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In Britain, Nuclear power is now recognised as not economically viable

Ecologist 18th July 2018 Nuclear power is now recognised as not economically viable. This confirms
that renewable energy really does deserve its place in the sun, argues Bruce Davis, the managing director of Abundance Investment.

The UK has long been a welcoming habitat for a number of white elephants. Normally, these
rare and massive beasts roam freely, grazing on political expediency. However, now and again their existence is threatened by outbreaks of political honesty and economic necessity.

This week saw calls for the humane culling of one species of white elephant in particular, namely our
political obsession with nuclear energy. This is an obsession that continues despite the industry’s inability to reduce the risks of construction, costs of production and – most importantly – find a sustainable and morally acceptable way to deal with long-term storage of radioactive waste.


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Britain could lead the world by signing up to UN nuclear weapons ban

UK must take lead on nuclear weapons, Guardian The tide towards annihilation can be turned if the political will is there, writes CND general secretary Kate Hudson, 17 July 18 “… the use of a nuclear weapons is now more likely than at any time since the cold war. Billions are being spent on modernising superpower nuclear arsenals. The old “deterrence” myth – that they will never be used – is still being deployed, but at the same time Trump is unveiling plans for new “usable” nuclear weapons, and outlining more scenarios in which to use them.

With Trump’s tearing up of the Iran nuclear deal, the dangers of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East are increasing. The possibility of denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula hangs on a thread – a return to threat and counter-threat is an ever-present danger, with potentially catastrophic consequences. But this tide towards annihilation can be turned if the political will is there. Maybe we can’t expect that from the trigger-happy US president, but we should demand it from our own government.

It’s a year since the UN general assembly voted overwhelmingly to support a treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. The UK government has poured scorn on it, but this is a very real global initiative that presents a way out of the accelerating nuclear crisis.

There is much talk of Britain’s standing in the world. This is a way in which Britain could genuinely lead: by supporting the treaty and helping to end the impasse between nuclear weapons states. We ask this of our government, because without such an initiative, the threat of destruction will only grow.

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Beatrice Fihn explains why nuclear weapons are a scam

 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. By Elisabeth Eaves, July 5, 2018  A year ago, a majority of the world’s countries—122 of them—voted to enact a treaty with the highly ambitious goal of abolishing nuclear weapons entirely. To the treaty’s critics, it wasn’t so much ambitious as foolish, counterproductive, or irrelevant. But proponents and critics alike can at least agree that it was unprecedented. While the community of nations had banned other weapons designed to mass-murder civilians with little controversy—with the Biological Weapons Convention in 1975 and the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1997—until 2017, would-be nuke-launchers were free of such inconveniences. Yes, Russia and the United States had downsized their stockpiles under bilateral deals, and there existed an agreement that supposedly committed nuclear and non-nuclear states alike to work toward disarmament, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which entered into force in 1970. But by last year, Moscow and Washington were expensively updating their atomic arsenals, and no one seemed to be treating that disarmament clause very seriously.

The global movement for an outright ban on nuclear weapons coalesced around 2010 with rumblings from parties typically voiceless in nuclear negotiations: Survivors of nuclear weapons and testing, plus civilians from all over who observed that any nuclear conflagration would kill and injure millions of people who had nothing to do with whatever sparked it. Which struck them as unfair, and worth fixing. But these rumblings might not have fused into the powerful movement they became without the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), the consortium of organizations that led the drive to create the new ban treaty. And ICAN wouldn’t be the same without Beatrice Fihn, the 35-year-old Swede who has led the organization since 2013, and accepted last year’s Nobel Peace Prize on its behalf. Fihn played an important role in rallying those 122 countries, even as the United States, Britain, and other nuclear-armed governments pressured allies and small nations to vote “no.”

