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Is the UK`s Nuclear backed pension bubble about to burst? – New scientific research may be the pin that pricks!

Pension panic in the city of London! But don’t worry because they are set to rip off the UK Tax payers!

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By Arclight2011

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8 February 2014

Geraldine Thomas and Richard Wakeford gave us reassurances that there would be no health effects to the Fukushima Daichi nuclear accident but Geraldine continues to deny a link concerning the recent spate of thyroid cancers concerning the children of Fukushima. Lady Barbara Judge urges a nuclear restart in Japan as she continues to head the UK`s year or so involvement in decommissioning the Daichi nuclear complex.

RW at Fukushima 2


The UK Science media centre was called in by DECC UK government to “manage” the disaster and set up a Japanese Science media centre run by th e UK`s SMC employed psychologist. He used very biased scientists based in Australia using very biased science professionals to play down the Fukushma health and ecology effects.

Strangely. Ian Fairlie uses Richard Wakefords research to prove a noticeable increase while Richard Wakeford says that under 100 mSv/y as a total dose is OK for adults and children alike “has no statistical significance”.

A Research team uses Geraldine Thomas`s own research at the Chernobyl Tissue bank to prove a genetic link to thyroid cancer and ionising radiation whilst she is telling the world via the BBC and other media outlets that the thyroid cancers cant be because of the nuclear accident because the original doses were too low.

Meanwhile, Prof Suzuki (New head of the secretive and sinister Fukushima “Medical” “Hospital”) now is saying they can not prove a link to radiation and thyroid cancer.

Needless to say, Imperial College University has much to gain in funding after Geraldines visit to Fukushima in Sept 2011 (to sell the Chernobyl tissue bank services to the Japanese health establishment) (fronted at the time by the renowned liar Prof Yamashita (now replace by Prof Suzuki who also lies). Shockingly, Geraldine intimated that she could destroy the samples because she only uses the data .. In the Fukushima symposium (still on video on the web) she actually said that she could destroy the samples and later in correspondence she claimed in correspondence with me that she meant that in context to mean that no useful data could come from them after her analysis. However, the findings of a thyroid cancer radiation link via genetic testing means that she was wrong on that point! And the protesting Fukushima victims outside the 2011 Fukushima Symposium were right to protest.

Lady Barbara Thomas JudgeThe UK media has mentioned that “Lady Barbara Judge will save our pensions” in reference to the blinkered investment in nuclear that ignored all alternatives like the aluminium fuel cell (UK inventor ) solar, wind etc. Instead only large energy use solutions were allowed with little or no investment in any other options

So, how deep is the nuclear/pension bubble you might wonder? I think that ALL the smart money went into it in the three years after the 2008 financial crash. That’s why there has been a rallying of nuclear PR. Instead of showing respect for the nuclear victims they are going to attack them like the experience found in the Semey region of Kazahkstan where radiation victims carry genetic passports and are discouraged from having children. This issue was not discussed on Pandoras Promise as the makers and supporters of this film are likely seeing their pensions threatened.

This tie between the financial sector to the nuclear sector are tight because of this bad investment. But not to worry the big 6 insurance giants in the UK came up with a plan to cover their bad assets. They got the government to invest 28 billion pounds sterling into “nuclear research”, a possibly risky bet but the nuclear companies like Rolls Royce stand to get a lot of this money as are suitable pro nuclear universities and towns in the UK. Then, the Insurance corporations invest in a loan to the government of 25 Billion pounds sterling in infrastructure investment that will see them see a profit and hopefully secure everyone’s private pensions. Of course the tax payer gets the bill but the big pension and investment corporations get out of a loss making situation. The bubble sets to burst on a beleaguered UK Tax payer.text-my-money-2

Keeping this brief I will just say that the UK sent a cricket team to near the Daichi wrecked nuclear site a day before the Japanese were “awarded” the Olympics, they have helped cover up the scope of the disaster using “charities” and the likes of the BBC, one of whose directors used to work for EdF. And AREVA, EdFs sister company has extensive nuclear decommissioning contracts at Daichi as well as the UK companies and universities.

the UK like the USA also relies on the Japanese for investment and its co-operation with the nuclear fuel cycle and likely nuclear armaments too! I suspect that the worlds pensions are tied to this technology. The big money in nuclear is now in fuel rod reprocessing with the profits expected to be double the profits of the operating nuclear power plant. Are these MOX fuel rods causing the excess wear on the French nuclear fleet? or are they burning the rods for longer?

As the real truth comes out concerning the health damage caused by this dangerous technology, comes to light and more people are able to trace the cause of their cancers/illness and nuclear corporations are sued out of existence, who will be left “holding the empty pension money bag”?


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  1. The reason why nuclear-news is so excellent is due to articles such as these, which won’t be found anywhere else, and also the selection of articles that are chosen to be posted on nuclear-news are so interesting and informative.

    I have a question on this article.

    You stated: “the Semey region of Kazahkstan where radiation victims carry genetic passports and are discouraged from having children”

    Are you saying that they have to carry real, physical genetic passports to travel or move around ?

    Have you watched this video on cancers possibly attributed to Sellafield radiation which the UK blames on population-mixing and viruses, but radiation specialist Wolfgang Hoffman says the UK is wrong about that.

    Comment by Guest | February 8, 2014 | Reply

    • thanks guest
      to answer your question the genetic passport is a health relevant passport that allows them a meagre pension. However, given the nationalist socialist leanings of some in Kazahkstan and given the technology, the passport could also be used to limit travel, free speech etc sometime in the future. Although old remedies such as sterilisation could also be easily implimented.. I worry for the Semey and Gereldine Thomas mentioned above actually took over the place of the genetisist at a UK showing of After the Apocolypse.. More on that here if you can stomach the cover ups !! 😦

      and the UK saying its a virus, tobacco, alcohol, predesposed conditions and Justin Bieber of course.. Wolfgang is more right than Richard Wakeford (ICRP, UNSCEAR, God of statistical exuberance..) who still claims a virus is causing the cancer clusters..


      Comment by arclight2011part2 | February 8, 2014 | Reply

      • Hi arclight –

        It was either Dr. Wertelecki or Dr. Yabklokov who spoke at the symposium on the “Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident” who did research and clearly found that alcohol was NOT a contributor to the health effects in Chernobyl anyway. The health effects were due to radiation.

        Also, when you write an original op-ed such as this one, why aren’t you posting a link to it on Enenews?

        Be well.

        Comment by GuestAgain | February 9, 2014

      • Good on you, Guest Again. I attended that symposium, and without doubt, Dr Wertelecki has shown by his 10 year research project in Ukraine that the alcohol story is a furphy. Wertelecki’s research report is described here: Don’t be put off by the sensationalist title.

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | February 9, 2014

  2. […] the flood gates of litigation against the nuclear industry worldwide in respect of the victims of Kazakhstan (Russian testing), Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island, Fukushima (Japan) and many others including the […]

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