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Massive anti-nuclear protest in Munich

Tens of thousands take part in Munich anti-nuclear protest | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 09.10.2010Richard Connor (dpa/AFP) Opponents of the German government’s plans for nuclear power claim success after a major demonstration in Munich. The event was the largest of its kind in Bavaria for more than two decades. Tens of thousands of people turned out on the streets of Munich on Saturday against the nuclear power policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government.A focus of the protest was the formation of a human chain, about 10 kilometers long, through the center of the city…..Tens of thousands take part in Munich anti-nuclear protest | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 09.10.2010

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Nuclear weapons are criminally illegal by international law

The time for preventive action is now! And civil resistance by all of us human beings is the way to go.

The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence Today, Media With Conscience,By Francis Boyle , 10 Oct 10, “……………..I was brought up to believe that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had saved my father’s life and thus made mine possible, although my father never raised me to be anti-Japanese or anti-German. But when I came to study international relations, I realized: This simply was not true. Continue reading

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USA still ready for nuclear strike against North Korea

United States can use nuclear weapons against North Korea?4press 10 October 2010 tNorth Korea and United States of America are definitely not the best of friends and this sour relationship is not something new. From the 1950s to 2010, it’s been sixty years but things have not changed a bit. Now, if the declassified and several of the United States Government papers are to be believed, United States always thought of using nuclear weapons as an option.Robert Gates, the United States Defense secretary made a statement that he believes every possible options can be undertaken to deal with North Korea just last April; something that many think of as a sign of possible future usage of atomic weapons over North Korea.Under such circumstances, North Korea is describing its own Nuclear weapon program as a safety measure to deal with the rising threats being imposed by United States of America. Incidentally, these documents were released on the occasion of 60th anniversary of Korean War…… 4press » Blog Archive » United States can use nuclear weapons against North Korea?

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Constellation Energy about to kill nuclear reactor project

Constellation Energy says loan backstop too costly, :By DANIEL WAGNER 10/10/2010 WASHINGTON—Constellation Energy Group Inc. says it won’t tap a government program necessary to build a new nuclear plant in Maryland, in a move likely to kill the project, according to a published report on Sunday.The U.S. Department of Energy’s loan guarantee came with “unworkable” terms and an “unreasonably burdensome” cost, Constellation said Saturday, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal……..The government guarantee was necessary for Constellation to finance the planned Calvert Cliffs 3 plant in Calvert County, Md. Lenders require developers of nuclear sites to obtain the guarantee. The projects are too costly and high-risk to qualify for regular loans…….. Constellation Energy says loan backstop too costly – :

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Foreign countries taking over USA uranium industry

the disintegration of boundaries in the uranium-mining industry, a trend that has picked up in uranium-rich Utah……..
foreign companies with claims to U.S. minerals pay no royalties under the 1872 Mining Act…….

Russian company may get Utah town and uranium | The Salt Lake Tribune, By JUDY FAHYS  Oct 10, 2010 “…..the town itself, the Shootaring Canyon uranium mill a few miles up the highway, more than 10,000 acres of uranium claims in Utah and holdings in South Dakota, Wyoming and Texas — all of it will be in the portfolio of ARMZ’s parent company, Rosatom, the Russian nuclear agency, which last month provided fuel for Iran’s nuclear power plant….. Continue reading

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NATO’s nuclear weapons – a dilemma for Europe

some NATO members — most vocally Germany — have advocated the withdrawal of the weapons, which polls show are unpopular among the populations of their host countries.
Nuclear Bombs: NATO Ponders How to Handle Its Stockpile – TIME, By Eben Harrell / London , Oct. 07, 2010 Read more:,8599,2024161,00.html#ixzz124aF8v3d

“……….while 21st century dangers such as terrorism, piracy, cyberwarfare and rogue nuclear states should be the focus of attention in the run-up to the summit, it’s an anachronism that is causing the biggest disagreement: what to do with NATO’s tactical nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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