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French government wants an independent audit of EDF’s Flamanville nuclear plant

Reuters 5th July 2019 The French government has requested an independent audit of EDF’s
(EDF.PA) Flamanville nuclear plant, which faces new cost overruns and
delays of up to three years after a regulator ordered repairs last month.
ASN, the French nuclear watchdog, said that state-owned EDF would have to
repair eight faulty weldings in the reactor’s containment building,
adding that it had rejected a request to delay repairs until 2024.
France’s Economy minister Bruno Le Maire told BFM television on Friday
that “incidents” at Flamanville, northern France, were
“unacceptable”, adding that he had asked a former executive with car
maker PSA (PEUP.PA), Jean-Martin Folz, to conduct an independent inquiry.


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Hibakusha and anti-nuclear activists versus the corporate nuclear goliaths 


Ground Zecorporatero Nagasaki: Living the nuclear past – and future, Asia Times, By SUSAN SOUTHARD JANUARY 18, 2019  A David-and-Goliath nuclear world

“………..I returned to Nagasaki in November to participate in the city’s sixth Global Citizens Assembly for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Specifically, I was invited to present on a panel tasked with exploring ways to carry forward the hibakusha stories.

What made the conference unique was the participation of both  hibakusha and other citizens of Nagasaki, including high-school and university students, scholars, activists, artists, musicians, writers and interpreters. All of them were intent on exploring new ways to communicate stories of survival, from August 1945 to now, experiences that should remind us why the vision of a world without nuclear weapons matters.

Both panelists and participants again confronted the intensity of nuclear war. As hibakusha Kado Takashi, 83, prepared to stand before the assembly and tell his story for the very first time, he turned to me and pounded his heart with his hands to show me how terrified he was. Then, summoning his courage, he began to speak.

Yamanishi Sawa, 17, tenderly told her grandmother’s story of survival and her own tale of teenage activism both at her school and in meetings with anti-nuclear activists in Geneva, Switzerland. Everyday citizens adopted the stories of hibakusha no longer with us, using the survivors’ own words to recall the hell – and humanity – of nuclearized Nagasaki.

All of this, and more, reminded us of what those survivors have long known but the rest of the world seldom stops to grasp: that there’s nothing abstract about nuclear war and that nuclear weapons can never be instruments of peace.

They know what the world’s top nuclear physicists (and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists with its doomsday clock) have been telling us for decades: Whether by intentional use, human error, technological failure, or an act of terrorism, our world remains at high risk of a nuclear conflagration that could leave Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the shade. Rather than a great-power war, even a regional nuclear conflict between, say, India and Pakistan could create a planetary “nuclear winter” that might, in the end, kill up to a billion people.

Keep in mind, as these Nagasaki activists do, that today there are nearly 15,000 weapons in the nuclear arsenals of nine countries. Of these, almost 4,000 are actively deployed across the globe. Theoretically, they are meant to deter another country from launching a nuclear attack, but the success of such deterrence policies relies, in part, on both technological invulnerability and relatively rational decision-makers. Need more be said in the age of Trump, Kim Jong Un, and others?

Most important, for nuclear deterrence to work, a nation must be committed to – and believed by other nations to be committed to – the mass murder, injury and irradiation of huge civilian populations. We rarely consider what this really means.

It was difficult to tell an audience like the one in Nagasaki that many Americans still wholeheartedly support both the atomic bombings of Japan and their country’s continuing development of its nuclear arsenal. To mitigate this discouraging truth, I cited something Wada Koichi told me years ago.

Now 91, Wada was inside Nagasaki’s streetcar terminal when the bomb brought the building crashing down on top of him and his coworkers. If you can call anything about surviving nuclear war lucky, he was one of the lucky ones. He suffered only minor injuries and mild radiation sickness, and all of his family members survived.

The rest of them evacuated Nagasaki after the bombing, but he stayed to work, day after day, on rescue and recovery teams. He watched his best friend die, lighting the match to the boy’s makeshift funeral pyre. In November 1945, when seven streetcars resumed operation on a few routes in the city, he drove the fourth one, thrilled to be a part of

Nagasaki’s recovery.

Sixty years after the bombing, Wada would awaken every morning at 5am, open his bedroom window, and look out on to the Urakami Valley, marveling at how the city had been rebuilt from those atomic ruins. “One person can’t do anything,” he told me, “but if many people gather together, they can accomplish unimaginable things. If it’s possible to rebuild this city out of nothing, why isn’t it possible for us to eliminate war and nuclear weapons, to create peace? We can’t not do it!”

Before I left Nagasaki, I visited the hypocenter memorial and looked up into the blue sky at the spot where, I imagined, the atomic bomb had exploded, changing human history forever. I spent 12 years writing  Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War, and the stories of that city and its hibakusha remain part of every breath I take.

The hibakusha of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the other anti-nuclear activists across the globe – including members of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for their work in passing the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – are the Davids of our world. They face the Goliaths – those nuclear-weapons states that cling to arsenals capable of destroying humanity.

In the face of such resolute, immensely powerful Goliaths, the Davids are the next generation of energetic, passionate, creative thinkers who single-mindedly refuse to let us forget or rationalize Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and who believe in a world of mutually supported international safety without nuclear weapons.

On behalf of Wada Koichi, all hibakusha past and present, and the entire human race, my bet is on them.

This article appeared previously at TomDispatchRead the original here.


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ISIS and nuclear Armageddon? – Exclusive to

arclightISIS and nuclear Armageddon? – Exclusive to

“…However we look at it, as we hear the PR call for more and/or better nuclear weapons, the issue of nuclear weapons grade materials escaping from countries like the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Pakistan etc and also the possibility of theft from large nuclear reprocessing complexes in the west like Sellafield, La Hague, Hanford, Negev Nuclear Research Center etc means that huge resources will have to be spent defending these places that will not be accounted for in costing nuclear power and reprocessing to the tax payer with no guarantee that corrupt practices now or in the future will not circumvent them…..”


Following the article (Link ref 1 below) I picked up from India and posted to, I shared it to Fukushima 311 Watchdogs (F311W) . As an Admin on F311 W I later checked the statistics and found a small number of posts not getting any hits. Its as though they were being blocked. I had discovered in 2013 that this was possible and did a video (Link ref 2 below) showing that evidence.

I then did a video (Link ref 3 below) showing the issue of the blocked posts on the Uranium story and also showed that the Uranium story was being ignored by all the western Main Stream Media and that Google was blocking the story About 5 hours after posting the video the Google block to the story became unblocked.

I then checked out the stats on the video (Screenshot ref 4 below) and saw that some parties in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were interested in that post. Also i noted that Pakistan came up on the stats earlier but with no observable clicks (maybe Pakistan Secret Service computer whizz kids were trying to cover their tracks?). It looks like ISIS are seeking and succeeding in their efforts to acquire nuclear materials

So, what did I conclude with on all this? Firstly a non story about Donald Trump was beginning to go “viral” and in this Post Truth world I wondered why? The USA and Russia had already said they would be renewing and expanding their nuclear weapons arsenal and also with “safer” mini nukes earlier on in the year.

The fact that many outlets in India were posting articles on the story led me to think that the western Trump Tweet story was being manufactured to hide the Indian story that was going viral there.

Also, Mordechai Vannunu was having his latest court case in Israel and the judgment is going to be made in the next few weeks. So, there are two good reasons for the swamping of the internet on “other” nuclear stories to hide these two important facts. In Fact i had just done an article that described how large PR companies managed to manufacture narrative in a Post Truth world.

So, what is so important on the Thane Uranium Black market story? Firstly, the details of the purity of the Uranium. The Indian Police had done some homework and had the purity and the cost of the Uranium and this was in the article i posted. But the costs was in RS Core and the conversion from that to US Dollars was not easy.

So I did the conversion and also checked the upper level of purity (which was “85 percent” pure) and compared that to the purity of US nuclear weapons grade Uranium 235 (which is 93 percent). Now it has to be said that the Indian article did not specify U235 or U238 but when judging purity of Uranium it is valued at the amount of U235 with the rest being the more common U238. So it was looking likely we were talking nuclear weapons grade uranium but with a slightly lower value than the US standard.

