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Review of “Chain of Decay” – film on nuclear power

CHAIN OF DECAY — IndieGoGo Chain of Decay is a feature-length documentary that brings together a series of discrete but thematically-linked short documentary and animation segments to create an engaging and provocative portrait of a world most of know precious little about – the world of civil nuclear power. Continue reading


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Nuclear Suppliers Group cartel in disarray over China and Pakistan

Nuclear meeting ends amid divisions over Pakistan, BBC News, 25 June 2010, -A meeting of countries exporting civil nuclear technology has ended with uncertainty about Chinese plans to sell two nuclear reactors to Pakistan.Such a deal would appear to be against the rules set by the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).But the group’s annual meeting, held in New Zealand, has revealed divisions in the international response……

BBC News – Nuclear meeting ends amid divisions over Pakistan

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Californian sunshine could power the nation

From The Times December 23, 2009 Surfing a wave of Californian sunshine as America looks for renewable future “………….The US Energy Department has calculated that a 62-square-mile (160 sq km) parcel of the Mojave that straddles Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona receives enough sunlight to power the entire country. Continue reading

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Kyoto Protocol defined nuclear energy as neither clean nor renewable

Copenhagen, nuclear power, and the Clean Development Mechanism Nuclear Reaction, by Justin, 18 Dec 09

“……..For those who don’t know it,the Clean Development Mechanism  the CDM is a system set up under the Kyoto Protocol which allows industrialised countries committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions to earn carbon credits by investing in low-carbon projects in developing countries rather than building more expensive projects in their own countries.

Nuclear energy was specifically excluded from the CDM at the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change conference in 2001. Continue reading

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Bright Future for Solar Energy

The Solar Energy Industry is Looking Bright By Abigail Rome
December 17, 2009

The stars seem to be aligning with the sun these days. Or at least with an industry that takes full advantage of the sun. Here are a few indications. While the climate change agreements were being discussed last week in Copenhagen, the U.S. President spoke about stimulating green energy jobs. And, as the costs of solar panels have decreased tremendously in recent months, governments have continued to create incentives for renewable energy and efficiency. In short, the political will as well as the economics are in place for solar energy to finally skyrocket. Continue reading

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Australian public reject nuclear, favour renewable energy

Survey: Australians Favour Renewable Energy Over Nuclear by Emergy Matters  16 DECEMBER, 2009 While Australia has remained steadfast in forgoing nuclear power generated electricity, the option continues to be floated as a possibility ……..However, a recent poll shows that the majority of Australians would still prefer to see renewable energy being the focus. Continue reading

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Wave and tidal power for Scotland

Energy pairing on crest of a wave The partnership plans to look for a site to the west of Shetland BBC News 15 Dec 09

One of Europe’s biggest energy companies has teamed up with an Edinburgh firm to develop the first wave power project off Shetland. Continue reading

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Urgency now to transform energy use

Energy Transition: one chance to get it right Sustainable Industries by Richard Heinberg 4 Dec 09 Building new nuclear plants will be costly and slow—and controversial. Moreover, uranium is itself a depleting resource, with ore quality relentlessly declining worldwide.
 Continue reading

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It is possible to have 100% renewable energy

Can we go 100% renewable? By Damian Kahya
Business reporter, BBC News 3 December 2009

The power of the wind and waves is ever-present in the Danish winter.

The Copenhagen climate change talks will discuss how to capture the energy from such “renewable” sources.

The UK plans to get 15% of all its energy that way within just 10 years.

Some experts believe it could provide for all our needs…………….. Continue reading

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Renewable energy, not nuclear, for Pacific islands

Paradise Sinking
By Ben Bohane

HAARETZ . com  3 Dec 09 “………..Pacific states are realizing that they may have a distinct advantage in the reordering of the global economy, as it moves away from a dependence on fossil fuels. Developing nations in equatorial zones have begun a concerted move toward a switch to renewable energy. Continue reading

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Unprecedented demand for solar energy in UK

Solar industry in limbo as grants dry up. Financial Times UK By Jim Pickard, Political Correspondent

December 3 2009

Renewable energy manufacturers have warned of their “frustration” after the government’s flagship grant scheme for solar power ran out of money less than halfway through the financial year.

The UK PV Association, which represents companies making and installing solar panels, warned that they were “in limbo” after the Low Carbon Building Programme Phase 2 was closed to solar applications this week.

The £50m scheme had included up to £18m for hospitals, schools and other public sector buildings to instal photovoltaic panels on their roofs. But it has been closed down “due to unprecedented demand”.

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New book on nuclear economics

NUCLEAR ENERGY IS SIMPLY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE (& NEW ENERGY IS THE BEST BUY) New Energy News 25 Nov 09 Generating Failure; How Building Nuclear Power Plants Would Set America Back in the Race Against Global WarmingTravis Madsen, Tony Dutzik, Bernadette Del Chiaro and Rob Sargent, November 2009 (Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center)

SUMMARY Expert evidence continues to accrue relegating nuclear energy to the category of “yesterday’s answer.” There is a move afoot in Congress to dramatically up spending for new nuclear energy projects. Bad idea. Look at the evidence. Don’t do it………………………


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French nuclear company marketing a dirty old solution

Accident casts fresh doubt on nuclear safety, Baltimore Sun 25 Nov 09 In the current issue of Scientific American, Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi propose a technically feasible, clean and efficient energy future from wind, water and sun. They note that wind – at 7 cents per kwh and projected to drop to 4 cents by 2020 – is getting cheaper than new nuclear, which is growing more expensive. Continue reading

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South East Asia taking action on climate change

Hot air over Australia  Grant Anderson – News – Business Spectator 26 Nov 09 A report released this week that I co-authored, One Hat Does Not Fit All, illustrates that a number of our neighbours in the Asia Pacific region are highly cognisant of the challenges climate change presents Continue reading

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Renewable energy getting cheaper

Renewable energy costs drop in ’09  Nov 23, 2009

LONDON (Reuters) – Solar energy costs will drop by half in 2009 while other low-carbon technology costs will see their pre-subsidy costs drop by 10-20 percent, renewable energy analysts said on Monday. Continue reading

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