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Earthquake danger to Armenian nuclear reactor

Concerned over the plant’s high-risk location and ageing facilities, the European Union in 2004 offered to provide 100 million euros (135 million dollars) in compensatory aid if Yerevan agreed to shut down the reactor.

Environmentalists decry risks of new Armenia nuclear reactor, Google hosted news, By Mariam Harutunian (AFP) –4 Oct 10, YEREVAN — A short drive from the Armenian capital, the enormous cooling towers of the Metzamor nuclear power station sit in a seismic zone that has suffered one of the worst earthquakes in modern history. Continue reading

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Secret code inside Stuxnet worm suggests Israel is the source

The Secret Code Inside The Supervirus Attacking Iran Nuclear Power | Gizmodo Australia, By Jesus Diaz on September 30, 2010 Software engineers analysing the code inside Stuxnet, the supervirus that is focusing its attacks in Iran power plants, have found a secret code word that may point to its country of origin. The origin may be, oh surprise, Israel. Engineers reportedly found the word “Myrtus” inside the virus, which could be an allusion to the Book of Esther…… the Stuxnet virus didn’t kill anyone or caused any fatal damage to Iran’s nuclear plant. Designed to attack Siemens’ Simatic S-7 controllers—used in nuclear power plants as well as oil pipelines and electrical power grids—the worm has been found in China, India, and Indonesia, but it has been especially virulent in Iran. According to experts consulted by the New York Times, the secret code may not be a sloppy or whimsical reference from its developers, but a tool of psychological war. In recent years, Iran has been feeling the heat in their nuclear program, with scientists defecting and their secrets being compromised. The signature may just be a way of telling them “may no mistake, we are onto you.” The Secret Code Inside The Supervirus Attacking Iran Nuclear Power | Gizmodo Australia

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Did the Pentagon attack Iran’s nuclear reactor with Stuxnet worm?

Pentagon’s spokesman Colonel David Lapan said the Department of defence can “neither confirm nor deny” reports that it launched this attack

Pentagon Accused Of Launching Supervirus Attack On Iran Gizmodo Australia, By Jesus Diaz on September 28, 2010 Stuxnet – which some experts consider to be the most advanced virus ever – appears to be focusing its attacks on Iranian nuclear plants. Now, the Pentagon and German intelligence are being accused of creating the virus to take down Iran’s atomic weapons program. Continue reading

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University’s nuclear radiation mishap

KSU divulges reactor mishap, By Tim Carpenter

September 29, 2010 – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is investigating a Kansas State University nuclear reactor operator’s exposure to radiation during an experiment, a university official said Wednesday…..TRIGA Mark II reactor had been shut down since Sept. 22 to accommodate the NRC’s evaluation of the mishap. The NRC and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment were notified of the incident. KSU divulges reactor mishap |

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A worm delays Iran’s nuclear reactor

officials have acknowledged that a computer worm is mutating and wreaking havoc….Analysts say that the Stuxnet worm may have been designed to target Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iran nuclear plant hit by two-month delay: official(AFP) – Google hosted new, 30 Sept 10, TEHRAN — Iran’s atomic chief said on Wednesday that the country’s first nuclear power plant will be ready to generate electricity by January — two months later than announced……… Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton starts the US govt pressure on India’s Nuclear Liability Bill

Hillary raises nuclear liability issue with Krishna,  The Hindu , 29 Sept 10, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday raised India’s civil nuclear liability issue with External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna at a meeting to do the groundwork for President Barack Obama’s visit to India in November……

The bill, which was passed recently by Parliament and which is critical to the full implementation of the India-U.S. civil nuclear deal, has been troubling several American industrialists as it makes equipment suppliers liable in the event of a nuclear accident…….

