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Global warming explained simply

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I keep meeting people who doubt that global warming is happening, – or, even if they accept it, – who believe it is not due to human activity.

So much is written and said, about climate change – sometimes the simple facts get lost. The facts:

Carbon dioxide (normally a beneficial part of the greenhouse gases, that keep out atmosphere “liveable”) – has increased, due to hunman actions – (cutting down forests, transport, mining, industry, building etc).  In tandem with this increase of C02, the “greenhouse” effect increasies, making the atmosphere trap more heat.

Why we must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Continue reading


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Over-exposure to medical radiation

FDA says 50 more patients exposed to dangerous radiation at Los Angeles hospital

Health News 8 Dec 09 WASHINGTON — Federal health regulators have identified 50 more patients exposed to dangerous radiation levels from brain scans at a hospital in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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Americans complacent about depleted uranium in Iraq

The United States, its abandonment of law and worse Redress Information & Analysis By Christopher King 8 December 2009 “………….America has surpassed the Nazis, however, in its use of depleted uranium munitions which have spread radioactivity that will last hundreds of thousands of years over wide areas of Iraq.
Cancers and birth defects directly attributable to this are now being seen in Iraq and will continue indefinitely, so it is likely that over time the Iraqi civilian death toll will exceed that of the Nazis. Continue reading

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India-Russia deal on reprocessing spent nuclear fuel

India and Russia to sign key nuclear agreement Gulf Times 6 Dec 09  Agencies/Moscow India and Russia will today sign an umbrella agreement for expanding civil nuclear co-operation that will give New Delhi the right to reprocess spent fuel, a deal that will take their pact “far beyond the 123 agreement” inked with the US, a top official said yesterday as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrived here on a three-day visit…………… Continue reading

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Pakistan, China concerned about US-India nuclear deal

India-US relations and Pakistan’s concerns By Shahid R. Siddiqi , 07 Dec, 2009 – “…….India needed western technology; the US needed the Indian market. India had regional aspirations, a nuclear and military strength which it was keen to expand Continue reading

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Nuclear plants make it imperative to stockpile thyroid drug

White House Is Urged to Help States With Nuclear Plants Stockpile Thyroid Drug

December 6, 2009

WASHINGTON — After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Congress passed a law instructing the federal government to help states build bigger stocks of a simple, cheap drug to protect people near nuclear power plants in the event of an accident or terrorist attack. Continue reading

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Australian economist counters the nuclear fallacies

Get Ready For These Nuclear Fallacies New Matilda By Mark Diesendorf 7 Dec 09 “…. With the election of Tony Abbott as Opposition leader, a renewed burst of pro-nuclear propaganda is being spread by some of his colleagues, building on the existing campaign by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and other vested interests. Many fallacies and lies are being disseminated to the media and the public. Here are refutations of the most common ones. Continue reading

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Pressure for radioactive waste dump in Northern Territory

Nuclear is cleanest power source- senator ABC Alice Springs By Aislin O’Connor and Kirsty Nancarrow 4 Dec 09 -…….. an anti-nuclear group in Alice Springs says this week’s change in the Liberal Party leadership makes it even more likely that a nuclear waste facility will be forced on the Territory. Continue reading

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