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Update – Lawyer Yabe, Mr Hosami, Ms.Shimotani and friends target Mari Takenouchi in a disgusting campaign of hate and sexual abuse! With no comment from the ETHOS child killers!

Err… some slight editing of this article has been done by Arclight2011 (So sue me Yabe! Grr call yourself a man? you have NO honour! ) .. And here is a picture of Ms. Shimotani



“We know through serious research that there is a subtle but real connection between the objectification of women and violence against women..”  ;

Heres is a picture of Mr Hosami and Yabe baby….

 Question – Are these “gentlemen”  misogynists?  (arclight2011part2)

“I’ve been doing some research on misogyny lately; mainly its symptoms and characteristics. Firstly, I should explain that misogyny is a deep hatred or contempt for women. It is a mental/psychological disorder which affects more men than I realized, and it can manifest itself in a variety of ways ranging from chauvinism or sexism to physical abuse and rape.”  More here  ;

Some days ago, a Kyoto resident, Mr. Koichi Hosomi who has been continuously harassing Mari Takenouchi sometimes in combination with the lawyer Yabe sent the following tweet.
“Fly to Okinawa (where Takenouchi lives) and go suck Takenouchi’s nipples.”

Original article is here in Japanese and English ;

12 April 2014
2nd consultation to Kyoto Bar Association of Japan

Screenshot from 2014-04-14 00:30:58

Image source courtesy of ETHOS 🙂  ;

I, Mari Takenouchi-is a freelance Japanese journalist. I have been supporting ideas that are designed to save children of Fukushima.  Thus, my main targets have been UN agencies, the Japanese government and the Fukushima ETHOS group. (Though, some people have laughed at me, a single mother for challenging these organisations)..

Accordingly,  lawyer Yoshiro Yabe who has been harassing me on twitter, is not my actual target at all. However, since his harassment has been malicious and continuous, I talked today with the vice president of Kyoto Bar Association, Lawyer Kenji Akiyama. I talked to another lawyer in Kyoto Bar Association, but the situation has not been dealt with by this person at all.

I asked Mr. Akiyama to notify Mr. Yabe regarding the 6 points I informed him of. However, as I spoke, my voice became spontaneously loud with rage. I added my apologies to Mr. Akiyama who had heard my angry tone of voice.
As I write this blog, Mr. Yabe is making an excuse saying that his initial advice on my petition (to be forwarded to prosecutors not to indict me) was actuallyfor the sake of me. This was a blatant lie.

The petition is not legally binding and the format is not specified.  Yet, Mr. Yabe repeatedly tweeted that Mari Takenouchi’s petition is null and void, though I had asked him repeatedly  to stop. That was the beginning of my communication with the lawyer Yabe, and there was much more…
Please read 6 points I offered below..

1) The bar association told me the procedures to apply for the disciplinary dismissal of lawyer Yabe. However, he was slandering me for tweeting this mere fact that the dismissal procedure was given by the lawyer to Mari Takenouchi. He insisted that I was creating my own scenario in which there is a possibility for Lawyer Yabe to be dismissed using disciplinary procedure.

Meanwhile, lawyer Yabe said,

“Disciplinary dismissal is the same as criminal accusation for a lawyer!  I will resort to every means to fight back.”  in a panicked manner.
Yet, he himself has continuously harassed me, a single mother, who is suffering criminal accusations.
His deeds seem to be contrary to ethics and morals, not only as a lawyer, but also as an individual.
2 Lawyer Yabe supports ETHOS leader Ms. Ryoko Ando’s words, who said

“Why don’t we stop this extreme logic: is not life important?”
According to Lawyer Yabe, “We cannot really protect lives through a limited vision.”
I criticised Mr. Yabe,

“By saying limited vision, you imply that we should not consider radiation damages all the time.  But this is strange logic meaning, we should ignore radiation damages on children who are more vulnerable. You have been always threatening me such as you are considering suing me for defamation, but you have been always avoiding the radiation related arguments.”
Then Mr. Yabe responded to me irresponsibly,

“I have read the argument between Professor Hayano from Tokyo University and Mari Takenouchi on twitter, and that was sufficient.”

So on April 10th, I asserted damages of radiation on children (from ETHOS) using scientific arguments.
However, on the midnight of the same day, lawyer Yabe and

Nanaka Shimotani 

, a president of company called, Rafcco Co Ltd, were making fun of Mari Takenouchi, saying;

“She has translated only 3 books related to radiation.  She is insulting experts…and so on.”
Ms. Shimoya further stated;

“Ms. Takenouchi is not qualified as a translator, since her Japanese is horrible.” and;
“She is a fake journalist since she cannot identify who I am “ (I was not interested in Ms. Shimotani until then, so I didn’t check her introduction, until she tweeted that I was incapable of checking it.)