So was this rejected weapons grade uranium or was it a lower standard of uranium for nuclear weapons? I do not think we will see the actual tests to confirm the particular isotope of uranium but it does beg the question, How safe are all the hundreds of thousands of tons of high and intermediate level waste and the millions of tons on low level waste and how easy it is for terrorists to get hold of it? Why make more when we have such a problem already? We need to secure this material and shut down the sprawling sites that already exist! Someone please tell the IAEA to stop promoting nuclear as it is just too dangerous!

Enriched uranium is a critical component for both civil nuclear power generation and military nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency attempts to monitor and control enriched uranium supplies and processes in its efforts to ensure nuclear power generation safety and curb nuclear weapons proliferation. From Wiki

“…However we look at it, as we hear the PR call for more and/or better nuclear weapons, the issue of nuclear weapons grade materials escaping from countries like the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Pakistan etc and also the possibility of theft from large nuclear reprocessing complexes in the west like Sellafield, La Hague, Hanford, Negev Nuclear Research Center etc means that huge resources will have to be spent defending these places that will not be accounted for in costing nuclear power and reprocessing to the tax payer with no guarantee that corrupt practices now or in the future will not circumvent them…..”

Wind, Solar, Hydro electricity are looking like much saner options with all the above in mind.

There is also the issue of transparency and Human Rights as we see countries with nuclear weapons currently criminalising activists (as we see in France) and energy developers and innovators (as we see in the UK).

In a recent Atlantic Alliance meeting (from March 2016), I heard them say that European left leaning peace and social justice citizens would need to be reigned in as they were “doing the work of Putin whether they knew it or not” We are living in dangerous times and the left and right peace activists need to come together to make a change. Some food for thought for the coming year perhaps?

Have a great Christmas and a good nuclear free New Year


Shaun McGee

Sources for article

French Human Rights abuses regarding nuclear energy

France, Areva and the case of the Uranium book burning!

This internal investigation which makes the management of EDF tremble!

Greenpeace France reacts to EDF/Government threats with a threat!

My article on Post Truth and Science Media Journalism here;

Ref 1

Thane police (India) seize 9 kg of radioactive depleted uranium

Ref 2

Over 4 million Dollars of Depleted Uranium being sold on Black market #UNSCEAR #IAEA -Censored

Ref 3

Naomi Wolf Facebook blocked in Europe, The Guardian article of Lee Rigby censored

Ref 4


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Irish Security Services leak truths to the UK Press. And nuclear-news and others are banned in Ireland #UNCHR

censorshipCensored! This article is generally off topic for this blog but this article and post have been blocked from Google Search in Europe (and possibly further afield). Ireland based blogs and based in Australia are affected as far as I can ascertain. Also, (An Irish peace group) have tried to get out a press release stating problems they are having in the Limerick area and this too has been banned! Could you share directly to any Irish people you know these banned articles.


Sellafield are having a meeting with Irish Stakeholders who have doubts as to the safety and transparency of the UK nuclear industry. This meeting is in the next week or so and it is vital that people are aware of alleged criminality to Parliament by Sellafield representatives. Many thanks for your support  –

Evidence for the blocking and hacking over a few days can be found here;

Shaun McGee aka Arclight

Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it.


Irish Security Services leak truths to the UK Press.

A recent article by The Sunday Times UK edition stated that the Irish Security Services (Likely the Irish Defense Force) have claimed that Gardai (Police ) in Athlone had been facilitating the distribution of heroin to local towns.


Picture Source

Due to Irish Laws the name of the whistle-blower has not been reported in Ireland but was on the Sunday Times UK edition on Sunday the 2nd of October 2016.

Why are the Irish “Security Services” leaking this fact to the UK Press? So, as to allow Irish readers the option of reading this article we will not name the brave whistle-blower who leaked the criminality in 2014 but it can be found on the Sunday Times article link ..

This is what the “Security Services were quoted as saying in the article;

“…Security sources say collusion between gardai and heroin dealers in the midlands town has been a significant factor in the area’s worsening drugs problem. The region has a growing population of heroin users and the town is now considered to be a pivotal point in the distribution of opiates to addicts in Longford, Westmeath, Offaly and Laois…..”

Earlier in the article the Times quotes also the “Security Sources” thus;

“…..According to security sources, the internal inquiry concluded that one Garda was in a relationship with a female heroin dealer in the town, which resulted in him compromising planned searches and raids. One witness told investigators he was present when this Garda alerted local criminals to a planned Gardai search the following day, ensuring they had time to dispose of incriminating evidence, including mobile phones. The witness refused to make a statement under caution or agree to testify, however…..”

It might be noted that a government report said that in 2014 the Irish Defense Force did not apply for any orders for surveillance on criminals. We here at Euroupeannewsweekly have been asking the question;

Who is doing surveillance now in Ireland? In 2014 a Gardai and Security Services operation against a dissident IRA group ended with a successful arrest of the whole group at a remote farmhouse, to name but one crime that was widely reported and would have required constant surveillance tactics.

Is there a connection between the ending of the use of the Security Services (or end any of transparency in Government reports) and the evidence that they were holding for the investigation?

We can not claim these last points to be fact, they are only questions posed because of the Irish Security Services leak to the UK. We can present the basic facts to you and let you make up your own minds though.

So what is at stake here? We know for a fact that the Irish Security Services are not happy and have released this information to the nearly 10 million Irish Diaspora in the UK but no publication has reported any of this in Ireland. Yet it is important for the real victims of this criminality that these facts become known and that some in the Government are not happy with this current situation. The security services were tapping all the phones and know all the connections of these criminal gangs and their enablers.

Here is a statement from a local ex Heroin user from Longford on the desperate situation that exists in this region and what funding opportunities for the proven victims of this criminality;

Continue reading

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What is going to happen to Dana Durnsford, The nuclear proctologist?


arclightPublished by Arclight2011

9 November 2015

Oped source;

With some 18,000 subscribers Dana has been touted as a “leader” of the anti nuclear movement but as Fukushima 311 Watchdogs on Facebook gets some 11,000 subscribers, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the UK has some 30,000 members and this does not include a recent surge in membership from Scotland, Wales and England due to the promotion of no nuclear by The extremely popular Jeremy Corbin. I also do not include the tens of thousands Taiwanese activists, Indian activists, Japanese activists etc etc who visit many of the more moderate anti nuclear web pages and social media formats.

Dana remembered

Dana Durnsford occupies a small part of the nuclear debate. When his You Tube channel began streaming his show and saying that the west coast of Canada was a dead zone, to say the least I was a bit concerned! I was on the Rainbow Warriors on Facebook and we crowd sourced an investigation with some Canadian colleagues (including First Nations) to find out what the situation was. We quickly discovered over a couple of days that the coast was still the same as it was in previous years. This was testimony from witnesses that I have grown to trust so I was distrustful as to Danas Claims but decided to see what evidence he could supply.

Over the coming months he sought Funding for a boat and camera equipment but no radiation detectors of any sort. Further videos of people showing a thriving environment  on You Tube made me doubt further the veracity of his claims. Also, his aggressive stance and lack of multiple sources for news weakened my interest and I quickly moved on.

A right to speak

My general attitude to Dana was that he was providing a service to those that thought that the effects from Fukushima were dire. Of course there are many viewpoints to the ultimate effects from the Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster in march 2011.

My view was that there is room for debate on this issue. I also thought that the debatably entertaining way that Dana discusses nuclear matters might encourage people to learn more on the nuclear issue so the show had a more serious educational aspect to it (even though some of the science and posits might be questioned).

Sentenced to what?

So, to the issue of what might happen to Dana? The use of harassment is a thorny issue on social media. In the UK Chris Spivey was recently charged for a similar style of blogging. Leaving aside the issues on free speech for the moment I will quickly describe his present situation. chris-spivey

Chris has a short suspended prison sentence hanging over him and is under instruction to not have on his website any information related to the court case (Lee Rigby) nor can he discuss this news publicly. Chris has continued his blogging as normal, still using an aggressive style but with some sensible caution. So Dana should take heart. My co host Jimmy Hagan contacted Chris Spivey for a statement and he said that if it is a first offence a prison sentence is unlikely and a suspended sentence with blogging restrictions would apply.

