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America’s nuclear weapons – unnecessary and expensive

Americans, for the first time in their history, face the prospect of total annihilation. In addition, the U.S. government has vast superiority over all other countries when it comes to conventional war.

How Many Nuclear Weapons Does the U.S. Government Need?, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Lawrence Wittner , 26 Oct 10, A good case can be made that the U.S. government, the first to develop nuclear weapons, would be much better off today without them. Continue reading


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Renewable energy for India’s remote villages

10,000 villages to get power from renewable energy sources, The Hindu :Sujay Mehdudia, 27 oct 10, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday announced that 10,000 remote villages across the country would be electrified with renewable sources by March 2012 under an innovative initiative that will also generate employment.
“We will provide electricity to 10,000 villages at a cost of Rs. 500 crore by the end of the current plan period,” Dr. Abdullah said, while addressing a press conference to mark the start of the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference (DIREC) here………  The Hindu : News / National : 10,000 villages to get power from renewable energy sources

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South Carolina residents to pay up in advance, for nuclear power station build?

customers should not be billed upfront for project expenditures that have not actually been incurred.

SCE&G seeks to recoup up to $200MM for nuclear expansion project, Penn Energy, October 26, 2010    By Dorothy Davis South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) plans to return to state regulators to request up to $200 million from customers in the form of gradual rate increases for expenses related to its nuclear expansion project in Fairfield County. Continue reading

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US nuclear missiles shut down by power failure

Power Failure Shuts Down Squadron of Nuclear Missiles,  The Atlantic, Oct 26 2010, President Obama was briefed this morning on a power failure at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming that took 50 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), one-ninth of the U.S. missile stockpile, temporarily offline on Saturday.

The base is a main locus of the United States’ strategic nuclear forces. The 90th Missile Wing, headquartered there, controls 150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles. They’re on full-time alert and are housed in a variety of bunkers across the base……. Power Failure Shuts Down Squadron of Nuclear Missiles – Marc Ambinder – Politics – The Atlantic

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Cancer risk from ionising radiation has been underestimated

……our results [now] show that for a middle-aged person around 50 or so, that risk came out to be twice what the standard models had predicted.”….

Radiation May Be a Greater Cancer Risk for Adults Than Doctors Thought, TIME , By Alice Park Monday, October 25, 2010 From the sun’s ultraviolet rays to the weak cosmic exposure we get on plane flights to the screening tests that doctors recommend, our bodies are constantly bombarded with small but relatively consistent doses of potentially cancer-triggering radiation. And although doctors had thought that the cancer risks posed by such exposure declined with age, a new study reveals that the hazard may be greater in adults than previously believed. Continue reading

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Radiation therapy can increase cancer risks to community

Scientists say a second-hand dose could exceed an average American’s annual level from all natural sources, and can be three or four times the safe level recommended for a pregnant woman.

Second-hand’ danger in radiation therapy?,   NEW YORK, Oct. 25 — Thyroid cancer patients given radiation can be dangerous to people around them for a week, doctors say, raising questions of where they should spend that time. Continue reading

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Repair to nuclear submarine to cost British govt many millions

the cost of the repair was likely to be millions ‘Inevitable’ damage Depending on the damage, repairs to the £3.5bn submarine could cost between £1-2m right up to more than £100m, he said.

Submarine accident ‘could cost millions’ – Channel4 News, 25 Oct 10, The Ministry of Defence could face a bill of hundreds of millions of pounds to repair a nuclear-powered submarine which ran aground last week, depending on the damage, an expert tells Channel 4 News. The incident, in which the HMS Astute ran aground near the Isle of Skye, could also have longer term implications for the viability of the rest of the Astute-class fleet if any generic weakness in the boat is uncovered, Channel 4 News understands. Continue reading

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General Electric and AREVA negotiating with Japan to further their nuclear sales

The launch of bilateral talks in June on the nuclear cooperation accord triggered an immediate outcry from survivors of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945……

Uncertainty over tests stymies India nuclear pact, The Japan Times Online, By MAYA KANEKO, Kyodo, 26 Oct 10, Torn between economic gains and a national credo of abolishing nuclear weapons as the only country struck by them, Japan faces a dilemma in negotiating a civilian nuclear cooperation pact with India. Continue reading

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Petition to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission on risks at Indian Point nuclear reactor

Summary Box: Safety concerns about Indian Point,  BusinessWeek, By The Associated Press, 25 Oct 10, THE WORRY: Two large natural gas pipelines that pass near the Indian Point nuclear facility could explode and lead to a nuclear accident, a nuclear opponent says in a petition filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.THE CASE: The petition accuses the NRC of failing to study design changes made to the pipelines over a period of decades, and hasn’t evaluated the potential for disaster in light of new information learned from the recent natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, Calif. that killed eight. Summary Box: Safety concerns about Indian Point – BusinessWeek

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Aging nuclear reactors, like Indian Point, raise safety fears

He believes that the NRC does not enforce nuclear safety strictly enough, and he is especially concerned with the degradation of older reactors like the ones at Indian Point.

