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Link to the end of the Fissionline nuclear info website and nuclear expert Prof Geraldine Thomas`s OBE? #RIP and #RIPA

Unfortunately the Fissionline journal has ceased its publishing and has deleted its content. I have saved some important journals and have added links below to the 3 surviving files left in my possession for you to download for free (as evidence of a well funded nuclear cover up).

Within that vast repository of knowledge was information about the British Nuclear Test Veterans campaign for justice because of the health effects on the veterans and their children by the nuclear weapons testing carried out by the UK Government. As well as fighting for justice for these victims, Fissionline also challenged the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and UK nuclear industry for their complicity in covering up the health effects from nuclear reactor disasters such as Fukushima, Chernobyl and Semipalantisk (Soviet Kazakhstan) etc.


Specific to Fukushima Fissionline covered the the most egregious case of the BBC and their Science Media Centre colleagues (Now called Sense About Science after a rebrand because of Journalists, Nuclear Health Physicists, bloggers and others who pushed back against the “charity”/Corporate Lobbyists version of “The right science”) supporting bad science advise and pro military and industry bias.

Fissionline gave Prof. Geraldine (Gerry) Thomas an interview where she made many of her spurious health and safety claims on public broadcasting platforms around the world whilst promoting nuclear energy. This made her one of the prime lobbyists for the nuclear energy and nuclear weapons industries, in fact she was surprisingly appointed as Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2019 Birthday Honours for services to science and public health.[9].

Many nuclear professionals etc, reacted against her incorrect and dangerous advice to the families of Fukushima and the wider world, in a series of official complaints and the BBC had to retract its Fukushima video series (3 videos) of her in Japan discussing Fukushima contamination in set of surreal nuclear marketing propaganda pieces (The BBC did this quietly without even informing the complainants), only one of these videos now exists and is a debunk of one of the videos Goddards Journal on You Tube and I recommend you read the comments on YouTube under the video for a detailed breakdown of the types of reaction from both anti nuclear and pro nuclear experts and activists that all agree she was dreadfully wrong in her calculations and so called expert advice.

In an astounding interview with Dr Keith Baverstock (who worked in the World Health Organisation as a radiological health expert) on Fissionline, we saw that he debunked her claims in a blow by blow during his interview. There were two specific articles in Fissionline issues 44 and 45 (you can download the issues for a limited time on the links) that were evidence to this interaction between the UK MOD “Expert” and ex-WHO expert and his testimony also supported the Complainants to the BBC videos.

The way in which the nuclear and military industries (supported by the various departments secretly working behind the auspices of the UK Home Office) have managed the devastating impact to the nuclear industry from the Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster in 2011 which has been been impressive in its scope and its costs! At the forefront of this is Prof Geraldine Thomas OBE for the UK and people like Michael Shellenberger for the USA nuclear and military complex.

At the same time as Prof Thomas OBE was receiving her Honours from the Queen of England was she thinking about the fate of her opponent (Prof Chris Busby) at the court case for the British Nuclear Veterans (whose children and grandchildren for another 20 generations would be effected) where she used  the same and similar arguments, to argue for the Mod against the victims of the UK`s nuclear testing. These same arguments she used to win the case were challenged by Prof Keith Baverstock in a concise and precise way.

Chris Busby had his house raided in a ridiculous over the top display of the operations of Project Servitor (Home Office Stasi like program) being used to embarrass and frighten Prof Busby with his neighbors and friends as well as the wider public.

He returned home that night to find officers had searched his home laboratory and sealed off his home in Bridge Street.

“They destroyed my experiment. It was most irritating,” he said.

Dr Busby said he felt he was being targeted because of his criticism of the government’s current assessment of radiation risks.

Even though huge funding from the UK Home Office and nuclear industry and massive man power costs by the security and police services etc have failed to save the nuclear industry because of costs, lack of transparency, connection to nuclear weapons, depleted uranium weapons etc, not compatible with climate change energy policies nor compatible with future renewable energy transmission infrastructure. Also, multiple nuclear disasters and costs over runs in building nuclear reactors and dealing with nuclear cleanup and nuclear waste disposal etc.

The only winners are the MoD in saving the cost of having to fully compensate their nuclear victims and TEPCO the Japanese energy company responsible for the Fukushima Nuclear disaster not having to fully compensate the victims of the nuclear meltdown.

In fact TEPCOs CEOs were recently found not guilty (in a surprise decision given the evidence) for their part in the bad governance of their company before , during and after the nuclear disaster. Of course, Prof Thomas OBE got an OBE for helping the UK Mod as well as helping TEPCO and the Japanese Government to reassure everyone (the courts and the media) that everything in Fukushima is just wonderful and dandy. Maybe even the UK Government supported Japans anti disaster marketing #TOKYO2020 Olympics bid? It certainly was a WIn WIn situation in that respect!

Of course many would say that any industry or government would not be able to pull off such a coup right in front of our faces? Its a conspiracy theory and fake news but as we see in the field of climate science, good science can be corrupted by bad science if you have enough money and power and control the narrative. Some excellent evidence for this also exists because of brave whistleblowers, publishers and activists and can be found here

Feel free to download the 2 evidential articles that were removed from the internet as proof of the power of PR marketing and ownership of perception while it is available.

Fissionline Journal 44 Download here

Fissionline Journal 45 Download here

Fissionline journal 54 (Chris Busby discusses the British Nuclear Test Veterans in this issue-one of the last issues to be produced)

From Joseph Goebels:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

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Posted by Arclight2011 aka Shaun McGee

Posted on 21st September 2019






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Debunking the #Amazon #fires starting in #Bolivia instead of #Brazil Exclusive to

In the recent week I have seen reports that fires may have started in Bolivia and spread east. The following screenshots show, over the course of the last weeks, that there was a fire near the Brazil Bolivia border but was put out a few weeks ago.

Then, in the last week the fires start in earnest mostly on the Brazil side and in the last week show the fires raging in Brazil and moving west towards Bolivia.

Posted by Shaun McGee aka arclight2011

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Posted on 27th August 2019

Prevailing winds Current wind charts show winds blowing to the Northwest

The screenshots below are from a video posted on twitter showing Carbon (smoke) in the air and the more lighter shades are increased density (location of fires, sources)


Screenshot from 2019-08-25 18-30-51Screenshot from 2019-08-25 18-32-18Screenshot from 2019-08-25 18-35-36

Source of video;


Screenshot from 2019-08-25 18-31-52

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A report corrects #Sellafield #nuclear damage to #Ireland scenario from the #UK. #ESPOO #BREXIT

…Prof Chris Busby first consulted the online NOAA Hy-Split atmospheric projection software with the same date as the EPA report and got a completely different scenario showing most of Ireland being covered with meandering waves of highly radioactive particles and gases….

REPOST due to images being hacked from page

Introduction by Shaun McGee (aka arclight2011)

Published exclusive to (Creative Commons applies)

2 February 2018

The Irish Sellafield nuclear accident fallout projection report has some issues, in my opinion.
In December 2016 the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published in Irish Media Sources a report on radioactive fallout from a “worse case” scenario.