The Hindu : News / National : Hillary raises nuclear liability issue with Krishna

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Iran’s nuclear plans under cyber attack

Cyber attack suspected on Iranian N-plans THE AUSTRALIAN,  Tom Coghlan * From: The Times * September 25, 2010 3 A COMPUTER virus that has infected more than 60,000 machines in Iran may be a sophisticated cyber-warfare attack on Iran’s clandestine nuclear arms program, according to software experts. Continue reading

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Highly sophisticated computer worm might have targeted Iran’s nuclear reactor

suggestions that Israel, known for its high-tech prowess and (ahem) deep suspicion of Iran’s nuclear programme, might be behind it….if Stuxnet has been deliberately aimed at Iran, one possible target is its Bushehr nuclear reactor

The Stuxnet worm: A cyber-missile aimed at Iran? | The Economist, Sep 24th 2010, THE internet is abuzz this week with speculation about Stuxnet, a “groundbreaking” computer worm that attacks industrial-control systems. Put that way, it doesn’t sound very exciting. But the possibility that it might have been aimed at one set of industrial-control systems in particular—those inside Iranian nuclear facilities—has prompted one security expert to describe Stuxnet as a “cyber-missile”, designed to seek out and destroy a particular target. Continue reading

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Workers contaminated with radiation at South African nuclear plant

The Democratic Alliance has accused Eskom of mishandling the contamination and risking the health of workers.

Koeberg workers contaminated, News24: South Africa: News, 2010-09-20 Koeberg shut down due to corrosion Johannesburg – A total of 91 Eskom workers were contaminated with a small amount of radiation while doing maintenance work at the Koeberg power plant, the parastatal said on Monday. Continue reading

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Hurricane forces shutdown of Mexican nuclear plant

Nuclear Shutdown The storm also forced Mexico to suspend operations at its Laguna Verde nuclear power plant in eastern Veracruz State, according to the national electricity commission.

Hurricane Karl Nears Mexican Coast, Closes Oil Wells – Bloomberg, By Brian K. Sullivan – Sep 18, 2010, “………Karl was the strongest storm ever to form in the Gulf of Mexico’s Bay of Campeche, Continue reading

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Very high radiation releases from Japanese nuclear reactor

Radiation rose to 2,100 times the normal level at Niigata plant. Japan Today:  17th September, NIIGATA —Radiation at about 2,100 times the normal level was detected in gaseous waste at a nuclear reactor at Tokyo Electric Power Co’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power plant in Niigata Prefecture on Thursday but no harm was done to the surrounding environment, according to the company…..

.The power company said Sept 10 that it detected radiation at 27 times the normal level in gaseous waste at the reactor and was closely monitoring the situation.

In July last year, the company halted operation of the No.7 reactor after radioactive gas leaked from the capsular vessel in the fuel pin. The company replaced the fuel after the incident. Radiation rose to 2,100 times the normal level at Niigata plant › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

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Radiation study in nuclear reactor area, cancer cluster mystery

In addition to recent monitoring, health officials reviewed records of past discharges by FirstEnergy’s Davis-Besse nuclear plant in Oak Harbor, Ohio, plus historical data from various other industrial sources within 25 miles of Clyde.

Sandusky County officials receive radiation report, The Blade ~ Toledo Ohio, CLYDE, Ohio 16 Sept 10, — Families who are a part of eastern Sandusky County’s mysterious childhood cancer cluster will soon get results of an Ohio Department of Health radiation study. Continue reading

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Radioactive Dounreay fast breeder nuclear reactor site dangerous for over 300 years

the whole 150-acre Dounreay site is likely to remain closed to the public for almost 300 years after it is decommissioned because of continuing contamination.

Doomsday for Dounreay dome as site is too costly to develop – Herald Scotland David Ross, 17 Sep 2010“……… plans are being finalised to demolish the Dounreay’s nuclear reactor’s iconic golf- ball dome. Continue reading

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Women want their day in court to protest against nuclear plant

“We want our day in court because what is going on there is a human rights violation because they are recklessly exposing all of us to a very serious danger, which is these radionuclides and the possibility of an explosion there,” Nestel said. “We want our day in court because we want to shut it down.”…..

Yankee protesters see charges dropped Bennington Banner:  September 14, 2010 BRATTLEBORO — The Windham County State’s Attorneys Office has dropped the unlawful trespassing charges against eight women arrested Aug. 10 at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Continue reading

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Vermont Yankee nuclear plant’s lack of commitment to worker safety

In addition to NRC approval, Entergy must also receive an OK from the Vermont State Legislature and the Vermont Public Service Board to continue operation past 2012.In February, the state Senate voted 26-4 against the continued operation of the plant beyond its current operating license…

Report raps VY on worker safety – Brattleboro Reformer, By JOSH STILTS  September 15, 2010 BRATTLEBORO — The results from an audit by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission state that although Vermont Yankee met all safety regulations, there were problems with the nuclear plant’s implementation of regulatory commitments………….. Continue reading

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