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China outpacing the world in renewable energy investment

In the second quarter of 2010, China attracted $11.5 billion in asset-financing for clean technologies, more than Europe and the U.S. combined, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

China Supplants U.S. at Top of Ernst & Young Ranking for Renewable Energy,  Bloomberg, By Alex Morales – Sep 9, 2010 China overtook the U.S. to lead a quarterly index of the most attractive countries for renewable energy projects for the first time, according to a list compiled by the global accounting firm Ernst & Young. Continue reading

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First step for France to turn from nuclear to renewable energy

this may help chart a new developmental roadmap for the French energy industry, which has until now focused primarily on nuclear energy.

French government to tap potential for renewable energy,, 6 Sept 10, France has unveiled a new renewable energy investment program which will see its government provide E1.35 billion to support the development of cutting-edge clean energy technologies. Continue reading

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Prolonging Germany’s aging nukes threatens renewable energy development

Germany’s largest utilities are focusing on wind power as their preferred renewable energy technology, while households and farmers are tapping solar energy to earn above-market rates for electric power.

Germany’s Extension for Nuclear Power Threatens Offshore Wind Investments, Bloomberg, By Jeremy van Loon – Sep 7, 2010 The German government’s plan to extend the phase-out of nuclear power risks hampering investment in offshore wind turbines, a technology that may provide much of the country’s renewable energy by the middle of this century. Continue reading

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Unstoppable move to renewable energy offers investment promise

“with the needs for energy security and energy demand from countries like China, the move to renewables is unstoppable, and you’re increasingly seeing renewable energy companies that are good value,”

China Goes Green, Keeps Bankers and Investors Busy – By NISHA GOPALAN, 6 sept 10, Propelled in part by the backing of powerful Beijing bureaucrats, green-themed Chinese companies are set to reap billions of dollars from public offerings to new investors in coming months…. Continue reading

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Energy industry heading towards Wind, away from Nuclear

Exelon’s actions often foreshadow where the energy industry is headed…..the momentum for the much-touted nuclear renaissance has slowed to a crawl

(USA) What Exelon’s Wind Energy Buy Means For the Future of Nuclear Power, BNET, By Kirsten Korosec | September 1, 2010 Exelon (EXC) announced this week it was buying John Deere Renewables for as much as $900 million, a purchase that marks the company’s entrance into the wind generation business and suggests its lack of confidence in a nuclear energy renaissance. Continue reading

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Moving into wind energy – away from nuclear power?

the decision left the country’s largest nuclear operator without a direct role in what the nuclear industry hopes is a renaissance…

Exelon withdrew its application for a construction and operating license for a twin-unit nuclear plant in Victoria County, Tex.,….

A Nuclear Giant Moves Into Wind,, By MATTHEW L. WALD, August 31, 2010, John Rowe, chief executive of Exelon.Exelon Corporation John Rowe, chief executive of Exelon.Exelon, a nuclear giant that recently backed away from building new nuclear plants, is moving into wind. Continue reading

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Thousands of jobs in Renewable Energy flow from Feed-In Tariff

If we look to those places where renewable energy JOBS are already employing tens of thousands of people, places such as nearly all of Europe and most of Asia; and did I mention Wisconsin?  Yes, Wisconsin! -…..That is the Feed-In Tariff.  It is the one item that is proven to make it all work.

Renewable energy can be the source of JOBS,  Review Messenger, By Richard Carter. 24 Aug 2010, It’s certainly no secret, the economy needs JOBS, especially in rural Minnesota.There is a source of jobs which could help. Those JOBS come from renewable energy: solar electric, solar hot water, solar hot air, and wind. Continue reading

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Renewable energy growth outpaces coal, gas and nuclear

Both the US and Europe added more renewable power capacity in 2009 than they added coal, gas, and nuclear capacity. Globally, 80,000 megawatts of renewable capacity was added, with China adding nearly half the total

Renewable Energy Investment is Growing – 24/7 Wall St., Paul Ausick, 21 Aug 2010, An international policy network called the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century, or REN21, has released its global status report for 2010. Continue reading

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Pacific Forum call for investment in renewable energy

Pacific Islands Forum calls for foreign investment in the region, Radio Australia, 13 Aug 2010, “………………Climate change is dangerous but it is also throwing up opportunities. We have already mentioned the possibility of green energy developments. Now as you know all, without exceptions, all pacific island economies have absolute dependence on the importation of fossil fuels.

