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Time for Israel to end its secrecy about its nuclear weapons

Israelis know almost nothing about how the program started, where the bombs are stored and whether their leaders ever considered using them

Why Israel Should Declare Itself a Nuclear Power, Newsweek, 21 Oct 10, Ambiguity over Israel’s nuclear program has been the norm, but a new book argues that coming clean would actually help deter Iran… Continue reading

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Tanzania could lose precious water, and money, with uranium mining

Water is already scarce there and it would be imprudent to let one company consume huge amounts of water at the expense of area inhabitants…If global demand for uranium were to decrease, the estimated value of these deposits would also drop. Therefore, it is unclear how much revenue uranium mining would really bring to Tanzania……

….the average Tanzanian citizen has seen limited benefits from mining projects while the lion’s share of the profits go to foreign mining companies…..

Take care that uranium mining turns into blessing, not curse, for Tanzania, Daily Nation  By SHAABAN FUNDI, October 20 2010 Continue reading

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Columbian rebels seek nuclear materials to make a ‘dirty’ bomb

emails found on the computers proved that since 2005 the Farc had been trying to buy nuclear material in Ukraine.

Colombia tries to stop rebels from getting nuclear arms, BBC News, 20 October 2010 Colombian police have created the first counter-nuclear arms unit in the region dealing with leftist rebels. The new Centre for Nuclear Security will try to prevent members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) from obtaining nuclear material to make a “dirty bomb”. Continue reading

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Green energy rush to take off in South Africa

Green revolution starts to take root, Mail & Guardian Online, LIONEL FAULL | JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Oct 20 2010 A massive green rush is under way in South Africa, with major energy, construction and finance companies setting up specialised renewable energy units in anticipation of the government finalising the rules of engagement at the end of the year.The government has set a target of 4%, or 1 025MW, of renewable energy installed from private sector suppliers by 20 13, up from less than 0,1% at present…….

Green revolution starts to take root – Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source

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Renewable energy systems save money in homes

If you have the freedom to build a new home or remodel a current house, there are many ways you can tailor its design to make the best use of renewable energy systems.

Renewable energy systems for different house types, Lon’s Article Directory , 20 Oct 10, Sustainable energy is no longer just the domain of businesses, with advancements in renewable energy systems making them ever more effective and affordable for homes. By generating your own energy to supplement traditional electricity and gas from fossil fuels, you’ll not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save a great deal on your fuel bills. Continue reading

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Under Russian control Rocky Mountains uranium to Iran?

Four Republican lawmakers have sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner raising concerns that the deal could lead to U.S. uranium reaching Iran.

Russia seeks control of Canadian nuclear company working in U.S. TheSpec , 20 Oct 10, DENVER Russia’s government is trying to enter the U.S. nuclear industry, poised to spend $1.5 billion to acquire a controlling share of Uranium One, a Canadian company operating in the Rocky Mountain region…. Continue reading

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Nuclear renaissance bubble losing its puff

the simple reality is that a nuclear renaissance in the U.S. will be impossible if new reactors remain too expensive to build and natural gas remains “dirt cheap” while renewable energy costs continue to decline and consumer demand remains on a downward spiral……

underestimated costs, ignored risks, political ballyhoo and prodigious but inadequate subsidies — now make clear that we are dealing not with a renaissance but with a bubble. The main remaining question is just how much taxpayer money will go into keeping it inflated.”

Reactor under microscope  South Maryland News, Constellation, officials working to keep CC3 project going, Oct. 20, 2010, By MEGHAN RUSSELL“.………..even if EDF agreed to take the project under its wing, many skeptics, like the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, doubt the conditions are right for a “nuclear renaissance” and believe Calvert Cliffs 3 was doomed from the start. Continue reading

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Nuclear corporations big squabble over Maryland project

E.D.F. and Constellation Step Up Nuclear Battle., October 19, 2010,The romance is over for Électricité de France and the Constellation Energy Group, partners in a nuclear power joint venture. Their very public squabble was ostensibly set off by Constellation’s withdrawal of its application to the Energy Department for a loan guarantee for the Calvert Cliffs 3 nuclear project in Maryland…..

E.D.F. and Constellation Step Up Nuclear Battle –

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