Of course the Pro nuclear media is trying to milk this for everything it is worth but we need to bear in mind that Dana`s views only represent a small fraction of the worlds anti nuclear campaigners. In the diverse world-wide web there is room for many opinions and views.

What learning can we all take from this?

There is an important point to be had here for bloggers more generally and that is the need for caution considering that harassment cases are an effective tool for corporate and government interests and we as bloggers should be mindful to avoid such pitfalls. We should be prepared to adapt to this sort of pressure on our freedom of speech. The main points we have to raise do not include personal attacks but science based evidence and personal testimonials and independent science research where science research is being suppressed.

How can you help Dana?

By following this link;

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Turkey – Coal mining and nuclear power – corporate corruption threatens society and environment but brings big corporations together

arclight-Sm OpEd by Arclight2011part2

Date posted 15 May 2014

Posted to

The Mine disaster at Soma has highlighted the issues in Turkey regarding corruption and corporate cost cutting causing health and safety issues . The Turkish government, just two weeks ago, denied an opposition party investigation into ongoing accidents and lax safety procedures ever since the privatisation of the industry in the 1990`s.

A connection between Soma Holdings and the Turkish government was deemed to be a contributing factor.

The price of coal had dropped drastically as wages were cut by using cheap unskilled labour and other cost cutting procedures.

This cost cutting can also be seen in the uranium industry, where the spot price for uranium is a mere (estimated) $20.22/lb (excluding tax and royalty), measured against the Australian spot price of US$34.50 / lb (A price that might cause Palladin mining to possibly go into liquidation as they have to produce their ore using more environmentaly secure practises. The real cost of safe extraction is $144 / lb).

It would be bad enough if Turkeys lax safety procedures (in the name of profit) were just limited to mining coal and uranium. However Turkey is now in the planning process to build eight reactors at two different sites in conjunction with French, Japanese Chinese and Russian consortiums.

In Japan they are using homeless and disabled people with little engineering skills to work in TEPCOS destroyed Fukushima Daichi nuclear site using Yakuza gangster contractors. Areva, who is also involved in the cost cutting Fukushima Daichi nuclear site with their largely failed water processing equipment, are going to supply the design for the Franco-japanese venture.

(Image shows Yakuza recruitment offices in Tokyo)

Russia who is overseeing the beginnings of a civil war in the Ukraine will likely be constructing first reactor to be built using nuclear workers from Belarus who should really be working on the Chernobyl Sarcophagus but the EBRDs (based the City of London) will only give funds to its own International private contractors, so as to deny any funding going to the non privatised Belarus government.

The Chinese will be using an American Westinghouse designed reactor for part of the business deal. China has a terrible record on environmental, transparency and safety issues and they pair well with the USA who are similarly minded.

Finally, none of this could have been possible without causing a thermo nuclear war, was it not for the ever diplomatic and nuclear selling organisation called the IAEA. The IAEA have done more for environmental disaster coverups and corporate profits than the International monetary Fund and all the major oil and coal corporations put together.Yusuf Yerkel kicks a protester


(Image shows how Turkish officials deal with the “opposition”)

The corporate international media have not given you all the details on the Turkish mining disaster. They will not say that the “mourners” were confronted by the police. The media says the “opposition” or “demonstrators”, much as in the Ukraine where the opposition is called the “Russians” or “terrorists”. Nor will anyone ask the question as to where did all the Chernobyl sarcophagus money go? And why is the work stopped if the Chernobyl site is actually in a peaceful (if corrupt) Belarus?

(Chernobyl sarcophagus not in Ukraine (As most media claim) and everyone seems to have gone on extended lunchbreak)

My thoughts have to go to the victims of corporate greed in India, Turkey, Japan and the Ukraine and the future victims of corporate greed that will be deemed “terrorists” or similar and have the police or armies controlled by the corporations set upon them.

Links to the above posits are below;

Turkey plans to build two nuclear power plants 2014-05-14

ANKARA, May 13 (Xinhua) — Turkey and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) discussed Tuesday about the country’s plans to build two nuclear power plants.

“Turkey and the IAEA would continue the cooperation in a strong way, Yildiz said, adding that the IAEA would increase the number of Turkish engineers working in the agency…..There are technology universities of nuclear power plants in France, Russia, South Korea, Japan and the United States. We plan to open one in Turkey,” the minister added.

(Updated May 2014)

  • Turkey has had plans for establishing nuclear power generation since 1970. Today, plans for nuclear power are a key aspect of the country’s aim for economic growth.

  • Recent developments have seen Russia take a leading role in offering to finance and build 4800 MWe of nuclear capacity.

  • Application has been made for construction and operating licences for the first plant, at Akkuyu, and these are expected in mid 2014.

  • A Franco-Japanese consortium is to build the second nuclear plant, at Sinop.

“The Energy minister said in April 2013 that talks were continuing with both Mitsubishi-Areva-led and Chinese consortia, the latter led by China Guangdong Nuclear Power (CGNPC) and proposing ACPR1000 reactors, with Fangchenggang 3&4 (due to be built from 2014) as reference units. These may eventuate for another site.”

Australian-based Anatolia Energy Ltd* has a 100% interest in 18 exploration licences which include the Temrezli project. Project activities are undertaken by A Dur Madencilik Ltd (Adur), a wholly-owned subsidiary.”

* Anatolia Uranium Pty Ltd (AUL) has 65% ownership of the Temrezli project,

Anatolia Energy also has a significant tenement holding in the Sefaatli (35 km away) and West Sorgun areas.

The Rosatom agreement for Akkuyu also provides for setting up a fuel fabrication plant in Turkey.

Chain Reaction #119, Nov 2013,

The 12% price slump in July was the biggest monthly loss since March 2011. Since September 2, the spot price has been still lower, at US$34.00. Those prices are just over half the spot price of US$66.50 / lb on 11 March 2011, the first day of the triple-disaster in north-east Japan.

Soma Mines Tragedy: Turkey burning in protests after police clashes with mourners

“Even though the previous information given by the unauthorized persons about the death roll correspond to our present data, this does not make them right.”

Minister Yıldız’s statement was not a coincidence. Soma Holding, the parent company of Soma Coal, has close ties with the AKP government. Melike Doğru, the wife of the general director of Soma Holding Mine Enterprises, is a councilor from the government party.

“A parliamentary proposal of investigation about the working conditions into Soma mine workers and work accidents in the town proposed by opposition parties was refused just two weeks ago, on April 29, by the majority votes of AKP deputies.”

The EBRD and Belarus The current political, economic and structural reform environment in Belarus warrants the continued application of a calibrated strategic approach, incorporating both political and economic benchmarks to gauge the country’s progress or regress against its key Article 1 commitments and adjusting the Bank’s operational response accordingly”


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The Tenacious Mari Takenouchi takes on JTRIG and TEMPORA and the Japanese Secret Service??

arclight-SmOp Ed by Arclight

Dated 28 April 2014

Posted to

“….In the summer of 2012, when Takenouchi started to raise her voice against Fukushima ETHOS on twitter, a suspicious man appeared in her neighborhood and picked up Takenouchi’s then 2 year old boy. I reported this incident to the local police…..”

My Photo


Mari Takenouchi has been under attack from JTRIG and its five eyes network. The reason I say this is because of the methods that have been deployed against her.
Firstly, I have to explain the methodology of JTRIG UK and the five eyes network and how they connect to Japan.

There is plenty of evidence that lets us know that the UK USA and Japan have homogenised their security systems;
1 The geo political manipulations aimed at China and Russia where a heavily militarised Japan with dozens of US military bases and the recent RUSI conference announcing confirmation of a Japan-UK military joint effort aimed at sending a clear message to Japan.

2 The decision of both Japan and the UK to redefine a new version of the secrets act to be brought in (coincidental) in March/April 2104 which is supported by global trade agreements being discussed in private that include the heavy censoring of the INTERNET by use of copyright laws and creating a two tier INTERNET system (to be fully implemented in the very near future)

Thanks to the revelations of various whistle blowers including Edward Snowden we can begin to see how the INTERNET has been manipulated by JTRIG using the five eyes security arrangement that encompasses The UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

In fact this blog has been under attack from the Australian section of five eyes and we have even been contacted by an anonymous source that allowed us to find out the actual social media campaign company that was used to overload Christina Mac Phearson with multiple tweets, insults and the types of attacks mentioned in the released JTRIG training manual.

