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Ontario PG trying to disguise true costs of Darlington project

OPG trying to disguise true costs of Darlington project ,

Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director

Global News has unearthed some stunning evidence of just how far Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is going to play down the costs of its Darlington Re-build Project.

Global obtained an auditor’s report that called into question a “deliberate management strategy” to attract lowball bids from contractors. Specifically, the auditors questioned how a bid to build a new Heavy Water Storage and Drum Handling Facility was suddenly cut by almost 50% after OPG encouraged contractors to ignore the high likelihood that there might be contaminated soil on the building site (there was).

Of course, attracting lowball quotes has done nothing to keep the actual costs for the storage facility under control. In fact, it is now projected that the final cost may be five times what was originally estimated — $500 million versus a just over $100 million original price tag.

The storage facility for radioactive water is a key part of OPG’s plan to rebuild Darlington, but it is two-and-a-half years behind schedule and already massively over budget.

But what’s a few hundred million in a $12.8 billion budget? That’s the response OPG CEO Jeff Lyash offered in response to the revelations. For OPG, running a few hundred million dollars over budget is just par for the course, it seems, given that every nuclear rebuild project it has ever managed has run massively over budget and behind schedule.

But despite Lyash’s “what, me worry?” response, Global’s digging raises some serious concerns aboutmismanagement and delays on the massive project. Of course, it is Ontario ratepayers (and possibly taxpayers) who will once again pick up the tab for Darlington’s overpriced electricity.

Meanwhile, Quebec’s offer to provide power at one-third the cost of power from the Darlington Re-Buildgathers dust at Queen’s Park. It’s a strange world.

Please contact Premier Wynne and ask her to negotiate a long-term electricity supply contract with Hydro Quebec which will allow us to cancel the Darlington Re-Build Project and lower our electricity bills. Click here to email the Premier ( and PC Leader Patrick Brown (


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Limited options to dispose of San Onofre’s nuclear waste

Travis Rice, Oct 11, 2017 SAN ONOFRE, CA (KGTV) – Millions of pounds of nuclear waste may have to be buried in San Onofre despite public outcry.

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Football in a Russian town, in the shadow of a huge and dangerous nuclear complex

Guardian 7th Oct 2017, If England are looking for self-reflection and meditation, this sleepy
Russian town where they will train during the World Cup next summer could
fit the bill. The 10-minute drive north from their modest accommodation in
the village of Repino, 19 miles from St Petersburg, cuts through birch and
pine forest, the view occasionally punctuated by a large steak restaurant
or a glimpse of the Baltic Sea.

An invisible nuclear threat could be
lurking among the tranquillity, warn scientists and researchers. Across the
Gulf of Finland lies the town of Sosnovy Bor, home to the largest nuclear
cluster in the Baltic Sea region.

Next year, upgrades to the Leningrad
nuclear power plant, as well as the completion of a new nuclear facility,
are expected to go on stream. While they pose no immediate threat to
residents, neither have undergone environmental impact checks, says
physicist Oleg Bodrov, who sits on the board at the Public Council of the
South Coast of the Gulf of Finland, a non-profit organisation concerned
with the local environment.

“If an accident happens, it will take one and
a half hours to reach Repino,” said Bodrov, adding that Russia’s
state-run atomic industry has forfeited safety for economic gain. “Fifa
should take this into account.”

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Financial facts are killing nuclear power

Rising Costs Slow The Growth Of Nuclear Power, Oil Price 

But the story is an illustration of the blind alley in which nuclear power finds itself. The debate is one that is being (or will be) enacted in many other countries that rely on nuclear power as part of their energy mix.

 Eight years behind schedule, HPC should have come on stream by the end of this year, but is not now likely before 2025 at the earliest (and probably later even than that distant date).

In the meantime, repeated delays have added to the costs.

A Rising Price Tag

Now estimated at £19.6 billion ($26 billion), it would be one of the most expensive structures ever built in the U.K. Last year, the British government pushed the financial risk onto French power generator and owner-to-be of the plant EDF Energy as part of a dealthat has already settled on an eyewatering £92.50/MWhr fee for power produced, index linked for 35 years, the Financial Times reported.

Since that part of the agreement was made in 2013, inflation has pushed that figure to over £100/MWhr, the Financial Times reported, compared to offshore wind at £60/MWhr and unsubsidized new natural gas generation at even less.

Never mind the rights and wrongs on how an inept series of U.K. government politicians and civil servants got lobbied into agreeing to such a position. The fact remains no one, probably not even EDF themselves — and certainly not their shareholders — really wants the project to go ahead….

