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Irresponsible to continue with nuclear power without solution to nuclear waste

“Nobody should be taken in by this spin. These proposals fail to address the core issues and citizens’ concerns on dealing with dangerous nuclear waste….
“Clearly, the absence of any solution on how to deal with dangerous nuclear waste makes current calls for a ‘nuclear renaissance’ in Europe all the more irresponsible.”…..

Mixed response to EU nuclear waste plan THE PARLIAMENT, By Martin Banks – 3rd November 2010 Today’s proposals on new EU rules for nuclear waste seem to be little more than a cheap PR exerciseRebecca Harms EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger has urged member states to bury radioactive nuclear waste, saying burial is the safest form of disposal. Continue reading


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Californians vote for solar energy and ‘green collar’ jobs

the solar energy sector has created 17,000 jobs since 2009, and supports roughly 46,000 related jobs in the U.S. Employment in solar is expected to surpass 60,000 jobs by the end of 2010.
“Californians get it,” said Rooney. “California continues to lead the way on a critical national policy debate by rejecting the Prop. 23 notion that clean energy means fewer jobs.

CALIFORNIA VOTERS REJECT PROP 23 AND SEND MESSAGE: “RENEWABLE ENERGY IS HERE TO Solar Industry Leader Says Validation of AB32 Cements Foundation for Continued Investment and Job Creation in America’s Largest Renewable Power Market   NOVATO, CA—November 3, 2010 Continue reading

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Dirty tricks in the nuclear industry, using Stuxnet computer worm?

if Areva wanted to harm Siemens reputation or make it less attractive to Rosatom, what better way than to demonstrate the unreliability of its control system software?

British Nuclear Power Plant Goes Dark. Stuxnet Worm To Blame?, Forbes, The Firewall , Nov. 1 2010 by Jeffrey Carr,  British Energy, owned by France’s EDF Energy PLC, has reported an “unplanned outage” at its Heysham 1 nuclear power plant yesterday. A company spokesperson told the Associated Press that repairs to one of the reactors are ongoing but didn’t say when the plant was expected to resume operations.
According to Siemens’ website, EDF Energy is a customer of the German technology giant, whose infrastructure software has suffered from a global infection of the sophisticated Stuxnet worm……. Continue reading

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EU struggles with nuclear waste problem, plans to ban exports of waste

no final repositories exist for the roughly 7,000 cubic meters of high-level waste produced each year….the majority of the toxic substance is kept in interim storages..

EU nuclear waste proposals include export ban    EUobserver, ANDREW WILLIS 03.11.2010 BRUSSELS – New European Commission proposals will require EU member states to bury their radioactive waste deep underground, with overseas exports of the toxic byproduct also set to be banned. Continue reading

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Despite Republican win, USA’s nuclear industry is stalled

A renaissance in nuclear power may be stalled regardless of action by Congress, said Chris Gadomski, the lead analyst for nuclear power with Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Nuclear Power Gains in Republican House Victory; `Cap and Trade’ Suffers – Bloomberg, By Jim Efstathiou Jr. and Jim Snyder – Nov 4, 2010 “…………Nuclear power remains a tough sell …. The U.S. has no long-term plan to dispose of spent reactor fuel, and building nuclear plants remains prohibitively expensive without government subsidies, said John Walke, clean- air director for the New York-based Natural Resources Defense Council. Continue reading

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Obama diverted renewable energy funding, while touting renewables

the administration received dozens of applications, but then made little progress in getting them processed. So far, less than 3 percent of the money set aside for [renewable energy] loan guarantees has actually been formally assign…….

Obama Talks Big About Clean Energy While Cash Stripped From Key Program Internal Memo Advises President Obama to Fix Program or Scrap It  ABC News By MATTHEW MOSK and TIM FLEMING. Nov. 3, 2010 While President Obama has touted his deep commitment to a clean energy industry, the administration has quietly drained more than half of the $6 billion allocated to a key renewable energy program Continue reading

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Ionising radiation’s cancer risk just as great for older persons

Recent analysis of the statistical evidence from long-term studies of atomic bomb survivors in Japan indicates that for radiation exposure after about age 30, the risk of developing radiation-induced cancer does not continue to decrease.

Radiation exposure: cancer risk in middle age, The Hindu ,  K.S. PARTHASARATHY, 4 Nov 10, The risk of cancer associated with radiation exposure in middle age may not be lower than the risk with exposure at younger ages. Continue reading

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Like everyone else, Europe has no solution to nuclear waste

“Safety is indivisible. If an accident happens in one country, it can have devastating effects also in others,” said EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger.

Nuclear waste storage problem must be addressed: EU BBC News November 2010 Europe needs to identify sites for long-term storage of nuclear waste, Continue reading

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