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Britain will have to decide whether it wants nuclear power stations funded — and powered — by China.


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Myanmar to go “respectable” about things nuclear

Myanmar to sign new nuclear safeguards, Herald Sun,  AAP November 19, 2012  MYANMAR (Burma) says it will agree to new atomic safeguards that allow inspections of suspected clandestine nuclear sites, ahead of a milestone visit by US President Barack Obama.

The news comes hours after the White House said Myanmar has taken “positive steps” to reduce its military relationship with North Korea. Myanmar was suspected of pursuing military and nuclear co-operation with Pyongyang during long years of junta rule, which ended last year.

A Myanmar government statement said the country would sign the International Atomic Energy Agency’s “additional protocol”, which grants the UN nuclear agency right of access to possible undeclared activities. President Thein Sein has approved the measure, which will now be forwarded to parliament for approval, the statement said.

Allegations of nuclear co-operation between Myanmar and North Korea have been a top concern for Washington. Thein Sein’s government has denied any covert effort to obtain nuclear weapons technology from North Korea, which is locked in a prolonged
atomic showdown with the United States…..

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Nuclear weapons for Myanmar

The producers of the DVB documentary say evidence of Myanmar’s nuclear programme has come from top-secret material smuggled out of the country over several years

 Myanmar has developed the capacity and is now using laser isotope separation, a technique for developing nuclear weapons.

Myanmar develops nuclear weapon September 2, 2012 Myanmar’s military junta has secretly gained nuclear
power and soon the country will emerge as the third nuclear nation in South Asia. The issue of developing nuclear bomb by Myanmar came into media’s focal point following broadcast of a documentary in Al Jazeera Television. Continue reading

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Burma gives up nuclear ambitions

Myanmar abandons nuclear project, Today Online, Jun 03, 2012 SINGAPORE – Myanmar has abandoned research on a nuclear programme that never progressed very far, and has stepped back from close military and political ties with North Korea, said Myanmar’s defence minister yesterday.

News reports two years ago indicated Myanmar obtained technology for enriching uranium from North Korea along with parts for a nuclear weapons programme. The reports were based on interviews with an army major who was involved in the programme and defected with files he said documented the project…..

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Hillary Clinton urging Burma to come clean on nuclear research

Clinton seeks a nuclear surety from Burma, SMH, Lindsay Murdoch, December 2, 2011 BANGKOK: Hillary Clinton has made Burma’s purchase of missile technology from North Korea the highest priority of the first visit by a US secretary of state to the impoverished south-east Asian nation in 50 years.

Mrs Clinton is seeking an assurance from Burma’s leaders they are not receiving nuclear technologies from North Korea and wants them to agree to more vigorous inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, according to a senior State Department official.

US officials travelling with Mrs Clinton say there are no signs of a ”substantial” effort by Burma to develop nuclear weapons but they are worried by the increased pace of military contact with Pyongyang……..

It was reported that Mr Thein Sein spent much of the meeting giving a detailed 45-minute presentation about further change, including the adoption of international agreements on nuclear programs to allay suspicions about the Burma-North Korea weapons trade.

Burma insists that any nuclear-related activities are purely for civilian research purposes. But Senator Richard Lugar, the top Republican member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said this week that resolving questions about Burma’s illicit nuclear research were fundamental to the US’s improved relations with Burma. A UN report released in November last year said North Korea was supplying banned nuclear and ballistic equipment to Burma as well as Iran and Syria. Burmese army defectors have claimed the country has been researching weapons of mass destruction since 2001.

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USA now saying that Burma is not pursuing nuclear weapons

No sign of major Burma nuclear drive: US, SMH, 30 Nov 11 The United States sees no sign of a major nuclear weapons program in Burma and hopes that the new regime will boost cooperation with the UN atomic watchdog, a US official said.

“We’ve looked at this fairly carefully and we do not see signs of a substantial effort at this time” on nuclear arms, the official told reporters accompanying Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a landmark visit.

While Clinton will raise concerns about links to North Korea, the State Department official downplayed accounts by defectors that Burma has worked with Pyongyang to develop an advanced nuclear weapons system…..

A UN report released in November 2010 said North Korea was supplying banned nuclear and ballistic equipment to Burma, along with Iran and Syria.

