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Arclight finds a home in Ireland and some peace in a crazy world!

Op Ed by Arlight2011part2

Date 29th April 2014

arclightPosted to

The above song says it all ! I feel like Ive just returned to my homeland after years of battling in the trenches but my hearts go out to those still fighting in their own trenches in far flung lands.

The above is a song for all those people fighting against the odds. The friends I left behind. Those that touched my hearts. Those that helped me along the way and became casualties for causes that aligned with mine and even causes that didn`t.

Well, where to start? I have had extremely good news. In fact two bits of great news!

Firstly I have to thank the anonymous donor who paid for a months rent at the hotel I am staying in. I cant thank him enough. Not only did he pay for a room and breakfast but a dinner a day as well. This brought me literally to tears and I then thought of my special friends who are around the world who helped me get here and some of whom that became casualties of this digital Psy Ops war that is being waged against normal Mums, Dads and young people.

I understood in that moment more than I did before, why Whistle blowers epitomised by Edward Snowden and truth tellers like Julian Assange are so important to us all! If it was not for them

my situation would have been hopeless and so would the situation of many around the world such as Mari Takenouchi.

My second bit of good news is that Jennifer Schweppe believed my “story”. She understood what I had been through and though the legal battles that I might be able to undertake are not her remit she understood that I need to get an Irish passport and that I might be in fear of my life or my sanity. And so I have to thank her too! From the bottom of my heart. I can not go into details here as you might understand but suffice it to say that there may be hope for my petition for citizenship in my new home in Ireland because of the things I have had to endure. This might bring hope to others that can not get refuge in this and other European countries as, currently you need to prove that the country you have come from has broken its agreements in connection with Human Rights Legislation. I will be posting more on this as the situation develops.

In the past 2 years especially I have seen wonderful normal people being attacked with technologies that would have made Dr Goebbels proud. To be able to attack some one without the aid of storm troopers that might baulk at shooting thousands in the back of the head. Instead they use a distant and terrible weapon, the computer and a trained operator that cannot see the horrors that they unleash on their “targets”.

They follow a simple manual that describes a simple set of procedures. This is so distant they go home to their children or lovers and forget the days “work” , like they would forget a play-station game. But I am not here to damn the soldiers, I am here to damn those that allow this and encourage it to happen. The corporate heads that comply and encourage the security services chiefs that get jobs in the same corporations when they “retire”. The politicians that also have conspired, the heads of Legal firms that draw up archaic and limiting laws that restrict growth and innovation in our society. And there are many others such as the heads of the military who allow expenditure and plan for war on a scale never seen before in human history without speaking out and trying to make changes.

I now need to let the relief sweep over me and plan for the future. I have had lots of problems today with the computer and am on my spare. I am tired, relieved and sad I can not do the usual postings and research. But I will be back after I have contacted my children to let them know the good news. They have been worried sick about me and I have not been there for them as I should have because of my fears that they too would be targeted as I and others have.

And then a good nights sleep with some arrangements in the morning. And then the world is my oyster once again where I will ask the questions that are not being asked and hopefully stimulate discussion on important nuclear related questions. This time though my heart will be a bit less heavy because a heavy burden has been taken away from me.

A special shout out to my Face book buddies, the commentators and especially Admin there, All the bloggers such as Iori at Fukushima Diary and many others who have been fughting the good fight against the odds and lastly Christina Mac Phearson (whose real name I forget a lot 🙂 ) , who has pulled me through some dark moments in so many ways, not least because of her own personal strength and love for humanity including me sometimes. I wish to name so many but you know who you all are. Thank you all! May your Gods/other bless you and keep you safe! The fight goes on! Sakado Hantai!

PS I am in tears here again, as I finish this.

PPS someone tell Libbe Halevey were still on, as long as I dont get blocked again later. 🙂

Sean McGee

AKA Arclight



April 29, 2014 - Posted by | Arclight's Vision


  1. We are in a life and death struggle against the Trillion Dollar Nuclear Industry.
    It’s mere survival is a testament to it’s disdain for Human Life.
    As it fights for it’s survival it will spend Billions of dollars trying to sell it’s toxic message and suppress it’s opponents….. us.
    You have done and are doing a great job Sean.
    Carry on the good fight until that certain day when we prevail and drink a toast to the death of the Nuclear Industry.

    Comment by iconickevin | April 29, 2014 | Reply

  2. FEAR induces selfish behavior in any animal, even in the world leaders who decided to take totalitarian control of society in 1945 out of FEAR of nuclear annihilation.

    Today, if

    1. Global cooling continues, and

    2. Charges of widespread deception in nuclear industry are confirmed,

    There may be no way to protect world leaders from the angry masses.

    There is a bit of good in the worst of us and a bit of bad in the best of us, but all inhabitants of planet Earth will work together or we die separately.

    Oliver K. Manuel

    Sent from my iPhone

    Comment by omanuel | April 29, 2014 | Reply

    • This is an interesting comment. I agree with so much of it. However, I can’t agree on “global cooling” Records show that the Earth has been warming at a steady rate before and since 1998 and there is no sign of it slowing any time soon More than 90% of global warming heat goes into warming the oceans, while less than 3% goes into increasing the surface air temperature. Graphs illustrating this can be viewed at

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | April 29, 2014 | Reply

      • Thanks, Christina.