On a recent Monday night, Fihn spoke to the Bulletin by telephone from Geneva after putting her children to bed. It had been a period of whiplash for anyone following nuclear affairs. The United States had just pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal under, even though Iran was complying with its terms. And after trading nuclear threats, the leaders of the United States and North Korea were about to meet for a summit in Singapore. Not that things were exactly boring before that, what with North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests and other countries’ nuclear-weapons modernization programs. “It’s been crazy the last two years,” Fihn said.

She is the first to acknowledge that the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (the TPNW, or simply the “ban treaty”) has now entered a more plodding phase. After all the high-profile excitement of UN negotiations, the diplomats went home and national governments set about signing and ratifying the treaty. It cannot enter into force until 50 nations have ratified; so far 59 have signed and only 10 have ratified. She is not discouraged—“parliaments don’t work that fast,” she says—and fully expects entry into force by September, 2019.

In this interview, Fihn shares her thoughts on why the United States really pulled out of the Iran deal, how Trump and Kim have shifted global attitudes to nuclear weapons, the responsibilities of “umbrella states” who accept Washington’s nuclear protection, and the ultimate impact she expects the new ban treaty to have. We need to solve the nuclear weapon problem, she believes, because we have even “bigger things” coming up: fully autonomous weapons and artificial intelligence. ……..

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Hungarian nuclear plant spent 7.2 million euros on advertising itself in two years.

Atlatszo 5th July 2018

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£19.6bn Hinkley Point project’s main purpose is to subsidise Trident nuclear submarines.

 Guardian 5th July 2018 , Alicia Hull: If tidal energy cannot be allowed without the
possibility and costs of storage being certain, how is it that nuclear has
been allowed when the costs and feasibility of storing the used fuel for
countless lifetimes is equally unknown and likely to be much higher?

He describes tidal energy as intermittent, when it is regular and very
suitable as a base power source. In contrast, he describes nuclear power as
consistent when this is far from the truth.

Quite apart from their hopeless record on delivery dates, rising costs and concern that they will work,
they’re also offline from time to time. The station at Sizewell is offline
for maintenance for five to six weeks every 18 months. By November last
year there had been 16 planned outages.

But there had also been unplanned
outages when dangerous faults have been identified. The most likely, it
seems the only, motivation for using nuclear power is its link to Trident.

Electricity customers will be subsiding its cost. Prof Andy Stirling and Dr
Phil Johnstone from the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University
write that the £19.6bn Hinkley Point project will “maintain a largescale
national base of nuclear-specific skills” without which there is concern
“that the costs of UK nuclear submarine capabilities could be

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Members of U.S. Congress to tour Yucca Mountain nuclear site 

Reno Gazette Journal Associated Press  July 5, 2018  LAS VEGAS — Members of Congress are set to tour next week the site of a dormant nuclear waste dump at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain as they aim to restart a licensing process and eventually store nuclear waste there.

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July 17 Public meeting on Oyster Creek nuclear plant decommissioning

Public meeting on Oyster Creek nuclear plant decommissioning, MICHELLE BRUNETTI POST Staff Writer

    Jul 4, 2018  LACEY TOWNSHIP — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will hold a public meeting July 17 to discuss the $1.4 billion, 60-year plan for decommissioning the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generation Station here.

The plant is due to close for good Sept. 17, after operating for about 50 years.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the Lacey Township Community Hall, 101 N. Main St., in Forked River.

Under the SAFESTOR plan chosen by owner Exelon Generation Co., plant shutdown and defueling will start Sept. 17 and finish Sept. 30.

That would be followed by about 1.5 years of preparing for 55 years of dormancy, during which time spent fuel would be stored in wet pools for five years, then moved to dry storage and ultimately removed to a facility approved by the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Exelon submitted the Oyster Creek Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report to the NRC on May 21.  A copy of the report is available on the NRC website in the electronic documents section, ADAMS accession number ML18141A775.

    NRC will accept public comments on the report until Sept. 10. A Federal Register notice provides more information. Mail comments to: May Ma, Office of Administration, Mail Stop: TWFN-7-A60M, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001.