At the time, I was in contact with the Irish EPA concerning new evidence that shows a larger health effect from radiation sources and I was trying to challenge the pro nuclear bias that underestimated the health and environmental problems using mechanisms from the EURATOM nuclear treaty in Europe. I have to say that the Irish EPA were forthcoming in their many responses to my inquiries but eventually we reached a stale mate as the EPA claimed that the specific Isotopes relevant to the Euratom Treaty are not to be found in Ireland with the exception of Iodine 131 which they claimed was unlikely to be a health problem. They said that other fission (from a nuclear reactor) isotopes were not found on the island of Ireland.
The 2016 report from the Irish EPA (link) shows, what I think, is a minimal dispersion of radioactive fallout with little impact to health or the environment. However, there are other reports of fallout plumes from the Sellafield site that show much worse contamination than the 2016 EPA report posits and I requested Prof Chris Busby (who had been involved with Irish activists and government groups concerning Sellafield) to do a report (Full report below) on the problems that seemed to be highlighted with the Irish EPA report.
Prof Chris Busby first consulted the online NOAA Hy-Split atmospheric projection software with the same date as the EPA report and got a completely different scenario showing most of Ireland being covered with meandering waves of highly radioactive particles and gases. He then consulted 2 other reports, one of which the Irish Government commissioned that was completed by 2014 using the European gold standard software fallout projection model that showed a large plume covering large sways of Ireland (reaching the south west coast).
It would seem that the 2016 report completely runs counter to the 2014 and earlier report as well as the Hy-Split projection whilst using the same date as the 2016 Irish report.
So the issue of the types of accident that the Irish EPA thought to be worse case scenario. A direct hit by a Meteorite was seen to be plausible but if a meteorite hit sellafield then much of the nuclear site would be lofted high into the atmosphere and more evenly spread around the globe. This would fudge the numbers for plumes that are moving nearer the ground.
No where in the report was the more likely and and more dangerous scenario of terrorists attacking the spent fuel pools causing low altitude fallout over many weeks that would cause a larger pollution incident that would effect local countries to the UK border such as Ireland, Norway etc.In fact such concerns have been reported in main stream media sources as well as government/private think tanks.

Thanks to Prof Chris Busby for taking the time off his busy schedule to compile a response to the Irish EPA report on Sellafields projected damage to Ireland.

Please feel free to leave a comment belowif you agree or disagree with any of the points raised, a discussion about this issue needs to be had.

Shaun McGee (aka arclight2011)


Conclusion to report

The EPA 2016 report is unsafe and cannot be relied upon by the public, the media or administrators. The anonymous authors have shown extraordinary bias in every aspect of the report. They made elementary mistakes in their source term listing of isotopes, by including those which had short half-lives and will clearly not have been present in any significant concentration. They omitted a whole series of nuclides which are present in the tanks and the fuel pools. They choose a source term which is demonstrably too low based on available data, they choose a worst-case accident which involves only one HAST tank and only Caesium-137. They omit mentioning the spent fuel pools which are a highly likely site of a major coolant loss and subsequent fire or explosion. Their air modelling results are extremely unusual with implausibly narrow plumes, whilst a NOAA HYSPLIT model for the same day shows a completely different dispersion covering most of highly populated Ireland. Their surface contamination levels are 200 times lower than a previous computer model by Dr Taylor, which they must have had access to, and they fail to calculate the increased levels of cancer in the exposed population. This has been rectified here.

Historic releases from Sellafield to the Irish Sea have caused measurable increases in cancer and leukemia in coastal populations of Ireland. There is no doubt that the existence of Sellafield represents a potential catastrophic danger to the Irish Republic. A serious accident there could destroy the country and also most of Britain. As the Chernobyl accident effects showed, and the Fukushima accident effects will reveal (and in the case of Thyroid cancer have revealed) the ICRP risk model is unsafe for explaining or predicting health effects from such contamination. The Authors of the EPA 2016 report should be sanctioned in some way for producing such a travesty of the real picture, especially since they will have had access to the earlier study and modelling by Peter Taylor and the details of the COSYMA model employed by him.

Christopher Busby

August 17th 2017

Using recognised plume projection software for same day


UK version given to Irish EPA for same day



The health impact on Ireland of a severe accident at Sellafield.

A criticism of the report “Potential radiological impact on Ireland of postulated severe accidents at Sellafield” Anon. (Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland: September 2016) with a re-assessment of the range of health outcomes.

Christopher Busby PhD

There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.

Donald Rumsfeld

Murphy’s Law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as:

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.



The nuclear complex at Sellafield in Cumbria, UK, has always represented a real danger to the Republic of Ireland. There has been and remains a chronic danger to the people of the East Coast of Ireland. First, radioactivity released from Sellafield under licence to the Irish Sea, particularly in the 1970s did not, as had been hoped, dilute and disperse in the sea, but instead became attached to sediment particles along the coasts and inlets of Ireland (e.g. Carlingford Lough, Drogheda) and the particles represented a cause of cancer and illnesses in coastal populations and those exposed through eating fish and shellfish. A court case (Herr and Ors. Vs BNFL) was supported by the Irish State and my organisation was funded by the Irish State for 3 years from 1998 to examine the contamination and health issue. Green Audit examined the cancer rates in small areas in North and mid Wales, and also in Ireland by distance from the contaminated coasts. Results were published in Busby 2006 and showed that there had been a significant 30% increase in cancer and leukemia in coastal populations of the Irish Sea [1]. The second issue of continuing interest is the danger of a serious accident at Sellafield at a time when the wind direction is from the East and airborne material passes across Ireland. This issue became more urgent and of interest to the Irish public after the Fukushima Daiichi reactor explosions and melt-downs in Japan in 2011. However, the potential outcome of such an accident had been part of a report by Peter Taylor [2] written in 1999 for McGuill and Company, the solicitors representing the Herr and Ors vs. BNFL case which was abandoned by the Irish State for reasons which remain unclear.

In September 2016, a report was produced by the EPA Office of Radiological Protection entitled Potential radiological impact on Ireland of postulated severe accidents at Sellafield. [3]. This anonymous report has serious shortcomings and errors which will be addressed here. A more realistic assessment of the potential impact of a serious accident at Sellafield on the Republic of Ireland will be presented here using the radiological risk models both of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP, [4]) and also the Model of the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR [5]).


2. The baseline assumptions of maximum release.

2.1 The EPA worst case.

The EPA report discussed some possible accidents involving releases of radionuclides. It examined some potential sources of radionuclides but not others. It chose a number of possible scenarios, but excluded others. In general terms (and referring to Murphy’s Law, appropriately in this case of Ireland) it could not assess accidents which are totally unforeseen. Therefore, also in general, we should consider a worst case-scenario in which most of the radioactivity inventory of the Sellafield site becomes airborne at a time when the weather patterns were most unfavourable for Ireland.

For example, in Busby 2007 [1] the Windscale reactor fire was examined in some detail. At the time of the fire, which continued for some days, the main releases were initially offshore towards Ireland. This is contrary to the discourse promoted by the British Radiological Protection Board in 1974. It is, however confirmed by Air Ministry historical data. But the point is that at the time a cold front laying North East to South West was moving from Ireland towards England across the Irish Sea. This meant the releases from the fire and heavy radioactive rain fell along the front. This rain fell on the Isle of Man, and historical mortality data show a large increase in the death rate after this event. There have also been reports of significant birth effects (Downs Syndrome cluster) in County Louth reported by the Irish GP Patricia Sheehan, who died in an automobile accident shortly after beginning to follow this up.

In order to estimate the effects of a worst case, initially there must be a choice of the source term, that is, the quantity and radionuclide identity of the material released to the atmosphere.

