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India cracks down hard on anti-nuclear protestors

Several prominent figures, including a former Supreme Court judge, Justice P B Sawant, former Magsaysay award winner Admiral Ramdas were intending to join the protests, but are reported to have been arrested on the highway, about 20km from the site.

600 people arrested in India for opposing nuclear plant, hundreds more voluntarily risk jail | Greenpeace International, by Justin – November 1, 2010, World’s largest nuclear park is planned in Jaitapur, in Ratnagiri district on the coast of southern Maharashtra. The park would comprise up to six large nuclear reactors bought from the French nuclear giant- Areva. In addition to the inherent hazards of nuclear power, the project threatens the livelihoods of about 10 000 farmers and fishermen and their families. Continue reading


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Top airline pilot against security radiation scanning for pilots

let pilots avoid the same high-intensity searches that the public endures at TSA checkpoints.

APA president advises against new body scanners, AIRLINE BIZ Terry Maxon, 1 Nov 10, Allied Pilots Association president Dave Bates is suggesting that American Airlines pilots go through a pat-down search by Transportation Security Administration personnel rather undergo the repeated radiation from the “advanced imaging technology” body scanners used at many airports……. Continue reading

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Protest against Trident nuclear missiles shuts UK dockland

Not only was Trident bad for jobs, but the radioactive substances it requires were highly dangerous for the 250,000 people living in Portsmouth

Dockyard shut by anti-nuke activists , Morning Star,  by Lizzie Cocker, 1 Nov 10, Anti-nuclear campaigners successfully blockaded all entrances to a Plymouth dockyard today.They were protesting at the role the site plays in maintaining Trident nuclear submarines. Continue reading

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Patients treated with radioactivity can endanger others

Are Radioactive Cancer Patients Endangering Us All? | The Stir, 2 Nov, 10, “………there’s growing concern about thyroid cancer patients, who are treated with radioactive iodine, which may present problematic levels of radiation to those around them for up to a week.In fact, after thyroid treatment, patients are advised not to hug children or pregnant women (who are considered particularly vulnerable), or to sleep next to another person, for several days Continue reading

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Small scale renewable energy has big future in Africa

“Many developmental agencies consider small-scale RE projects as the most feasible solution for accelerated rural electrification and therefore are increasingly investing in medium-sized projects, especially wind and solar projects.”

South Africa’s Renewable Energy Gold Rush Renewable Energy news, by Energy Matters, 2 Nov 10, Renewable Energy in South AfricaSub-Saharan Africa is likely to become the new boom region for global renewable energy investment, according to a new international study. Continue reading

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Finland move to ban uranium recovery as by-product

Greens would ban by-product uranium recovery, Helsinki Times, 1 Nov 10 The Green League said in a statement Sunday that the recovery of uranium as a by-product of other mining operations should be banned.The party management added that uranium recovery would be an environmental hazard and as such would endanger the reputation of Lapland and Kainuu as holiday destinations.Talvivaara, a company that runs a nickel mine in Sotkamo, is mulling commencing uranium recovery. Greens would ban by-product uranium recovery

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Virginia nuclear reactor plant leaking tritium into groundwater

Radioactive groundwater reported at Va. plant – WTKR, 2 Nov 10, LOUISA, Va. —Dominion Virginia Power said Monday it is seeking the source of low-level groundwater radiation detected by one of its monitoring stations at its twin-reactor nuclear power plant in North Anna.The utility said the elevated levels did not pose a health hazard to plant workers or residents, according to a filing with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.The elevated reading was detected in April by one of eight monitoring stations and has since returned to acceptable levels.

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