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UN wants Burma to reveal its suspected nuclear sites

Nuclear watchdog asks Burma to open up suspect sites, Telegraph, 14 Jan 2011, Burma has reportedly been asked to open up for a visit by the UN’s nuclear watchdog, following concerns that the ruling junta may be trying to build a nuclear weapon.By Malcolm Moore, Shanghai Speculation about Burma’s nuclear intentions has grown since 2002 and were backed by photographs and documents of alleged missile projects and nuclear sites were disclosed by Major Sai Thein Win, a Burmese army defector……. Nuclear watchdog asks Burma to open up suspect sites – Telegraph

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Atomic Energy Agency seeks to inspect alleged nuclear sites in Burma

IAEA asks to inspect alleged Myanmar nuclear sites – Monsters and Critics, 24 Dec 10, Vienna – The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has asked to inspect alleged nuclear sites in Myanmar that were brought to light by a defector’s report earlier this year, a diplomat familiar with the probe confirmed Thursday in Vienna.In an analysis of the defected army major’s statements, former United Nations weapons inspector Robert E Kelley concluded in May that the regime in Rangoon has been secretly pursuing nuclear technology to make weapons…… IAEA asks to inspect alleged Myanmar nuclear sites – Monsters and Critics

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Illegal transport of uranium by US diplomats

The State Department Foreign Affairs Manual explicitly forbids radioactive substances from being sent in a diplomatic bag.

US diplomats broke laws by sending uranium on commercial flight, says leaked cable * Richard Lloyd Parry, Philip Pank : The Times * December 13, 2010 AMERICAN diplomats secretly sent uranium on a commercial airliner, in violation of US government rules about the abuse of the diplomatic bag system, and laws governing the air transportation of hazardous materials. Continue reading

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Underground nuclear site in Burma, helped by North Korea

The disclosures have fuelled fears that North Korea is providing direct technical and physical assistance to Burma’s military regime to help it develop a nuclear weapons program that could alter the balance of power in the region.

Burma’s nuclear plans exposed by WikiLeaks * Cameron Stewart *  The Australian * December 11, 2010 BURMA is believed to be building a secret nuclear program with the help of North Korea, in a move that could pose a major threat to regional stability. Continue reading

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Burma building secret nuclear sites? – Wikileaks

Witnesses in Burma claim to have seen evidence of secret nuclear and missile sites being built in remote jungle, according to secret US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, heightening concerns that the military regime is seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

WikiLeaks cables suggest Burma is building secret nuclear sites,

9 Dec 10, Fears of bomb plan as witnesses tell US embassy that North Koreans are involved with underground facility in jungle Continue reading

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Uranium sale offered by Burmese civilian: Wikileaks

Wikileaks US embassy cables: Burmese civilian offers to sell uranium to US diplomats,   9 December 2010 During XXXXXXXXXXXX interview, the individual claimed to be able to provide up to 2000 kg of uranium-bearing rock from a location in Kayah State XXXXXXXXXXXX , and further stated if the U.S. was not interested in purchasing the uranium, he and his associates would try to sell it to other countries, beginning with Thailand…… US embassy cables: Burmese civilian offers to sell uranium to US diplomats | World news |

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Burma’s military trained by Russia in nuclear sciences

‘Russia trained 4,000 Myanmar nuclear officers’ – Hindustan Times, Bangkok, August 06, 2010 Russia has trained 4,185 Myanmar military officers in nuclear sciences over the past decade but only a “sprinkling” of scholars have pursued the positive uses of the energy source, a Myanmar academic said on Friday. Continue reading

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Burma and North Korea working together on nuclear program?

“We continue to be concerned by the reports that Burma may be seeking assistance from North Korea with regard to a nuclear program,” Clinton said.

North Korean FM visits Myanmar amid nuke concerns, Google hosted news, (AP) – 1 Aug 2010, YANGON, Myanmar — North Korea’s foreign minister visited Myanmar on Thursday for high-level talks that come on the heels of a U.S. warning against any cooperation between the two nations on nuclear technology…… Continue reading

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Burma has ambitious, but inexpert, nuclear programme

“information has replaced rumour with hard data” and concluded that Myanmar’s nuclear programme is “overly ambitious with limited expertise”.

Myanmar’s nuke site found?, TODAY,  Jul 23, 2010 HANOI – Fresh evidence has surfaced to support allegations that the Myanmar government is pursuing a nuclear weapons programme – a charge that Myanmar denies. Continue reading

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