    Contact: 609-272-7219

    Twitter @MichelleBPost

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In America, Fascism is Here to Stay – opinion contributor

Ken, opinion contributor  30 June 18 There is little, if nothing, to stop the madness in America now. Fascism is here to stay. The courts are captured, the legislature. Nuclear waste shipments course through america on interstates. At least 60 or 70 reactors are to the point, where any one of them could fail. Trumps reaction, is to extend them, make them less safe, subsidize them, and cut-back, oversight on them. That is fascism. That is america.

There are nuclear catastrophes going on at the St Louis Dump. In Lake Mead. At Hanford. At several reactors and waste sites. In our households, from the highly radioactive water we drink.

There are 20 yo, 30yo, 40 and 50 yo reactors, that are leaking like a sieve, that are on the verge of melt downs, all over the United States. Fuel pools that could loose coolant and burn the most radioactive aubstances into to air for thousands of miles dispersal. Huge radioactive waste containers, blowing up in Idaho.

Trumps answer is to not watch them at all. Allow the owners to monitor their safety. Even when people manifest acute radiation sickness, the fascists will lie.

Will americans do anythhing about the grotesque nuclear hell both america and japan are in now. The despicable fascist govts that have taken over in this depressionary economy where 50% are impoverished and things are and will get worse under the current blatantly, fascist regime?

Look at china: A totalitarian country where Every truckdriver in red china went on strike last week! The totalitarian government, in China did not crackdon on the truck drivers.  The Chinese Government  did the exact opposite. They sat down with the truckers.Their demands are being met,
efficently and pretty thuroughly because, the Chinese  have a dynamic economy. They have hope.

Things are so ugly, amoral and brutal in america now. A man like trump would be likely to call out the troops and call for a crackdown if there were a general truckers strike, in America now.  His ugly supporters would cheer it on

Americans are consumed by smart phones, computers, the internet, twitter.  They in the stranglehold of the bogus tech crapo social platforms. Completely distracted by  gaslighting mind-warped self indulgence and twitter trolls.  Even as everything around us is falling apart. Our livlihoods, our futures, our children’s future, our health, our environment.

Things do not look well.  This country, is held under a very tight vice grip of banality, poverty, insecurity and insanity right now.  Most people are too stupid and pretzle brainwashed to get it. There are multiple prongs to a few multifaceted propaganda machines , controled by EVER fewer puppetmasters.

There is emerging, the very serious and real threat of a machine of terror.  People are not stirring to the bloody realities and horrors of this threat, in any real ways.

I do not hold any illusions about the motives of the fascists , after what happened this week. I could see it coming, when many were deluded into thinking trump, was anything other than a totalitarian psychopath.
Concentration camps for children. Extremists calling for rightwing death squads to kill jornalists. Rightwing fascists, jingoists and nazis, calling for rallys and death squads to kill young people. To kill people on a much grander scale than charlottesville. If that happened it might be an ignition point.

Rightwing deathsquads, massacering people in homeless camps,  may not do much to start demonstrations. It is because, so many americans,  have become amoral . They have become desensitized, to most of the brutal cruelty that is emerging in America. Uncaring, about the mass murder and bombing, carried out by our military, for some time in other parts of the empire and, the world.

Only the more humanistic elements of this society seem to care, at this point. They are actively engaging others about it. They seem to be getting support in a plurality, outside of what is left of mainstream white society.

Perhaps some grotequely, racially motivated atrocity could mobilize that group to the streets and, young people would follow.

During the sixties there were leaders like martin luther king to provide a template for protest and chenge. The young white people, had a very strong impetus to lay down in the cogs of the machine . To try and stop it, or slow it down. That is  because of the depredations of the senseless imperial war in Vietnam.

Although america is mostly controlled by whites now, the fascists are actively and brutally repressing and suppressing a very large, and  diverse part of the population.

The fascists have to play the ugliest race and bigotry cards possible. That is because, this is a depressionary economy where 40% or more, whites included, are in serious poverty.