The EPA report decided that this could be modelled as the contents of one of the 21 High Active Storage Tanks (HAST). The true content of one of these is unknown, probably also to the operators BNFL. The estimate for the contents was taken from a report by Turvey and Hone [6]. This is shown in Table 1 below where I note a number of concerns. In Table 2 I provide examples of some hazardous radionuclides not listed in the EPA source term table. In Table 3 I copy the source terms used by the British 1976 Royal Commission (the Flowers Report) [7]. Note that all these estimates are for a single or multiple HAST tanks on the tank farm and exclude explosions of the spent fuel ponds which could dry up and suffer prompt criticality. This could result from a domino scenario (see below).

Table 1 EPA assumed release source term. (E-notation, thus 1 x 1014 is written 1 E+14_



Total activity Bq

Half Life



1.4 E+15


All decayed away; almost none there


5.8 E+14

35 days

Daughter of Zr-95; all decayed away; none there


1.33 E+16

366 days

All decayed away; almost none there


1.6 E+15

2.7 years

All decayed away; almost none there


1.04 E+16

2.0 years

All decayed away; almost none there


5.26 E+17

30 years



9.65 E+15

284 days

All decayed away; almost none there


4.41 E+15


Minor significance now


3.39 E+15

5 years

Minor significance now


3.6 E+17

28.8 years

Highly Significant; DNA seeker


2.72 E+15

432 years

Highly Significant alpha; decays to Np-237 alpha; daughter of Plutonium-241


4.57 E+13

162 days

All decayed away; almost none there


1.92 E+14

32 years

Highly Significant alpha; decays to Plutonium-239, so there must be approximately the same or more Plutonium-239 (fissionable) in the mix

2.2 Concerns about the source term table of the EPA 2016 report

Table 1 gives the source terms employed by the EPA report. It lists 13 isotopes. The table is an astonishing example of bad science, produced either through bias or ignorance. Since the table is apparently taken from another report by Turvey and Hone 2000, we can perhaps blame them for the original mistakes. I have included a column showing the half-lives of their isotopes. The main concerns are as follows:

Continue reading

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#Nuclear #Norway #Halden spiralling costs and no home for the #radioactive waste



UPDATE on Halden test reactor deocmmisioning

It can cost over NOK 4 billion to clean up the nuclear waste at Kjeller outside Oslo. This shows a new report from DNV GL to which Technical Weekly (TU) has accessed. That is more than four times more than was expected just three years ago.

“There is a significantly larger amount of waste than was predicted a few years ago, and it is estimated that it will take much longer to decommission the plants than previously thought,” says Pål Mikkelsen, Norwegian Nuclear Decomposition (NND).

The reason is that there is 14 times more waste at Kjeller than projected, and that the cleaning job can take up to 22 years, rather than just 15 that was estimated three years ago.

Where the study three years ago estimated a price tag of just over 890 million (2016 NOK) to clean up Kjeller, DNV GL now estimates the cost to 3.6 billion.

May cost 4.5 billion

But it does not stop there. For when the Storting decides on an investment of this type, the estimate p85 is often used, which indicates that there is an 85 per cent probability that the cost is within the given estimate. With such probability calculations, the cost estimate according to the same report from DNV GL is NOK 4.5 billion.

Mikkelsen says it is challenging to separate the nuclear facilities at Kjeller from the other buildings and areas that have not been used for nuclear activities.

– There is a much higher complexity to the tasks than expected, says Mikkelsen.

Since nuclear research started at Kjeller in the 1950s, three different nuclear reactors have been in operation, along with several nuclear waste storage facilities, as well as a laboratory for nuclear fuel research. There are thus several buildings and facilities that must be taken apart properly, decontaminated and driven away before the area can be declassified.

The Department of Energy Technology, which has operated the three reactors, has been given good targets for its research. Recently, a report from the Nordic research agency Oxford Reseach showed that research on the latest reactor, the Jeep 2, has been useful both nationally and internationally.

Nevertheless, the Jeep-2 reactor at Kjeller had to shut down before the summer, after IFE discovered serious corrosion damage to it.

The Halden reactor comes in addition

Both the reactor tanks and the spent nuclear fuel of the three reactors that have been operating at Kjeller are still stored in IFE’s area. It can’t stay there.

NND was created as a new government agency in August 2018 to handle all the waste. Director Pål Mikkelsen says he is not surprised that the costs of cleaning up now are increasing.

– No, this time I’m not. After the winter, we had significantly increased cost estimates for the demolition of the Halden reactor, we were prepared for a higher estimate for Kjeller, too, he says.

IFE has also had a fourth reactor in operation, the Halden reactor. Aftenposten could reveal in January that the cost of tearing it down is also much higher than expected.

The Halden reactor was decided to close a year ago. According to the report TU has gained access to, a cost of 3.4 billion to tear down the Halden reactor alone. The so-called P85 alternative estimates the cost at 4.27 billion.

The total cost of decommissioning the nuclear plants at Kjeller and Halden can thus amount to more than SEK 8.7 billion, DNV GL concludes.

“The report is thorough and shows how extensive, complex and demanding it is to downgrade Kjeller’s nuclear plants,” writes IFE’s CEO Nils Morten Huseby in an email to TU.

On top of these costs, there will be an additional cost to build new storage facilities for the spent nuclear fuel and old reactor components. The total projections for cleaning up Norwegian nuclear waste, and building new nuclear storage, are estimated at around 15 billion. But with the new figures from DNV GL, the price tag will be higher. Business Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen has promised a parliamentary report on the matter in the spring of 2020.

NND will take over in 2022

– Predictable framework conditions and funding are central to the success of the task, so it is very good that the government prepares a Storting report for the work, writes IFE Director Huseby.

Pål Mikkelsen says NND aims to take over all the nuclear plants that were closed down by 2022.

“It depends on us getting the necessary licenses, including for real decommissioning,” he tells TU.

– But we have a plan to build up the necessary expertise, and also take over much of IFE’s resources in this area during the period 2020 to 2022, he says.

He says it usually takes five years for the reactor to close until decommissioning begins.

– Now it’s been one year since the Halden reactor was closed. We believe we can physically start decommissioning within four years from the turn of the year 2020, he says.

Published by Erik Martiniussen’s energy Aug 26 2019 – 13:17

Translated from Norwegian



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Witness: Flynn said Russia sanctions would be ‘ripped up’

WASHINGTON — As President Donald Trump delivered his inaugural address on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in January, his new national security adviser, Michael Flynn, sent a text to a former business associate telling him that a plan to build nuclear power plants in the Middle East in partnership with Russian interests was “good to go,” according to a witness who spoke with congressional investigators.

Flynn had assured his former associate that U.S. sanctions against Russia would immediately be “ripped up” by the Trump administration, a move that would help facilitate the deal, the associate told the witness.

The witness provided the account to Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who detailed the allegations in a letter Wednesday to the panel’s chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, Republican of South Carolina.

Cummings did not identify the witness, whom he described as a whistleblower. But he asked Gowdy to issue a subpoena to the White House for documents related to Flynn, saying the committee has “credible allegations” that Flynn “sought to manipulate the course of international nuclear policy for the financial gain of his former business partners.”

