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Nuclear disarmament nonsense

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Now really – does this make any sense to you? The  International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament  offers this change to a “no first use” policy  – encouraging countries to make an initial statement to this effect – “the sole purpose of the possession of nuclear weapons is to deter the use of such weapons – “

This kind of stuff from world leaders shows us, as does Copenhagen, that we really can’t expect much sense from them. Let’s not feel too unkindly about well-meaning individuals such as Obama Barack, and Australia’s Kevin Rudd. They are, as Ralph Nader explained recently – “corporate prisoners”


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Children want nuclear bombs eliminated – why don’t adults?

Australia, Japan Spearhead Push To Eliminate Nuclear Weapons The Age Daniel Flitton December 16, 2009

(Commenting on Report Of The International Commission On Nuclear Non-Proliferation And Disarmament.)      Quoting from the report     “Nuclear weapons are the most inhumane weapons ever conceived, inherently indiscriminate in those they kill and maim, and with an impact deadly for decades,” the report says. ”Climate change may be the global policy issue that has captured most attention in the last decade, but the problem of nuclear weapons is at least its equal in terms of gravity – and much more immediate in its potential impact.”…………. Continue reading

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Disarmament report means well, but no dates set

Nuclear report fails to name weapons eradication date  By Sandra O’Malley * From: AAP * December 15, 2009 A LANDMARK report calls for a massive cut in atomic warheads but stops short of setting a deadline for their abolition, which is seen as a critical challenge for this century. Continue reading

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Indigenous stand against nuclear, at Copenhagen

Indigenous Peoples in Copenhagen: Ruling out the Nuclear Option — Neither Clean nor Green Nuclear Reaction  15 Dec 09 COPENHAGENRemembering the words of Chief Seattle, Indigenous Peoples and people of color at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen sent a message to the world to rule out nuclear energy, which is neither clean nor green. Continue reading

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Australian public reject nuclear, favour renewable energy

Survey: Australians Favour Renewable Energy Over Nuclear by Emergy Matters  16 DECEMBER, 2009 While Australia has remained steadfast in forgoing nuclear power generated electricity, the option continues to be floated as a possibility ……..However, a recent poll shows that the majority of Australians would still prefer to see renewable energy being the focus. Continue reading

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Russia selling nukes, and weapons, to Vietnam

Russia, Vietnam ink deals on nuclear energy, weapons China View MOSCOW, Dec. 15 (Xinhua)– Russia on Tuesday signed a document to build Vietnam’s first nuclear power plant, and another deal to deliver Russian-made weaponry to the Southeast Asian country, Russian news agencies reported. Continue reading

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USA and Russia in no hurry to reduce nuclear arms

No plans to sign Russia nuclear deal this week: U.S WASHINGTON/MOSCOW (Reuters) (Additional reporting by Alister Bull; Editing by Cynthia Osterman– 16 Dec 09 The White House on Tuesday played down chances the United States and Russia would sign an agreement to reduce their nuclear arms stockpiles this week during the Copenhagen climate summit….. Continue reading

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Russia’s nuke sales to India, as Russia’s control laws not strict

Russia to build 12 nuclear reactors in India Moscow’s ambassador urges increasing nuclear cooperation with India Daily Times By Iftikhar Gilani 15 Dec 09 NEW DELHI: Russia is planning to set up 12 to 14 nuclear reactors in India, with the Russian Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin saying his country had no issues with transferring enrichment and reprocessing technologies (ENR) to New Delhi.”We do not have domestic laws as strict as in some other countries. We do not see many problems in this field,” he said.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Russia to build 12 nuclear reactors in India

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Australian atomic veterans join British class action

Maralinga vets join British class action  Pia Akerman  ,  The Australian * December 16, 2009 AUSTRALIANS exposed to deadly radiation in the Maralinga nuclear tests of the 1950s and 60s have abandoned plans to sue at home and will instead join a British class action seeking compensation for damage to their health. Continue reading

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Wave and tidal power for Scotland

Energy pairing on crest of a wave The partnership plans to look for a site to the west of Shetland BBC News 15 Dec 09

One of Europe’s biggest energy companies has teamed up with an Edinburgh firm to develop the first wave power project off Shetland. Continue reading

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US army will continue to use depleted uranium, despite health dangers to troops

Army Again Turns to Depleted Uranium for New Weaponry Wired  By David Hambling  December 15, 2009 “………….Now, the U.S. Army is upgrading to a new 120mm Advanced Kinetic Energy round, and about the only thing we know for sure is that it will be made of DU. The generation after that… may be an improved version of DU called Stakalloy…………. Continue reading

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Utah doesn’t want depleted uranium wastes

Utah gov to DOE: Halt depleted uranium shipment By BROCK VERGAKIS (AP) 16 Dec 09 SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Gov. Gary Herbert sent Energy Secretary Steven Chu a letter Tuesday asking him to halt the shipment of nearly 15,000 drums of low-level radioactive waste from South Carolina for disposal in Utah.Herbert’s letter was released hours before the DOE was scheduled to begin the first of three shipments from the Savannah River Site near Aiken, S.C………… Continue reading

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France’s nuclear agency gets euro-billions and a changed nam

France puts into future nuclear World Nuclear News 15 December 2009 ...Next-generation nuclear is to receive a billion-euro boost thanks to a French investment program. Meanwhile the country’s main nuclear research body has been re-branded. Initial details of a spending plan worth €35 billion ($51 billion) were announced by President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday………

…..the organisation is from now on to be known as the Commission of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy – for which French officials have decided to use the same initials, CEA.

France puts into future nuclear

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Cooling water dilemma for nuclear plant

Atomic Insights Blog  December 15, 2009 Focused Effort to Increase Cost of Nuclear Energy From Oyster Creek by Rod Adams Yesterday, the New Jersey senate held hearings lasting more than three hours on proposed legislation that would force Oyster Creek, the oldest currently operating nuclear power plant in the United States, to install cooling towers. The plant currently operates with the required steam condenser cooling water being drawn from a local surface water supply and then returned to that water supply somewhat warmer than it was before. There are limits assigned to the amount of temperature rise allowed and to the maximum discharge temperature.

Atomic Insights Blog: Focused Effort to Increase Cost of Nuclear Energy From Oyster Creek

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Canadian uranium mill suspended indefinitely

Denison to suspend McClean uranium mill next year To put mill on “care and maintenance” TORONTO, Dec 15 (Reuters) – Denison Mines (DML.TO) said on Tuesday it will suspend the McClean Lake uranium processing mill in mid-2010, following the halting of nearby uranium projects that were destined to supply it with ore…………. The company said the mill will retain staff to maintain it and keep it ready to restart if one of the projects comes on line.

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