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Leaked memo reveals German govt’s dirty nuclear deal

The memo, leaked Thursday, also promises that the new nuclear agreement will include provisions to make it hard for future anti-nuclear governments to reverse the decision to keep nuclear in the mix.

Opposition fuming over secret nuclear deal – BERLIN, Sept. 10 The German opposition has reacted angrily over revelations that the government, as part of its decision to extend the life of nuclear power in Germany to the mid 2030s, struck a deal with the nuclear industry to shield it from unfavorable future political decisions. German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a previously unreleased memo assured the country’s four main utilities that government-imposed nuclear safety upgrades would be capped at $640 million per reactor. Continue reading

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Angela Merkel denies secret nuclear deal – do we believe her?

Tens of thousands are expected to take part in a mass anti-nuclear rally in Berlin on Sept. 18……..

German govt spokesman rejects charges of secret pact* Merkel’s party loses support after nuclear extension By Erik KirschbaumBERLIN, Sept 10 (Reuters) The German government denied on Friday charges that it had made a secretive deal to cap safety costs for utility firms as part of an agreement to extend the lifespans of nuclear power plants. Continue reading

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Over 250 Canadian towns say no to nuclear power

Ontario is backing off nuclear power generation of the Canadian-developed CANDU variety, ….. Quebec has a golden opportunity to follow that example.

No to nuclear power, towns say, By Jan Ravensbergen, Montreal Gazette September 10, 2010, MONTREAL – More than 250 Quebec municipalities and regional municipal governments have banded together to demand the province shut the door once and for all on nuclear energy Continue reading

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New York nuclear reactor shut down due to water leak

NY’s Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Shut For Repairs – WSJ.comBy Mark Long and Mark Peters Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES NEW YORK (Dow Jones)- 10 Sept 10, -Entergy Corp. (ETR) said Friday its Indian Point nuclear-power station in New York was completely offline after the second of two operating units was shut because of a non-radioactive water leak…Unit 3 was shut Thursday evening after the discovery of a leak of water used to cool the generator, which is housed in a building separate from the reactor….The shutdown of Unit 3, which had been running continuously for more than a year, comes just a week after Unit 2 was brought offline for the repair of a water-pump motor.

UPDATE: NY’s Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Shut For Repairs –

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South Carolina nuclear reactor shut down for third time this year this year

SC nuclear plant shut down by turbine problem  BusinessWeek, 10 Sept 10, HARTSVILLE, S.C.A control problem with a turbine at a nuclear power plant in South Carolina has shut the reactor down until the issue can be fixed. It’s the third shutdown this year.Raleigh, N.C.-based Progress Energy Inc. reported Thursday’s incident at the H.B. Robinson plant in Hartsville to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.Plant spokesman Andy Cole says the shutdown was triggered by a control problem with a turbine unrelated to the nuclear side of the plant. The reactor shuts down as a safety precaution during certain conditions at the plant.Earlier this year, two fires in Robinson’s electrical system led to a nearly four-month shutdown of the plant that included a planned refueling outage and some needed repairs. The reactor was restarted in mid-July….

SC nuclear plant shut down by turbine problem – BusinessWeek

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Louisiana nuclear reactor reduces power

Entergy La. River Bend reactor slips to 75 pct | Reuters, NEW YORK, Sept 10 Entergy Corp’s (ETR.N) 978-megawatt RiverBend nuclear power unit in Louisiana was at 75 percent power early Friday,down from full power on Thursday, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commissionsaid in its power reactor status report. It was not immediately known why the unit, in St. Francisville,Louisiana, had been reduced…..

Entergy La. River Bend reactor slips to 75 pct | Reuters

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Danger in blending Class A radioactive wastes with hotter classes

blended waste should be dealt with as part of a comprehensive overhaul of the nation’s low-level radioactive waste, with careful attention paid to public-safety issues…..Under Utah law, Energy- Solutions is banned from taking waste hotter than Class A.

