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Obama will re-install solar power to White House

These new panels go far beyond what Jimmy Carter installed and then Ronald Reagan tore down.  Carter’s $30,000 rig was installed in 1979 to heat water, which it did.

Reagan’s tear down was part of his assault on the green power industry on behalf of big oil and nuclear power.

Obama says he’ll now re-instate solar water heating to the White House roof, AND will add photo-voltaic cells that will generate electricity. by Harvey Wasserman, 6 Oct 10,

Could a Solar Green White House Finally Face the Nukes & Military?. By Harvey Wasserman
Five things are certain about solar panels going back on the White House roof: Continue reading


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Democrats encouraged by Obama’s support for solar power

Restoring solar power to the White House may be the first tiny step toward the green-powered future necessary to our survival.

Next must come the definitive turn away from the failure of atomic power.  Imagine what a magnificent green-powered Earth we might inhabit had we not squandered all those billions on that profoundly dangerous, disastrously expensive technology.

Team Obama is clearly responding to the anger of the Democratic base.  Those who worked to put them in the White House want it green. by Harvey Wasserman, 6 Oct 10, This includes ferocious opposition to atomic energy.  The administration recently granted $8.33 billion in loan guarantees for a disastrous double-reactor scam in Georgia.  Barely underway, the project has already resulted in $100 million in hikes for the state’s ratepayers.  The builders are now asking for an extra $1 billion.  Horrific delays and cost overruns have already defined new reactor construction in Finland, France and elsewhere. Continue reading

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Solar energy for desert area in California

the projects in Southern California involve a square mile of glimmering solar panels near Victorville and a large array of satellite dish-like sun catchers covering about 10 square miles in the remote Imperial Valley.Both could start transmitting electricity to the state grid by the end of 2011 or early 2012.

Feds approve 2 Calif solar plants on public land, :By JASON DEAREN Associated Press WriterPosted: 10/05/2010 PDTSAN FRANCISCO—For the first time, federal land managers gave final approval Tuesday for the construction of two large solar installations on public lands that could power hundreds of thousands of homes with renewable energy.

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USA nuclear, coal, policy-makers leave, in troubled election climate

The major shift in DOE leadership is afoot as the Obama administration prepares to grapple with a new and more hostile Congress….“I can’t recall . . . this many leaving at the same time.”

Energy Department changes continue as heads of nuclear, coal offices depart,  The Hill’s E2-Wire, By Ben Geman – 10/04/10 The directors of the Energy Department’s offices of nuclear power and fossil energy – which includes programs to trap carbon emissions from coal plants – are leaving the agency, signaling a major change in DOE’s upper ranks. Continue reading

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Nuclear industry stagnates, as renewable energy grows

“Renewable energy has proven itself to be a solid investment – growing rapidly and nipping at the heels of the stagnant nuclear power industry.”…..

Renewables Gaining Ground, Without Congress’ Help , E (By Brita Belli), 4 Oct 10, Renewable energy is almost tied with nuclear power in terms of U.S. energy production. The latest figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Monthly Energy Review finds that renewable energy sources—biofuels, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar and wind—provided 11.14% of domestic U.S. energy production during the first six months of 2010. Continue reading

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Low dose ionising radiation a leukemia risk for children

children with acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL) had almost twice the chance of having been exposed to three or more X-rays compared with children who did not have leukemia.

X-rays linked to increased childhood leukemia risk Berkeley, Eureka Alert,  Sarah Yang, 5 Oct 10, – Diagnostic X-rays may increase the risk of developing childhood leukemia, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Continue reading

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Local solar energy flourishing with UK’s Feed In Tariff

“The scheme is delivering exactly what it was meant to do in terms of a rapid increase in the number of installations, creation of jobs and increase in the amount of renewable energy generated in this country

UK Solar Power Feed In Tariffs Delivering : Renewable Energy News, 5 Oct 10, Rooftop solar energy systems are driving uptake of the UK government’s pilot solar feed-in tariff scheme, Continue reading

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Taxpayer cops endlessly rising costs of decommissioning nuclear reactor

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) said that costs changed over time and were constantly being reassessed.