This brings me nicely on to Mari Takenouchis case that I have been closely observing and trying to document and reveal for the JTRIG Psy Ops attack that is was.
When I heard of Maris case I wondered best how to tackle it and gain information. I decided that I would go with the advice she received, which was to make public the insults and threats made against her and highlight the more gruesome aspects of this campaign, whilst highlighting the fact that she was a single parent and a caring soul.

The tact that I took which was helped by a recent Reporters Without Borders article seemd to stop much of the aggressive tweets against her. This was to be expected if the tweeters were “sockpuppets” controlled from a central source. But this could be construed as coincidental and I needed further proof that there was a single point of decision making behind these attacks such as might be expected from a secretive and subtle group like JTRIG.


Looking into the JTRIG manual, techniques such as using “Target Templating methodology”, where JTRIG where the target is analysed to see how they connect to the INTERNET and use these forms of attack;
Destroy, Deny, Degrade, Deceive, Disrupt, Protect.
All these terms are part of the larger operation and in the case of Mari Takenouchi we see these techniques as part of a psy ops operation happening over a period of years.
So, Mari has had to block 3,000 twitter accounts in recent years, Her emails have been tampered with in novel ways that are described nicely in the JTRIG training manual using the technology against her. Her twitter accounts have been closed when she has needed them to provide evidence to law enforcement officials and other, then later switched back on when it was of no use to her as evidence. The nature of these attacks has been designed to frighten her and in fact it is likely it had the effect also of encouraging real people such as has been described in my earlier posts, gleaned from Mari`s web blog, to tweet foul things which might actually have had the unintended consequence of helping Mari as she could actually fight back.

Other ways of attacking Mari that can be seen in other high profile cases such as the attacks on Chris Busby by George Monbiot and George Galloway by the Daily Mail are to use high profile people/organisations to degrade the personality and therefore reduce the support of the cause that the target is supporting.

However, Mari has proved tenacious and adaptable and so JTRIG and their Japanese colleagues are trying the next type of attack still based on degrading character and destroying psychological balance. They have decided to attack her for asking for money to support her journalism and translation. This is a very common form of attack and one that was used against myself and Christina MacPherson (By Roger Helbig), as well as the Chernobyl Childrens International Charity in Ireland and amongst many other targets of JTRIG. Also you can see this technique being used on the comments sections of articles in main stream media publications as well as Blogs, Youtube comments, Face book and Talk radio shows.

Mari has also had her family drawn into this by having her son actually being picked up by a stranger in 2012 and her mother being insulted and having to make a statement to try to protect her daughter and grandson in more recent manipulations.

But still the tenacious Mari Takenouchi carries on with her mission to be a spokesperson for the forgotten people of Fukushima and Myiagi who are pressured into silence and having to suffer the effects and fears of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

I might add that also at the disposal of this clandestine operation are the likes of Ogilvey and Maher (who also managed the PR campaign for BP after the disastrous Gulf oil spill) and the Japanese Science Media Center who was set up by the UK Science Media Centre to provide hand picked Scientists to give the “right science”. Also in the frame is the legal profession fronted by the likes of Mr Yabe and the French construct that manages the Chernobyl cover up called ETHOS fronted by Ms. Ryoko Ando for the Japanese version. This helps to combat the points that Mari is making. Also it is obvious that planted main stream articles come out and are promoted by social media above any counter stories.

Also, it is becoming obvious to many bloggers and activists that recently, Google and Facebook are being managed to limit the likelihood of stories going viral. This is described in the JTRIG manual and also the JTRIG operators have techniques for the stories and articles they want to go viral, thus sidelining posts.

Here is a couple of extract from maris recent blog post concerning harassment

“….In the summer of 2012, when Takenouchi started to raise her voice against Fukushima ETHOS on twitter, a suspicious man appeared in her neighborhood and picked up Takenouchi’s then 2 year old boy. I reported this incident to the local police…..”

“…..Even my twitter seemed to be a target of attacks, such as decreasing number of followers in an unnatural way and inability to find my own tweets through searching my own account @mariscontact, resulting in much fewer RTs, and frequent automatic log-out.
My English twitter account @SaveKidsJapan had been suspended for use by the attacks by internet obstructer’s the day before I went to the local police to report the their harassement. (Several days later, @SaveKidsJapan went back to service.)
I have been harassed by these people beyond description, which has inflicting me tremendous stress.
On April 26th, a teacher at my 4 year old son’s nursery school asked me, “It seems that your son has been under some sort of stress especially since this April. Has there been anything different for him?”…..”

Below are some links giving evidence to my findings concerning the mysterious JTRIG mentioned above;
The intercept (Glen Greenwalds new media outlet) is worth bookmarking as he will be releasing more on internet manipulation on that link- Mari Takenouchi uncovers deception and fights litigation

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New York times set straight on all things nuclear by Fiona Fox and the Science Media Network (Plus a few good lawyers)


OP Ed Arclight2011part2

arclightDate 11 May 2014

Posted to

OK so 16th March 2014 the NY TIMES prints an article about media censorship where scientists are reported to not be able to talk to the press and are steered clear of doing studies that concern the Daichi power plant in Japan.. the reason for this is the Japanese government using the likes of the Science Media Centre in Japan set up by Herr Fiona Fox of the UK Science Media Centre.. Funding is also impossible to get for studies.. Then on the 17 March 2014 the NYtimes is asked to post this retraction ..

“Correction: March 17, 2014

An earlier version of the headline with this article misstated the actions of the Japanese government. There are deep differences over how to determine the health impact of the Fukushima disaster. The authorities are not ‘‘squelching”efforts to measure the effects of the accident. ”

Of course the dispute is from Prof. Richard Wakeford and Prof. Geraldine Thomas of the UK nuclear lobby who say that radiation is generally a good thing…

HAHAHA !! HERR Fiona Fox and her USA branch “sense about Science” strikes again, giving the “right ” science approach … And we wondered why the NY times recently did a Pro Nuke article.. UMMMMM?

Looks like the editorial staff got a letter from a solicitor eh? and they had to go to the USA equivalent of the Goebbels like Science media Centre (SMC)for some reprogramming.

Heres what the Japanese Science Media Centre has to say about the “right ” Science;

As Asia’s first Science Media Centre, our goal is to help give science a voice on a national and international scale.  Developing the Science Media Centre of Japan (SMCJ) began in 2008, when we found that although the country had a strong R&D industry, scientists were unwilling to talk to the media and focused on talking to the scientific community.

We also found that although the media regarded science as important, there was an overflow of science information, and they had difficulty in finding a scientist who could explain things in a way the average citizen could understand.

As a way to bridge the communication gap between scientists and the media, the SMCJ opened up for service in 2010.  We have been helping scientists share their knowledge about controversial issues with the media in order to help society get access to accurate and good quality information.

Not long after we opened, we were faced with covering the March 11 earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima.  A huge challenge for a new SMC, but amidst the chaos we managed to send out reliable information, and gain respect from the science community.

Working in Japanese and English has enabled us to take the extra step.  As part of the SMC network, we have been able to help the Japanese and overseas media get in touch with scientists from both sides.

Screenshot from 2013-09-26 13:41:54

Herr Fiona Fox

Does science just right for the corporations

Ewen Callaway

10 July 2013

“..Regardless, the SMC model is now spreading around the world, with the latest franchise slated to open in the United States around 2016. The centres are all run independently, but they abide by a unified charter crafted by Fox.

This means that Fox is about to take her message to a much wider audience. “I think there are problems with her reach,” says Connie St Louis, director of the science-journalism course at City University London and one of Fox’s loudest critics. “She’s becoming one of the most powerful people in science.”…”

“…That is a message that Fox has honed well since establishing the SMC in London in 2002. The centre’s aim is to get scientific voices into media coverage and policy debates …”

“… “Our philosophy is we’ll get the media to DO science better when scientists DO the media better,” says Fox. …”

Nature also funded the SMC UK :0

The UK government tells the SMC to manage the news..
The SMC is pro fracking and pro GMO too!
basically pro big buisness…
I think you were to kind with Cameron Christine.. The UK is managing climate change by saying it will be too far into the future to have any immediate effects. even after the weird weather and flooding we have been having in the UK over the winter. Also, they are commissioning some weather modification studies and has asked the SMC to deal with it.. So no articles on weather modification..