The fascists are very good at manipulating the internet. Their blue dog coconspirators are very good at gaslighting the  more employed and comfortable in this society, with the mass media and celebrity. This may account for the amorality and desensitization of whites and and others, that are not rightly the ruling class.

The fake celebrity, the  three card monty games, the blue dog media and republican play on them, takes the spotlight, off the open brutality and corrupt evil that has now overtaken us.

Many able bodied people, who could take to the streets are in a fish bowl, where they think nothing will happen to them and the system will right itself

At the same time, trump and the Republican wrecking crew,  are actively destroying everything most americans have cherished and held close to their hearts, for years. By killing off the last of endengered bison, bears, cats, wolverines here and in Alaska. By destroying all commons, public education, national parks, what is left of the middle class.

They  are gutting their access to healthcare. Gutting social security. Gutting medicare. Gutting access to affordable housing to their children and the elderly. The elderly who are becoming homeless, are bowled over by the christofascist bullshit. When people do become homeless, they are neutralized.

The fascists gave trillions of tax cuts, to the billionaires and corporations. They are subsidizing, the absolute poisoning and polluting of our country.  Doing so with chemicals, coal plants , nuclear plants, trillions on crackpot spacewars farces and further massive military intrigues.

This is a highly effective fascist machine rolling over america.

Many able bodied young people are very concerned about health care. Especially if they have children. Maybe they will act soon. In protest.

Many Americans that are  not doing so well, keeping their heads above water. These folks are so very brainwashed and, amoral at this point. They do not care about Yemen. They do not care about the nuclear buildup. Do not care about losing their medicare and social security. They do not care about the masses of homelessness in the streets. Many could care less, about the the evil of child concentration camps at the border. Even if right wing death squads do start murdering journalists.

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UK: Plaid-Cymru needs to revisit its untenable position on nuclear power

Nation Cymru 28th June 2018 ,Robat Idris: I’ve just returned from Japan as part of a joint Friends of
the Earth Japan/PAWB (People Against Wylfa B) campaign against nuclear.

I saw the ongoing nightmare that is Fukushima – deserted towns, farmland
laid to waste, human tragedies. A similar disaster at Wylfa would be the
end of any hope of a viable Wales – but politicians here discount any
such possibility.

PAWB will host a visit from Fukushima evacuees in July
– so people here can learn what damage nuclear can do. So as an opponent
of Wylfa B who happens to be a Leanne Wood supporter, I welcome her
unambiguous anti-nuclear statement. The untenable position of Plaid on
nuclear is to be revisited. After the Westminster announcement that
“austerity” and privatisation apparently doesn’t apply to nuclear
power at Wylfa, Plaid’s ignoring of the subject in the hope that it would
go away is no longer acceptable.

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British govt clings to the old dream of ‘cheap’ nuclear power: UK environmentalists are not buying it!

Business Green 28th June 2018 Green groups expressed scepticism at the industry’s ability to drive down
costs and challenge increasingly cost-competitive renewables. “Promises
that costs of nuclear power will come down have historically been proved
false over the past 50 years,” said Greenpeace UK’s policy director Doug

“Fortunately for the nuclear industry, the repeated broken promises
have been met by a stream of new or impressionable UK politicians coming
into power and offering to spend taxpayers’ money on bad investments.

Unfortunately for the nuclear industry, most other developed nations have
realised that nuclear power is being outcompeted by cheap renewables, and
have given nuclear either no role at all, or only a bit part, in their
future energy plans.

Only the UK government is left clinging on to the old
fashioned dream of ‘cheap’ nuclear power, unwilling to admit that more
affordable and reliable power is coming from renewables and smart
technology, and without the risks and liabilities that extortionate new
nuclear builds create.”

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Public sessions in North Wales on plans for Wylfa nuclear power station

North Wales Chronicle 28th June 2018 , PEOPLE are being asked for their views on Horizon Nuclear Power Wylfa
Ltd’s permit applications by Natural Resources Wales. The applications
are for three environmental permits and a marine licence, required to build
and operate the proposed nuclear power station on Anglesey. The
consultation period has opened and runs until September 6, 2018. NRW is
holding three public drop-in sessions as part of the process and these are
on: Monday. July 16, 1pm-6.30pm at Storiel, Bangor, LL57 1DT.

