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USA and Russia in no hurry to reduce nuclear arms

No plans to sign Russia nuclear deal this week: U.S WASHINGTON/MOSCOW (Reuters) (Additional reporting by Alister Bull; Editing by Cynthia Osterman– 16 Dec 09 The White House on Tuesday played down chances the United States and Russia would sign an agreement to reduce their nuclear arms stockpiles this week during the Copenhagen climate summit….. Continue reading

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USA looking to market its clean energy at Copenhagen

(It sounds good, as long the U.S. is not including nuclear as ‘clean’ -? Christina Macpherson)

Dept. of Energy unveils plans to jumpstart clean energy in the developing world December 14, 2009 GreenBeat December 14, 2009 | Camille Ricketts By far, the most controversial issue at the U.N.’s climate talks in Copenhagen is how the developed world will help industrializing nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions while not sacrificing growth. Continue reading

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Uranium industry banking on Copenhagen

Oil, uranium to ride global warming policy wave * Robin Bromby,  The Australian * December 14, 2009 “………….the thing that sticks in the mind about the chatfest in Denmark is a report from nearby Brussels that predicts the climate meeting will lead to oil hitting more than $US160 a barrel next year and uranium heading for a new high.……….The bank also says uranium will benefit from Copenhagen. More nuclear plants will be built in the fight to reduce carbon emissions

Oil, uranium to ride global warming policy wave | The Australian

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Survey proves worldwide desire for renewable energy

Investments in renewable energy seen as method to address climate change Renewable Energy Focus 13 December 2009 A global survey of 24,071 adults around the world shows majority support for government investments in renewable energy to address climate change. Continue reading

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Anti- nuclear protest at Copenhagen

Nuclear power protested from Copenhagen to Washington FACING SOUTH 11 Dec 09 The nuclear power industry’s efforts to promote new reactors as a solution to climate change is inspiring creative protests by environmentalists.
At the U.N. Climate Summit in Copenhagen yesterday, members of environmental groups that are part of the international Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign placed a radiation-protection mask on the city’s iconic Little Mermaid statue.

The protests are leading up to tomorrow’s international “Don’t Nuke the Climate!” action day, with more than 200 actions planned in a dozen countries.

Here in the United States, the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) — a nuclear power watchdog group with offices in Asheville, N.C. — has several actions planned for today and tomorrow. Also involved are Public Citizen, Beyond Nuclear, Friends of the Earth and the Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition……………The protesters say that new nuclear plants do not offer a real solution to climate change because it takes about 10 years to build a single reactor — longer than we can wait to start making carbon reductions — and because those reactors are enormously expensive, sucking up investments that could be spent on more efficient technologies.

In addition, the protesters point out that nuclear power does in fact produce greenhouse gases — when reactors are constructed and in the mining, transport and reprocessing of fuel. At the same time, global warming puts nuclear plants at risk, with a growing number of reactors being shut down due to summer heat waves and droughts that impact their cooling systems.

To date, more than 850 organizations worldwide have signed a statement that says, “We do not support construction of new nuclear reactors as a means of addressing the climate crisis. Available renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner strategies for reducing greenhouse emissions than nuclear power.” More than 50,000 people in 112 countries have signed a similar petition in the past two months.

ISS – Nuclear power protested from Copenhagen to Washington

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AREVA falsifies the facts on nuclear power

For Copenhagen, AREVA makes the false nuclear case Beyond Nuclear 12 Dec 09 In anticipation of the Copenhagen climate conference which began this week, Areva CEO, Anne Lauvergeon, stated during a French radio interview that nuclear power “does not release CO2″ and that it “produces very little waste.”

These remarks were immediately condemned by the leading independent French radiological laboratory -CRIIRAD -who demanded that Lauvergeon take immediate steps to clean up the company’s contaminated African uranium mine sites in Gabon and Niger.

CRIIRAD also reminded Lauvergeon that (1) nuclear releases significant amounts of greenhouse gases, (2) that every stage of the nuclear fuel chain produces large quantities of radioactive wastes for which no safe storage solution has been found and (3) Areva has left populations to live on land or in dwellings contaminated by its activities.

