

The bulk of the world’s population, East and West, suffered from an imposed ignorance about the nature of nuclear weapons and radiation……

in regard to Nuclear Veterans and vulnerable civilian populations, authorities are still – in my view – lying and denying.No amount of information purporting to show the safety of nuclear reactors and their emissions provides justice to the victims of nuclear testing.

And here there is a rub. A nuclear victim may or may not be an “environmentalist”. It is possible to be an afflicted nuclear veteran who is pro nuclear. And that has to be respected.

Far from being annoyed at technical proofs that are honest and accurate, the veterans community, in my experience, welcomes such proofs….

Radio-phobia « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog

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Syria looking good for renewable energy export project

“Syria’s position is quite strategic, being a bridge between North Africa and Europe. Putting it on Desertec map among 19 countries is the first step for achieving the project,”

Renewable Initiative Puts Syria on Solar and Wind Energy Map, Global Arab Network, 24 Oct 10, Syria (Damascus) – North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean regions, including Syria, are considered as world-best places to be used as farms to produce electricity out of sunrays or wind energy in desert areas. Continue reading

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Israel reveals nuclear reactor with military and espionage purposes

Former US President Jimmy Carter says Israel has a nuclear arsenal that includes between 200 and 300 warheads. Decades of recurrent reporting and aerial footage have also established the possession of atomic arms by Israel.

Israel airs nuclear site footage, Press TV, 24 Oct 10, An Israeli television station has for the first time aired footage of an Israeli nuclear reactor used for military and espionage purposes. Continue reading

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Uranium company financed study into impact of uranium mining

The provisional members of the study panel, some of who have been challenged because of their ties to mining or the nuclear-power industry,….Jack Dunavant, chairman of the anti-uranium Southside Concerned Citizens, said he has little confidence in the National Academy study because Virginia Uranium is financing it.

Study will gauge impact of Virginia uranium mining,, By STEVE SZKOTAK Associated Press Writer, October 24, 2010 A one-year study intended to assess the statewide consequences of uranium mining in Virginia begins this week when a National Academy of Sciences panel convenes for two days in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

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U.S. ambassador sheds doubt on Bulgaria’s nuclear plant

Bulgaria: US Ambassador Questions Feasibility of Belene Nuclear Plant – – Sofia News Agency, 24 Oct 10, US Ambassador James Warlick has expressed misgivings about the feasibility of Bulgaria’s planned second nuclear plant at Belene.”There are two questions that Bulgaria must ask itself – if the Belene NPP is an economically feasible project, and, second, if it provides Bulgaria and the entire region with energy security. I am not sure that there are answers to these questions. We are talking about billions of leva here, and the decisions that will be made with respect to Belene will affect Bulgaria’s energy system for decades to come,” Warlick said on the Bulgarian National Radio Sunday……Bulgaria: US Ambassador Questions Feasibility of Belene Nuclear Plant – – Sofia News Agency

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