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Israel asked George W.Bush to bomb Syrian nuclear facility

Bush: Olmert asked me to bomb Syrian reactor – Israel News, Ynetnews, 6 Nov 10, Former President George W. Bush says he considered ordering a US military strike against a suspected Syrian nuclear facility at Israel’s request in 2007, but ultimately opted against it. Continue reading


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Dirty tricks in the nuclear industry, using Stuxnet computer worm?

if Areva wanted to harm Siemens reputation or make it less attractive to Rosatom, what better way than to demonstrate the unreliability of its control system software?

British Nuclear Power Plant Goes Dark. Stuxnet Worm To Blame?, Forbes, The Firewall , Nov. 1 2010 by Jeffrey Carr,  British Energy, owned by France’s EDF Energy PLC, has reported an “unplanned outage” at its Heysham 1 nuclear power plant yesterday. A company spokesperson told the Associated Press that repairs to one of the reactors are ongoing but didn’t say when the plant was expected to resume operations.
According to Siemens’ website, EDF Energy is a customer of the German technology giant, whose infrastructure software has suffered from a global infection of the sophisticated Stuxnet worm……. Continue reading

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Virginia nuclear reactor plant leaking tritium into groundwater

Radioactive groundwater reported at Va. plant – WTKR, 2 Nov 10, LOUISA, Va. —Dominion Virginia Power said Monday it is seeking the source of low-level groundwater radiation detected by one of its monitoring stations at its twin-reactor nuclear power plant in North Anna.The utility said the elevated levels did not pose a health hazard to plant workers or residents, according to a filing with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.The elevated reading was detected in April by one of eight monitoring stations and has since returned to acceptable levels.

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Petition to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission on risks at Indian Point nuclear reactor

Summary Box: Safety concerns about Indian Point,  BusinessWeek, By The Associated Press, 25 Oct 10, THE WORRY: Two large natural gas pipelines that pass near the Indian Point nuclear facility could explode and lead to a nuclear accident, a nuclear opponent says in a petition filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.THE CASE: The petition accuses the NRC of failing to study design changes made to the pipelines over a period of decades, and hasn’t evaluated the potential for disaster in light of new information learned from the recent natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, Calif. that killed eight. Summary Box: Safety concerns about Indian Point – BusinessWeek

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Israel reveals nuclear reactor with military and espionage purposes

Former US President Jimmy Carter says Israel has a nuclear arsenal that includes between 200 and 300 warheads. Decades of recurrent reporting and aerial footage have also established the possession of atomic arms by Israel.

Israel airs nuclear site footage, Press TV, 24 Oct 10, An Israeli television station has for the first time aired footage of an Israeli nuclear reactor used for military and espionage purposes. Continue reading

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New leak to Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor’s emergency cooling system

Vermont reactor reports new leak –, 21 Oct 10, MONTPELIER, Vt.—The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is reporting a leak in a steam line connected to its emergency core cooling system…..Vermont reactor reports new leak –

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Radiation exposure of South African nuclear workers

Koeberg radiation leak being probed: News24: South Africa: News, 15 Oct 10, Pretoria – The National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) says it has launched a probe into an incident last month at Koeberg nuclear power station in which 91 workers were exposed to radiation……. Continue reading

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Yet more delays in reviving Point Lepreau nuclear reactor

Point Lepreau delayed until fall 2012. CBC News – New Brunswick , 14 Oct 10, The $1.4-billion Point Lepreau refurbishment project is now delayed until the fall of 2012, NB Power said Thursday.The refurbishment of Atlantic Canada’s only nuclear reactor is now three years behind schedule……..The project was supposed to be completed in September 2009……. CBC News – New Brunswick – Point Lepreau delayed until fall 2012

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Demolition of nuclear reactor – cost not mentioned

Westinghouse Begins Demolition of Retired Test Reactor Outer Structure at Waltz Mill Site Nuclear Power Industry News – , Oct 12 2010 – Edited By Chris Reed -Westinghouse Electric Company announced last week it has begun the demolition and removal of the retired test reactor outer structure at its Waltz Mill facility here. This project is part of the site’s continued remediation plans, which include decontamination or removal of structures and areas used as part of test reactor operations conducted from 1959 to 1962.
The test reactor vessel was previously removed in 2000; the remaining structure, a large, white-domed containment building used to house the test reactor, is not needed for current site operations.

