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Nuclear fallout of the financial kind

CPS Energy board members dealing with nuclear fallout

KENS San Antomio by Joe Conger

November 24, 2009


It’s supposed to be the cheapest fuel, but oh, what a price.

Some heads may be on the chopping block at CPS Energy, and the future of additional nuclear power for San Antonio is in jeopardy. Continue reading

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Renewable energy getting cheaper

Renewable energy costs drop in ’09  Nov 23, 2009

LONDON (Reuters) – Solar energy costs will drop by half in 2009 while other low-carbon technology costs will see their pre-subsidy costs drop by 10-20 percent, renewable energy analysts said on Monday. Continue reading

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Danger of nuclear terrorism

Top spy fears nuclear terror attack By Nick Tabakoff The Daily Telegraph November 21, 2009 ONE of the world’s top spies has warned major world cities are at risk of a fresh September 11-style terrorist attack within the next decade.And he feared a scenario in which a nuclear device was triggered.

Efraim Halevy, former head of Israel’s top-secret national intelligence group Mossad, also warned Western societies like Australia were fighting international terrorism “with one arm tied behind their backs”.

Top spy fears nuclear terror attack | World News |

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