She had been continuously been harassing me for some time even before April 10th.
Finding her insulting tweets, I told her,


“I would report your insulting tweets to the police among others’ tweets”
(I was declaring that I would report malicious tweets against me since this harassment was mounting, especially after the criminal accusation from ETHOS. I might point out that I have been under fierce harassment on the Internet since I raised my voice against ETHOS in the summer of 2012.)

Then early in the morning of April 11, Ms. Shimotani gave me a threatening tweet saying,

“Be prepared with a good lawyer who can fight in a civil case.”  @ Takenouchi.

Takenouchi called up her mother regarding Ms. Shimotani‘s threat to bring me to further legal trial. (I had to do it,  a few weeks ago, when 4 or 5 people harassed me that they were going to sue me collectively and i then consulted my mother who wrote an open letter to these anonymous people.  At this time, Ms. Shimotani‘s identity was known to me). I told Ms. Shimotani that my mother wanted to have some words urgently with her and asked for her contact number, then Ms. Shimotani abruptly blocked me.

I begged Ms. Shimotani to tell me her contact details and I asked Ms. Shimotani what she would do if she keep running away from my excited mother who has been on antilipotropic drugs and might suddenly collapsed or something worse.
Then lawyer Yabe cruelly tweeted me,

“If your mother collapses, it is all your fault.”
Prior to this, Mr. Yabe had said on his tweet,

“The words of Mari Takenouchi’s mother asking what you would do if something happens to my only daughter and grandson, could be defined as a threat.” 
His malicious tweets were aimed at even to my mother, which really enraged me!

3) ,Some days ago, a Kyoto resident, Mr. Koichi Hosomi who has been continuously harassing Mari Takenouchi sometimes in combination with the lawyer Yabe sent the following tweet.
“Fly to Okinawa (where Takenouchi lives) and go suck Takenouchi’s nipples.”
I tweeted that I had been sexual harassed by Mr. Hosomi.
Then, amazingly, anonymous twitter users such as  tsukiko0000, @tmycc, @kafuka69 said,
“Takenouchi is actually the sexual harassing women, who uses the word nipples in public.  She also tried to sexually harass @cowcowboy!”
As a matter of fact, contrarily to the facts @cowcowboya had sexually harassed Takenouchi.  He flew to Okinawa from Osaka when my police investigation was underway.
On his twitter, he said that he come to my neighborhood at least within a 1km radius and implied that he wated to have sex with me. (The tweet is retained here.、 )

Takenouchi said to tsukiko0000  “I will try to identify your name by any means.”
Because she made a such a horrible defamation that I was the sexual harasser instead of @cowcowboya, which was contrary to the facts.  This was a solely unforgivable defamation which should be reported to the police. She then consulted Lawyer Yabe on her tweet and Yabe stood by her side.
Right after that, Lawyer Yabe amazingly asked Takenochi,
“Give me your detailed address!” a few times on twitter.
Please remember, I had been harrassed by multiple number of men and Lawyer Yabe tried to disclose my detailed address on twitter! This is extraordinary behaviour..

4) Besides demanding to disclose my apartment address on twitter, Lawyer Yabe implied of suing me a few times even I consulted Kyoto Bar Association a few weeks ago.
Then, he also tweeted;

“Why didn’t see just overlook what I have been doing.  She does not listen to other anyway.” In this way, lawyer Yabe seems to be sometimes purely amused by giving harassment to Takenouchi.
5) As for the Internet harassment, Takenouchi has been a target since the summer of 2012 by countless number of people.
On top of that, after the criminal accusation at the end of January 2014 by ETHOS leader Ryoko Ando, the degree of harassment was been building up.
Particularly, Mr. Yabe, who has the title of “lawyer“, often conducts collaborative harassment with anonymous people.
As for Lawyer Yabe‘s acts, Takenouchi has already contacted the police in Okinawa a few times, and plans to visit the police office next week with some relevant evidence.
6) Responding to the vice chairman Akiyama’s suggestion to sue lawyer Yabe in a civil court:
Takenouchi has been acting to save children in Fukushima and her main target is the United Nations.  I have no time and money to spend for lawyer Yabe.
Meanwhile, Reporters without Boarders plans to write an article of Takenouchi story on the Foreign Correspondence Club magazine soon and there could be a possibility of holding a press conference, too.
If the situation is necessary, Takenouchi plans to disseminate the ETHOS story including Lawyer Yabe there.


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