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Nuclear too slow, too late, too dirty, to stop climate change

Nuclear: wrong warming reaction Nuclear plants produce radioactive waste and are both slow and expensive to construct.
Minnesota Daily 12/07/2009

By Dan Endreson“………..nuclear power cannot stop global warming. Although nuclear power emits less carbon dioxide than coal, it is impossible to build enough nuclear plants to slow the effects of global warming. To make a difference, hundreds of new nuclear plants would need to be built over the next 20 years. Currently, construction of a new plant takes 10-15 years and costs over $6 billion.

We do not have the time or the money to rely on nuclear reactors to stop global warming………… If one wants to champion nuclear power in this country, they must also be willing to accept the possibility that Minnesota may one day be a permanent nuclear waste dump.

I would urge our policymakers to use our taxpayer dollars to further the development of true clean energy sources, such as wind and solar, rather than nuclear power, which leaves a legacy of radioactive waste and increased costs to ratepayers….


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