Any decisions made at Copenhagen should not be based on erroneous information emanating from the nuclear industry, CRIIRAD said. From uranium extraction to enrichment, reprocessing and contamination of water supplies, Areva’s nuclear activities leave a virtually permanent trail of highly radioactive waste. The CRIIRAD press release is available in French and contains details of the radioactive contamination caused by Areva’s activities in France and overseas. And see also an article in English from Agence France Presse about Areva’s radioactive contamination in Gabon.

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Senate sneaking nuclear into Climate Policy

Senate Climate Roadmap Caters to Nuclear, Offshore Drilling Proponents

December 11, 2009

Architects of Senate energy and climate legislation reiterated their support for nuclear power and offshore drilling yesterday in an effort to garner the support of moderate Democrats and Republicans………… Continue reading

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Nuclear too slow, too late, too dirty, to stop climate change

Nuclear: wrong warming reaction Nuclear plants produce radioactive waste and are both slow and expensive to construct.
Minnesota Daily 12/07/2009

By Dan Endreson“………..nuclear power cannot stop global warming. Although nuclear power emits less carbon dioxide than coal, it is impossible to build enough nuclear plants to slow the effects of global warming. To make a difference, hundreds of new nuclear plants would need to be built over the next 20 years. Currently, construction of a new plant takes 10-15 years and costs over $6 billion.

We do not have the time or the money to rely on nuclear reactors to stop global warming………… If one wants to champion nuclear power in this country, they must also be willing to accept the possibility that Minnesota may one day be a permanent nuclear waste dump.

I would urge our policymakers to use our taxpayer dollars to further the development of true clean energy sources, such as wind and solar, rather than nuclear power, which leaves a legacy of radioactive waste and increased costs to ratepayers….

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Global warming explained simply

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

I keep meeting people who doubt that global warming is happening, – or, even if they accept it, – who believe it is not due to human activity.

So much is written and said, about climate change – sometimes the simple facts get lost. The facts:

Carbon dioxide (normally a beneficial part of the greenhouse gases, that keep out atmosphere “liveable”) – has increased, due to hunman actions – (cutting down forests, transport, mining, industry, building etc).  In tandem with this increase of C02, the “greenhouse” effect increasies, making the atmosphere trap more heat.

Why we must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Continue reading

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Insurance industry taking Climate Change seriously

What Copenhagen means for insurers Business Spectator, by John Heath7 Dec 2009 “…….. – Munich Re – is demanding a result from global political leaders in the Danish capital.
In a new look at ‘The challenge of the 21st century’, Munich Re’s profoundly researched data shows climate change is having a visible impact on natural catastrophe losses. Continue reading

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Urgency now to transform energy use

Energy Transition: one chance to get it right Sustainable Industries by Richard Heinberg 4 Dec 09 Building new nuclear plants will be costly and slow—and controversial. Moreover, uranium is itself a depleting resource, with ore quality relentlessly declining worldwide.
 Continue reading

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It is possible to have 100% renewable energy

Can we go 100% renewable? By Damian Kahya
Business reporter, BBC News 3 December 2009

The power of the wind and waves is ever-present in the Danish winter.

The Copenhagen climate change talks will discuss how to capture the energy from such “renewable” sources.

The UK plans to get 15% of all its energy that way within just 10 years.

Some experts believe it could provide for all our needs…………….. Continue reading

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Australia – endangered by Climate Change, and by Deniers

Why do climate deniers hold sway in Australia? The Guardian 1 Dec 09 If Australia does not silence its sceptics and reduce its emissions there is a real risk of the nation becoming uninhabitable  Continue reading

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Australian political party run by climate change denialists

Climate change skeptic seizes control of Australian opposition The National Business Review 24/7 NBR staff   December 1 2009 – The Australian Liberal party has a new leader with Tony Abbott ousting Malcolm Turnball in a ballot this morning by one vote.Mr Abbott won the final ballot 42-41 to take control of the Australian opposition party……………..

During the debate over the leadership, Mr Turnbull warned the Liberals could not be seen as a party of climate sceptics who would do nothing.

Climate change skeptic seizes control of Australian opposition | The National Business Review – New Zealand – business, markets, finance, politics, property, technology and more

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USA: nuclear lobby to wreck climate goals?

Will nuclear power blow up Obama’s climate goals for Copenhagen ? Sunday 29 November 2009

by: Art Levine, t r u t h o u t

“……….the proposed reduction is actually as little as 20 percent of the targeted reduction goals – based on 1990 levels – recommended by the UN-sponsored international scientific body that suggests treaty standards.) Continue reading

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