Robert Kelner, an attorney representing Flynn, declined to comment. White House lawyer Ty Cobb said, “I respectfully decline to comment on anonymous information which impacts the special counsel investigation.” He was referring to the ongoing inquiry on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

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Data (2010-2017) from Minimamisoma Municipal Hospital, Fukushima via Etsuji Watanabe (added notes below)

Reblogged from

( Minamisoma City Councilperson Koichi Oyama succeeded in having Minamisoma Municipal Hospital disclose patient statistics from 2010-2017 for public discussion at a Council meeting on September 12, 2018. “Summary” below calculated by Etsuji Watanabe from figures in “Disorders” chart obtained by Councilperson Oyama. Note Fukushima Medical University’s insistence on attributing all of these conditions to the stresses of evacuation.

Part 2 to address solid cancers and leukemia. Translation by Norma Field.)

Summary of rates in patient increase at Minamisoma Municipal Hospital by category (2010-2017)

Obesity            28x

High blood pressure   1.86x

Diabetes          1.83x

Dyslipidema    2.08x

(low HDL levels)

Chronic kidney disease           3.65x

Liver dysfunction         3.88x

Polycythemia  4.5x

Atrial fibrillation         3.79x

Stroke 3.52x

“Disorders for which evacuation caused by the East Japan Great Earthquake can be considered a risk factor”:

2010-2017 data from Minamisoma Municipal Hospital on seven disorders deemed attributable to evacuation according to Fukushima Medical University


Japanese post here.

Posted in *English.

And a list of cancers from the same hospital and time period here;

A First: Medical Data Obtained from Minami-soma Municipal General Hospital in Fukushima

Sean Arclight commenting: “Health statistics from Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital seems to prove cancers and other health issues are on the rise in Fukushima.
In Japan there are new laws to stop medical staff releasing data on health effects that may be caused by the nuclear disaster. This new controvertial law (against the supposed new open transparency purported by the nuclear industry post Fukushima disaster) was enacted in late 2013 and threatens to imprison or give huge fines to medical staff. This makes verification difficult.
These statisitcs are for a relatively small area covered by the Minamisoma General Hospital within the Fukushima Prefecture.
As we now have the statistics we can challenge the authorities to deny or confirm the figures. If they deny the figures and later it comes to light, then at least we will have someone to hold responsible and to question further. This is the best we can do with whistleblowers from Japans health workers and it is important to publish the claims as we are doing here.
There has been a long fight over health issues caused by radiation and toxicity from the destroyed nuclear plant. The authorities have constantly denied “rumours” of nosebleeds, skin rashes and childrens Thyroid cancers over the past 7 years or so. Some of these “rumours” are slowly being proven true and the nuclear industry also has co-opted the psychological effects, blaming the victims weakness and ignorance instead of the psychological effects of trauma caused by the huge industrial accident and its consequences.
A recent UN report has highlighted how corporations often play down any physical and mental health issues caused by these sorts of industrial contamination, writing off any direct links to toxicity and mental health especuially.
Another report has highlighted that micro particles (thought to be harmless until around 10 years ago) can penetrate the blood brain Barrier and we can anticipate some mental impacts from these toxins entering the very sensitive brain tissues.
The new UN report has highlighted that Fukushima decontamination workers and the local communities concerns are often ignored and should be taken into account instead.
Also, many of the workers at the plant may fall outside regular health checks into the future because of the nature of their contracts and the illegal practises of contractors that has been present in japan for many decades. Thus, skewing the actual health effects to workers toiling in such contaminated environments.”
Minamisōma is about 25 kilometres (16 miles) north of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, the site of the nuclear accident that followed the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Much of the city lies within the 30 kilometer mandated evacuation zone near the plant, and thus most of the residents were forced to leave.
In March 2012, the city was divided into three zones: in the first, people were free to go in and out but not allowed to stay overnight; in the second, access was limited to short visits; and in the third area, all entry was forbidden because of elevated radiation levels that were not expected to go down within five years after the accident.
On April 15, 2012 some of people of Minamisōma were able to return to their homes when the evacuation zone was reduced from 30 kilometers to 20 kilometers from the reactors, with the exception of a wide area on the western border of the city with the town of Namiie. At the time the evacuation order was lifted the centre of city was still scattered with ruins and lacked electricity and running water, while schools and hospitals remained closed.
On July 12, 2016 the evacuation order was lifted for all areas of the city except the western border region with Namiie; this permitted all of the remaining evacuees (with the exception of one household) to return home. In August of the same year, elementary schools and junior high schools, which has been closed since 2011, were allowed to reopen.
The lawyer Ken’ichi IDO got these data from a member of the Minami-soma municipal council who himself obtained these data from the Minamisoma municipal hospital.
Ken’ichi IDO’s group of lawyers intend to submit the data to the court as evidence for the ongoing trial, “Trial to get the children out of the irradiation “(Kodomo datsu hibaku saiban).
We were worried that Fukushima might be a Chernobyl, which sparked health damage to residents. However, the country and Fukushima prefecture did not have a health investigation except for pediatric thyroid cancer.
At this time, Mr. Kōichi Oyama, a member of the Minami- Soma City Council, obtained data from the Minami-soma municipal general hospital.
“The shocking data came out: when year 2010 and year 2017 year were compared, there were 29 times more of adult thyroid cancer, 10.8 times more of leukemia, 4.2 times more of lung cancer, 4 times more of pediatric cancer, 3.98 times more of pneumonia, 3.97 times of myocardial infarction, 3.92 times more of liver cancer, 2.99 times more of large intestine cancer, 2.27 times more of stomach cancer, and 3.52 times more of stroke.
There is not a lot of data for sure, but it is necessary to be careful to short-circuited the entire hospital data. We should also consider the effects of closed-down medical institutions, reducing population, aging of residents, and physical fatigue and mental stress, accompanied by a tsunami or nuclear accident.
However, the number of patients in the hospital was compared, 70,878 people in fiscal year 2010, and in fiscal year 2017 they did not increase. Population over 65 years old in Minami-soma city in 2010 was 18,809, and in 2017 it was 18,452, and it has not increased.
Stress also seems to have been more serious in the early days, but the number of patients continues to be consistent for these 7 years.
We are planning to submit this evidence on the date of our oral argumentation in court (October 16) in order to raise this important medical issue.”
Source: Ken’ichi IDO

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#Fukushima United Nations #OHCR report update 18th September 2018 #IDP

ink to exclusive to video testimony from Internally Displaced People from Japan. This is part of a series of videos upcoming to this blog over the next few weeks. In the first video we hear from a Decontamination worker and Mother about the working conditions she experienced and the health effects she obseved with her family.

The second video highlights an issue with the nuclear industries “Stay in Place” orders to civilians downwind of a nuclear disaster by showing the different health effects of 2 families who take different approaches. One family removes themselves from the prefecture within days (with few health effects noticed) and another family who stayed in Fukushima Prefecture for another year and a half and both mother and daughter was found to have Thyroid abnormalities effecting their well being.

The third video covers health effects and costs (Just released)

More videos to come including a family who moved to another part of Japan and the nosebleeds started again when the new Prefecture started burning nuclear waste from the Fukushima cleanup! No escape! Here are the links to the first two short video testimonies of the first three families.



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Baskut Tuncuk has finished his report on workers (globally) who are exploited here
A vicious form of exploitation: workers poisoned by toxic substances, says UN expert
GENEVA (12 September 2018) – Exposure of workers to toxic substances can and should be considered a form of exploitation and is a global health crisis, says a UN expert.
On Wednesday, UN Special Rapporteur on hazardous substances and wastes, Baskut Tuncak, told the UN Human Rights Council that governments and companies must strengthen protection for workers, their families

“and their communities from any exposure to toxic chemicals”.

