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Senate sneaking nuclear into Climate Policy

Senate Climate Roadmap Caters to Nuclear, Offshore Drilling Proponents

December 11, 2009

Architects of Senate energy and climate legislation reiterated their support for nuclear power and offshore drilling yesterday in an effort to garner the support of moderate Democrats and Republicans…………….The senators’ blueprint calls nuclear power an “essential component” of the strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They vowed to make it easier to finance the construction of new nuclear plants and to improve the efficiency of the licensing process for traditional and small modular reactors……………………

Groups opposed to expanded nuclear power, however, bristled at the framework. Ed Lyman, senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said his group would oppose any attempt to promote the development of commercial reprocessing plants. UCS also opposes weakening or arbitrarily accelerating Nuclear Regulatory Commission procedures for licensing new reactors and unlimited loan guarantees or other subsidies for new nuclear plants, “at the expense of cleaner and cheaper renewable technologies,” he said.

Senate Climate Roadmap Caters to Nuclear, Offshore Drilling Proponents –

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