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Even top nuclear officials now doubt the future of nuclear energy

Says Claude Mandil, head of atomic energy for the French ministry of industry, “If France is unable to solve this [nuclear waste] issue, I do not see how we can continue the nuclear program.”…The bottom line: Even some of its biggest users are now doubting the wisdom of continuing dependence on nuclear energy, while claims that the atom is one answer to global warming don’t hold water.

Thomas D. Elias: Pro-nuke arguments deeply flawed Colusa Sun-Herald, 22 Oct 10, “………despite its dependence on the atom, France has no more solved the problem of nuclear waste disposal than we have. Continue reading


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Movie ‘Fair Game’ highlights importance of whistleblowing

Ambassador Wilson’s wise words to “hold the government to account” require us to aggressively question the double standard for “leak” prosecutions.  Of course, the answer is not to prosecute all “leaks” but to clearly distinguish between leaking (when Bush officials revealed Plame’s name) and whistleblowing (when Thomas Drake went through proper channels to disclose government waste)…..

Hold Your Government to Account And Go To Jail – Government Accountability Project, by Jesselyn Radack on October 20, 2010 ( The Whistleblogger / 2010 ) Last night I saw a premiere of the movie Fair Game, the story of how Bush administration officials ruined the CIA career of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, in retaliation for Ambassador Wilson blowing the whistle on the Bush administration’s lies about Iraq obtaining yellow cake uranium from Niger – the reason we went to war in Iraq. At the end, Ambassador Wilson urges us, as American citizens, to “stand up and hold our government to account.” Continue reading

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Switzerland’s secrecy over nuclear smuggling

The six-year probe was slowed down by the fact that the Swiss government repeatedly ordered evidence destroyed, claiming it contained material sensitive to national security.

Swiss official to submit nuke smuggling probe soon, The Washington Post, The Associated PressFriday, October 22, 2010 GENEVA — A Swiss investigating magistrate says he will submit the findings of his probe into an alleged nuclear smuggling ring to prosecutors before the end of the year. Continue reading

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Previous nuclear submarine incident off treacherous coast

(UK) Previous submarine incident off Skye in 2002 Nuclear submarine HMS Trafalgar hit the seabed while taking part in a military exercise.  STV News, 22 October 2010 Shortly before 8am on Wednesday November 6, 2002, nuclear submarine HMS Trafalgar hit the seabed off the coast of the island while taking part in a military exercise.Following the incident a Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said there was no danger to the public as a result of the accident and that the reactor was fine.Like the Astute class submarines, Trafalgar class vessels are nuclear powered, but do not carry nuclear weapons…..HMS Trafalgar was decommissioned on the December 4 2009, the Trafalgar class submarines being replaced by the new Astute class vessels. But while the new submarines make use of the latest technology, it seems that the rocky coastline of Skye remains a difficulty for  the Royal Navy’s submarine service….. Previous submarine incident off Skye in 2002 | Highlands & Islands | STV News

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Despite poor renewables record, Greece now has big solar energy plan

Red tape and addiction to cheap, polluting coal has turned Greece into a renewables laggard, even though it is one of the sunniest and most windy countries in Europe.

PPC plans renewables renaissance, giant solar park | Reuters, By Harry Papachristou ATHENS | Fri Oct 22, 2010 Greek utility PPC plans a sevenfold increase in its clean energy production over the next five years and is thinking of building one of the world’s largest solar parks, the head of its renewables unit said on Friday. Continue reading

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Uranium enrichment plant for Ukraine

Ukraine plans to build uranium enrichment plant: Voice of Russia, 22 Oct 10, Ukraine plans to build it own uranium enrichment plant, President Viktor Yanukovich said during his working visit to the Kirovograd region of Ukraine.The agreement on the construction of the plant is expected to be signed on October 27, he said.The Kirovograd region of Ukraine is known for its Novokonstantinovskoye uranium field, which is the largest in Europe.Ukraine has four nuclear plants but so far it has been the Russian concern TVAL to supply fuel for them. Ukraine plans to build uranium enrichment plant: Voice of Russia

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Desalination plant run by wind and solar power

U.S. based Engineering For The Earth‘s Aeolus system require minimal wind speeds and can produce drinking water for communities of up to 500 people per unit. The only additional energy input required is for telemetry, which can be supplied via small solar panels.