Here is some background and upcoming reports with some recent activity;

SR on internally displaced persons due in first quarter of 2019 requested in first half of 2016 and confirmed in August 2017
Due on first quarter of 2019


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The French energy company EDF – which is building the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station on the Somerset Coast –  has now admitted that the dumping of Hinkley mud off Penarth is illegal .

Today a legal moves to obtain an injunction against EDF were halted in order to prevent the risk of potentially huge costs having to be met by the campaigners – even though they are in the right .

EDF is said to have admitted in court documents today that no Environmental Impact Assessment was made on Cardiff Grounds – the mud dumping site a mile offshore from Penarth now nicknamed the  “Nuclear Triangle”.

EDF had initially claimed that no such Assessment was required because the Cardiff Grounds were already covered by the Hinkley Point Assessment in English Waters – but it’s now clear this doesn’t apply. Dumping so-called ‘nuclear mud’ in Welsh waters without an Environmental Impact Assessment is illegal.

The fault lies with the Welsh Labour Government – not with EDF . It was the Labour Welsh Government Minister Lesley Griffiths who wrongly issued a licence when she should not have done without first carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment on the Cardiff Grounds dump site.

Barry Friends of the Earth say that the Welsh Labour Government is now faced with possible costs racking up at the rate of £118,000 a day because of their mistake.  Under EIA-law, the licence is unlawful and the Welsh Government is likely to have no choice but to revoke it.

There is to be a debate in the Welsh Assembly next week on October 1oth to pressurise the Welsh Government to sort out its self-created mess .

The result is likely to be a  huge embarrassment for the Welsh Labour Government and its beleaguered Environment Minister.

Tonight both MV Sloeber and MV Pagadder – along with the dredging vessel Peter the Great – are in Barry Docks awaiting further developments.

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The UK nuclear industry has that sinking feeling!


October 4, 2018, by Paul Brown

Officially the UK nuclear industry is going ahead with building a new generation of power stations. But it can’t find anyone to pay for them.

LONDON, 4 October, 2018 – The future of the UK nuclear industry looks increasingly bleak, despite the Conservative government’s continued insistence that it wants to build up to 10 new nuclear power stations.

One of the flagship schemes, the £15 billion ($19.5bn) Moorside development in Cumbria in north-west England, made 70 of its 100 staff redundant in September because the current owners, Toshiba, are unable to finance it and cannot find a buyer.

Tom Samson, the managing director of NuGen, the company set up to construct the power station, said he was fighting “tooth and nail” to save it but that there was “a real danger” the whole idea would be abandoned.

With renewable electricity becoming much cheaper than new nuclear power in the UK, the proposed stations have the added disadvantage that they are remote from population centres and would need expensive new grid connections.

There seem to be two main reasons for the government’s continued enthusiasm for nuclear power – the need to keep the nation’s nuclear weapons properly maintained, and political considerations about providing new jobs in remote areas where there are already nuclear installations that are being run down or decommissioned.

Need for jobs

Martin Forwood, from Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment, said: “I have never thought that Moorside would go ahead. It was always about sustaining jobs at Sellafield where the nuclear reprocessing works are all being closed down. The place is the wrong end of the country from where the electricity is needed.”

Moorside was to be taken over by the Korean Electric Power Corp. (Kepco), “the preferred bidder”, and the company is still in talks with Toshiba, but has lost support from the South Korean government and is unlikely to proceed.

A similar affliction of lack of financial backers is affecting plans by another Japanese giant, Hitachi, to build an equally ambitious project at Wylfa on the isle of Anglesey in Wales. This is also a remote site with an existing but redundant nuclear station and, coincidentally, a marginal constituency where voters badly need new jobs.

Again, finding a company, or even a country, with deep enough pockets to help build this power station is proving difficult, even though the UK government has offered to underwrite part of the cost.

The only project that is going ahead so far is at Hinkley Point in Somerset in the west of England, where the French nuclear company EDF is set to build two of its new generation reactors.

Double problem

More than 3,000 people are already working on the site, but its future still remains in doubt. This is because of the difficulties both of building what appears to be a troublesome design, and of the French state-owned company’s own debts.

In France EDF has 58 ageing reactors in its fleet, most of which need upgrading to meet safety requirements, with others more than 40 years old due for closure. The costs of the upgrades plus the decommissioning will create an even bigger debt problem, making investment in new reactors virtually impossible.

This financial hurdle may yet halt construction of Hinkley Point’s twin reactors, effectively killing off nuclear new build in Britain. Officially, however, the Chinese are still hoping to build a reactor at Bradwell, east of London, and EDF two more reactors at Sizewell in Suffolk, further east on the coast of England.

Already there are doubts about these, and in any case they are years away from construction starting. Other proposed projects have disappeared from sight entirely.

At the heart of the problem is the immense amount of capital needed to finance the building of reactors, which typically double in cost during lengthy construction periods, with completion delays, in the case of the French design, stretching to ten years or more.

“The industrial capabilities and associated costs of military nuclear programmes are unsupportable without civil nuclear power”

Faced with the fact that even the largest companies with plenty of money are reluctant to invest in nuclear power, many countries have abandoned their nuclear power programmes. The exceptions are countries that have nuclear weapons, or perhaps aspire to have them in the future.

After 40 years of denials Western governments have openly admitted in the last two years that their ability to build and maintain their nuclear submarines and weapons depends on having a healthy civil reactor programme at the same time.

The military need highly skilled personnel to keep their submarines running and to constantly update their nuclear weapons, because the material they are made of is volatile and constantly needs renewing. Without a pool of “civilian” nuclear workers to draw on, the military programme would be in danger of crumbling.

Phil Johnstone, a research fellow at the University of Sussex, UK, who has researched the link between civil and nuclear power, said: “A factor in why the UK persists so intensely with an uneconomic and much-delayed new nuclear programme and rejects cheaper renewable alternatives, seems to be to maintain and cross-subsidise the already costly nuclear submarine industrial base.

“After a decade of the rhetorical separation of civil and military nuclear programmes by industry and governments, recent high-level statements in the USA, the UK, and France highlight that the industrial capabilities and associated costs of military nuclear programmes are unsupportable without civil nuclear power.”

Concern for democracy

Andy Stirling, professor of science and technology at the Science Policy Research Unit at the same university, added: “Given the remarkable lack of almost any discussion that a key driver for civil nuclear is supporting the costs of the defence nuclear programme – either in official UK energy policy or formal scrutiny by official bodies – this raises significant concerns about the state of UK democracy more broadly.”

Despite these setbacks the nuclear industry is still pushing the idea that new stations are needed if the world, and particularly the UK, are to meet their climate targets. The New Nuclear Watch Institute (NNWI), a British think tank funded by the nuclear industry, has produced a report saying that only with new nuclear stations could the UK hope to meet its greenhouse gas targets.

Tim Yeo, chairman of NNWI, said: “We often hear that new nuclear build is expensive. It turns out that, in fact, if all hidden costs are factored in, abandoning nuclear comes at an even higher price.

“Abandoning nuclear power leads unavoidably to a very big increase in carbon emissions which will prevent Britain from meeting its legally binding climate change commitments.

