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French nuclear company marketing a dirty old solution

Accident casts fresh doubt on nuclear safety, Baltimore Sun 25 Nov 09 In the current issue of Scientific American, Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi propose a technically feasible, clean and efficient energy future from wind, water and sun. They note that wind – at 7 cents per kwh and projected to drop to 4 cents by 2020 – is getting cheaper than new nuclear, which is growing more expensive. In addition, wind is 25 times cleaner because of carbon emissions caused by mining, manufacturing and transporting associated with nuclear power.

These recent reports recount worker and environmental contamination, mishandling of nuclear waste, lack of reliability in producing electricity and fiscally risky policies at EDF. As laid out in Scientific American, as well as in the works of Maryland’s own clean energy scholar, Arjun Makihani, from the Takoma-based Institute for Energy and Environmental Research,

EDF’s biggest problem may be that it is marketing an old, expensive and dirty solution to our energy crisis.Three Mile Island reminds us that when there is a mishap at a nuclear power plant – unlike at wind, water and solar plants – what leaks out is radioactive.

Accident casts fresh doubt on nuclear safety —

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