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Greens surge ahead in Germany due to anti-nuclear stand

Surveys have shown a majority of Germans are opposed to extending nuclear lifespans and Merkel faces a battle to get the planned measures through parliament. The SPD and Greens have said they will go to court to stop the extensions becoming law.

German Greens Hit Record, Pull Level With SPD: Poll Planet Ark: 23-Sep-10 GERMANY : Erik Kirschbaum Germany’s Green Party has drawn level for the first time with the main opposition Social Democrats, a leading poll showed, propelled by its campaign against government plans to extend the use of nuclear energy. Continue reading


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Lower energy costs, more jobs with UK’s new wind farm

“It’s absolutely the case that the cost of green energy will come down as the supply increases and companies become better at deploying these kinds of large offshore projects,”

Indeed, the expansion of renewable energy technology such as wind farms will result in “tens of thousands of jobs”,

World’s largest wind farm opens in UK today, / Renewable energy , by Emily Thomas, 24 September 2010 The world’s largest offshore wind farm opens off the coast of Kent today (September 23rd), projecting the UK as a leader in renewable technology. Continue reading

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“New Generation” nuclear reactors – a selection of duds

The death of the Pebble Bed has considerable significance. Harvey Wasserman, 23 Sept 10, For nearly two decades reactor backers have counted it in the imaginary fleet of new generation reactors coming to save us. Its alleged bright future would make it just one of the many new nuclear technologies that would render solar and wind energy unnecessary.  Continue reading

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Low uranium price stops building of new plant

R3.5bn uranium project hit by price slump., Brendan Ryan , 22 Sep 2010 [] — CONSTRUCTION of the proposed R3.5bn Rand Uranium plant to be built near Randfontein could be delayed because of current low uranium prices
That’s according to Harmony CEO, Graham Briggs, who was replying to a question posed after his presentation to the Denver Gold Forum being held in Denver, Colorado. Harmony holds a 40% stake in the unlisted Rand Uranium into which it injected assets formerly belonging to the Cooke and Randfontein sections of the Randfontein mine including the high uranium grade Cooke tailings dump. Uranium prices have been depressed for the past 18 months….

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Death of the Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor

economic realities make any tangible future Pebble Bed as a major source of new energy largely imaginary.

(South Africa) Another feeble-headed nuke drops dead Harvey Wasserman September 24, 2010
For years “expert” reactor backers have touted the “Pebble Bed” design as an “inherently safe” alternative to traditional domed light water models. Now its South African developers say they’re done pouring money into it.  Continue reading

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For South Africa, more jobs in renewables than in coal

Renewable energy offers more jobs than coal | West Cape News, 24 Sept 10, Focussing on renewable energy initiatives would not only make South Africa more energy secure, it would create more jobs than alternative coal dependent scenarios and save hundreds of billions of rands over the long term. Continue reading

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France’s heavily subsidised nuclear industry – a costly warning to USA

The French nuclear program has been a state-owned monopoly from the outset, heavily subsidized by the government.  It could not survive in a free market.  By copying the French model – both in its energy choices and its willingness to use public funds to subsidize an industry that has never been self-sustaining – the U.S. is heading down a dangerous path of nuclear socialism.

France’s Nuclear “Miracle” is More Fantasy that Fact,  The Hill, By Mark Cooper – 09/23/10 Among backers of nuclear power development in the U.S., France has long been held out as the model to emulate. Now, as pressure builds on policy makers in Washington to set a new domestic energy course, the French experience once again is being heralded as proof that nuclearpower is the way to go.
Trouble is, France’s nuclear “miracle” is more fantasy than fact.  Continue reading

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