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  1. I would like to subscribe to your mailings. Thank You

    Comment by Harvey Schaktman | August 16, 2013 | Reply

    • Not sure what you mean here, Harvey. I do send out a weekly newsletter. So shall send you those.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | August 16, 2013 | Reply

  2. Is this site connected to Alex Jones? If yes, then I understand the need for your disclaimer. If no, then why include his video?

    Comment by bob | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  3. The radiation from the nuclear weapons on China will blow from east to west.
    Soon the winds will bring the radiation fallout to the US.

    Comment by Chinama | January 21, 2014 | Reply

  4. Why is my ‘Comodo Secure DNS’ browser app
    telling me that this website is the following?:

    “Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked” due to Malware?

    Either your site is malicious or Comodo is malicious.
    I want to know which…

    I have my ideas about this & am requesting feedback from you about it. TKX


    Comment by rewardaward | February 2, 2014 | Reply

  5. Why is my browser app (Comodo Secure DNS) telling me this site is “Unsafe website blocked!” due to ‘Malware’?

    I had to look at it from my phone in fact.

    Either this site is malicious or Comodo is.
    I want to know your ideas about which.

    Comment by rewardaward | February 2, 2014 | Reply

  6. Please remove my portrait of Lady Barbara Judge from your website. It is a breach of copyright.
    Alexander McIntyre

    Comment by Ander McIntyre | December 2, 2014 | Reply


    Comment by Kevin Blanch | September 11, 2015 | Reply

    • My daughter French-Japanese lives in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture, 50 kms South from the nuclear plant of Fukushima Daiichi. Sandra Sagae Courtois, born in Paris in 1982, grown up in Fukushima, 33 years old,unmarried, no children, does not want to give birth anymore by fear of possible tetragenic birth due to radioactive contamination thru her living environment and the contaminated food.
      I have been following the Fukushima catastrophe day and night from the right beginning, and I am very well aware of the real dangers of Fukushima and of nuclear, my own blood and flesh French-Japanese daughter being one of the victims of nuclear in Fukushima, l will therefore continue to fight nuclear until it ends or untill my last breath.
      I am a member of Sortir du Nucléaire France and of Greenpeace France, activist in the real world and on internet.
      I am opposed to all pro-nuclear and their paid shills, but I am also oppose to those irresponsable people who produce hoax after hoax about Fukushima to satisfy their attention-glory-narcissist craving and their donations milking. All those people in different ways are harming the truth, harming our antinuclear cause.
      Nuclear is more than bad, we will only win by exposing its ugly real nature, the true real solid facts. We won’t win by spinning sensationalism or hoaxes, which only become ammunitions for the pro-nuke shills to discredit us and the true dangers of nuclear in the mind of the general public.
      Hervé Courtois, (D’un Renard), 60 years old, Picardie, France

      Comment by dunrenard | September 14, 2015 | Reply

  8. And now, for the first time in my life, the bioluminescence is BLUE off the coast of Washington, not the normal green:

    Two weeks earlier: Why Is the Water Blue in a Nuclear Reactor?


    Any connection in your mind? If you think valid, please share


    Comment by SegFisch | April 25, 2021 | Reply

  9. Your disclaimer smell of the Mark Zuckerberg argument.

    Comment by wijtse | October 23, 2021 | Reply

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