We need to accelerate work on renewable energy sources. (There is) plenty of sun out there, plenty of sun energy, but we don’t know how to use it in the most efficient way and this is where we need the new investors with the technology, the sense of efficiency and I think this is the moment we should capture, not to wait around for developments, but right now. – Tuiloma Slade Neroni Slade, the Pacific Islands Forum secretary-general;

Radio Australia:Pacific Beat:Story:Pacific Islands Forum calls for foreign investment in the region

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Renewable energy investment going to China, not USA

Senate Inaction Cedes U.S. Energy Race to China: Bloomberg,   By Eric Pooley – Jul 30, 2010 “….. On July 27, when Majority Leader Harry Reid unveiled the “Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act,” the two most powerful clean energy provisions were missing: a cap on carbon emissions from the electric power sector and a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), which would require utilities to generate at least 15 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2021….. Continue reading

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Providing jobs: renewable energy, energy efficiency beat nuclear power

Texas is a national leader in wind energy, generating more than 9,500 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, thanks in part to the state’s renewable electricity standard.

(USA) Renewable Energy Would Create More Jobs Than Nuclear Power,  Greentech Media, Elliott Negin, 29 July 2010, The Union of Concerned Scientists weighs in on the nuclear vs. renewables debate. “……If the federal government established a standard requiring utilities to obtain 25 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025, it would create 297,000 new jobs, according to a 2009 analysis by my organization, the Union of Concerned Scientists. Continue reading

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A National Renewable Energy Standard – economic boon to Southern USA States

southern states could obtain 20 to 30 percent of their energy from renewable resources within 20 years if strong federal mandates are passed, all while adding thousands of new jobs.

Senators Press Reid for Renewable Electricity Standard, CALFINDER, 28 July 2010, Despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s assurances that no such provision will be included in a climate bill this summer, 27 Democrats and one Senate Republican are nonetheless pressing the Nevada senator for inclusion of a renewable electricity standard (RES). An RES would require utilities to obtain a percentage of their power from renewable resources within a set time frame, and is considered one of the best ways to promote clean energy production in the United States over the long term….. Continue reading

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USA’s wind power industry needs National Renewable Energy Standard

the absence of a standard has discouraged investment in new manufacturing facilities and has effectively made the U.S wind industry less competitive than counterparts in Europe and China where  long-term policy commitments are in place.

U.S. wind industry calls for national renewable energy standard,  SmartPlanet, By David Worthington | Jul 28, 2010 American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the national trade association for the wind energy industry in the United States, is sounding the alarm over the industry’s future viability without a national renewable energy standard. Continue reading

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Americans want wind energy, but govt support is lacking

An overwhelming majority of Americans support a renewable electricity standard, and wind energy investment in particular

U.S. wind energy popular, but lacks investment – CNET News Candace Lombardi,July 28, 2010 Despite public approval, U.S. wind energy investment is slowing down instead of growing, according to the American Wind Energy Association. Continue reading

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Huge wind farm planned by for California

San Diego team behind world’s largest wind farm,, By Onell R. Soto, UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER , July 26, 2010 A development team based in San Diego is leading an effort to build the world’s largest wind farm in Mojave.The $1.6 billion Alta Wind Energy Center consists of more than 600 wind turbines on desert ridge lines between Lancaster and Bakersfield.The 1,500 megawatt project is estimated to produce enough power for 275,000 homes, said Randy Hoyle, head of wind development for Terra-Gen Power. San Diego team behind world’s largest wind farm –

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