The SMC is funded and supported by petroleum, nuclear, pharma, BBC and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC UK) etc etc

follow the money! The SMC did


I would like to bring to your attention the mechanism by which science journalism is being undermined.. It may explain George Monbiot`s conversion to the nuclear industry among other things. This mechanism is the Science Media Centers of the world and the nuclear industry driven PR machine
Before SMC
Extra George Monbiot event
After SMC
科学ジャーナリストの地位が弱体化しているメカニズムについて、目を向けてほしいと思います。 多分このことから、原発関連についてのGeorge Monbiotの会話の内容が、理解できるであろうと私は、思っています。このメカニズムは、世界の科学メディアセンターや広告マシーンと化してしまった原発産業のことを、物語っている。 
There is growing evidence that the existence of SMCs is also encouraging news organizations to downgrade science reporters. Recently the newspaper The Australian sacked its science reporter, Leigh Dayton. The reason she was given by the editors was..
SMCの存在によって、ニュース機関等が、科学報告を軽視する傾向が強まってきている。最近、オーストラリアの新聞は、科学レポーターであるLeigh Dayton氏を、解雇した。 その理由は、その新聞社の編集者から、得た理由によると、

they could rely on the supply of press releases from the Australian SMC so that their general reporters could write the science news”.


There is growing evidence that the existence of SMCs is also encouraging news organizations to downgrade science reporters. Recently the newspaper The Australian sacked its science reporter, Leigh Dayton. The reason she was given by the editors was..

“they could rely on the supply of press releases from the Australian SMC so that their general reporters could write the science news”. [Ed: Leigh Dayton denies having said this and we are currently endeavouring to check with the author of the Columbia Journalism Review paper as to the veracity or otherwise of the above statement.]

A large empirical study carried out recently by Andy Williams of Cardiff University, UK also confirmed that..

Science PR was increasing and independent science journalism was decreasing.

Fiona Fox and Connie St. Louis


I knew that quality science journalism in Australia was dwindling. It took the most recent pro-nuclear advertorial in the Fairfax media to really wake me up to this. John Watson, ‘Senior writer’ at Fairfax Media, wrote an article entitled, Want to kill fewer people? Go nuclear…..

Why have The Age,  Sydney Morning Herald and others sunk to this level of sloppy journalism?

Apart from the obvious fact they don’t want to offend their corporate backers, this kind of writing is symptomatic of what happens when you get rid of your qualified dedicated science journalists. Amongst the plethora of Fairfax journalists encouraged to depart their jobs were science editor Deborah Smith, health editor Julie Robotham, health correspondent Mark Metherell and environment reporter Rossyln Beeby. 


Screenshot from 2014-05-11 22:45:51

Click on image to go down the rabbit hole 🙂

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Arclight finds a home in Ireland and some peace in a crazy world!

Op Ed by Arlight2011part2

Date 29th April 2014

arclightPosted to

The above song says it all ! I feel like Ive just returned to my homeland after years of battling in the trenches but my hearts go out to those still fighting in their own trenches in far flung lands.

The above is a song for all those people fighting against the odds. The friends I left behind. Those that touched my hearts. Those that helped me along the way and became casualties for causes that aligned with mine and even causes that didn`t.

Well, where to start? I have had extremely good news. In fact two bits of great news!

Firstly I have to thank the anonymous donor who paid for a months rent at the hotel I am staying in. I cant thank him enough. Not only did he pay for a room and breakfast but a dinner a day as well. This brought me literally to tears and I then thought of my special friends who are around the world who helped me get here and some of whom that became casualties of this digital Psy Ops war that is being waged against normal Mums, Dads and young people.

I understood in that moment more than I did before, why Whistle blowers epitomised by Edward Snowden and truth tellers like Julian Assange are so important to us all! If it was not for them

my situation would have been hopeless and so would the situation of many around the world such as Mari Takenouchi.

My second bit of good news is that Jennifer Schweppe believed my “story”. She understood what I had been through and though the legal battles that I might be able to undertake are not her remit she understood that I need to get an Irish passport and that I might be in fear of my life or my sanity. And so I have to thank her too! From the bottom of my heart. I can not go into details here as you might understand but suffice it to say that there may be hope for my petition for citizenship in my new home in Ireland because of the things I have had to endure. This might bring hope to others that can not get refuge in this and other European countries as, currently you need to prove that the country you have come from has broken its agreements in connection with Human Rights Legislation. I will be posting more on this as the situation develops.

In the past 2 years especially I have seen wonderful normal people being attacked with technologies that would have made Dr Goebbels proud. To be able to attack some one without the aid of storm troopers that might baulk at shooting thousands in the back of the head. Instead they use a distant and terrible weapon, the computer and a trained operator that cannot see the horrors that they unleash on their “targets”.

They follow a simple manual that describes a simple set of procedures. This is so distant they go home to their children or lovers and forget the days “work” , like they would forget a play-station game. But I am not here to damn the soldiers, I am here to damn those that allow this and encourage it to happen. The corporate heads that comply and encourage the security services chiefs that get jobs in the same corporations when they “retire”. The politicians that also have conspired, the heads of Legal firms that draw up archaic and limiting laws that restrict growth and innovation in our society. And there are many others such as the heads of the military who allow expenditure and plan for war on a scale never seen before in human history without speaking out and trying to make changes.

I now need to let the relief sweep over me and plan for the future. I have had lots of problems today with the computer and am on my spare. I am tired, relieved and sad I can not do the usual postings and research. But I will be back after I have contacted my children to let them know the good news. They have been worried sick about me and I have not been there for them as I should have because of my fears that they too would be targeted as I and others have.

And then a good nights sleep with some arrangements in the morning. And then the world is my oyster once again where I will ask the questions that are not being asked and hopefully stimulate discussion on important nuclear related questions. This time though my heart will be a bit less heavy because a heavy burden has been taken away from me.

A special shout out to my Face book buddies, the commentators and especially Admin there, All the bloggers such as Iori at Fukushima Diary and many others who have been fughting the good fight against the odds and lastly Christina Mac Phearson (whose real name I forget a lot 🙂 ) , who has pulled me through some dark moments in so many ways, not least because of her own personal strength and love for humanity including me sometimes. I wish to name so many but you know who you all are. Thank you all! May your Gods/other bless you and keep you safe! The fight goes on! Sakado Hantai!

PS I am in tears here again, as I finish this.

PPS someone tell Libbe Halevey were still on, as long as I dont get blocked again later. 🙂

Sean McGee

AKA Arclight


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Fukushima, nuclear censorship and attacks on activists


arclight-Sm13 April 2014

Op Ed by arclight 2011part2

Posted to

Times certainly have changed. I believe that our fight for human rights and justice has never been so threatened as it is today. Recent attacks are to support Japanese Prime minister Abes attempts to start ALL the reactors in Japan.

I am a UK citizen who has been shocked to find out of the lengths that the military industrial complex and associated corporations have been doing in stopping important human rights information getting to you, the public. There has been the targeting of human rights activists on a global scale using new technologies that effect the Internet and mobile communications that we take for granted as part of our everyday lives.

What happened to investigative journalism?

In recent months, if you may have been searching the Internet for information concerning human rights abuses you will have been slowly becoming aware of murmurings of state hacking and other attacks on the people who are trying to bring you information from many locations around the world on a variety of important topical situations.

The issues brought up are being clearly stated in the situation regarding Wikileaks and the Edward Snowden affair. Unfortunately, though, our brothers and sisters in the main stream medias around the world are largely unable to bring you this information because of personal and corporate threats of litigation and because of the governments and security services using various terror laws and state censorship rules to block any, what they consider, to be “dangerous information” .

In the course of my research I have been stunned to see that government departments within the UK, USA, Japan (To name but a few) being manipulated by what i believe to be the military industrial complex and connected industries and corporations. Also in the frame is large insurance investment and banking corporations.

This manipulation is far reaching and includes attacks on independent journalists, scientists, bloggers and politicians and is far reaching and pervasive.