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 Climate change: ‘Next generation will bear the cost’    Climate change: ‘Next generation will bear the cost’

The chair of the Climate Change Committee, Lord Deben, has warned that the next generation will have to bear the cost of lowering carbon emissions.

He told Today that due to the Industrial Revolution, Britain is “rich because of that pollution” and the government isn’t doing enough to tackle climate change.

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The STOP URENCO Declaration

Radiation Free Lakeland 26th June 2018 , The STOP URENCO Declaration was read out by dedicated folk who would
hesitate to call themselves Protectors. That is what they are though in a
BIG way. They made the journey to Capenhurst in Cheshire to remind us all
that enough is enough of this nuclear crapola spewing out of the North

Uranium (from which all obscenely long lived nuclear nastiness
derives, up to and including plutonium) is poisoning our land, our seas,
our rivers and even our DNA all courtesy of the civil, military nuclear
industrial complex. Many thousands of tonnes of uranium products including
deadly enriched uranium, nuclear fuel and nuclear wastes travel up and down
(and above!) the length and breadth of our country.

These uranium time bombs are ‘unseen’ ‘not on the radar.” They damn well should be on
the radar, our lives and lives of future generations depend on it and
depend on those brave souls who continue to protest this nuclear crapola
decade after cumulatively poisoned decade. Uranium is enriched here at
Capenhurst as it has been for decades. The enriched uranium is then trucked
to Springfields at the end of Preston New Road to make nuclear fuel and
other nuclear materials for sale worldwide. Russia is they say an
“important” market. Capenhurst and Springfields in the North West of
the UK are Fuelling nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons and nuclear accidents

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Nuclear pollution – genetic effects

Weatherwatch: the nuclear option and rising levels of anxiety   Danger of coastal flooding might make sensible people think …

Nuclear pollution is a genome destroying thing. I guess that people who have never taken genetics or biochemsitry just dont get it. Perhaps they have another agenda. Ignorance being brainwashed and spreadin propaganda memes is no excuse . The greedgut gulpers will all go too. It is a psychotic death spiral. We could use a few less people but i am not for genocide.

Nuclear and radiation is not a culling event it is insane lose-lose extinguishment.People noted no flies for months after three mile island meltown. Same for chernobyl. Whole species of insects extinct there. Considering that radiation and radionuclides cause exponentially increasing destructive heritable mutations in a species, this makes sense. Insects in a space with concentrated cesium 137 or some other shit can breed themselve into extinction in a couble of years or less in places like chernobyl, fukushima, mayak because insects can produce several generations in 1 or 2 years.

It is amazing there are any insects left in the world now. After all the bombs detonated. The numerous undocumented meltdowns.  The radioactive medical waste. Fracking making nuclear waste. 170 million americans drink the most radioactive water in the world!  Thorium welding rods used all over the us that are full blown radionuclide death.   Americium in smoke detectors throughout the world.  Americium being a very close cousin to plutonium in deadliness, radiation, and effects. The millions upon millions  of tons of nuclear waste from uranium, reactors, processing, in landfills, from medical waste bomb making , depleted uranium in the world now. A thousand or more nuclear reactors w 400 being huge nuclear power murder stations and many others in nuke ships. So many hi level nuke fuel pools. Huge nuclear reactors belching out huge amounts of radioactive

Fruit flys mutated into extinction after 10 generations from radiation exposure from hermann muller
Interview with genetecist wertelecki about the  heritability rule of genetic mutation heritability from nuclear radiation mutations that increases with each generation. Will cause extinction a species in 10 generations

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International nuclear decommissioning market will be worth £250bn by 2030,

New Civil Engineer 25th June 2018 , The international nuclear decommissioning market will be worth £250bn by
2030, a senior government figure said.

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