Wind Powered Desalination With A Twist Renewable Energy News, 22 Oct 10, Wind powered desalinationWith potable water becoming an increasingly scarce resource in some countries, governments are turning to solutions such as desalination. An energy-intensive process, desalination has been made “greener” through the use of renewable energy. Continue reading

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India not giving in to U.S. pressure on Nuclear Liability Law

In the run-up to President Barack Obama’s visit here in November, the U.S. side is looking for substantive changes in the nuclear liability law…..American companies such as GE and Westinghouse insist they will be unable to supply nuclear equipment to India unless they are fully insulated from all liability claims in the event of an accident.

India resists U.S. pushback on nuclear liability, The Hindu , Siddharth Varadarajan, 22 Oct 10, No change in the Act is possible, government tells U.S. NEW DELHI: After initially trying to dilute the nuclear liability law at the draft stage to accommodate the concerns of American suppliers, the Manmohan Singh government has told the United States that the Act, as passed by Parliament, is final and that no changes in any of its provisions are possible. Continue reading

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Strikes, maintenance – closures of France’s nuclear plants

France buys electricity as its nuclear plants are hit by strike Vancouver Sun, By Henry Samuel, The Daily Telegraph October 21, 2010 France was forced to start importing electricity Thursday as unions announced that strikes would spread into the next two weeks.The unions said production had been cut at four nuclear power plants because of a 10-day rolling strike, while at least 12 of France’s 58 reactors are closed for maintenance……………………France buys electricity as its nuclear plants are hit by strike

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Revelation about lost nuclear codes

the episode showed that no system could be entirely safe from human error,….Retired US Air Force lieutenant colonel Robert Patterson wrote that Mr Clinton, and not an aide, allegedly lost track of the codes.

Nuclear codes ‘went missing’ during Clinton presidency ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 22 Oct 10 Special codes that allow the US president to order a nuclear attack went missing “for months” during Bill Clinton’s time at the White House, Continue reading

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Attack on Iran would mean global nuclear war

in particular an attack on Iran by the United States and Israel, would lead to a global nuclear war, bringing an end to humanity.

Use of nuclear weapons means end of humanity – Castro RIA Novosti, 21 Oct 10, The use of nuclear weapons mean the end of humanity, Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro said in a video address released on the Cubadebate website on Thursday.” Continue reading

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In UK’s liberalised competitive market, nuclear power has no chance

Now the landscape is infinitely harsher. Britain has a liberalised, highly competitive energy market, and ministers are swearing blue that no nuclear subsidies will be provided. No nuclear power station has yet successfully been built, anywhere in the world, in such circumstances.

Will Chris Huhne succeed where Mrs Thatcher failed? I wouldn’t bet on it – Telegraph UK, By Geoffrey Lean October 19th, 2010 “…….the new announcement by the formerly anti-nuclear Chris Huhne takes me back some thirty years to the time when Mrs Thatcher’s government unveiled its atomic ambitions, the last serious British attempt to expand the country’s use of the technology. Continue reading

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In nuclear war, we would all be ‘collateral damage’

Albert Einstein himself said unmistakably, “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” …. [But] In a nuclear war the “collateral damage” would be the life of all humanity..

Attack on Iran would spark global N-war Daily Times –  Pakistan , 21 Oct 10, ’”….. Castro says every govt has obligation to respect right to life of every nationISLAMABAD: The use of nuclear weapons in a new war would mean the end of humanity. Continue reading

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North Korea about to test nuclear weapon?

Movements detected at site of DPRK’s past nuclear test: media, SEOUL, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) — South Korea has detected consistent movements at the site where the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) conducted a nuclear test, but there are no signs hinting at an immediate test, local media reported Thursday citing an unnamed government source.Movements of people and vehicles have been observed in Punggye-ri in the DPRK’s North Hamgyong Province, the site of the country’ s first nuclear experiment in 2006, an unidentified source told Seoul’s semi-official Yonhap News Agency….. Movements detected at site of DPRK’s past nuclear test: media

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New leak to Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor’s emergency cooling system

Vermont reactor reports new leak –, 21 Oct 10, MONTPELIER, Vt.—The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is reporting a leak in a steam line connected to its emergency core cooling system…..Vermont reactor reports new leak –

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