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Climate change action: electric cars make sense only if powered by renewable energy

Guardian 7th Oct 2017, As one of the UK’s renewable energy chiefs has pointed out, electric cars
won’t tackle climate change if they run off fossil fuels.

Matthew Wright, managing director of Dong Energy UK, said that although plug-in cars could
cut local air pollution, it would be a “pyrrhic victory” if they
increased greenhouse gases from coal and gas power stations.

“The fit between renewable energy and electric is a natural [one],” he argued.
E.ON, one of the big-six energy suppliers, agrees: its dedicated new
electric car tariff is supplied with 100% renewable power.

Put simply, the greener the electricity mix, the greener your electric car.

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Louisiana Hurricane Warning!-Florida,Mississi,Alabama-hurricane Nate-

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Japanese nuclear stocks not rising much, even though Tokyo governor denies parliament run 

Japan nuclear stocks lukewarm after Tokyo governor denies parliament run 
Hudson Lockett, 3 Oct 17  Japanese nuclear power companies were making only minor gains on Tuesday after the Tokyo governor who has called for phasing out nuclear energy by 2030 said she was “100 per cent” not running in the upcoming election. Kansai Electric and Kyushu Electric were up just 0.6 per cent, while Tokyo Electric was up just 0.2 per cent and Chugoku Electric Power was off 0.1 per cent Those same stocks had fallen around 5 per cent in response to Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike, whose Party of Hope will challenge prime minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party in the upcoming snap election, declaring her support for phasing out nuclear energy by 2030……..

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Do the UK government’s sums on Hinkley nuclear add up any more ?

Unearthed 29th Sept 2017, Doug Parr: Nuclear power is failing worldwide, it’s time for Hammond to
back away. Across the world investors are turning their backs on the
floundering nuclear industry – with good reason.

Do the UK government’s sums on Hinkley and climate change add up any more? It must be hard being a
civil servant. Think about the gyrations they must perform trying to
justify the UK nuclear power programme.

They cannot allow the mask ofcredibility to slip, otherwise government reasoning would be questioned,
ministerial reputations would be damaged, and uncomfortable discussions
about competence would need to be had. Like acrobats performing without a
safety net, civil servants have to hold tight and maintain a look of calm
poise, even with disaster looming.

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WIPP officials expect rock fall within a month

 LA Monitor By Tris DeRoma, October 2, 2017 Waste Isolation Pilot Plant officials assured the public Thursday that they’ve planned accordingly for a rock fall event in one of the facility’s underground storage rooms. The fall is expected in Room 6 in Panel 7.

According to equipment monitoring the situation, the rock fall should come from the ceiling, and could happen within four to six weeks. The room has been off limits for a year, and it only has radiologically contaminated equipment in it……

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Will $12 billion tax-payer money save Georgia’s dying nuclear project?

Trump Admin. Pours $12 Billion Into Dying Nuclear Energy Project In Georgia, Triple Pundit. by Tina Casey on In a last-ditch attempt to save the struggling Vogtle nuclear energy project in Georgia, the U.S. Department of Energy has just proposed adding another $3.7 billion in loan guarantees to the $8.3 billion load it is already carrying, for a total of $12 billion. In a related move, the Energy Department also proposed a regulatory carve-out that would enable nuclear and coal power plants to continue operating, even if less costly alternatives are available.

That’s quite a bit of over-extension to aid a single industry, and it puts President Trump in a tight spot. After all, he is the chief representative of a political party that advocated long and hard against “picking energy winners and losers” during the Obama Administration.

Nuclear energy as a raison d’être

Before digging into this latest episode in the U.S. nuclear energy industry, it’s worth recalling that the Energy Department’s mission is deeply entwined with nuclear energy……

The large scale nuclear energy model is especially outdated in today’s marketplace. Leading U.S. corporations and the emerging community aggregation movement are both driving the transition to renewables as a more safe, environmentally responsible and economically sustainable way to operate……

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Nuclear energy simply too risky for South East Asia

Southeast Asia can’t afford to meddle with nuclear energy  Ken Albertsen, Chiang Rai, 3 Oct 17  Another large electricity provider has decided to abandon the nuclear option. Duke Energy Corp announced it was ceasing plans to build a nuclear plant in Florida.
The utility company instead plans to invest $6 billion in solar panels. It is also going to set up hundreds of electric vehicle charging venues. The new plan involves the installation of 700MW of solar power over four years.

