The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotope

– NUCLEAR LIES – theme for January 2012

No industry can compare with nuclear for the lies and coverups. In the early 1940s the USA government perverted  research into the medical uses of ionising radiation into a plan for radiation mass killing : the original aim of the atomic bomb was to kill people, and leave property undamaged.   After World War 2, Germany’s Nazi scientists suddenly became respectable USA citizens, working on USA’s nuclear weapons.

From its murky past in weapons of mass murder, the nuclear industry emerged with its promiseof energy “too cheap to meter”.  That was a lie, and the industry has been lying ever since.  Unfortunately, as advertising has shown over the 20th Century, if you keep repeating a lie, people start to believe it.

Image above from Nuclear Disaster- Don’t Believe Their Lies – Gaia Health

A current nuclear lie is the “nuclear renaissance” – a rebirth of this outdated and failing industry.

The nuclear lobby will actually USE the Fukushima nuclear disaster to promote nuclear power

The nuclear lobby will actually USE the danger of nuclear weapons to promote nuclear power

The nuclear lobby will pretend that nuclear power is clean, green, renewable, and combats climate change

Like the tobacco and asbestos industries, the nuclear industry will ignore, dismiss, and lie about its role in causing cancer


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