NRC head urges caution on waste blending | The Salt Lake Tribune, By JUDY FAHYS  Sep 10, 2010 Las Vegas • Blended radioactive waste won’t be coming to Utah anytime soon if the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission adopts its leader’s position. Continue reading

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France’s nuclear socialism – a nightmare, not a miracle

Unlike computers, solar panels, wind turbines and most other high tech projects, nuclear power plants and projects don’t go down in price over time. Instead, the costs escalate, and that’s a recipe for a disaster,

Time to End Nuclear Socialism, Says New Study, Greentech Media, 10 Sept 10, A nuclear plant will cost $7,000 to $10,000 per kilowatt, says Mark Cooper of the University of Vermont. That’s more than wind, solar, storage and other renewables—and the price tag will continue to climb. It shouldn’t be called the French Nuclear Miracle, says Mark Cooper. It’s more like a recurring nightmare. Continue reading

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Renewable energy 17%, nuclear 2% in new generation since 2000

Globally, the shift to clean energy sources has been gradual. Since 2000, nearly a third of new power generation has come from burning coal. Another third has been fired by natural gas – less greenhouse gas-intensive, but still a fossil fuel. Carbon dioxide-free energy sources have made up less than one fifth of the new generation. Of that, 17 per cent has been renewable energy – largely solar, wind and hydroelectricity…….Nuclear power, the largest source of installed low-carbon energy, has declined markedly since the 1980s and made up just 2 per cent.

Nuclear power, the largest source of installed low-carbon energy, has declined markedly since the 1980s and made up just 2 per cent.

Limit on climate, and the catch, The Age, Adam Morton, September 10, 2010 Continue reading

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China winning the clean energy export race

The Chinese clean energy technology production model is excellent, say analysts, who point out that it is now being exported around the globe.

China gives the world a sound – and clean – energy wake-up call, The Daily Maverick, 10 Sept 10, :Despite lingering Western hubris about China being the big lumbering lummox of the 21st century desperately playing catch-up, the world’s most populous nation is leaving the rest of world far behind in the race to create clean energy. Continue reading

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Russia’s secrecy over nuclear incident, as it promotes nuclear sales

Russia wants a big slice of the nuclear ‘renaissance ’. Talk of nuclear accidents at reactors with incompetent management and under-trained staff doesn’t look good to potential investors.

What happened at Russia’s Kursk nuclear power plant? | Greenpeace International, by jmckeati – September 9, 2010 , On July 22, it appears that one of the reactors at the plant may have come close a Chernobyl-style disaster……..official details from the authorities are few and sketchy. The story that is slowly leaking out however, via Bellona, is one of a highly dangerous mix of incompetence, arrogance, cover-up and propaganda. Continue reading

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Merkel govt’s secret deals to benefit Germany’s nuclear lobby

the memo shows this will be a no-risk deal for the utilities, even if an anti-nuclear government comes to power and tries to roll back Merkel’s pro-nuclear policies….

the SPD would fight the “secret deal.”Government sources said the Merkel government also planned to change the law, making it almost impossible to sue a nuclear company to force it to upgrade its nuclear security standards.

Germany promises nuclear utilities financial protection  Earth Times News, Berlin , 10 Sept 10, Continue reading

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India’s govt resisting pressure from USA firms desperate to sell nuclear reactors

Well placed sources said the law could not now be amended in any way having been forged with the overwhelming backing of Parliament. “There is no likelihood of any changes…...

On US ‘advice’ to change nuclear liability law, govt says no,  The Times of India, Rajeev Deshpande, TNN, Sep 10, 2010, NEW DELHI: Though expected to be a sweetner in India- US ties, the nuclear liability law is likely to remain an irritant, with Indian government ruling out any possibility of amendments in keeping with concerns voiced by American suppliers and echoed by the Obama administration. Continue reading

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USA pushing India on Nuclear Liability Bill, Westinghouse & Genl Elecectric might pull out

Nuclear liability law: US seeks special exemption, Sep 10, 2010, By Uttara Choudhury: NEW YORK : DNA The US and India have been gunning for each other through the summer …..And now, India’s new nuclear liability law threatens US energy deals.

Despite the perennial irritants, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Wednesday that the two crotchety friends are discussing ways for American nuclear suppliers to get around the liability law. It said that if the two sides can’t find a workaround, American companies such as General Electric and Westinghouse would pass on the India nuclear deal……Nuclear liability law: US seeks special exemption – World – DNA

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Medical radiation to be controlled in new Californian law

New California regulation could limit medical radiation |,  Carolyn Johnson, 9 Sept10, California could soon take a major step to protect patients from dangerous levels of radiation. A proposed bill, awaiting the governor’s signature, would add new regulations for the use and monitoring of powerful imaging devices like CT Scanners.The push for this regulation came about after hundreds of cases of radiation overdoses at a prominent hospital in Southern California were made public….
California lawmakers recently passed a bill that will put new safety measures in place, to protect patients from receiving too much radiation.The bill requires hospitals and other facilities to record the actual level of radiation delivered during CT scans and to include that information in the patient’s medical file as well as the CT scan report. Any dosages 50 percent or more above normal would have to be reported to the health department.

The bill also sets up a new accreditation program for CT technicians……,New California regulation could limit medical radiation |

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