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Constellation Energy about to kill nuclear reactor project

Constellation Energy says loan backstop too costly, :By DANIEL WAGNER 10/10/2010 WASHINGTON—Constellation Energy Group Inc. says it won’t tap a government program necessary to build a new nuclear plant in Maryland, in a move likely to kill the project, according to a published report on Sunday.The U.S. Department of Energy’s loan guarantee came with “unworkable” terms and an “unreasonably burdensome” cost, Constellation said Saturday, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal……..The government guarantee was necessary for Constellation to finance the planned Calvert Cliffs 3 plant in Calvert County, Md. Lenders require developers of nuclear sites to obtain the guarantee. The projects are too costly and high-risk to qualify for regular loans…….. Constellation Energy says loan backstop too costly – :

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Increased nuclear program in Pakistan

Pakistan steps up nuclear construction, Google hosted news, By Shaun Tandon (AFP) – 6 Oct 10, WASHINGTON — Pakistan appears to have stepped up construction of a new atomic reactor that could help the country produce easier-to-deliver nuclear weapons, a US research institute said. Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is one of the most sensitive topics for the United States as it tries to improve relations with its frontline partner in the campaign against Islamic extremism.The Institute for Science and International Security, a private US group which is critical of nuclear weapons, said Tuesday it observed progress at Pakistan’s tightly guarded Khushab site which is key to plutonium production……….Pakistan, which experts estimate now has up to 100 nuclear weapons, has been adamant that its nuclear weapons are in safe hands and President Barack Obama has publicly concurred.

But the United States hinted at its frustration on Tuesday at the United Nations, where Pakistan has blocked a resumption of negotiations for an agenda in global nuclear disarmament talks. AFP: Pakistan steps up nuclear construction

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Taxpayer cops endlessly rising costs of decommissioning nuclear reactor

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) said that costs changed over time and were constantly being reassessed.

Cost of clearing Suffolk nuclear plant set to soar to nearly £1bn – Norfolk News – EDP24, 4 Oct 10, The estimated cost of clearing the Sizewell A nuclear power station site on the east coast is now a massive £927m, according to new figures.Taxpayers will pick up most of the bill Continue reading

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Russia might have targeted Iran’s nukes with the Stuxnet computer worm

“The Russians, … have shown increasing unease at the prospects of an Iran that would really have nuclear weapons.As regards to opportunity and expertise, the Russians stand at the top of any suspect list.

Stuxnet—a Russian worm?,  Capital J | JTA – Jewish & Israel News, By Ron Kampeas · October 4, 2010 At the National Interest, David Kay, the weapons inspector who determined that Saddam Hussein was not, after all, anywhere near reviving his WMD program, wonders whether Russia is behind Stuxnet, the nuclear-disrupting worm the Iranians have blamed on israel and the United States: Continue reading

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Delays continue in fixing Point Lepreau Nuclear reactor

AECL officials would not speculate on what the consequences would be if the reactor was turned on and the calandria tubes leaked. But the risks of nuclear power include negative health effects due to radiation, which in some cases could lead to cancer and genetic damage

Refit of nuclear plant still nowhere near completion BRETT BUNDALE – 4 Oct 10, New Brunswick, CanadaFREDERICTON – As a new Progressive Conservative government settles into office, one little-discussed issue during the election campaign is casting a shadow over New Brunswick’s political landscape: the refurbishment of the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant Continue reading

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Nuclear cooling pond an environmental and terrorist danger

Not only does nuclear waste pose an environmental risk, opponents say, the ever-growing collection of spent fuel rods inside the power plant also makes it an inviting target for terrorists…..

Nuclear waste to lingerTown unhappy as Pilgrim rods stay, PLYMOUTH The Boston Globe By Robert Knox October 3, 2010 A new ruling by nuclear power regulators that concludes it’s safe to store nuclear waste at a nuclear power plant for 60 years after the plant closes — the previous limit was 30 years — has led Plymouth officials to concede that nuclear waste will remain in town longer than anybody wants. Continue reading

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