“If the UK is to successfully meet the challenges faced by its power sector, the world’s only source of low-carbon baseload power generation – nuclear – must feature strongly in its ambitions.” – Climate News Network

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Update Mordechi #Vannunu the #Israeli forgotten #nuclear whistleblower actually gets mentioned in a news report September 2018 #UNHRC

In this report from RT, Israels nuclear whistleblower Mordechi Vannunu , currently being held under strict conditions

Here is an update  (PLEA) from Mordechi on his restricted FB page reporting from Israel. He is under reporting restrictions and his movements are restricted. He has been given Norwegian Immigration rights because he has a Norwegian wife. He has also converted to Christianity.

“….Sep’ 2018.Nothing to report,No Freedom yet.Without freedom I can not write or post any thing,I am not equal to all the free people.So waiting and waiting.But Freedom Must come 1986-2018.”Time is on my side, yes it is Time is on my side, yes it is
Now you all were saying that you want to be free.”….”

Here is a snip from an article from 2017 reporting on his situation. No western media will report his situation.

News report from Jewish News in 2017


………Under the terms of his parole, Vanunu is prohibited from leaving Israel, visiting the West Bank, approaching foreign embassies and speaking with foreign nationals.



Israel’s Supreme Court has denied several appeals from Vanunu to leave the country.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that it is reviewing the ban on Vanunu leaving the country, but did not say if Vanunu had made an official request to leave for Norway, The Times of Israel reported.

In a September 2015 interview with Israel’s Channel 2, which was approved by the Israeli military, Vanunu said he revealed the existence of Israel’s nuclear weapons program “for the citizens of the world – including Israel.”


When Mordechi was being remembered in 2010

“Mordechai Vanunu was to have been awarded the Karl von Ossietzky Prize for his work promoting disarmament, but Israel refused to allow him to travel to Berlin to accept it. Now organizers have cancelled the ceremony.”

here is the RT report from 29th September Mordechi is mentioned on the embedded video

Actual news report from RT mentioning Mordechi (Well done RT Good journalism and topical)


3. Statement on behalf of Mordechai Vanunu

Speaker: Daniel Ellsberg, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Nineteen years ago, Mordechai Vanunu, a technician at the secret nuclear weapons

production facility at Dimona in Israel, did something that he was right to do, something

that others with his knowledge of Israel’s nuclear activities and their implications for

Israeli security and democracy and for world order should have done earlier, or later.

He revealed to his fellow citizens and to the world truths about these activities that had

long been wrongly concealed and denied by his government.

What he revealed was not merely that Israel was a nuclear weapons state; that had been

known for more than a decade on the basis of widely-publicized leaks in the US about

official American intelligence estimates to this effect. Vanunu’s photographs and

interviews with the London Sunday Times revealed that Americans and all others had

substantially underestimated the pace and scale of the Israel’s secret and un-inspected

production of nuclear materials and warheads, especially since the early ’70s. New

estimates on the basis of his revelations put the Israeli arsenal in 1986 at some 200

warheads (rather than 20) – making it the fifth and possibly fourth largest nuclear

power, ahead of Britain, and possibly ahead of France. After nineteen more years of

production, that ranking probably remains valid.

Did not Israelis, citizens of a democracy, and other nations of the world deserve to know

this? Was not his example of truth-telling, at great personal risk, to be thanked and

emulated? For a generation, the nuclear scientist Joseph Rotblat, a founder of the

Pugwash Movement for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, has argued that

the confidence required in the inspection and enforcement agreements on nuclear

disarmament could and must rest in part on “societal verification:” the courage and

conscience of scientists, technicians and officials who could reveal to inspectors activities

violating those agreements. Unhappily, the last 35 years since the NPT went into effect

have not seen many examples of such initiative, other than that of Mordechai Vanunu.

Yet the potential value of such revelations by someone willing, like Vanunu, to risk the

heaviest personal costs, is ever more clear.

Imagine, for example, if an Indian citizen aware of India’s secret preparations for

nuclear testing, and of the disastrous impact this would foreseeably have on regional

and world security, had made this knowledge unequivocally public in time for world

opinion to come to bear to avert that tragic error and the Pakistani testing it was sure to

provoke. The result for that person could well have been a long prison sentence, as it

was for Vanunu; yet surely such an act would deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, for which

Rotblat – using his prerogative as a Nobel Laureate – has nominated Mordechai Vanunu


Now, a year after serving his full sentence of eighteen years – nearly twelve of them

spent in solitary confinement in a two-by-three meter cell – Vanunu is under indictment

and faces a return to prison for violating restrictions on his freedom of speech that

clearly violate his fundamental human rights. He has and will continue to speak out infavor of a nuclear-free-zone in the Middle East and the global abolition of nuclear

weapons, telling whatever he knows that supports these objectives. It is absurd to

maintain, as the head of Israel’s security system does, that revelation of any further

details Vanunu learned from his access in Dimona nineteen years ago could undermine

Israeli national security, when no one has been able to identify any damage whatever to

Israeli security in the years since his revelations in 1986. Rather, the prohibitions

against his speaking to foreigners and to foreign journalists on any matters, or to his

fellow citizens on nuclear matters, are clearly intended to extend his punishment in

prison for unauthorized truth-telling for an indefinite period.

The deterrent message to other potential Vanunus – either in Israel or elsewhere – could

not be more clear. In a world where more Vanunus are desperately needed – above all,

in my own country, the United States, and in other nuclear weapons states violating

their Article VI obligations – is this a message that the rest of the world should tolerate

to be sent unchallenged? In the interest of vital transparency and future societal

verification, there should be international protest of Vanunu’s new indictment and of the

restrictions on his speech and travel.

It is time for the rest of the world to join Mordechai Vanunu in demanding that Israel

acknowledge its status as a nuclear weapons state with a large and growing arsenal, and

in demanding that ALL the nuclear weapons states – including Israel, India and

Pakistan, but above all the US and Russia – negotiate concrete steps on a definite time-

table toward the global, inspected abolition of nuclear weapons.


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UK media manipulation of Chris Busby, George Galloway and Max Keiser revisited

Posted by Shaun McGee aka arclight

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Posted on 27th Sept 2018

Following up on the reporting of the arrest of Chris Busby on the 12th September 2018 where media were reporting the raid and these reports continued for more than 24 hours.

Screenshot from 2018-09-27 10:38:22
There is just one point I would like to mention here. In this video ( ) there are a few small inaccuracies but nothing too drastic, the message of support was clear. On the single point that was made in the video that the police were called to a domestic situation where he and his female friend were having a row is not correct. I left a comment on the thread under the video correcting this (my tag is arclight2011 on YT). This got me thinking about that inaccuracy and where it may have come from?

In fairness to the You Tuber, the wording on the media does sort of hint that there was a domestic situation. The exact phrase without the full context was repeated by all media except the more cautious Telegraph was;

Police were called to an address because of concerns for the welfare of a woman” (source links below)

Checking the Google search on the subject today on the 27th September 2018 (last month search parameter), the first page has all the original inaccurate articles with no right of reply except for the Devon Live link that had been updated with prof Busby`s response to the incident. Even the 3 videos I could see today had no right of response though there are a few videos that report the situation much more fairly with the right of reply. It seems Google search does not want Prof Busby`s voice to be heard.

This is a well worn tactic found in the Britains media and they were giving that impression even though I was posting regular updates explaining that Prof Busby was in Wales (200 miles away) at the time on his FB page hour by hour (which the press must have been well aware of.).

The UK press is beholding to the Police Press Office and I think the way it was reported it was a bit slanted, though some press did eventually give him a right of reply where he did explain the situation though the reach of those articles was not as good as the initial click bait fake inaccurate ones as I mentioned above re Google search. The fact that most media used the exact phrases like the one above means that this copy most likely came from the Police Press Office within a very short space of time of the home invasion.