How does that relate to Thailand? Thai electric utility companies have not yet sworn off nuclear. So there’s still a possibility of Chernobyl-like or Fukushima-like reactors getting built in Thailand in the future. Who wants those types of time bombs in their villages?  Thai people should demand that EGAT and other electric providers swear an oath to never build nuclear power plants in Thailand.  Anything less is vacillating.

Indeed, all of Southeast Asia should be a nuclear-free zone.  Southeast Asia is a relatively small region, so any serious breach would likely adversely affect neighbouring countries. It wouldn’t be good for relations if, for example, Vietnam or Indonesia had a Chernobyl-type breach, and radioactivity spread over neighbouring countries. Radioactivity knows no national




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‘Just Moms St Louis’ lobby for cleanup of Westlake Landfill nuclear waste problem

Citizen group prays for fix to Westlake Landfill nuclear waste problem, Sean Franklin , KSDK September 24, 2017,  ST. LOUIS – A citizen group that wants to clean up the West Lake Landfill prayed for a solution to what they claim could be a nuclear waste disaster.

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Call to stop United States nuclear corporate welfare – in bailing out nuclear power stations

No corporate welfare: States shouldn’t bail out nuclear plants, Savannah Now,  September 23, 2017
“…..There is no denying that more than half of America’s nuclear power plants face a financial crisis. Collectively, these plants lose nearly $3 billion a year. They simply haven’t been able to compete with power plants that run on cheap natural gas.

In desperation, nuclear operators are begging state legislatures for subsidies to keep their plants running. They’re hoping to lure lawmakers into bailing them out by promising zero-emissions energy production.

State legislators should reject their requests. Nuclear subsidies cost taxpayers and consumers billions of dollars and offer little to no economic or environmental benefits.

Nuclear plants in several states already receive taxpayer-funded subsidies. In July, an Illinois federal judge upheld state legislation that funnels $230 million per year to Chicago-based Exelon to keep its nuclear facilities operating. The same month in New York, a federal judge dismissed a consumer lawsuit against a $480 million annual handout to three nuclear plants.

Subsidy proponents say additional bailouts are needed to prevent plant closures. They claim that if plants go offline, utilities will have to raise electricity rates. They’re wrong.

Nuclear bailouts don’t protect consumers from energy price increases; they facilitate them. Nuclear subsidies are expected to raise New Yorkers’ electric bills by $3.4 billion within the first five years. The Illinois program constitutes the biggest energy rate hike in U.S. history — projected to cost residents and businesses $16.4 billion.

The same goes for other states. Under a proposed subsidy in Ohio, consumers would see their electric bills climb 5 percent per year. Consumers in the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast would have to pay $3.9 billion more per year if nuclear plants in the area received similar backing.

Bailout proponents also raise the specter of job losses. While nuclear facilities do provide local jobs — Exelon employs 5,900 people at its plants in Illinois —subsidy programs just rob Peter to pay Paul. The downsides of propping up an inefficient sector outweigh any economic benefits. An analysis of the Illinois subsidies found they would cost the state 43,000 jobs by 2030 and $14.7 billion in economic output.

Natural gas firms create jobs and grow the economy without picking taxpayers’ pockets. According to the American Petroleum Institute, in Illinois the natural gas industry supported nearly 150,000 jobs and contributed $18 billion to the state economy in 2015. The numbers are higher still for New York, where natural gas is responsible for 152,000 jobs and more than $20 billion in economic output.

Unlike nuclear subsidies that jack up monthly energy bills, natural gas saves consumers billions. And, also according to the aforementioned API report, electricity prices in Ohio have dropped 50 percent since 2008 thanks to affordable natural gas. Last year, thanks to the continued natural gas boom, Americans spent just 4 percent of their household budgets on energy costs — the lowest share ever……

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Safety of Los Alamos Nuclear Lab again in question, after 2 more reported incidents

2 more reported incidents at LANL puts safety back into question Web StaffSeptember 23, 2017  ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Workers at Los Alamos National Labs violated safety measures twice last month, according to our partners at the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Both incidents were detailed in a recent report by the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.

In the first incident, according to the report, workers mishandled plutonium metals. The second incident occurred just 11 days later, when nearly a dozen workers were exposed to particles that caused radioactive contamination to at least one worker.

Safety has become a serious concern at the labs in recent months. In June KOB reported that a watchdog group said key safety inspectors had quit out of frustration

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AUDIO: S.C. Governor’s Advisory Board Advises Against DOE Nuclear Plan

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By Matthew Kreh

The S.C. Governor’s Advisory Board has advised against a proposal by the DOE to pursue a new nuclear plan.

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