The question of truth in Fukushima, Japan?

In 2011, I was stunned to see a large mushroom cloud appearing from Unit 3 Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant as well as the claimed “hydrogen” explosions from Units 1 and 2. The video evidence from a local Fukushima news outlet was quickly pulled from the web but not before bloggers had copied it and made it go viral. There was at least a fire in Unit 4 reactor building that was claimed to be the spent fuel pool but no video evidence supporting that has been released. Denials of any “meltdowns” of the reactor cores went on for some months in the face of obvious evidence.

My concerns for the people living in the region (some 20 million plus) caused me to investigate the cover up of the true situation. This situation has been well documented on the Internet and discussed with many posits being brought forward to describe the accident and its effects and I will not go into them fully here. The annals of blogs like as well as a Japanese speaking bloggers such as tokyobrowntabby, exskf, and Fukushima Diaries to name but a few, show us a cover up of historic proportions.

Many of the Japanese translators have been shut down in many different ways and I have at least some anecdotal evidence of intimidation, violence and even murders associated with these campaigners and truth tellers.

A vicious circle.

At the end of the cold war with Russia, countries have expanded their security operations and investment instead of reigning them back. Blaming so called Muslim terrorists that they are presently supporting to attack regimes they deem as terrorist.

 So whats the big deal?

I maintain that I and others have been targeted for at least a few of the posits that I have put forward and some of these are;

1) The support of Nuclear Test Veterans claims of health and genetic effects due to nuclear testing during the cold war

2) Supporting Japanese bloggers in their translations into English of the situation on the ground in Fukushima and Myiagi prefectures in Japan.

3) For uncovering military and security operations in stemming the flow of nuclear related information.

4) The censorship of media organisations by the use of litigation and terror legislation.

5) The attacks on scientists and researchers who claim health effects caused by various nuclear processes such as pollution from nuclear fuel processing and decommissioning of nuclear sites in the UK and beyond.

6) For highlighting the problems with nuclear fuel rods and high burn up techniques causing damage to the nuclear fuel rods and nuclear reactor vessels which could cause another Fukushima like disaster.

7) For supporting Professor Yablakovs and colleagues claims of high mortality and other undiscussed health effects as a result of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

8) For uncovering UK complicity in stifling the well proven genetic effects of the victims of the Russian nuclear tests in Semipalantisk in Kazakhstan.

9) In challenging the way in which contaminated food is being spread around the globe by corporations processing methods and the cover up/manipulation of some United Nations organisations.

10) For my findings of other nuclear related pollutions including NO2 and Lead (Pb) causing miscarriage, death and injury to UK citizens and wildlife.

11) For the suppression of genetic blood tests in Japan to hide the damage from radiation and the sidelining of geneticists in the UK and USA, by limiting funding to relevant radiation studies and research.

12) For supporting the efforts of Dr Chris Busby in bringing his years of research to the forefront of the battle against the lies being promoted by the nuclear industry.

We have fight on our hands!

I have been aided by a plethora of bloggers with a wide range interests and points of view and even encouraged by main stream media journalists and media outlets who have found that their public viewpoints have been limited by editorial concerns of litigation and personal threats and harassment of individual journalists.

Owing to the recent increase in attacks on certain key scientists, bloggers and researchers etc, I have wondered how we independent thinkers can overcome such attacks via the Internet, as have had been happening recently. How do we protect anonymity and our rights of discourse in the face of recent developments that highly encrypted services have been co-opted by various security organisations?

It was during the UK select committee investigation into the release of material stemming from the Edward Snowden affair that I caught a glimpse of one such way we could fight back against such a formidable hidden enemy.

The Editor of the Guardian was questioned by various MP`s and committee members as to the safety of the security services in light of the information that was publicly being revealed. The editor seemed to satisfy the committee as to the thoroughness of the checking procedure being used by the Guardian team assigned to extracting information that was relevant to the public good. However, one committee member, representing the UK security services threatened the editor with the new anti terrorist laws and his questioning was stopped by Timothy Yeo MP (the head of the committee). The Guardian editor responded to this threat by claiming that he was defending freedom of speech in the UK. The security services representative also seemed very distressed at the mention of TORBROWSER by the Guardian editor, a software program used by global activists and journalists to hide their IP addresses (location) and maintain their anonymity and safety. So maybe this is something that should be used?

There is also the co-operation of the USA and UK nuclear and military industries and their encouragement for Japan to militarise in line with these countries. this co-operation includes the denial of the human rights petition to the UNHCR by Anand Grover and and their support for the new Japanese “Secrets Law” that gives journalists the threat of 10 years imprisonment and bloggers the threat of 5 years in prison (if the normal litigation threats do not work) for talking about anything nuclear. The UK recently also quietly made more amendments to the UK official Secrets policy apparently to bring it in line with the Japanese and USA tact on secrecy of nuclear and health matters.

Japanese Bloggers, scientists, health proffesionals and journalists speak out!

Scientists, health professionals, media and bloggers in Japan and elsewhere have been highlighting issues with the effects of radioactive contamination in Japan and have brought to light the homeless and disabled workers of the Daichi nuclear site employed with lucrative contracts administered by the criminal Yakusa groups employed by TEPCO, the UK USA and French decommissioning specialists.

They have been also reporting on a plethora of health issues concerning people, animals and the environment that they claim are connected to the contamination in a wide area around the triple meltdown nuclear plant. And there is some peer reviewed evidence for this starting to come out.

Japanese translators are heroes.

This group I have the most admiration for. They are brave and conscientious individuals that seem to be driven by their natural compassion for life and their fellow countrymen. I have to also to include here those translators who are not of Japanese origin also. They are all the most harassed and targeted individuals, in my experience because of there on going on the ground, real time documentation of events and situations.

I need to preserve the anonymity of some of these wonderful, brave people who are so special because they are normal citizens who have taken up the job of the much beleaguered journalists and editors that would normally bring you this evidence. They are people who have been targeted by “unknown” and known forces and have done their best in the face of extreme adversity. So, my documenting of these affairs will be necessarily vague in places.

Topics covered by these translators include;

The dissemination of secretive technical issues to do with a very secretive nuclear industry, the health effects on the citizens of Fukushima and Myagi (reportedly as far away as Tokyo), the corruption within the Japanese government and Energy companies, the scandals of the Fukushima Medical Hospital and support of associated University professors throughout Japan, Corruption of voting procedures during the Japanese elections since the disaster to protect the Japanese nuclear industry from popular anti nuclear opposition and also the manipulation of any provable victims of the nuclear disaster are compensated with the addition of legal gagging orders to stop the information getting out. Indded this type of tactic was reported after the Deep water Horizon Gulf oil spill disaster (In fact Sir Martin Sorrel, CEO of Ogilvey and Maher – who are owned by WPP, are the actual company that “managed” both these disasters on behalf of BP and TEPCO, using very similar approaches to both disasters to mitigate damages to the corporations concerned)

Needless to say that many of these translators have fallen by the wayside as the forces that promote the nuclear lobby set there attentions on them.

International bloggers and You tube uploaders

This group has largely dug into the connections between military and corporate interference in how the news is managed and here the UK has excelled in promoting a little known charity called the UK Science Media Centre. This so called charity vastly increased its revenue in 2011 in the UK and also got funding to set up similar groups in Australia, Canada, Japan ( The Japan SMC web-site is not updated but is still manipulating the news behind the scenes) and the USA to manage the news coming from Japan to the world at large (as well as other topics). And these bloggers have countered this disinformation.

Fionna Fox, one of the founders of the UK Science Media Centre (who was a witness at the Leveson inquiry in the UK) wants only the “right science” to be given to the worlds public. She is strongly supported by a myriad of corporations who want their version of the “right science” to be promoted.

The topics covered by the Science media Centres worldwide also include fracking, GMO, Climate science and weather modification and she uses mainly cherry picked industry connected scientists and specialists largely ignoring the dissenting voices. And specifically this has had a profound effect on the situation in Japan and how the perception of the nuclear disaster and its aftermath is delivered to the public at large in many countries.

Of course the media also has the pressure from the likes of the WPP, the vast global PR corporation to pressure media outlets with the threat of the withdrawal of advertising revenue from any dissenting media corporation outlets.

