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South East Asia taking action on climate change

Hot air over Australia  Grant Anderson – News – Business Spectator 26 Nov 09 A report released this week that I co-authored, One Hat Does Not Fit All, illustrates that a number of our neighbours in the Asia Pacific region are highly cognisant of the challenges climate change presents Continue reading


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Nuclear lobby positioning itself as “green”

Beyond Nuclear 20 Nov 09 Climate change and its impacts are now undeniable. Leaders from around the world will have to reach a new climate agreement during the December 2009 Copenhagen Summit. Urgent measures must be taken to achieve a massive reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the current Kyoto Protocol, nuclear energy is rightly excluded from the possible solutions available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the nuclear industry, in collaboration with certain countries, is pushing for this dangerous and polluting technology to be included in the next climate agreement as a “clean” technology.

The nuclear industry would then be able to take advantage of significant public investments at the expense of real solutions! Such a disingenuous strategy would mean losing the fight against climate change and promoting the global expansion of the nuclear industry, with its associated risks. Please sign the petition today asking decision-makers at Copenhagen to reject nuclear energy as a “clean” technology and to oppose its inclusion in the mechanisms to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Please sign today.

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People rallying to combat nuclear and fossil fuels

Converging on Copenhagen The INDYPENDENT By Jessica Lee
From the November 20, 2009 issue Leaders of 192 nations will convene for the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Dec. 7 through Dec. 18 to hash out badly needed policy to combat global warming and address climate justice…..Ten years after a coalition of environmental and global justice movements took on the World Trade Organization in Seattle, a vast grassroots effort will come together in Copenhagen to disrupt business as usual. It’s time to act now against the system that threatens the planet.or

As the coal and oil sectors are targeted as climate culprits, the nuclear power industry is remaking itself as a green alternative. Environmentalists counter that nuclear power has a huge carbon footprint because of the energy needed to mine and process uranium, construct anddecommission the plants, and handle, process and store radioactive waste………………

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Call for sustainable non nuclear energy

New Greenpeace Chief Calls for Sustainable, Nuclear-Free Power Supply New York Times November 18, 2009 By JAMES KANTER Kumi Naidoo speaks “…………..we can have a clean, sustainable power supply if we embrace existing technologies like wind and solar power. It is a priority to engage more people in this debate. Continue reading

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USA: Republicans don’t believe in climate change, (except as promotion for nuclear)

Why the GOP loves nuclear

Rose`Law group 13 ov 09 From The New Republic

Nukes, nukes, and … nukes. These days, when it comes to energy and climate change, that seems to be all Republicans want to talk about. Throughout last week’s hearings on the Senate climate bill, Lamar Alexander kept interjecting that a massive ramp-up of nuclear power was the only real solution to global warming, bringing up the subject at every turn. Continue reading

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Al Gore on climate change, nuclear power

Basil and Spice Review by Loyd Eskildson Our Choice (Rodale/ Nov 2009)
“Our Choice”  is former Vice President Gore’s third book on global warming. Continue reading

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Powerful governments just don’t get it on climate change

David Spratt: Powerful working towards climate talks disaster Green Left David Spratt 11 November 2009 The global community is supposed to be negotiating an agreement to contain greenhouse gas emissions to manageable levels. But with less than two months to the Copenhagen climate change conference, the big players are stuck in an elaborate game of chicken Continue reading

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Polluting industries muscle in on govt and UN policy

revealed-polluters-fear-tactics-on-climate Brisbane Times MARIAN WILKINSON AND FLINT DUXFIELD

November 6, 2009

BIG greenhouse polluting companies around the world, employing thousands of lobbyists, are exerting heavy pressure on governments to weaken climate change laws at home and slow progress on an international climate agreement in Copenhagen, a global investigation reveals. Continue reading

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Nuclear dangerous and ineffective against climate change

Nuclear debate: A dangerous option that wont solve climate change Green Left  Jim Green 25 October 2009 There are three main problems with the nuclear “solution” to climate change — it is a blunt instrument, a dangerous one, and it is unnecessary. Continue reading

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Obama making ambiguous noises about nuclear power


by Christina Macpherson President Obama is making some rather ambiguous noises about nuclear energy. This is, of course, in the context of present debates on the USA’s Climate Bill. And we know that the Democrats are so keen to get some sort of Climate Bill passed, that just about anything goes, even nuclear, if the word “Climate” is tacked on to the Bill.

And, of course, there’s always the dear old “military-industrial complex” , and now, the pressure to somehow put so-called “peaceful” nukes, into nuclear disarmament plans.

Perhaps Obama is just placating them all with these seemingly pro-nuke noises. He can’t be unaware of the financial and waste-problem debacle that is the present state of this dying industry. Continue reading

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US Climate Bill turning into a pro-nuclear excuse?

Nuking the Climate Bill

CounterPunch By HARVEY WASSERMAN 16 Oct 09

Is the Climate Bill morphing into an excuse to promote fossil fuels and new nuclear power plants?

Sen. John Kerry’s (D-MA) recent promotion of a pro-nuke/pro-drilling/pro-coal agenda in the name of Climate Protection has been highlighted in a New York Times op ed co-authored with Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC). The piece brands nuke power “our single largest contributor of emissions-free power.” Continue reading

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Nuclear lies being promoted in New York

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Beyond Nuclear said it some time ago: “Nuclear power has been kept outside of climate change mitigation mechanisms to date. However, some evidence shows that the nuclear lobby could be preparing its comeback in Copenhagen to have this dirty energy labeled as clean or carbon-free and thus benefit from new subsidies.”

And – lo and behold! Britain’s PM is there spruiking “Atoms for Peace!”. We’re supposed to believe that promoting nuclear energy will, by some magic,  reduce nuclear weapons?

China’s President Hu urges nuclear as the solution to global warming. And – he’s even pushing the idea of rich countries financing nuclear power to poor countries, so that they can buy nuclear technology from the rich countries!

Now that really is dandy for the nuclear lobby!

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China suggests:finance nuclear for poor countries, to beat global warming

Nuclear issues on the table in New York
World Nuclear News 23 September 2009
China wants to use nuclear power vigorously to fight climate change – with financial support from wealthier nations, according to a speech delivered to the UN yesterday. Continue reading

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Gordon Brown touts “atoms for peace” in New York

In Quotes: UN General Assembly
BBC News 23 September 2009

“……………Britain will insist that the onus on non-nuclear states is that, in future, it is for them to prove they are not developing nuclear weapons.

Second, Britain will offer civil nuclear power to non nuclear states ready to renounce any plans for nuclear weapons: helping non-nuclear states acquire what President Eisenhower so memorably called “atoms for peace.”

BBC NEWS | Special Reports | In quotes: UN General Assembly

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