Cost of clearing Suffolk nuclear plant set to soar to nearly £1bn – Norfolk News – EDP24, 4 Oct 10, The estimated cost of clearing the Sizewell A nuclear power station site on the east coast is now a massive £927m, according to new figures.Taxpayers will pick up most of the bill Continue reading

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Ontario closing coal plants, getting private investment in renewables

the province has attracted over CAD $1 billion in private sector investment through these three renewable energy projects,…The province is now the nation’s leader in wind and solar capacity and last year,…Ontario has already closed four coal-fired powered generation four years ahead of schedule.

Ontario’s Government Showcases Wind And Solar Power Projects : Renewable Energy News, 4 Oct 10, “……in the province of Ontario, solid headway is being made in renewable energy,   Ontario’s government has welcomed the recent opening of the world’s largest solar panel based solar farm and progress on two new wind farm in South-West Ontario. Continue reading

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Keeping terrorists from working in nuclear plants

Report: Changes needed to keep terrorists out of nuclear plants, KGAN CBS 2 – National News, October 04, 2010 ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) –– The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it’s already on it.Federal auditors today recommended that the NRC be given better access to criminal databases and foreign travel histories of job applicants to keep terrorists from getting jobs inside the nation’s nuclear power plants…..Sen. Charles Schumer requested the review after a suspected al-Qaida member was found to have worked in a New Jersey nuclear power plant for six years. Schumer says the plants are not filled with terrorists, “but all you need is one.” ……KGAN CBS 2 – National News

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Russia might have targeted Iran’s nukes with the Stuxnet computer worm

“The Russians, … have shown increasing unease at the prospects of an Iran that would really have nuclear weapons.As regards to opportunity and expertise, the Russians stand at the top of any suspect list.

Stuxnet—a Russian worm?,  Capital J | JTA – Jewish & Israel News, By Ron Kampeas · October 4, 2010 At the National Interest, David Kay, the weapons inspector who determined that Saddam Hussein was not, after all, anywhere near reviving his WMD program, wonders whether Russia is behind Stuxnet, the nuclear-disrupting worm the Iranians have blamed on israel and the United States: Continue reading

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Secrecy over six month shutdown of nuclear reactor

It’s our flagship nuclear power station and it’s been out of action for the last six months and the local people don’t know and have not been told enough about how or why.

(UK) Consultant speaks out over N-plant ‘secrecy’,  East Anglian Daily Times, By Chris Harris Monday, 4 October, 2010 A NUCLEAR expert who co-founded Greenpeace UK has hit out at “secrecy” surrounding a Suffolk nuclear power station’s six-month closure. Continue reading

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U.S. senators questioning shipment of nuclear generators across Great Lakes

Great Lakes nuclear shipment plan sparks U.S. queries CBC News,  October 4, 2010 By Max Paris, Seven U.S. senators have sent a letter to Environment Minister Jim Prentice and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission demanding answers about an Ontario utility’s plan to ship used nuclear steam generators through the Great Lakes to Sweden. Continue reading

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Growing focus on renewable energy investment in Asia

“There is a realization that renewable energy is no longer a trendy fad,” It is actually something that has proven to work, proven to be financially viable and it is a sector that is maturing rapidly.

Betting big on renewables The Asset July / August 2010 by Chito Santiago As several countries across Asia are plugging their infrastructure gaps, particularly in the power sector, much attention is focussed on renewable sources of energy. Sponsors, both domestic and foreign, as well as investors and financiers, are pouring into the region looking for various opportunities in wind, solar, waste, water and hydropower projects. Continue reading

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Pakistan’s nuclear policy problems

Pakistan’s nuclear policy dilemmas – The Express Tribune, 4 Oct 10, On September 27, Pakistan became the new chair of the UN nuclear watchdog’s governing body, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). This comes a week after Pakistan expressed its resolve to block all talks proposing a treaty to ban production of fissile material used as fuel for nuclear weapons.
Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva argues that India’s strategy of proliferation of nuclear technology poses an unfair advantage with bigger fissile material stockpiles and raises concerns about the “discriminatory” nuclear cooperation deals with the US. Pakistan has come to rely on its nuclear weapons and their dispersal to prevent Indian preemption…….

the world perceives the selection of Pakistan as the chair of the IAEA as problematic. The most sinister concern, however, lies in the assertion of nuclear terrorism emerging out of Pakistan……… Pakistan’s nuclear policy dilemmas – The Express Tribune

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