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Bright Future for Solar Energy

The Solar Energy Industry is Looking Bright By Abigail Rome
December 17, 2009

The stars seem to be aligning with the sun these days. Or at least with an industry that takes full advantage of the sun. Here are a few indications. While the climate change agreements were being discussed last week in Copenhagen, the U.S. President spoke about stimulating green energy jobs. And, as the costs of solar panels have decreased tremendously in recent months, governments have continued to create incentives for renewable energy and efficiency. In short, the political will as well as the economics are in place for solar energy to finally skyrocket.

In his December 8th speech, reported by ABC News, President Obama called on the government to help businesses create jobs. He focused on small businesses, infrastructure and energy, citing solar energy as one of the keys towards generating jobs, growth and innovation. “With additional resources, in areas like advanced manufacturing of wind turbines and solar panels, for instance, we can help turn good ideas into good private-sector jobs,” Obama declared.

Studies confirm the growth of the solar energy industry

Indeed, in its potential to create jobs, solar energy is ready to hit its stride. In its 2009 study “Estimating the Jobs Impacts of Tackling Climate Change,” the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and Management Information Services, Inc. indicate that the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy industry could create 37 million jobs by the year 2030. While some traditional jobs will be lost, 4.5 million net jobs will result, and 487,000 of these will be for developing and installing photovoltaics and concentrating solar energy…..

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