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Costs are looking like the killer for the nuclear industry

Critics such as Mark Cooper at the University of Vermont say the real costs tend to range toward $7,000 to $10,000 per kilowatt. State support of these projects turns into “nuclear socialism,” Cooper says. Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute says costs have escalated beyond what proponents claim.

Cost remains a huge problem for the nuclear industry. : Greentech Media,  Michael Kanellos, 29 Sept, 10 The MIT report estimates that overnight cost — i.e., the cost of a plant minus financing during construction — is around $4,000 a kilowatt, compared to $2,300 per kilowatt for natural gas and $850 for coal. A nuclear facility at this level could produce power for 8.4 cents per kilowatt hour compared to 6.2 cents per kilowatt hour for  coal and 4.2 cents to 8.7 cents for natural gas…….. Continue reading


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French nuclear empire in retreat as EDF pulls out of Suez

THE NUCLEAR RETREAT –  GDF Suez pulls out of French EPR project throwing French nuclear expansion into doubt Beyond Nuclear -September 23, 2010 GDF Suez, the second largest utility in France, has withdrawn from the newest nuclear reactor project there. GDF Suez, 35% state-owned, was a partner with the leading – and fully government-owned – French utility, EDF in the new reactor construction project planned at Penly on the north coast. But despite shouldering 25% of the financing, Suez was prevented by EDF from operating the reactor, a role reserved for EDF. Suez depended on operating experience to market its expertise overseas. The withdrawal marks another blow to the French EPR reactor project already suffering from huge delays and cost over-runs at its French and Finnish construction sites.

Beyond Nuclear – THE NUCLEAR RETREAT – GDF Suez pulls out of French EPR project throwing French nuclear expansion into doubt

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Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to the Stuxnet worm!

after finding a way into a plant’s system, the worm can simply steal data or potentially wreak havoc, causing its systems such as cooling pumps to malfunction.

Analysts: Stuxnet Raises Concerns About Vulnerability of Nuclear, Industrial Facilties ,, William Ide , 28 Sept 10, A powerful computer virus called the Stuxnet worm has apparently targeted Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant and infected computer systems from Asia to Europe and the United States. The capability of this malicious software is raising questions about the vulnerability of nuclear, electrical and other types of industrial facilities. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton starts the US govt pressure on India’s Nuclear Liability Bill

Hillary raises nuclear liability issue with Krishna,  The Hindu , 29 Sept 10, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday raised India’s civil nuclear liability issue with External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna at a meeting to do the groundwork for President Barack Obama’s visit to India in November……

The bill, which was passed recently by Parliament and which is critical to the full implementation of the India-U.S. civil nuclear deal, has been troubling several American industrialists as it makes equipment suppliers liable in the event of a nuclear accident…….

The Hindu : News / National : Hillary raises nuclear liability issue with Krishna

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Germany’s nuclear plans worrying Austrian government

Austria passed a law in 1978 prohibiting the use of nuclear energy for electricity generation.

It has repeatedly expressed concern about the safety of a number of nuclear power plants in neighbouring countries, such as Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Austria disappointed by Germany’s nuclear plans, Expatica Germany, 28 Sept 10, Austria, which has outlawed nuclear energy, expressed disappointment Tuesday at the decision by neighbouring Germany to postpone by more than a decade its planned phase-out of nuclear power. Continue reading

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Israel burying nuclear waste in Palestinan farmlands

Burying Nuclear Waste in the Palestinian Territories Special Palestine Cry Blog   28 sept 10, Palestinian farmers from Yatta village south of Hebron in the West Bank have revealed that the Israeli military continues to bury nuclear waste in their farmlands at Al-Masafer near the armistice line in the West Bank. The farmers said that the military forces “IDF” brings trucks loaded with waste suspected to be radioactive waste and is burying it in their lands after they force them to evacuate the area.The farmers said that they were able to hide themselves in some caves and watch the military operation. They stated that the Israeli soldiers who declared the area as a military zone were wearing white overalls over their military uniforms during the burial. The farmers said that they live in Al-Masafer with their animals…….Special Palestine Cry Blog articles: Burying Nuclear Waste in the Palestinian Territories

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40 % renewable energy by 2020 – Northern Ireland sets target

Northern Ireland aims for 40% renewables by 2020 |, September 29th, 2010 by Lucy Rees Northern Ireland has announced an ambitious new target to reach 40 per cent renewable energy by 2020.The scheme, which will require the construction of huge offshore wind farms to be reached, is aimed at reducing the country’s reliance on gas, coal and oil. Currently, less than 10 per cent of NI’s energy is generated by renewables, but what is being produced is currently in the form of land-based wind farms…..Energy Minister Ariene Foster stated that the targets, which have been detailed in the Strategic Energy Framework for Northern Ireland 2010, stress the need for immediate and effective action against global climate change. Additionally, the document highlights the need for the Government to address the issues of security and sustainability of the sector in terms of supply and cost.

Northern Ireland aims for 40% renewables by 2020 |

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Shipment of nuclear steam generators on Great Lakes sets a dangerous precedent

questions remain about the long-term fate of its radioactive waste material……. the industry faces a major public-relations war whenever it proposes to move radioactive waste.

Plan to ship radioactive generators through Great Lakes draws protest – The Globe and Mail, 29 Sept 10, Bruce Power’s plan to ship radioactive steam generators for recycling in Sweden is raising a storm of protest along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River – a stark reminder for Canada’s nuclear industry that its waste-handling problems remain an obstacle to development. Continue reading

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Uranium shares plunge due to Al-Qaida terrorism in Niger

on September 16, forces associated with al-Qa’ida kidnapped the seven people employed by French uranium company Areva and its contractor, Vinci, from the town of Arlit in Niger’s uranium mining region.Areva has subsequently evacuated expatriate personnel and France has dispatched anti-terrorism forces to the region……

NGM Resources shares fall as Paladin bid is threatened * Michael Bennet  The Australian * September 29, 2010 NGM Resources shares today plunged 43 per cent on the likelihood Paladin Energy’s takeover offer will fall through… Continue reading

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