Then there was George Monbiots article in the Guardian (In 2011) claiming that Prof Busby was selling vitamin supplements for his own personal benefit after the Fukushima story (used widely by anonymous pro nuclear commenter’s all over the internet). The Guardian still refuses ,to this day, to allow Prof Busby a right of reply but you can find his response to this slander on the source notes below as well as the Guardian “slant” on this fake news story.

In fact they did something similar with George Galloway (In 2013) when he called police because 2 new employees were found accessing his personal off line computer so he called the police to have them arrested. It eventually transpired that these two were working on behalf off or were MI5 agents. In the early press coverage of that story the press did not mention that the employees were arrested at Mr Galloways request but that “The police raided George Galloways office and removed a computer” .. Sounds a bit more scary doesn’t it? hinting that he had child porn or the like! I will leave you a link to my blog post on that story for your entertainment

In a time of reported fake news and the EU, USA and western media in general are able to manipulate a story in such a way leaves the whole system of media accuracy in disrepute and means they can slander public figures and get away with it. As you can see by the 2013 blog post, this happens to many figures and omitting details with no source links . Putting in links will soon be made illegal under new rules being rolled out as well as the obvious corporate capture of the media by a handful of media moguls and Social and tech media giants, this bodes ill for us all;
The war against facts

Source documents for this article;

Busby FB page with all the updates as they happened (scroll down and look for my comments Sean Arclight on FB)
Main stream media articles without right of reply (Though Sky did try to contact Chris but he was dealing with the aftermath of the home invasion) (Gave a right of reply and the only one on Google search first page)

My initial response video to the situation posted early in the day

Ritchie Allen gives Prof Busby a fair and professional right of reply loloking at all the possible reasons for such a home invasion

Police Press Office Devon
George Monbiots slanderous article after Fukushima
LLRC (NGO) gives Prof Busby a right of reply to the Guardians smear piece

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#Frackfree4 BREAKING: The UK just jailed these men for over a year for a peaceful protest! Last time was 1932

September 26th, 2018 Emily Apple Emily Apple


On 26 September, three people – including a teacher and a soil scientist – became the first anti-fracking protesters sent to jail. Two were sentenced to 16 months, one to 15 months, and a fourth person received a suspended sentence of 12 months.

The four were convicted of causing a public nuisance following a trial in August. As part of the protests at the Preston New Road fracking site, they climbed on top of lorries delivering equipment to the site and stayed there for four days.

Jailed for peaceful protest

The prosecution argued that the protest cost the fracking firm Cuadrilla £50,000 and the police £12,000. But the protesters’ barrister Kirsty Brimelow pointed out it was a peaceful protest. Brimelow further stated that freedom of speech was not just “simply standing and shouting”.

Co-ordinator of the Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) Kevin Blowe told The Canary:

We have a long history of civil disobedience on conscientious grounds that has successfully challenged historical injustices and that was subsequently vindicated. In Lancashire, the government’s decision to overrule local democratic decision-making has left direct action against fracking as one of the few options left.

These are non-violent campaigners, motivated by sincere beliefs. There is no reason to send them to already overcrowded prisons when the courts regularly suspend sentences based on “good character” for convictions up to and including causing death by dangerous driving.

It appears the sentences imposed on the Frack Free Four are intended to serve as a warning to other opponents of fracking that the criminal justice system intends to crack down hard on direct action. This looks less like justice and more like retribution.

“An inspirational mentor”

One of the men sentenced, Richard Loizou, is a teacher from Devon. A mother of two of his pupils was at court to support him. According to a press release seen by The Canary, she said:

Richard has taught my son for the last two years and is an inspirational mentor and beautiful soul. We are shocked and deeply upset by what is happening here, and felt compelled to come and offer our support today.

Loizou was sentenced to 15 months in jail.


In a press release, soil scientist Simon Roscoe Blevins said:

This won’t break us, we will come out stronger. Some may view us as victims, but we refuse to be victimised by this. The real victims will be future generations suffering preventable disasters caused by climate change. Our friends and fellow campaigners outside will continue to fight for a ban on fracking and for a just transition to a renewable and democratically owned energy system.

Public nuisance

But those who oppose fracking know that it is fracking itself, not protest, that is the public nuisance. The judge and the police might like to believe a deterrent sentence will send shock waves and put people off protesting. But it won’t. It will heighten resistance. People are not staying on top of trucks for four days because it’s a ‘bit of fun’ but because the environmental impacts of not acting are too great.

This year, we celebrated the suffragettes. There is a long and proud history of direct action in this country and these sentences, while shocking, shameful and abhorrent, will do nothing to change that.



The Frackfree4 discuss their reasons for their protest in their own words (wait for video to load)


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London and Tokyo declaration to TEPCO on #Fukushima #nuclear disaster health effects for 28th September 2018

It is not a secret that nuclear radiation is dangerous. Not only does it cause cancer, even seemingly small amounts of the stuff can be lethal. Exposure to high enough levels can be deadly in frighteningly short period of time. But for the survivors of the Fukushima disaster, and those living in surrounding areas, radiation and cancer aren’t the only health concerns. New research has shown that in communities nearest the power plant, cases of type 2 diabetes are on the rise.

Researchers have been analyzing the secondary health effects of the nuclear disaster, which took place seven year ago now. Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura, from the Department of Radiation Protection at Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital in Fukushima, has been working alongside other researchers to better understand the full scope of Fukushima’s health consequences. Their findings indicate both an increase in the number of cases, and a rise in severity of, health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and depression.

Dr. Tsubokura says that the social disruption caused by the evacuation has played and under-reported role on public health. As the research reveals, the elderly in particular have been hardest hit by the disaster – especially when it comes to diabetes. In the wake of Fukushima, “diabetes trumps radiation as a threat to life expectancy by a factor of 33,” souces say.

This is not to say that diabetes is more dangerous than radiation – but the finding shows that the number of people being affected by diabetes post-disaster is surprising high. The risk of type 2 diabetes, and poor diabetes management, as an indirect effect of the nuclear spill is substantial………..

Some research from Ukraine has documented a staggering increase in cases of diabetes and other non-cancer endocrine disorders. Even 30 years after the Chernobyl power plant incident, increased cases of diabetes and other conditions in survivors are still being documented. Scientists from the Ukraine reported in 2017 that levels of diabetes in radiation-exposed survivors ( Including site clean-up workers) remain noticeably higher than the rest of the population.

This finding could raise questions about the purported increase of diabetes in Fukushima survivors. While scientists say that this increase is due to the massive social disruption caused by the evacuation , one might wonder  if there’s more to it than that. As the Ukrainian scientists note, research has shown that the endocrine system may be more affected by exposure to radiation than previously thought.

The idea that an increase in diabetes could be related to radiation exposure and not just lifestyle changes alone isn’t all that far-fetched, is it?

With strong solidarity with the Japanese Anti-Nuclear movement including every Friday evening Anti-Nuclear Power demo in front of the Prime Minister’s residence and the Diat in Tokyo, we, Japanese Against Nuclear-UK and CND are planning to organise the monthly vigil and leafleting including Statement-Read-Out to Japanese Prime Minster and TEPCO on 28th Sept 2018.

