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Nuclear resuscitation is struggling in France, Finland, England

Generation III nuclear reactors: late again, Greenpeace International, by jmckeati – June 25, 2010T he continuing and farcical story of the state of the art European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) being built by AREVA at Olkiluoto in Finland. The many, many diverse delays incompetence in the project have led to it being (at the time of writing) four years behind schedule and 2.3 billion euros over-budget. Continue reading

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Dangerous idea: Plutonium powered nuclear facilities planned for space

the Obama administration would turn to nuclear power in space — and on Earth.
We have been seeing — for two months now — the damage of technology run amok in the Gulf of Mexico. Consider the consequences of dangerous, expensive, unnecessary nuclear-powered technology running amok above our heads

Obama Seeks to Revive Space Nuclear Power, Karl Grossman, June 25, 2010 Despite its huge dangers, the Obama administration is seeking to revive the use of nuclear power in space. It wants the U.S. to produce the plutonium isotope that has been used for electric generation in space and is also looking to build nuclear-propelled rockets for missions to Mars.. Continue reading

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Not hard to get hold of Highly Enriched Uranium, especially in Russia

What’s It Take to Build a Nuclear Weapon? | TakePart by Adam Trunell, 25 June 2010, The Nuclear Material “………The most important ingredient in a nuclear bomb is the nuclear stuff itself, which is also the hardest to get. No way can you find nuclear material like plutonium or highly enriched uranium stockpiled in a tool shed behind some half-hearted padlock. Right? Wrong.

Every nuclear-powered nation on the planet has nuclear material, and not all of it’s under lock and key. Civilian stockpiles in Europe and Japan aren’t staffed by armed guards, nor are most nuclear research reactors on U.S. college campuses.But if you’re looking for a truly easy score, try Russia. Continue reading

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Nuclear Suppliers Group cartel in disarray over China and Pakistan

Nuclear meeting ends amid divisions over Pakistan, BBC News, 25 June 2010, -A meeting of countries exporting civil nuclear technology has ended with uncertainty about Chinese plans to sell two nuclear reactors to Pakistan.Such a deal would appear to be against the rules set by the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).But the group’s annual meeting, held in New Zealand, has revealed divisions in the international response……

BBC News – Nuclear meeting ends amid divisions over Pakistan

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Australia’s Northern Territory asks new Prime Minister to stop nuclear waste dump plan

Former Prime Minister John Howard planned to build the dump on Muckaty Station, in Central Australia, because the Northern Territory did not have the constitutional strength to block the move.

Hendo urges Gillard to dump Muckaty, Northern Territory News, NICK CALACOURAS  June 26th, 2010 AUSTRALIA’S new Prime Minister Julia Gillard should rethink her predecessor’s decision to build a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory, Chief Minister Paul Henderson said. Continue reading

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See how solar energy could transform America’s economy

Like it or not, though, what is taking place in the energy field is a radical change in thinking or, as coined by Thomas Kuhn, a paradigm shift .This transformation does not just happen, but is caused by agents of change, and the greatest agents of change in the transition to solar energy will be the American people, themselves.
Newsweek has a nice photo slide show of the progress in solar energy at:

Letting the Sunshine in II: America, the Solar Nation by Joanne Herrmann on June 24, 2010 Envision this: As the sun rises in the East, solar panels on buildings and utility arrays in cities from north of Boston to New York to Atlanta to south of Miami collect the sun’s power, which not only supplies the energy needs of the East Coast but also exports the excess through smart grids to those cities awakening in the Midwest and slumbering in the darkness along the West Coast. Continue reading

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Indian authorities investigating welfare agency rather than uranium contamination

Instead of investigating the cause of toxicity, the department has chosen to make inquiries about the organisation taking care of the special children.

Uranium all over, health dept limits probe to centre, The Times of India, Balwant Garg ,   Jun 25, 2010, FARIDKOT: In the midst of a fear gripping Punjab after high concentrations of uranium were detected in drinking water, the state health department has reacted by directing its probe at the centre whose kids are the worst affected. This comes days after Germany’s Microtrace Mineral Lab had found abnormally high presence of the radioactive element in hair samples of 80% of 149 neurologically disabled children at the Baba Farid Centre here. Continue reading

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Australia’s new Prime Minister urged to focus on Climate Change

New Australian PM ‘should focus on cutting emissions’, Low Carbon Economy, 6/25/2010 There are hopes that Australia’s new prime minister could help improve the country’s environmental record………..In her first speech as prime minister Ms Gillard said she believes in climate change and that humans are contributing to the problem……Greenpeace Australia Pacific said that the first steps Ms Gillard should take would be to move subsidies from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, introduce a carbon levy and limit emissions from new power stations.

New Australian PM ‘should focus on cutting emissions’ – Low Carbon Economy

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