        My research mentor apparently knew deception about nuclear energy started in the closing days of WWII.

        He brought Japan’s plans for atomic bombs to the United States and assigned a research project to me in 1960 to reveal the forbidden information.

        Comment by omanuel | April 29, 2014

      • I apologize, Christina, for failing to close the bold tab below.

        I am delighted to find a group concerned about deceit in the nuclear industry. The deception apparently started for a noble purpose in 1945, to save the world from nuclear annihilation, but official deceit over the past sixty-nine years means society is more vulnerable to a nuclear disaster today because the engineers and technicians that design and operate nuclear reactors have been trained with misleading models of the nucleus, nuclear stability, and the forces of attraction and repulsion between nucleons (neutrons and protons).

        E.g., repulsive forces between neutrons.

        Comment by omanuel | April 30, 2014

    • Nine pages of precise experimental data on 19-27 of my biography [1] show that NEUTRON REPULSION:

      1. Caused cores of U and Pu to fission and destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945
      2. Causes the Sun’s core to generate H and to sustain the origin and evolution of life
      3. Caused the core of the Sun to explode and give birth to the solar system 5 Ga ago

      If you doubt my conclusion, just invite any nuclear, solar or astro- physicist to come here and publicly explain how they can explain the data.

      1. Oliver K. Manuel “A Journey to the Core of the Sun – Chapter 2: Acceptance of Reality

      Comment by omanuel | April 29, 2014 | Reply

  3. Dear Arclight
    I’m just about in tears myself, reading your story – and also listening to that very beautiful and moving song.
    Most of all, I feel happy/sad that an anonymous person has cared so much as to support you over this and get you through with a month’s rent.
    Then there’s Jennifer Schweppe from the School of Law, University of Limerick – also restoring my faith that there’s someone up there in the legal/academic system, who did listen to you.
    You’re a terrible speller, Arclight. We’re not talking about a fizzy drink manufacturer here – Schweppes
    But as your heart is in the right place, I am sure that Jennifer Schweppe does not mind – might even be having a fizzy drink in your honour.

    Comment by Christina MacPherson | April 29, 2014 | Reply

    • you know me well.. indeed i am a terrible speller .. and deeply happy about Jennifer’s involvement .. it will help me alot.. and i hope help others who are in a similar position too!
      Human Rights needs to be fought for or the corporations will do away with it imo..
      thanks for your kind comment Christina!! big hugs ! And thanks omanuel for your comment

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | April 29, 2014 | Reply

  4. This is the song that you need Sean, to remember that you are trying to help all of the helpless ones, like the little animals and plants. It is about life! All religions say we must be care-givers of the earth and its inhabitants. Also, you have run to something good, called a new life in Ireland, not from something bad! You have chosen well. The video you posted is good but too sad and melancholic. Sing this instead! Also, go see the spring lambs jump and play! originallink
    If the UK has indeed booted you out, however, you are in very good company going back 100s of years. That’s what they always did, since at least ca 1603, with the Border Clans and through most of the 1800s. Thought they had stopped. Watch Captain Blood from the 1930s with Errol Flynn and see how they enslaved a doctor, trying to do his work. I have an idea that any problems you may have, though, have their roots in France with EDF-Areva. EDF-Areva play dirty. You should read about their screw up in Flammanville too. Check out the Greenpeace quote on our new post–First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they spy on you, then you win!

    Comment by miningawareness | April 30, 2014 | Reply

  5. God bless your anonymous donator. It gives hope to know that someone so selfless and caring exists out there.

    And good luck to you, arclight. I know your heart is good and I hope everything works out for you.

    Comment by Just Me | May 1, 2014 | Reply

    • the hotel just told me they would not accept a month in advance.. then they told me i had to be out in 2 weeks.. then the wireless started playing up, my mobile was blocked and my computers are having problems .. so far so good 🙂 so i will be homeless anyway in 2 weeks.. i will eat like a horse and get a stone on before i get on to the next thing.. and emails are being messed with.. for your info gmail is REALLY compromised.. emails disapear into the ether .. at least tells you that the emails have not got there btw // peace!

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 1, 2014 | Reply

      • arclight,

        >> Here are 2 homeless/emergency shelters listed in the goldenpages. Maybe they can help you. Please be careful and thoroughly research about them before staying at any of them:

        Other homeless resources ————->

        >> St. Patrick’s Saint Vincent de Paul shelter:

        >> “Focus Ireland – working to end homelessness”

        >> Limerick Chamber of Commerce – call them and see if they can verify which shelters are good and direct you where to apply for welfare and where you can find a soup kitchen

        Good luck!

        Comment by Me | May 1, 2014

      • Many thanks for your efforts.. been there and done that 🙂 focus ireland might be a good thing though.. no pps so little help.. i could face deportation back to the UK where they are expanding the official secrets act to include various nuclear information (retroactively) that i have likely posted.. I am being made a criminal retroactively .. it as i have posted huge amounts of data on nuclear stuff all over the web its a possibility i cant ignore.. 😦 My passport is under 6 months valid and i cant use it to move around.. If i go to a UK embassy to change it, I will be on UK soil and could face arrest if some info i have posted is now illegal.. i get the feeling someone somewhere is playing a game of chess on a board resembling the remains of my life.. Interesting situation though.. Irish activists are under attack as well… The irish government has the same soundbite spin as the UK government btw

        Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 1, 2014

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