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Nuclear power simply cannot be relied on.

CNIC (accessed) 3rd Dec 2020, Nuke Infor Tokyo, November December now available. Includes articles on:  METI and NUMO’s Fiasco Applications by two municipalities in Hokkaido to host a nuclear dump actually highlight a massive failure by the Japanese
government; CNIC Statement: We condemn the hasty decision to restart Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2; Cultivation trials using contaminated soil with no soil cover
Demonstration Project to compare cultivation with and without soil cover in Nagadoro District, Iitate Village; Nuclear power simply cannot be relied on.
At present only one of the nine nuclear reactors in Japan that have been judged to be in compliance with the new regulatory standards are operating

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Small Modular Reactors would create a Large Problem of Nuclear Wastes

Nuclear has fewer emissions than other sources of power? Think again!  Evelyn Gigantes, Ottawa, Wed., Dec. 2, 2020   – “Nuclear a source of clean energy, waste still a problem to be solved, “

There is more than one problem with nuclear (energy).

It is not true that nuclear produces no carbon emissions once it is in operation. The problem is not just the highly dangerous waste, itself, but the fact that dealing with the waste would necessarily involve enormous amounts of machine-handled waste packaging, transportation, construction and maintenance, each of which would produce significant carbon emissions.

To claim that the “only” problem with nuclear is the unsolved waste problem is to sneakily promote more nuclear development: witness the new campaign by the nuclear industry and its backers to start a new building program of so-called SMRs (small modular reactors), some fuelled by recycled high-level nuclear fuel waste and producing more radioactive waste than current CANDU reactors.

You think we have waste problems now?


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Nuclear reactors are NOT clean, and NOT zero-emission

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30-day public consultation about UK’s Sizewell nuclear reactor project

BBC 18th Nov 2020, Bosses behind a new nuclear power station have told local communities they
are “listening” after making “important” changes to the plans. The
government is close to approving construction of Sizewell C in Suffolk. EDF
Energy has pledged to increase rail and sea deliveries during construction
and reduce the plant’s impact on local beauty spots. Alison Downes from the
Stop Sizewell C campaign said the project was “ridiculously expensive”. A
30-day public consultation starts on Wednesday.

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Biden Transition Announcements largely skirt nuclear power, waste issues

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U.S. Nuclear Bomb Overseer Quits After Clash With Energy Chief

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Renewables, not nuclear, are the solution, for a cleaner world.

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Small nuclear reactors pose a financial danger to municipalities – Utah Taxpayers Association

“……….The Utah Taxpayers Association doesn’t have a stance on nuclear energy, but it opposes the possible financial risks to municipalities involved in the project, said Vice President Rusty Cannon.

“We don’t think these municipal power companies should be acting as seed investors essentially,” he said.

Cannon said his organization, which has led opposition to the initiative in Utah, is concerned that the costs of a ballooning nuclear test run will be tossed onto the Utah cities investing in the project, or more broadly, onto taxpayers.

“We understand that these municipal power companies need to plan for baseload power in the long term,” he said. “We just feel like if this project is going to succeed, it should be funded by private money.”

The criticisms from the association’s webpage call on citizens to urge their elected officials to withdraw from the project, and Cannon said quite a few have. The association evokes a string of failed or heavily delayed nuclear power projects across the country…….

“………..As the project seeks more subscribers, Webb said UAMPS is hyperaware that failure of the project could have widespread repercussions.

“This does represent the next generation of nuclear,” Webb said. “Many, many people are watching it very carefully because if this project isn’t successful then it does set back new nuclear.” From NevadaCurrent, 30 Oct 20,  Two Nevada towns among those betting on ‘new nuclear’

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Nearly 30 US states see renewables generate more power than either coal or nuclear coal  

Nearly 30 US states see renewables generate more power than either coal or nuclear coal      Nationwide, renewables accounted for 20.8% of US electrical generation during the first eight months of 2020, ahead of 19.4% from nuclear and 18.4% from coal, Energy Live News 30 Oct 20, 

These figures have been revealed in a SUN DAY Campaign analysis of newly-released data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), which shows utility-scale biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind plants provided more electricity than coal in 27 states and Washington, DC.  ……

The SUN DAY Campaign’s Executive Director Ken Bossong said: “Falling wind and solar costs, renewable portfolio standards, and ever-greater concerns about climate change, are driving a transition away from coal and nuclear power in a majority of the states.

