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Turkey – Coal mining and nuclear power – corporate corruption threatens society and environment but brings big corporations together

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Date posted 15 May 2014

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The Mine disaster at Soma has highlighted the issues in Turkey regarding corruption and corporate cost cutting causing health and safety issues . The Turkish government, just two weeks ago, denied an opposition party investigation into ongoing accidents and lax safety procedures ever since the privatisation of the industry in the 1990`s.

A connection between Soma Holdings and the Turkish government was deemed to be a contributing factor.

The price of coal had dropped drastically as wages were cut by using cheap unskilled labour and other cost cutting procedures.

This cost cutting can also be seen in the uranium industry, where the spot price for uranium is a mere (estimated) $20.22/lb (excluding tax and royalty), measured against the Australian spot price of US$34.50 / lb (A price that might cause Palladin mining to possibly go into liquidation as they have to produce their ore using more environmentaly secure practises. The real cost of safe extraction is $144 / lb).

It would be bad enough if Turkeys lax safety procedures (in the name of profit) were just limited to mining coal and uranium. However Turkey is now in the planning process to build eight reactors at two different sites in conjunction with French, Japanese Chinese and Russian consortiums.

In Japan they are using homeless and disabled people with little engineering skills to work in TEPCOS destroyed Fukushima Daichi nuclear site using Yakuza gangster contractors. Areva, who is also involved in the cost cutting Fukushima Daichi nuclear site with their largely failed water processing equipment, are going to supply the design for the Franco-japanese venture.

(Image shows Yakuza recruitment offices in Tokyo)

Russia who is overseeing the beginnings of a civil war in the Ukraine will likely be constructing first reactor to be built using nuclear workers from Belarus who should really be working on the Chernobyl Sarcophagus but the EBRDs (based the City of London) will only give funds to its own International private contractors, so as to deny any funding going to the non privatised Belarus government.

The Chinese will be using an American Westinghouse designed reactor for part of the business deal. China has a terrible record on environmental, transparency and safety issues and they pair well with the USA who are similarly minded.

Finally, none of this could have been possible without causing a thermo nuclear war, was it not for the ever diplomatic and nuclear selling organisation called the IAEA. The IAEA have done more for environmental disaster coverups and corporate profits than the International monetary Fund and all the major oil and coal corporations put together.Yusuf Yerkel kicks a protester


(Image shows how Turkish officials deal with the “opposition”)

The corporate international media have not given you all the details on the Turkish mining disaster. They will not say that the “mourners” were confronted by the police. The media says the “opposition” or “demonstrators”, much as in the Ukraine where the opposition is called the “Russians” or “terrorists”. Nor will anyone ask the question as to where did all the Chernobyl sarcophagus money go? And why is the work stopped if the Chernobyl site is actually in a peaceful (if corrupt) Belarus?

(Chernobyl sarcophagus not in Ukraine (As most media claim) and everyone seems to have gone on extended lunchbreak)

My thoughts have to go to the victims of corporate greed in India, Turkey, Japan and the Ukraine and the future victims of corporate greed that will be deemed “terrorists” or similar and have the police or armies controlled by the corporations set upon them.

Links to the above posits are below;

Turkey plans to build two nuclear power plants 2014-05-14

ANKARA, May 13 (Xinhua) — Turkey and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) discussed Tuesday about the country’s plans to build two nuclear power plants.

“Turkey and the IAEA would continue the cooperation in a strong way, Yildiz said, adding that the IAEA would increase the number of Turkish engineers working in the agency…..There are technology universities of nuclear power plants in France, Russia, South Korea, Japan and the United States. We plan to open one in Turkey,” the minister added.

(Updated May 2014)

  • Turkey has had plans for establishing nuclear power generation since 1970. Today, plans for nuclear power are a key aspect of the country’s aim for economic growth.

  • Recent developments have seen Russia take a leading role in offering to finance and build 4800 MWe of nuclear capacity.

  • Application has been made for construction and operating licences for the first plant, at Akkuyu, and these are expected in mid 2014.

  • A Franco-Japanese consortium is to build the second nuclear plant, at Sinop.

