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Global warming explained simply

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I keep meeting people who doubt that global warming is happening, – or, even if they accept it, – who believe it is not due to human activity.

So much is written and said, about climate change – sometimes the simple facts get lost. The facts:

Carbon dioxide (normally a beneficial part of the greenhouse gases, that keep out atmosphere “liveable”) – has increased, due to hunman actions – (cutting down forests, transport, mining, industry, building etc).  In tandem with this increase of C02, the “greenhouse” effect increasies, making the atmosphere trap more heat.

Why we must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Australian Government 8 Dec 09 Despite world attention, humans emit more greenhouse gases every year than they did the year before. It’s a situation that Australia needs to help turn around if we don’t want to bear the brunt of climate change, says Chief Scientist Professor Penny Sackett……

…..The Greenhouse Effect
The sun continuously bathes the Earth with energy in the form of sunlight. Much of this energy is absorbed by the Earth, and then emitted as infrared radiation, or heat. Greenhouse gases prevent the Earth from discarding as much of this heat as it otherwise would back into space.

Without naturally occurring greenhouse gases, the Earth would be a much colder place, inhospitable to modern human existence. But by the same token, the additional greenhouse gases added to this store by humans is slowly increasing the average temperature of the Earth system.

Due to the quantity in which it is emitted by humans, its longevity in the atmosphere, and its effects in trapping heat, carbon dioxide is the most important of the greenhouse gases currently causing changes in the Earth’s climate……

Why we must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions | Chief Scientist of Australia


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