These bloggers and you tube activists have also disseminated the information from our brothers and sisters in Japan and tried to get it out to the citizens of the world to give them warning of what might happen if a nuclear disaster should happen in another country.

 The corporation that said enough is enough! A fresh start?

Considering that Yahoo has recently relocated its servers to Ireland in an attempt to protect peoples data and because they are aware of a global manipulation of the internet to stop embarrassing and possibly costly information (for politicians and corporations) reaching the eyes and ears of the public at large, it would give some credence to – at least – some of the so called conspiracy claims that can be found on the Internet. The evidence to support Yahoo`s position can also be seen in the way that the establishment are acting in relation to both Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and the Edward Snowden release of data to the Guardian, New York Times and associated blogs (ie. The interceptor – Glen Greenwald).

Finally, I would like to explain that some of these conspiracy claims are being promulgated to hide and create confusion to the real conspiracies that are happening and this is backed up by the release of intelligence training manuals showing how JTRIG manipulates discourse on the Internet.

I believe that the time has come to save the Internet or face the results of ignoring this threat to freedom of expression and thought. It is may also be our last chance to save the people of Fukushima and Myagi from a long future of experimentation, ill health and even death.

I hope that whoever receives this article will share and discuss the issues that I have outlined. I am only touching the tip of the iceberg in this article and therefore only touching on some of the issues raised by my findings and posits.

Will you stand back and allow the powerful interests to destroy centuries of social, judicial and human rights development? I hope not, for the children of Japan and other radioactively contaminated regions and for your children. if we do not make a stand concerning the environmental catastrophes that loom before us, what sort of fate awaits will us all?


Thank you to all those that have informed my findings and have challenged my posits and have allowed me to put together all the above (you know who you are).

Lets hope for a better future and a kinder world, if not……….?

Sources for some relevant  information

Continue reading

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Arclight’s message to Beyond Nuclear is blocked real time on Face Book


6 April 2014

posted to

Whilst sending this link to Beyond Nuclear in the USA I was blocked..

The messaging service stopped after the link was sent. then as i started to post my thoughts, the message jammed and i could not see what i was writing. when I tried to post it up the message wouldnt send and my messaging list completely disappeared. I will include a screen shot of the message i was trying to send..

Screenshot from 2014-04-07 04:50:54

It did mention GCHQ and that is a term that is not allowed to be used by UK residents, Other terms are



Nuclear test veterans




TOR Browser

Freedom of speech

Human rights


So I initially thought that it was an FB glitch. Then my daughter sent me a message but i could not answer it as my FB had been corrupted. Here is the screen shot for that.

Screenshot from 2014-04-07 04:58:59

As you can see by the bar on the right, the page is at the bottom but the boxes for response and the messaging section is missing.

And I cannot reply to my daughter either.

Why does GCHQ want to stop the message to beyond nuclear? It is 05,00 GMT and I am being watched real time? A great use of tax payers money and as the GCHQ operator is NOT keeping an eye on real terrorists and criminals we get things like this happening;

Murder of Lee Rigby

One of the assailants, filmed by a bystander said:

“The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers. And this British soldier is one … By Allah, we swear by the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone. So what if we want to live by the Sharia in Muslim lands? Why does that mean you must follow us and chase us and call us extremists and kill us? … when you drop a bomb do you think it hits one person? Or rather your bomb wipes out a whole family? … Through [many passages in the] Koran we must fight them as they fight us … I apologise that women had to witness this today but in our lands women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don’t care about you. You think David Cameron is gonna get caught in the street when we start busting our guns? Do you think politicians are going to die? No, it’s going to be the average guy, like you and your children. So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back … leave our lands and you will live in peace.”

—Michael Adebolajo, excerpted from a Daily Telegraph transcript[34]
Why does GCHQ not care about our soldiers?
Theresa May the Home office minister (In charge of GCHQ, MI5 and the National Database Extremists Unit NDEU) has her priorities in the wrong order, or once again, the military industrial complex is not informing the heads of the Home Office on who they are targeting and why. Indeed, The late Tony Benn said that he was not informed of the problems at Windscale (Now called Sellafield), when the meltdown occurred there.
I wonder how many of todays emails, promoting the Sunday Mirror article, that I sent have got to where they were sent too?

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The strange case of Dr Chris Busby and Britain’s nuclear lobby manipulating the internet – The Conservative and Liberal Party’s nuclear dreams

arclight-SmPosted by arclight2011part2
posted to
help with headline by Sandi Keane 😉

Dr Chris Busby has website hacked for second time in a week!!

The reason for this is that the Sunday Mirror, a major UK based tabloid has published the story of the plight  of the UK nuclear test veterans and their children,under the title;
12 years from out first campaign, the legacy that shames the UK
Exclusive to the Sunday Mirror
Authored by Susie Bonaface
5 April 2014
Nuke vets: the new generation
Introduction by Arclight2011part2
The article describes problems with the Genetic damage being passed on to the children of the veterans and how the UK government is trying to stop the case using Tempora and the illegal UK terror laws. e
The article was not put on the Internet and can only be read in paper form just as local newspapers cannot put stories of the children of Chernobyl coming to the UK for recuperation (the UK is the only country in Europe to recently start charging Chernobyl childrens charities for visas) as reported on recently [ Arclights note that the article in question are not functioning for some reason on nuclear news blog but you can get there by clicking here;  ).  (Correction – The Sunday Mirror has now posted it on the web)
There is obviously some strong arm tactics being used on the press in the UK to stop them putting nuclear related stories of any sort on the Internet. So well done to the Sunday Mirror staff and editors.
Here is an extract of the article and here is the full article;
No let up from radiation fears.
There is no way to prove that radiation caused a specific birth defect. But it is well known that radiation causes mutations and that has been proven in New Zealand.Nuclear veterans have three times as much genetic damage as survivors of Chernobyl.
The British Government has refused requests to carry out the same genetic tests research on out own veterans.
Professor Chris Busby did his statistical survey of the vets and their descendent’s in 2007. It found that children of the vets were 10 times more likely to get birth defects and five times more likely to die as infants.
He reveals: “ The main thing is that the grandchildren are suffering at almost the same rate as the as the children of the veterans. In normal genetics with each generation the effects., with each generation the effects would be less as new DNA is added to the family line. But with radiation exposure a kind of instability is passed down- like an alarming message in a bottle passed from mother to child. It tells the child to assemble the genes randomly in all directions, so you get many children with strange deformities. “ The genes do it in order to evolve around the radiation.” “But it is terrible that women have this fear hanging over their heads because of what happened to their fathers. And yet there is no concessions from the Government or military that it happened at all”
The article then goes on to describe the horrifying situation that Shirley Denson finds herself in as a daughter of a Test veteran. I will post this up in its entirety as the Sunday Mirror probably has been warned away from doing that under national security terms now in force in the UK. (Picture by Roy Fisher on the Sunday Mirror staff)
Dr Chris busby had his website hacked again this morning in line with the article coming out. This is to stop people reading his on-line report from 2007. Which I have a paper copy of in front of me.
Dr Busby wrote this article in Germany when he had his position there but owing to pressure from German nuclear lobby he lost that position.
His report which will be posted on-line here at as a “mirror” in case of him being attacked by GCHQ and specifically Theresa May who must have signed off on the cyber attack to allow the UK military intelligence services to behave in such a way.
Do you think Theresa May looks guilty here? (click on link)
The list of reported ailments is as follows;

Increased risk of miscarriage

Increased risk of stillbirths

Increased risk of infant mortality

Increased risk of congenital illness (mutations)

Dr busby connects Uranium as a possible trigger for this damage (Uranium is a beta emitter that is ignored by the Environment Agency in the UK because it gives a low”dose”). This evidence would bring the claims of the IAEA, ICRP and UNSCEAR into disrepute and open the flood gates of litigation against the nuclear industry worldwide in respect of the victims of Kazakhstan (Russian testing), Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island, Fukushima (Japan) and many others including the nuclear test veterans of course.
Here is a quote from the original report;

“The finding that the levels of congenital disease do not taper down with generation doe suggest a genomic rather than (or addition to) a heritable genetic mechanism.”

