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Jury finds priest guilty in anti nuclear action

Jury finds priest guilty in nuclear silo breach The Tribune December 22, 2009 After only an hour of deliberation this afternoon, a Weld County Court jury found a Catholic priest guilty of damaging and trespassing on government property that housed a nuclear missile silo in northeastern Weld County last August. Continue reading


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Catholic priest’s anti nuclear battle

Tenacious Priest Fights Colo. Nukes Dec 22, 2009  SHARON DUNN, The Greeley Tribune GREELEY, Colo. (AP) ― Five months in Weld County Jail was starting to wear thin on Father Carl Kabat’s normally patient and jovial demeanor.He misses the outdoors, the freedom to move around, which at 76 is getting harder to do anyway……. Continue reading

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Religious protest against exploitation of indigenous land

Quaker Indian Committee disavows Doctrine of Discovery, affirms Declaration Indian Country Today By Gale Courey Toensing  Dec 17, 2009 PHILADELPHIA – Inspired by the actions of the Episcopal Church, a Quaker group has disavowed the Christian Doctrine of Discovery and voiced its support for the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Continue reading

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Lies and omissions at Copenhagen, about nuclear power

Helen Caldicott slams environmental groups on Climate Bill, Nuclear Concessions 22 December 2009 by: Art Levine, t r u t h o u t | Report

Dr. Helen Caldicott, the pioneering Australian antinuclear activist and pediatrician who spearheaded the global nuclear freeze movement of the 1980s and co-founded Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), has joined with left-leaning environmental groups here in an uphill fight to halt nuclear power as a “solution” to the global warming crisis. “Global warming is the greatest gift the nuclear industry has ever received,” Dr. Caldicott told Truthout. Continue reading

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What a Nuclear War would do to Climate

Ho Hum Nuclear Winter Overcoming Bias 22 Dec 09 “……The effects of a war involving the entire current global nuclear arsenal … [include] a global average surface cooling of –7°C to –8°C persists for years, and after a decade the cooling is still –4°C (Fig. 2). … Cooling of more than –20°C occurs over large areas of North America and of more than –30°C over much of Eurasia, including all agricultural regions.So, the first news about nuclear winter was shocking enough to induce cold war adversaries to agree to big cuts.

Today we know the situation is even worse – not only is nuclear winter easier than we thought to trigger, but more nations now have big enough arsenals to trigger it. Yet today there is far less international discussion or momentum to prevent such disaster. Why the difference?

Overcoming Bias : Ho Hum Nuclear Winter

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Secret USA-Japan nuclear deal revealed

Japan-US secret nuclear deal discovered: reports Full Story Tokyo, Dec 22 (AFP) A secret agreement under which Japan allowed the US military to bring nuclear weapons to the Asian nation has been uncovered despite years of denial of its existence by Tokyo, media reports said today. Continue reading

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Canadian govt carefully tweaks nuclear information

Nuclear safety HARPER BIZARRO (Canada) December 22, 2009 …On January 15, 2008 – in the dead of the night – Stephen Harper and Gary Lunn fired Canada’s world-respected nuclear regulator, Linda Keen.

They then appointed a career bureaucrat to head up the Nuclear Safety Commission. They wanted to silence the regulatory arm of Canada’s nuclear industry. They have succeeded, apparently. Continue reading

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French nuclear test victims to jump hurdles to get compensation

Compensation will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Victims are to submit a claim to a committee

France to compensate people who suffered health problems from nuclear tests Google News By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (CP) – 23 Dec ARIS — France’s parliament on Tuesday passed a law to compensate victims of nuclear tests in Algeria and the South Pacific, a response to decades of complaints by people sickened by radiation. Continue reading

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Unique problem in managing depleted uranium wastes

At issue is the unique composition of depleted uraniumm — a byproduct of the process that enriches uranium, in this case from weapons production — that results in the material becoming more radioactive over time.

Weather slows unloading of depleted uranium at EnergySolution By Arthur RaymondDeseret News , Dec. 22, 2009 Continue reading

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Nuclear winter would be quick and devastating

Ho Hum Nuclear Winter   Overcoming Bias By Robin Hanson · December 20, 2009
From the January Scientific American:

Twenty-five years ago international teams of scientists showed that a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union could produce a “nuclear winter.” … killing plants worldwide and eliminating our food supply. Continue reading

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Colorado residents’ anxiety over uranium mining and water

Residents voice uranium project concerns Speakers at Nunn meeting share opinions about proposed uranium mine and pump test BY BOBBY MAGILL  December 22, 2009 NUNN – Standing before a crowd of more than 100 people Monday night, Fort Collins resident Diane Marschke said she doesn’t think it matters if Powertech USA’s proposed Centennial Project uranium mine pollutes the water. “When people hear there’s a uranium mine 10 miles away, they aren’t going to come here,” she said. Marschke and about 15 others confronted U.S. Environ-mental Protection Agency officials at the Nunn Community Center with their opinions about a proposed water pump test that will tell Powertech if its in situ leaching method of uranium mining is viable in the area.

Residents voice uranium project concerns | | The Coloradoan

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EU and Russia: nuclear pact

EU to negotiate nuclear agreement with Russia     BRUSSELS, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) — The Council of the European Union on Tuesday mandated the European Commission to negotiate a broad nuclear partnership agreement with Russia. The European Atomic Energy Community and the Russian Federation will negotiate an agreement for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, according to an official press release…………..The negotiations for a broad nuclear agreement are necessary because of recent developments, such as the latest EU enlargements and the renewed interest in nuclear energy as an alternative to reduce CO2 emissions from energy generation, the press release said. Russia is one of the main global suppliers of nuclear materials and equipment. It is also a key supplier of nuclear fuel and related nuclear fuel cycle services to nuclear power plant operators in the EU.

EU to negotiate nuclear agreement with Russia_English_Xinhua

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Californian sunshine could power the nation

From The Times December 23, 2009 Surfing a wave of Californian sunshine as America looks for renewable future “………….The US Energy Department has calculated that a 62-square-mile (160 sq km) parcel of the Mojave that straddles Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona receives enough sunlight to power the entire country. Continue reading

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Russia taking over nuclear industry in Lithuania

Reactor shutdown opens door to Russia plans By GARY PEACH (AP) Associated Press Writer Liudas Dapkus in Vilnius, Lithuania, contributed to this report.– 23 Dec 09 ISAGINAS, Lithuania — To the European Union, Lithuania’s Soviet-built nuclear power plant is a gigantic safety hazard that needs to finally shut down this New Year’s Eve……. Continue reading

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NASA to irradiate monkeys in the name of space travel

NASA, Don’t Expose Monkeys to Radiation!
Care 2 Petition Site NASA
has announced that it plans to expose approximately two dozen squirrel monkeys to dangerous space radiation in a cruel and frivolous experiment that purportedly aims to study the health effects of radiation in deep space. Space-radiation exposure in monkeys can cause them to suffer from fatal types of cancer, including brain tumors, and other illnesses.
Because of drastic biological differences between species, radiation experiments on monkeys won’t tell scientists anything about how astronauts will react to deep space……

NASA, Don’t Expose Monkeys to Radiation! – The Petition Site

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