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It is possible to have 100% renewable energy

Can we go 100% renewable? By Damian Kahya
Business reporter, BBC News 3 December 2009

The power of the wind and waves is ever-present in the Danish winter.

The Copenhagen climate change talks will discuss how to capture the energy from such “renewable” sources.

The UK plans to get 15% of all its energy that way within just 10 years.

Some experts believe it could provide for all our needs……………..

Increasing scale

In California, engineer Mark Jacobson and scientist Mark Delucchi say they have found a way to deliver 100% renewable energy.

They say it is cheaper than the alternatives, clean coal and nuclear power.

The plan calls for 3.8 million large wind turbines and 90,000 solar plants worldwide and envisage that production on such a scale would drive the cost down.

The key is sharing renewables across continents, using space where available.

“You want to connect resources,” says Mr Jacobson. “Solar from the south. Wind from the north. You can solve multiple problems and provide a reliable supply of energy.”

The plan raises concerns about energy security, but avoids the need to import or pay for oil.

They estimate transporting energy would add 20% to the cost.

Hydro-electric plants and millions of electric car batteries connected through a smart grid would be used to store and release electricity and increase reliability.


Energy efficiency is also emphasised.

Professor Mackay calculates that switching to an electrified economy and major efficiency savings in heating and transport could reduce energy demand by around half.

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