“The Energy minister said in April 2013 that talks were continuing with both Mitsubishi-Areva-led and Chinese consortia, the latter led by China Guangdong Nuclear Power (CGNPC) and proposing ACPR1000 reactors, with Fangchenggang 3&4 (due to be built from 2014) as reference units. These may eventuate for another site.”

Australian-based Anatolia Energy Ltd* has a 100% interest in 18 exploration licences which include the Temrezli project. Project activities are undertaken by A Dur Madencilik Ltd (Adur), a wholly-owned subsidiary.”

* Anatolia Uranium Pty Ltd (AUL) has 65% ownership of the Temrezli project,

Anatolia Energy also has a significant tenement holding in the Sefaatli (35 km away) and West Sorgun areas.

The Rosatom agreement for Akkuyu also provides for setting up a fuel fabrication plant in Turkey.

Chain Reaction #119, Nov 2013,

The 12% price slump in July was the biggest monthly loss since March 2011. Since September 2, the spot price has been still lower, at US$34.00. Those prices are just over half the spot price of US$66.50 / lb on 11 March 2011, the first day of the triple-disaster in north-east Japan.

Soma Mines Tragedy: Turkey burning in protests after police clashes with mourners

“Even though the previous information given by the unauthorized persons about the death roll correspond to our present data, this does not make them right.”

Minister Yıldız’s statement was not a coincidence. Soma Holding, the parent company of Soma Coal, has close ties with the AKP government. Melike Doğru, the wife of the general director of Soma Holding Mine Enterprises, is a councilor from the government party.

“A parliamentary proposal of investigation about the working conditions into Soma mine workers and work accidents in the town proposed by opposition parties was refused just two weeks ago, on April 29, by the majority votes of AKP deputies.”

The EBRD and Belarus The current political, economic and structural reform environment in Belarus warrants the continued application of a calibrated strategic approach, incorporating both political and economic benchmarks to gauge the country’s progress or regress against its key Article 1 commitments and adjusting the Bank’s operational response accordingly”



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  1. Marvelous post. Also, Areva has been called down in both Finland and France for shoddy nuclear power plant construction. Have they done better in China? Your picture importantly shows the players involved with the sarcophagus.

    Comment by miningawareness | May 15, 2014 | Reply

  2. Finally here is an brand new analysis by anti-nuclear people from on the ground in Russia and the Ukraine:
    The blog is done by
    NIRS was founded in 1978 to work with grassroots groups and individuals across the world for the speediest possible end to nuclear power. GreenWorld is published by Nuclear Information and Resource Service and the blog is

    Comment by miningawareness | May 15, 2014 | Reply

    • Ignoring the fact that the “government” of Ukraine couldnt wait a few more months to be democratically elected, what i didnt like was the need to send the troops in when people in the eastern part of the country did the same as in crimia and decided to have a rererendum.. aside from all that stuff.. it might be worth noting that BP will be helping Russia extract the Crimean oil and monsanto will plant loads of gmo corn in europes most productive grain belt.. the corporations will do very well out of the disaster whilst the ukrainians will lose out.. a caveat here.. the crimians have been promised a steady pension and income from putin while the rest of Ukraine gets IMF austerity. I dont think this is about russia and the west it is really about the population losing out to those that want profits.. the head of the Ukrainian government is a rich man who benefited from privatisation.. Just like the Turkish govenment “benefited” with privatisation whilst the workers lost out.. meanwhile the press likes to play the east west paradaigm and leave out all the interesting details..

      so much for investigative journalism eh?

      from your article linked

      “Since there is no freedom of press in Russia, we treat articles in main national newspapers as the point of view of authorities.”
      the author manages to forget Thom Hartman and many others at RT..
      some who were against the Crimea invasion.. No balanced coverage like that on the western press if you might have noticed.. just a polarised view..
      you are better of on the blogs imo
      rt is not very good at covering anti nuke stuff but then no one is.. Abby Martin has though.. more or less 😉 and Thom Hartman definately has .. Interviews with Paul Gunter etc!!

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

    • I might also point out that the Chernobyl way march was actually allowed to go ahead in Belarus even if some activists were imprisoned and one went on hunger strike to protest for the march to go ahead.. there were neutral observers and a report was compiled .. some arrests and some intimidation occoured but it went ahead OK generally.. and that was in belarus not russia..

      peace mining awareness!! 🙂

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

    • hi MA
      this is a link showing how polite the “russians”, “terrorists” or “opposition” to the tanks that kiev have sent in are;
      giving them 24 hours to return to kiev.. no rush.. and donestek was the place where the majority of locals came out to vote

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

    • lol did i mention monsanto .. ?? oh yes i did ..

