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Accident in the Hinkley Point site area

Somerset Live 20th Jan 2020, There have been multiple reports this evening of severe delays around the Hinkley Point site after a serious crash in the area. Emergency services including an air ambulance are reported to have attended the scene this evening, Monday, January 20.

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Watch the 2020 Doomsday Clock Announcement on January 23

Watch the 2020 Doomsday Clock Announcement on January 23By Gayle Spinazze, January 8, 2020  The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will host a live international news conference at 10 a.m. EST/1500 GMT on Thursday, January 23, 2020, to announce the 2020 time of the Doomsday Clock. The news conference will take place at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Watch the announcement live on our website or on our Facebook page……….

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Nuclear industry in terminal decline – over to solar and wind

Nuclear Futures, Oil Price 18th Jan 2020
Nuclear energy has been on the decline in much of the world (with some notable exceptions in the nuclear-friendly administrations in China and Russia). This is not new news.
Now, however, Chatham House, the UK’s Royal Institution of International Affairs, has taken things a step further by taking the official stance that nuclear will never be a serious contender as a solution to catastrophic climate change.
As paraphrased by environmental news site EcoWatch, the energy experts at Chatham House “agreed that despite continued enthusiasm from the industry, and from some politicians, the number of nuclear power stations under construction worldwide would not be enough to replace those closing down.”
The consensus was that this is nuclear’s swan song, and we are now
unequivocally entering the era of wind and solar power.

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Nuclear weapons are an existential threat and intertwined with the climate threat

Guardian 16th Jan 2020

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EDF’s dubious plan to finance Sizewell C nuclear build will actually increase costs

Dave Toke’s Blog 13th Jan 2020, EDF say they want to start building Sizewell C in 2022 because they will save money through transferring staff from building Hinkley C.
This sounds  a very dubious argument for the simple reason that building another two units of their ‘European Pressurised Reactor’ (EPR) at the same time as Hinkley will put even greater pressure on staff resources – which are very scarce in the highly specialised nuclear industry – and lead to increased

problems and costs, not savings.

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Expensive but necessary – to protect nuclear reactors from cyber threats

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Nuclear weapons systems don’t make either Russians or Americans safer

Is Russia’s 100-Megaton Nuclear Torpedo More Trouble Than Its Worth? The National Interest, Lyle J. Goldstein, The National Interest•January 8, 2020

Key Point: The development of new weapons systems may benefit the military-industrial complex, but they don’t benefit the safety of Russians or Americans.

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Nuclear’s ‘safe and green’ image is the industry’s devious hoax

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Trump’s push for lofty nuclear treaty sparks worry over current deal

Trump’s push for lofty nuclear treaty sparks worry over current deal, MPR News Franco Ordoñez, January 1, 2020 President Trump and his Russian counterpart have the coming year to deal with an expiring nuclear treaty that will lapse just after the end of his first term…..

Experts say reaching a trilateral deal within a year is highly unlikely. And some worry that Trump’s focus on a bigger deal risks upending the existing treaty with Russia, which could lead to a new arms race. …..

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Dr David Lowry corrects the false argument about nuclear power being “carbon free”

David Lowry’s Blog 28th Dec 2019, David Lowry letter to FT. Your correspondent Dr John Law from the Clean Energy Revolution organization makes a very similar erroneous argument as he did three months ago in an earlier letter.Both repeat the false arguments promoting presumed low carbon emission benefits of nuclear power deployment made by Dr James E. Hansen and his colleagues in another recent letter you published.
Dr Hansen is a brilliant analyst of the atmospheric climate change problem, but his suggested solution of more nuclear power is demonstrably misguided/ Both old nuclear power plants as mentioned by Dr Law, and new nuclear plants advocated by Prof Hansen require uranium fuel.
Uranium is energy intensive in its mining, milling, enrichment and fuel
fabrication, all carbon emission-rich processes.

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Ignoring or downplaying serious environmental risks of nuclear power does not remove the objective danger

FT 12th Dec 2019, Letter David Lowry: I read your report “EU agrees rule book for green investments” on the newly established EU “taxonomy for sustainable activities” for investment in energy, and found it extraordinary that
nuclear energy has been included under a categorisation that screens
options under a “do no harm principle”, which was pushed for by MEPs.
Do these MEPs and European Commission’s energy directorate officials not
remember the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, which has cost more than
€500bn in clean-up costs and lost land utility in Ukraine, Belarus,
Russia and several western European countries including the UK and Austria?
Do they not recall the more recent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe in
2011, which is still radioactively polluting the Pacific Ocean, and would
have bankrupted its owner-operator Tepco if the Japanese government had not stepped in and bailed out the company with taxpayers’ money?
Ignoring or downplaying serious environmental risks of nuclear power — as do the three University of Cambridge academics, along with their Finnish research professor colleague — does not remove the objective danger. It just
misleads elected decision makers.

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In Fukui Prefecture, 101 officials received gifts from former deputy mayor of town that hosts a nuclear plant.

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Donald Trump’s impulsiveness may play right into Kim Jong Un’s hands

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Erdogan’s Ambitions Go Beyond Syria. He Says He Wants Nuclear Weapons.

“Some countries have missiles with nuclear warheads,” he told a meeting of his ruling party in September. But the West insists “we can’t have them,” …….(Subscribers only)

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News media -Don’t call nuclear power “clean” or “green”

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