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No nuclear power plants for UK’s Conservative Party

We will not build nuclear power plants if elected – Tory adviser

North West Evening Mail 02 December 2009

David Cameron’s green adviser has thrown more doubt on where the party stands over nuclear power after declaring no new stations would be built under a Tory government.

Zac Goldsmith, the Tory candidate for Richmond, and one of Mr Cameron’s closest advisers on the environment, insisted no new nuclear power stations would be built if the Conservatives were to win the next general election.

He said Tory policy “was to give a green light to nuclear power as long as there is no call on the taxpayer, not just in terms of building, but maintenance, security and disposal of waste. In the history of nuclear power there has never been a station built without huge use of taxpayers’ subsidy.”…..Mr Cameron himself two years ago said the power source was a “last resort”.

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It is possible to have 100% renewable energy

Can we go 100% renewable? By Damian Kahya
Business reporter, BBC News 3 December 2009

The power of the wind and waves is ever-present in the Danish winter.

The Copenhagen climate change talks will discuss how to capture the energy from such “renewable” sources.

The UK plans to get 15% of all its energy that way within just 10 years.

Some experts believe it could provide for all our needs…………….. Continue reading

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Nuclear waste dumping leads to development of Somali piracy

Who Are the Real Pirates in Somali Waters?

Islam By  Abdulkarim Mohamed Jimale 3 Dec 09 When will Somali piracy problem come to an end? When will the world really care for Somalia’s unprotected waters, stop the illegal fishing and the dumping of toxic waste? Continue reading

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Wisconsin’s law prevents new nuclear reactors

Raging grannies highlight nuclear issues RootsWire December 2, 2009 by Uppity Wisconsin Repeal of Wisconsin’s restrictions on new nuclear power reactors is “a gift to the dying nuclear industry that Wisconsin residents can’t afford,” a Carbon Free Nuclear Free coalition of 13 environmental, public interest and consumer groups — with an assist from the Raging Grannies — said Tuesday. Continue reading

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Scramble to re-license aging nuclear plants

What’s the Hurry?  PG&E rushes to renew Diablo plant licenses far in advance of the due dates

The New times BY MATT FOUNTAIN  3 Dec 09 Critics accuse Pacific Gas and Electric Company of trying to bypass crucial state oversight by applying to renew the operating licenses for the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant many years in advance of the deadlines. Not only consumer and safety watchdog groups question the move but also the state’s main agency for energy policy. Continue reading

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US: poor management of radioactive wastes

Firm’s work is blasted
DOE admonishes contractor at SRS

Augusta Chronicle By Rob Pavey 3 Dec 09 Savannah River Site’s main contractor, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, was admonished by the Energy Department on Wednesday for poor management and unacceptable delays in its mission to dispose of 4,200 cubic meters of transuranic nuclear waste by September 2012. Continue reading

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Renewable energy, not nuclear, for Pacific islands

Paradise Sinking
By Ben Bohane

HAARETZ . com  3 Dec 09 “………..Pacific states are realizing that they may have a distinct advantage in the reordering of the global economy, as it moves away from a dependence on fossil fuels. Developing nations in equatorial zones have begun a concerted move toward a switch to renewable energy. Continue reading

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Unprecedented demand for solar energy in UK

Solar industry in limbo as grants dry up. Financial Times UK By Jim Pickard, Political Correspondent

December 3 2009

Renewable energy manufacturers have warned of their “frustration” after the government’s flagship grant scheme for solar power ran out of money less than halfway through the financial year.

The UK PV Association, which represents companies making and installing solar panels, warned that they were “in limbo” after the Low Carbon Building Programme Phase 2 was closed to solar applications this week.

The £50m scheme had included up to £18m for hospitals, schools and other public sector buildings to instal photovoltaic panels on their roofs. But it has been closed down “due to unprecedented demand”.

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UK test veterans aging, as they await possible compensation

Pay our nuclear test veterans now – This is December 03, 2009,

AN MP is demanding the Government stop wasting cash fighting nuclear-test veterans in court – and says ministers should instead use the money to compensate them immediately. Continue reading

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Japan’s plutonium nuclear reactor to start despite serious problems


GENKAI, Saga Prefecture–Despite lingering questions about safety, cost efficiency and waste disposal, the trial operation of the long-delayed “pluthermal” program–perhaps the future of Japan’s energy needs–started here Thursday…………….. Continue reading

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Armenians will fight against uranium mining

Controversy Surrounds Plans for Uranium Mine in Armenis By Asbarez Staff on Dec 3rd, 2009

GHAPAN, Armenia (Eurasianet)–A protest movement against a planned Russian-Armenian uranium mine in southern Armenia appears to be picking up steam, with
discussions underway with three political parties about a partnership. Continue reading

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