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True conservatives recommend renewable energy

Renewable Energy – A Conservative Approach L.A. Progressive by Tracy Emblem  1 December 2009 No new nuclear power plants have been built in the United States since the late 1970s……

Thirty years later, we have not solved the dilemma of storing nuclear waste or the problem of what to do with the weapons-grade plutonium. It only takes about 18 pounds of plutonium to build a nuclear weapon.

In the United States, more than 60,000 metric tons of nuclear waste is stored in temporary storage facilities at 131 civilian and military sites around the country. The current storage solutions are only expected to last 100 years, while nuclear waste can remain lethal for 100,000 years or more. We must also consider the weapons proliferation risk in an age of transnational terrorism in addition to the risk of an environmental accident. These are just some reasons why we must adopt alternative renewable energy standards and use renewable energy sources rather than build 100 more nuclear power plants.

A conservative solution is to invest in clean energy sources that do not pose risks inherent in nuclear energy production and storage…..In the United States , we can rebuild our manufacturing base by investing in renewable energy sources while creating good paying jobs that provide clean energy production. While those in favor of building nuclear power plants claim nuclear energy is inexpensive and cost effective, they have not factored in the costs and risks associated with the building and maintenance of storage facilities for nuclear waste.
The United States should lead the world away from the dangerous expansion of nuclear power plants. We should phase out our nuclear energy plants over the next generation and continue to invest in other renewable energy sources which make energy costs more predictable in the future.

Renewable Energy – A Conservative Approach | The LA Progressive


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Depleted uranium causing child cancers

Iraq sees alarming rise in cancers, deformed babies

The Washington Post By Suadad al-Salhy

December 1, 2009
Incidences of cancer, deformed babies and other health problems have risen sharply, Iraqi officials say, and many suspect contamination from weapons used in years of war and accompanying unchecked pollution as a cause. Continue reading

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Doomed Dubai seeking nuclear power plant

Dubai: Trouble in Paradise Socialist Workers Party  1 Dec 09 Dubai’s debts amounted to €80 billion – not the same scale of Lehman’s Brothers $613 billion crash – but serious enough to scare the markets. Continue reading

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Indian tribe documents nuclear radiation issues

Kichesipirini Documents Nuclear Industry Contaminant Exposure Concerns – The Dialogue Denied Us The Dominion December 1, 2009 Paula LaPierre
Principal Sachem
Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation The leadership of the Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation continue final edits on document that raises serious questions concerning chronic public exposures to dangerous environmental contaminants Continue reading

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Nuclear plant safety problem

NRC to probe switch problem at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant Mercury Associated PressP 12/01/2009  SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — Federal regulators are inspecting the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant to determine why a pair of reactor safety switches were misaligned. Continue reading

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Cancer danger in abdominal CT scans

Abdominal CT scans overused – U.S. study  By Julie Steenhuysen C HICAGO, Nov 30 (Reuters) – More than half of patients receiving abdominal CT scans, an advanced type of X-ray, got them for tests they did not need, exposing them to excess radiation that could raise the long-term risk of cancer, U.S. researchers said on Monday. Continue reading

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Australian political party run by climate change denialists

Climate change skeptic seizes control of Australian opposition The National Business Review 24/7 NBR staff   December 1 2009 – The Australian Liberal party has a new leader with Tony Abbott ousting Malcolm Turnball in a ballot this morning by one vote.Mr Abbott won the final ballot 42-41 to take control of the Australian opposition party……………..

During the debate over the leadership, Mr Turnbull warned the Liberals could not be seen as a party of climate sceptics who would do nothing.

Climate change skeptic seizes control of Australian opposition | The National Business Review – New Zealand – business, markets, finance, politics, property, technology and more

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Small power systems safer than nuclear

The limits of nuclear power , The Ottawa Citizen , by Kate Heartfield 30 Dec 09 “……………The very quality that makes a nuclear power plant so attractive — its size — is also a major flaw. A small windfarm might not provide much power, but it can go up easily in a few years, and is inexpensive enough to be accessible to a variety of companies.
Small power is flexible and nimble; big power is not. A nuclear plant is also one big single point of failure for the grid. I also worry about waste storage — not an insoluble problem, but a problem nonetheless. And then there are the environmental consequences of uranium mining.

The limits of nuclear power – The Ed Board blog

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AREVA’s new nuclear reactors’ safety flaws

Nuclear expert warns of safety flaws in AREVA’s EPR | ecoficial 30 Nov 09 An independent expert, commissioned by Greenpeace, has concluded that two nuclear reactors, currently under construction in Finland and France, suffer from serious safety flaws. Continue reading

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Iran bluff and bluster over nuke plants

Iran nuke plans largely bluster, experts say By ALI AKBAR DAREINI and JASON KEYSER (AP) – TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s announcement of plans to build 10 more uranium enrichment facilities is largely bluster after a strong rebuke from the U.N.’s nuclear agency, analysts said Monday. Continue reading

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Poor nuclear security in India

Lax security at Kaiga? Express buzz Arun 01 Dec 2009 BANGALORE: Going by concern expressed by antinuclear activists, the tritium leak at the Kaiga nuclear power plant reflects the callousness by the authorities. Continue reading

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