Our Friday action in front of the Japanese Embassy starts from 10:30 AM and Read-Out of the statement from 11:30 AM. After handing in a copy of the statement to the Embassy, we wll move onto the TEPCO office. ( 14-18 Holborn near Chancery Lane Tube station). There will be vigil/leafleting and Statement Read-Out to TEPCO. A copy of the statement will be posted to the TEPCO HQ in Tokyo.


Further resources

Chernobyl London meeting (27 April 2013) Speech by Tamara Krasitskava from Zemlyaki

On Sunday the 27 April 2013 in a little room somewhere off Grays Inn road London, a meeting took place. In this meeting was Ms Tamara Krasitskava of the Ukrainian NGO “Zemlyaki”.

In this meeting she quoted that only 40 percent of the evacuees that moved to Kiev after the disaster are alive today! And lets leave the statistics out of it for a moment and we find out of 44,000 evacuated to Kiev only 19,000 are left alive. None made it much passed 40 years old

…..3.2 million with health effects and this includes 1 million children…

T .Kraisitskava

“….I was told to not talk of the results from Belarus as the UK public were not allowed to know the results we were finding!….”

A.Cameron (Belarus health worker from UK)

* A draft movie report from Chernobyl Day meeting is now ready. It’s a speech by Tamara Krasitskava from Ukraine. She is a chairperson of Zemlyaki, Ukraine NGO in Kiev to represent evacuees from Pripyat city.

Uploaded on 1 May 2013

* Tamara Krasitskava is a chairperson of Zemlyaki, Ukraine NGO in Kiev to represent those who had to collectively evacuate from Pripyat
* Speech was done by Russian, and interpreted into English.
* Chernobyl Day London Public Meeting was organized by “JAN UK” on Sat 27 April 2013.…
* The nuclear accident happened on Saturday 26 April 1986, 1:23am. It was, for the most of he residents, midnight of Friday 25 April.



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Congress Passes Measure to Protect Board that Monitors Nuclear Safety

The Energy Department had taken steps to curtail the reach and authority of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board. New Mexico’s senators are fighting back.

This article was produced in partnership with The Santa Fe New Mexican, which is a member of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network.

Congress has moved to block an effort to weaken a federal board that oversees worker and public safety at nuclear facilities, adding language to an appropriations bill to prevent the agency from altering the board’s structure.

The bill also requires the Energy Department to answer questions from Congress about its recent attempts to limit the board’s access to information and change how the panel conducts its work.

The language protecting the board was introduced by New Mexico Sens. Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall, Democrats who have decried the Energy Department’s push to impose staff cuts and other changes on the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.

Established in 1988, the board reviews incidents and near-misses at the nation’s nuclear complexes, as well as providing safety recommendations and advice to the energy secretary. Three of the 14 nuclear facilities under the board’s jurisdiction — Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant — are in New Mexico.

Beyond an effort outlined by the Republican chair of the board to cut the agency’s staff, in mid-May the Energy Department published an order that, in the view of other members of the panel, substantially diminished its ability to perform its oversight role. The order, which was first reported on by the New Mexican and ProPublica, prevents board members from accessing sensitive information, imposes additional legal hurdles on staffers, and mandates that Energy Department officials speak “with one voice” in communicating with the board.

The Energy Department has said the May order is simply intended to clarify roles and responsibilities and to decrease costs, and is a necessary update to a manual relied on to guide the relationship between the department and the safety board since 2001. Officials said these actions were taken as part as President Donald Trump’s 2017 executive order to trim regulations.

But while the for-profit contractors that run the Energy Department’s nuclear sites were consulted on the changes, the board said they were given no formal input on them. Board members also have said the order would inhibit their ability to do key parts of their job, potentially violating the statute under which the board was created.

The board said it had no comment on the move by Congress to stall the changes.

In a joint statement, Heinrich and Udall said the provisions they had added to the appropriations bill demonstrated “that Congress shares the widespread concerns about DOE’s information sharing order,” adding that, in their view, the order should be halted.

“We will continue to work to make sure that the DNFSB has the resources, support, and independence necessary to carry out the complex and extremely serious work that the board does,” they said.

(The New Mexican and ProPublica asked the Energy Department for comment on the bill, but so far have not received a response.)

Congress’ steps to shield the board will become official if Trump signs the Energy and Water Appropriations Act of 2019, the bill to which Heinrich and Udall’s provisions were added.

Since the 1980s, the safety board has had largely unrestricted access to nuclear facilities around the country in order to make informed recommendations intended to prevent catastrophic nuclear accidents and harm to workers. The board’s reports are public, making it one of the rare windows into the Energy Department’s riskiest nuclear work.

But since the Energy Department’s May order came into effect, the board has been prevented from accessing some of the information its reports rely on, including a worker complaint at Los Alamos and other material from the facility.

The order could also prevent the safety board from overseeing the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, where nuclear waste is stored in underground salt mines. A 2014 accident at the plant exposed workers to radiation and became one of the Department of Energy’s most expensive accidents in history.

Last month, at the first of three hearings held about the order, the board said the Energy Department failed to formally consult board members, workers or the public on the new restrictions. The board’s chairman also suggested the order could contradict the U.S. Atomic Energy Act, which grants the board wide latitude on information access.

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North, South Korean Leaders in Fact Proclaimed End of State of War – Seoul

North Korea and South Korea signed an agreement in defence sector as well as a joint statement following the results of the summit in Pyongyang.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have in fact proclaimed the end of the state of war, the South Korean presidential spokesperson said on Wednesday.

“Leaders of the South and the North have in fact announced the end of the war on the Korean Peninsula by their agreements,” the spokesperson said.

Leaders of North Korea and South Korea have signed a joint agreement following the summit in Pyongyang. Also, the agreement in military sphere was signed by South Korean Defense Minister, Song Young-moo, and North Korean Defense Minister of People’s Armed Forces, No Kwang Chol in the presence of the two states’ leaders.

According to the joint statement by the leaders, North Korea decided to fully dismantle its rocket testing field in Tonchkhan-ni and will let international observers visit the field.

The statement also said that North Korea was going to dismantle its nuclear reactor in Yonbyon within the framework of agreements with the United States.

After the meeting, North Korean leader promised to visit Seoul in near future. He also said that both nations agreed to make efforts to denuclearize the peninsula. Meanwhile, South Korean president said that Seoul an Pyongyang agreed to remove threat of war on Korean Peninsula.The joint statement also said that the works on connection of roads and railways between the two nations would start before the year’s end.

Seoul and Pyongyang also agreed to send joint team to 2020 Olympic games as well as to submit joint bid to host 2032 games.

The meeting of the nations’ leaders took place on Wednesday in the “one-on-one” format in the official residence for the honorable guests. The persons accompanying the leaders were waiting for the end of their conversation in the corridor.

The two nations agreed to cease large-scale artillery exercises and military flights near demarcation line. They also agreed to withdraw servicemen from the demilitarised zone and disarm personnel in Panmunjom truce village. Two Koreas agreed to create 80-kilometre zone free from military exercises in Yellow sea, sea of Japan.

Earlier, a spokesperson for Seoul administration confirmed that DPRK and South Korea would sign a military agreement and a joint statement after the summit.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is on a three-day visit in Pyongyang, which the first visit by a president of South Korea to Pyongyang in nearly 11 years, as former president Roh Moo-hyun travelled to North Korea back in October 2007.

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During South Korean President’s visit it was planned that the leader would twice hold talks with Kim Jong-un and discuss further improvement of relations, denuclearization and development of dialogue between North Korea and the United States.

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