“If current patterns continue – or even accelerate – it will not be many years more before coal and and nuclear are relegated to niche markets by the mix of renewable energy sources.” Live News,

nuclear are relegated to niche markets by the mix of renewable energy source

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Irish government welcomes 50th ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Statement by (Irish) Minister on the 50th Ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Irish Dept of Foreign Affairs 25th Oct 2020, I am pleased that the 50th instrument of ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was deposited yesterday, meaning the Treaty will enter into force on 22 January

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Ukraine on the Brink: Transforming Ukraine’s nuclear cities

Ukraine on the Brink: Transforming Ukraine’s nuclear cities,  26 Oct 20 This episode of the Ukraine on the Brink series shares the stories of the Ukrainians who are bringing green energy to two of Ukraine’s most well-known nuclear cities – Chornobyl and Slavutych. These innovative and ambitious solar energy projects are a ray of hope for the future of sustainable energy in Ukraine…… (Subscribers only)

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One hundred thousand years. Bure or the buried scandal of nuclear waste

France Culture 17th Oct 2020 The journalists Pierre Bonneau and Gaspard d’Allens publish “One hundred thousand years. Bure or the buried scandal of nuclear waste”, an edifying investigation in the form of a comic strip, a co-edition La Revue Dessinée and Le Seuil.

One hundred thousand years. Bure or the buried scandal of nuclear waste , it is the title of a comic strip published this week, a
comic resulting from the investigation of two journalists in this communeof the Meuse, which is the subject of a political battle virulent between the State and the inhabitants of the village and its surroundings for manyyears. How dangerous is nuclear waste? What is the limit between subjectivity and activism and why do a comic book survey?

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Would careerist politicians allow nuclear weapons to remain in Scotland?

Would careerist politicians allow nuclear weapons to remain in Scotland? Hamish Kirk  21 Oct 20,  “SET date to get Trident out of Scotland” said your headline on Tuesday. Like many others I pin my hopes for a nuclear-free Scotland on the government of a soon-to-be independent Scotland. I am sure that I am not alone.

Nor am I alone in having fears that some of us will do a deal to lease Faslane to London and Nato. Of late, ripples have started to appear in the political water, with commentators like Trevor Royle and Gerry Hassan suggesting that a deal could be done to lease Faslane to London and allow them to park their nuclear obscenities there indefinitely.

Nato has fans on our territory, and it would not take much to buy out some of the careerists I see exercising political power in Holyrood and Westminster.

Those who were very keen to endorse Nato will be at the front of the queue to sign a lease on Faslane. Let me ask two simple questions: “What is Nato for?” and “Why do we need nuclear weapons?”


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Why nuclear power is unsustainable.

Dragon Trailz (accessed) 18th Oct 2020, Why Nuclear Power Is Unsustainable. I’ve collated some resources here outlining why nuclear power is neither safe, sustainable, nor low carbon.
Of late, forceful lobbying from the nuclear industry has attempted to frame nuclear power as a solution for our future energy provision needs. The evidence suggests otherwise. New nuclear power is the most expensive form of electricity generation, with long lead times and many modern reactor builds running well over budget.
There has also been a major push to try and insert nuclear energy into the ‘Net Zero’ discourse, an increasingly confusing and corporatised conversation. These resources should help to debunk narratives that are pushed through mainstream media and by politicians who are still stuck in Cold War era thinking.

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Nuclear waste – a danger for countless generations to come

The World’s Growing Nuclear Waste Dilemma, Oil Price, By Haley Zaremba – Oct 15, 2020,

”……….Just last month, the World Nuclear Industry Status Report showed the shocking statistic that nuclear is now the most expensive form of power generation in the world, with the sole exception of gas peaking plants.

And then there’s the issue of nuclear waste, and it’s not a minor one. Around the world, radioactive waste is piling up, and managing it is a huge expense, not to mention a public health risk of massive proportions if not handled appropriately. Spent nuclear fuel is so hazardous because the waste, in particular uranium and plutonium, is highly radioactive with a half-life that will outlast all of us.

Recently, different nuclear-powered countries around the world have been pursuing “final disposal sites” for their nuclear waste. This process consists of converting this radioactive waste into a kind of glass via a process known as vitrification. This glass will then be stored inside of stainless steel vessels that will be kept in a pool to maintain a cool temperature until they are finally transferred to their final resting place deep underground, where they will remain undisturbed until their amount of radioactivity has decreased to a level that they can be handled safely–a period of time anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 years. …….

controversy in Japan is directly related to that nation’s particular history to be sure, but it is part of a global problem. Nuclear waste is not just a hazard for ourselves, but for countless generations to come, and we cannot afford to be cavalier with its management. Finding a place for the spent nuclear fuel that has already been created by generations past and that yet to be produced cannot be rushed or thrust upon those who do not want it but have no power to refuse it. Final disposal sites are certainly a step forward but Japan shows us that they’re also, ultimately, a flawed solution.

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