Concerns Raised Over Pipeline Near Indian Point : NPR, 25 Oct 10, A former utility executive and nuclear opponent is raising concerns about the presence of two large underground natural gas pipelines that cross within a few hundred feet of the Indian Point nuclear facility in Buchanan, N Y Continue reading

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Anxiety in USA over foreign ownership of uranium mining

There is considerable political angst that uranium mined in Wyoming could wind up in Iran because Russian government-owned Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ) supplies that neighboring and highly unfriendly nation.

Nuclear power revival fuels debate over foreign companies mining uranium on public lands By David O. Williams, Real Vail – October 25, 2010 Colorado’s “New Energy Economy” will ultimately stall if a nuclear power revival isn’t part of the mix, proponents of the state’s uranium mining industry say, but conservationists argue uranium’s toxic legacy on the Western Slope isn’t worth the price. Continue reading

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Germans take anti-nuclear protest to Angela Merkel’s office

Germans protest extension of nuclear energy programs and nuclear waste disposal plans, Google hosted news, The Canadian Press:By The Associated Press (CP) – 26 Oct 10, BERLIN — Demonstrators have marched through Berlin to protest planned nuclear waste storage in northern Germany and the government’s continued support of nuclear energy.Around 100 protesters walked to the German chancellor’s office in the capital, surrounding a truck carrying a mock nuclear waste storage barrel.
Chancellor Angela Merkel approved a law in September extending use of Germany’s nuclear power plants by an average of 12 years, a decision the majority of Germans opposed.

The demonstrators are also protesting the planned transportation in November of 11 nuclear waste containers to the tiny town of Gorleben. It was chosen as a nuclear storage site three decades ago, and has since become a rallying point for tens of thousands of anti-nuclear protesters. The Canadian Press: Germans protest extension of nuclear energy programs and nuclear waste disposal plans

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Keen interest in renewable energy by South African businesses

Long queue for slice of renewable energy cake Business Report October 26, 2010By INGI SALGADO tSouth Africa’s decision more than a decade ago to introduce private sector investment in electricity generation soon highlighted the uncomfortable truth that the country’s low pricing regime would not encourage this outcome.
By comparison, the response this month to the Department of Energy’s call for expressions of interest by the private sector in renewable energy and cogeneration projects has been extremely keen – even though developers were given only a week to compile their submissions.

Interest for projects offering about 20 000 megawatts of generating capacity has been registered, says Ompi Aphane, the deputy director-general for electricity, nuclear and clean energy. A cursory analysis shows the bulk are wind projects, but solar has made a very strong showing….

Business Report – Opinion/ Analysis – Long queue for slice of renewable energy cake

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Study of human remains of nuclear workers

The effort studies the human remains, which includes organs, bones and ashes, for insights into how the body copes with radioactivity over many years.

U.S. Study Examines Lasting Effects of Radiation Poisoning, NTI: Global Security Newswire, Oct. 25, 2010 An ongoing U.S. research effort into the long-term effects on the human body of radiation contamination could aid in treating victims of a terrorist strike involving a radiological “dirty bomb,” the Washington state Tri-City Herald reported yesterday (see GSN, Oct. 21). Continue reading

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Israel preparing for Iran having nuclear bomb

Israel drawing up plans for Iran bomb threat: Report, Indian Express, 26 Oct 10, Despite assertions that “all options are on the table” to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capability, Israel is nevertheless drawing up contingency plans for the “day after” in case the Islamic Republic does manage to produce the bomb.
An Israeli foreign ministry team is working out the options, giving serious thought to adjusting to a reality where Israel is no longer, according to foreign sources, the sole nuclear power in the region, ‘The Jerusalem Post’ reported.

The Jewish state maintains a policy of ambiguity around its nuclear capability, neither confirming nor denying it, but foreign media reports put a very high number of nuclear weapons in its possession……..Israel drawing up plans for Iran bomb threat: Report

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