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

  3. We agree that it is the people who will get shafted regardless with lives destroyed. It is empires facing off empires and corporations against corporations. Shell got the oil and gas contract in eastern Ukraine and Russia-BP did not. Shell and BP are both UK corps. In my opinion people have ignored who and what Putin is because they wanted to make money in Russia (ditto for Hitler’s German). No fan of austerity here but the banks will get their money. Either the taxpayers in the country itself pays, or the taxpayers from other countries pay. There has never been a true debt cancellation. What they’ve called cancellations is shifting the debt of poor countries onto the poor in wealthier countries. And, rarely has the debt been created by the people. All news reporting is slanted but Russia is hiding that RT news is Russian government funded now by calling it Ruptly news, whereas other gov outlets use their country’s name. Of course they will interview people who criticize western policy. They always have. They invited C. Wright Mills and others to Moscow in style in the 1950s because he criticized the US Power Elite, but he didn’t care for Russian censorship or their Power Elite either. Mills was anti-Stalinist and critical of the US Power Elite, just as we need to be both anti-Putinist and critical of the west’s sins. People need to know that RT news is Russian gov funded news, just like they know that BBC is UK funded. Is RT news talking about Russia’s nuclear problems? And, yes, the west has opened itself up by not doing investigative reporting and by invading countries. But, it doesn’t make Putin right. That is the two wrongs make a right fallacy. We will see how much Putin does for the Crimeans when he’s got some of his own people in cardboard boxes (according to an eyewitness-one of those who turns a blind eye to what Putin is) and his friends inflating the prices of housing in the Geneva area (according to Swiss news and it is Switzerland that is keeping Putin going by selling its oil on the market, just as the Swiss kept Hitler going). And, yes, of course, I know that there are homeless in Japan, the USA and even in Switzerland there are homeless. See how much Russia did for the Ukraine before? They took the food and starved the people: This is what empires do. Russia and Germany were empires and have retained their imperial aspirations. I also see you in Ireland and not in Russia. Ireland is in Europe and was subjected to brutal austerity over debts which belonged to their banks (and possibly to German banks). I think that you know as well as I do that you are more likely to be snatched from your home while blogging in Russia than Ireland – at least if you are criticizing internal policy. UK is another matter, perhaps. If you prefer Russian news to an anti-nuclear position, that is your prerogative but I am happy to see a view emerge that is both critical of the west and of Russia. I thought that you would be. But, if you really believe that it is better to be in Russia than the EU, then it will be interesting to see you leave Ireland and go to Russia and see how you fare. They may treat you well as long as you do not criticize Russia. I think that you have a right to critically blog in Ireland that will be lacking in Russia. You would have a right to blog in much of continental Europe. Now that someone has taken up Ukraine’s cause, I need to get on with things that need addressing in the west. Ukraine’s not my business except that I do not care to see either a nuclear war nor to be rolled over by Putin’s tanks. If you have some news from RT criticizing Russia’s own nuclear industry and nuclear waste problems as opposed to the west’s, then it is another thing. Of course they like to portray the west in the worst possible light and they don’t have to look far to do it. But, where is the light on Russia’s problems? This is what is meant by free-speech. The right to criticize your government without censor. Free speech is not the right to criticize your government’s enemies, under the pay by your own government. It is not to bend the truth to make your country look better. That is propaganda even where it carries the truth about your enemy. Propaganda is not just lies, but finding your enemies weaknesses. And, as I said, Russia doesn’t have to look far to find the west’s wrongs. But, it doesn’t make Putin right. I will have to end it here and not reply further. I had really hoped to encourage you, but I have no time for these debates, even though they are good for learning. There are too many technical issues which need addressing promptly which are life and death matter even if less interesting. So, I bid you farewell and blessings. No more comments from me until after June.