General manipulation on the internet is as follows;
It might be worth mentioning the USA cyber actions against Dr Busby as epitomised by the likes of Roger Helbig (who fronts for the Yahoo nuclear lobby forums – Google his name and you will see that he and other colleagues are regularly attacking Dr Busby and other journalists, Independent scientists, universities and bloggers). A full description of all the attacks on anti nuclear proponents would be too long for this article but i will show one example below.
Major media outlets are targeted by the likes of Ashursts Australia to stop this type of information getting out. Though Ashursts were eventually very kind to Christina Mac Phearson (a dear sweet 70 plus year old Australian blogger who is my blog partner and was chosen by Palladin Mining  for “special attention”).
Here is my personal plea to the public to support the British Nuclear Test veterans

Here is a plea by Dr Busby

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Science Media Centres quietly go along with Australia’s Tony Abbott

arclightArclight 1 April 14 Australia and the UK covered up Fukushima using the Science Media centres with a small group of UK and Australian hand picked scientists..
The Science media centre (SMC) in the UK makes the BBC put on 1 of the 99 per cent who think there is a problem, with 1 climate denier from the remaimng 1 percent..
The UK government tells the SMC to manage the news..
The SMC is pro fracking and pro GMO too!
basically pro big buisness…
I think you were to kind with Cameron Christine.. The UK is managing climate change by saying it will be too far into the future to have any immediate effects. even after the weird weather and flooding we have been having in the UK over the winter. Also, they are commissioning some weather modification studies and has asked the SMC to deal with it.. So no articles on weather modification..

The SMC is funded and supported by petroleum, nuclear, pharma, BBC and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC UK) etc etc

follow the money! The SMC did
Great comments! I hope the refrigeration is solar!!

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Whats up with the Thorium reactor supporting Twitter Heads?

arclight-SmOpEd by Arclight2011

Date-  4 March 2014

Posted to

Screenshot from 2014-01-07 20:03:20

A brief description of my tweeting experience – Short and sweet! But here is a little breakdown on the issues discussed/tweet linked.

OK! I am grey haired and get my phone hacked a lot so tweeting came a bit late in the day and my interest was stirred after my boss (The dear sweet little old lady blogger who allows me to create mayhem on her blog) was wearing her fingers out tweeting

The subject of all these tweets concerned possible future of dainty little Thorium reactors replacing the nasty big ogre like uranium reactors.

Of course the reason I believe that the push is for thorium

is that the corporations want to keep the nuclear fuel cycle going even if the uranium based reactors get switched off.

For Thorium arguments click here

I would like to concentrate on the nuclear fuel cycle a bit here to underline a Thorium reactors biggest flaw.

The Halden Thorium reactor in Norway for instance is currently running a paper mill and is running on recycled nuclear waste as well as Thorium.

The Oslo Fjord has been polluted from time to time from this reactor with mainly Beta bearing radionucldes according to the EURDEP radiation mapping. But the pollution doesnt begin there for the type of fuel that is actually being burnt.

The nuclear waste that is burnt in this reactor starts out as spent fuel rods as well as “hot” nuclear materials. These spent fuel rods are melted in nitric acid and the useful radionuclides are removed.

This spent fuel processing takes place at limited locations and Sellafield in the UK is one such place as well as La Hague in France. NO2 pollution levels are the highest in the UK with the European Union berating the UK for this pollutant that has been increasing over recent years. This pollution has caused real deaths and is a matter of public record.

Of course, the emissions from Sellafield and La Hague comes to some some 4000 T/Bq (admitted) if memory serves me right. Bottom line, it is a lot of liquid and air emissions.

Whilst in London in 2011 and 2012 I found myself with a Gieger counter and during the course of measuring for radioactivity in the air I happened to notice that the NO2 air pollution increased with the radiation readings that I got.

I was able to track this pollution as well as others during 2012 using pollution maps and EURDEP as well as my trusty gieger counter and looking at other gieger readings throughout Europe. These pollutants seem to travel together.

But how could this be covered up? I hear you ask?

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ETHOS, Ethics and Lies – Chernobyl to Fukushima, Nesterenko to Takenouchi and beyond?

Screenshot from 2014-03-04 07:18:42

arclight-SmMari is facing charges stemming from speaking out on radiation in Japan and advocacy for families relocating children out of the areas contaminated by radioactivity from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactor site, operated by TEPCO.

The group ETHOS in Japan supports the decision by some to stay and live in contaminated areas. Sadly, some of these families feel they have no choice due to economics and other factors. Certainly young children have no choice. ETHOS advocates monitoring radioactivity, but well established science supports Mari’s views that there is no safe dose of radiation and that children need to be protected. We support open discussion, access to information and free choice. We ask the Prosecutor to agree that writing and speaking about these issues are not a crime.

Please Stand With Mari as she stands for precaution, protection and the rights of children to a healthy future. THANK YOU.

The late nuclear physicist Vassili B. Nesterenko (2 December 1934–25 August 2008) was hounded and persecuted by the KGB because he published inconvenient truths: research about the consequences of Chernobyl. Here is a short article about his achievements and here is his Wikipedia entry.

Alternate link to his achievements ;

“….At a lower level, but also dangerous, there is the CEPN with Lochard. His project ETHOS has failed in Chernobyl : the children became more and more ill, and more severely ill. In the final report, they censured the medical report of the paediatrician, because the project was accompanied with the deterioration of health of the children….” (Full article below)

More on ETHOS radiation project here;

This is the official information
Report on Childrens radiation education structure :
“…..In effect, ETHOS had learned everything from Nesterenko and had collected his data in order to now supplant him. A real case of plagiarism but with one fundamental flaw: the ETHOS mission, as conceived by the French nuclear lobby had an insurmountable statutory limitation, that prevented it from taking any action in the area of health: ETHOS was not qualified to treat the population medically: (4) What was it doing, in that case, at Chernobyl?I began to understand more when a friend, a sociologist, who had some involvement with ETHOS, told me that Jacques Lochard, leader of the ETHOS project, was employed by the CEA and had defined its task in this astonishing phrase. “We need to occupy the territory…”

Pr. Michel Fernex is a Swiss medical doctor from the Medical Faculty University of Basel. Born in Geneva in 1929. Member of Physicians for Social Responsibility and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). He worked at the World Health Organization (WHO) as member of the Steering Committee on Tropical Diseases Research for 15 years. In 1986, facing the reality of the WHO which attempted to downplay the consequences of the Chernobyl accident instead of helping the population, it compeled him to demand the independence of the WHO from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Since 2007 he has been a leading campaigner of Independent WHO. With Solange Fernex, his wife and member of the French Green Party, Vassily Nesterenko, founder of the Institut Belrad, and film director Wladimir Tchertkoff, he also founded in 2001 the NPO Children of Chernobyl Belarus (Les Enfants de Tchernobyl-Belarus) to support the Institute Belrad as well as the independent recherches of the consequences of Chernobyl accident.

Q1. What were the policy measures undertaken by the IAEA in Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster in 1986?

In Chernobyl, the IAEA arrived soon. Together with Prof Pellerin, delegate from the WHO, they proposed to change the established limits of protection for external irradiation for professional workers in atomic industries and apply them for the population, ignoring that families living in contaminated areas were soon to suffer more from internal irradiation than external. The Soviet Union refused to increase the limits of 5 to 10 or even 20 mSv/year, which would delay the evacuations and would have increased risks for radio-induced diseases. The risks of cancers are only a small part of pathologies occurring, as we learned from Chernobyl.

They did not encourage the distribution of stable iodine to the children, which was recommend by Baverstock, doctor at the WHO. They did not accelerate the evacuation of populations at risk, but waited until the irradiation reached higher doses. They minimized the risk for the population. They financed the Ministry of Health to discourage independent research.

The French lobby arrived later than in Fukushima, with an NGO, the CEPN with M. Lochard, representing Electricité de France with 56 atomic reactors, the CEA which developed the French Bomb, and Areva which builds atomic power plants, stores atomic waste in La Hague, and sells uranium, plutonium and MOX. In the UN hierarchy, the IAEA remains on the top, other agencies have to follow. Even the FAO has to agree, when limits have to be imposed for food.

Their goal is to reduce the costs of the catastrophe and to reduce the impact of Chernobyl on the further sale of atomic power plants.

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