    Comment by miningawareness | May 16, 2014 | Reply

    • i look forward to your comments as always MA
      have a nice break

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

      • Thanks. Not trying to be rude but important nuclear standards are coming up and trying to report on Ukraine from a non-RT perspective has kept me from studying it. Deadline is June. It’s very nice to debate politics, but I’ve no time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin and the west didn’t hatch the whole Ukrainian crisis to make money and keep people from looking at other things such as Fukushima. Hard to tell.

        Comment by miningawareness | May 16, 2014

  4. As for the GMOs – Russia signed the pro-GMO. They are only suddenly anti-GMO to thumb their nose to the west. The only thing Russia is better at is media savvy. Putin is KGB.

    Comment by miningawareness | May 16, 2014 | Reply

  5. Forgot to say that GMO is not allowed in much of Europe. It was imposed by the US but we aren’t talking about Ukraine joining US but them joining EU. And, GMO is not the biggest worry with nuclear spewing everywhere and weak standards which is what I need to be working on.

    Comment by miningawareness | May 16, 2014 | Reply

  6. As major bloggers this should interest you: “On Tuesday, Russia State Duma adopted amendments to the law ‘On information, information technologies and on protection of information.’ The legislation obligates bloggers whose personal websites or pages on social media networks have 3,000 or more visitors per day to declare their family name and electronic addresses to authorities. All bloggers will also have to abide by rules applicable to mass media, including the extremism law strictly limiting what can be said in disfavor of authorities or the state interest.” Murmansk blogger 51 has been harassed for some time and his home invaded. Also:
    Is it normal for Russia’s head of the defence industry to threaten to bomb Romania?
    Russia news doesn’t even deny it:
    Do you forget these people? Good guys don’t do this:

    Comment by miningawareness | May 16, 2014 | Reply

    • Wow! Goodbye – whatever civil liberties might have still existed in Russia!

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | May 16, 2014 | Reply

      • This is Human Rights Watch which I think is reputable: “On May 5, 2014, President Putin signed the new law on bloggers. The law will enter into force on August 1, 2014.”
        This is what I had run across when Greenpeace people were in prison in Murmansk that sounded worrisome. It sounds too much like old stories of Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany to me. He is “Blogger 51”: “Last week Serebryanikov was summoned to a psychiatric examination and his and his parents’ flats were searched by the FSB.”

        Comment by miningawareness | May 16, 2014

      • Humanrights watch have not covered the abuses to people in the UK.. Julian Assange, Glen Greenwald , Laura poitras and me of course.. nor the situation in Japan
        NETPOL in the UK have covered the out of control police state quite well but they have been targeted also.. The team at AVAAZ have been targeted and Human Rights Watch have not covered that nor will they touch on the situation in Japan either .. Amnesty International is the same.. Both are one sided on the Syrian situation.. I agree that Putin has been clamping down on NGO`s and Journalists but that is because the uSA uses them as a weapon for their causes.. Putin Knows this and their is alot of evidence to support it…

        The worst was the usa security services using the polio vaccination program to target the same terrorists they are arming in Syria.. Lots have children have suffered because of that and trust in aid programs is non existent in Pakistan.. Truthloader covered the politicisation of human rights watch and amnesty internatioanal btw in a recent episode.. I did an article on the fukushima cover up by amnesty.. just thought i would add these points for balance … it takes two to tango! It is civil society that suffers when the military industrial complex`s use and abuse our citizen groups.. and the military are the corporation regardless of which “side” they are on imo
        peace MA

        Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014

    • nothing about the animal rights activists who got locked up trying to resecue the animals (evidence) from the contaminated areas .. presss freedom.. etc etc they were warned away imo.

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

    • no mention of whats going on in the uk and this is 4 years old… what happened to julian assange.. notice they dont mention the names of the corporations that attacked wikileaks funding.. hrw are corrupted imo ..

      go to the front page and see russia has 2 reoprtws syria has onw .. then some country called uganda.. i couldnt find turkey mentioned.. seriously corropted.. token reports.. careful to not annoy anyone not russian and syrian.. the lines were drawn when the usa and uk were told not to invade syria .. i wonder what the funding is at hrw? i will have to do better bit of investigation on them.. but as you say there are more important things to do.. hrw .. a waste of space generally.. they didnt help me or any journalists in the uk.. i will have to look for help elsewhere i suspect.. peace

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

  7. Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

  8. Comment by arclight2011part2 | May 16, 2014 | Reply

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