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Fukushima, nuclear censorship and attacks on activists


arclight-Sm13 April 2014

Op Ed by arclight 2011part2

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Times certainly have changed. I believe that our fight for human rights and justice has never been so threatened as it is today. Recent attacks are to support Japanese Prime minister Abes attempts to start ALL the reactors in Japan.

I am a UK citizen who has been shocked to find out of the lengths that the military industrial complex and associated corporations have been doing in stopping important human rights information getting to you, the public. There has been the targeting of human rights activists on a global scale using new technologies that effect the Internet and mobile communications that we take for granted as part of our everyday lives.

What happened to investigative journalism?

In recent months, if you may have been searching the Internet for information concerning human rights abuses you will have been slowly becoming aware of murmurings of state hacking and other attacks on the people who are trying to bring you information from many locations around the world on a variety of important topical situations.

The issues brought up are being clearly stated in the situation regarding Wikileaks and the Edward Snowden affair. Unfortunately, though, our brothers and sisters in the main stream medias around the world are largely unable to bring you this information because of personal and corporate threats of litigation and because of the governments and security services using various terror laws and state censorship rules to block any, what they consider, to be “dangerous information” .

In the course of my research I have been stunned to see that government departments within the UK, USA, Japan (To name but a few) being manipulated by what i believe to be the military industrial complex and connected industries and corporations. Also in the frame is large insurance investment and banking corporations.

This manipulation is far reaching and includes attacks on independent journalists, scientists, bloggers and politicians and is far reaching and pervasive.

The question of truth in Fukushima, Japan?

In 2011, I was stunned to see a large mushroom cloud appearing from Unit 3 Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant as well as the claimed “hydrogen” explosions from Units 1 and 2. The video evidence from a local Fukushima news outlet was quickly pulled from the web but not before bloggers had copied it and made it go viral. There was at least a fire in Unit 4 reactor building that was claimed to be the spent fuel pool but no video evidence supporting that has been released. Denials of any “meltdowns” of the reactor cores went on for some months in the face of obvious evidence.

My concerns for the people living in the region (some 20 million plus) caused me to investigate the cover up of the true situation. This situation has been well documented on the Internet and discussed with many posits being brought forward to describe the accident and its effects and I will not go into them fully here. The annals of blogs like as well as a Japanese speaking bloggers such as tokyobrowntabby, exskf, and Fukushima Diaries to name but a few, show us a cover up of historic proportions.

Many of the Japanese translators have been shut down in many different ways and I have at least some anecdotal evidence of intimidation, violence and even murders associated with these campaigners and truth tellers.

A vicious circle.

At the end of the cold war with Russia, countries have expanded their security operations and investment instead of reigning them back. Blaming so called Muslim terrorists that they are presently supporting to attack regimes they deem as terrorist.

 So whats the big deal?

I maintain that I and others have been targeted for at least a few of the posits that I have put forward and some of these are;

1) The support of Nuclear Test Veterans claims of health and genetic effects due to nuclear testing during the cold war

2) Supporting Japanese bloggers in their translations into English of the situation on the ground in Fukushima and Myiagi prefectures in Japan.

3) For uncovering military and security operations in stemming the flow of nuclear related information.

4) The censorship of media organisations by the use of litigation and terror legislation.

5) The attacks on scientists and researchers who claim health effects caused by various nuclear processes such as pollution from nuclear fuel processing and decommissioning of nuclear sites in the UK and beyond.

6) For highlighting the problems with nuclear fuel rods and high burn up techniques causing damage to the nuclear fuel rods and nuclear reactor vessels which could cause another Fukushima like disaster.

7) For supporting Professor Yablakovs and colleagues claims of high mortality and other undiscussed health effects as a result of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

8) For uncovering UK complicity in stifling the well proven genetic effects of the victims of the Russian nuclear tests in Semipalantisk in Kazakhstan.

9) In challenging the way in which contaminated food is being spread around the globe by corporations processing methods and the cover up/manipulation of some United Nations organisations.

10) For my findings of other nuclear related pollutions including NO2 and Lead (Pb) causing miscarriage, death and injury to UK citizens and wildlife.

11) For the suppression of genetic blood tests in Japan to hide the damage from radiation and the sidelining of geneticists in the UK and USA, by limiting funding to relevant radiation studies and research.

12) For supporting the efforts of Dr Chris Busby in bringing his years of research to the forefront of the battle against the lies being promoted by the nuclear industry.

We have fight on our hands!

I have been aided by a plethora of bloggers with a wide range interests and points of view and even encouraged by main stream media journalists and media outlets who have found that their public viewpoints have been limited by editorial concerns of litigation and personal threats and harassment of individual journalists.

Owing to the recent increase in attacks on certain key scientists, bloggers and researchers etc, I have wondered how we independent thinkers can overcome such attacks via the Internet, as have had been happening recently. How do we protect anonymity and our rights of discourse in the face of recent developments that highly encrypted services have been co-opted by various security organisations?

It was during the UK select committee investigation into the release of material stemming from the Edward Snowden affair that I caught a glimpse of one such way we could fight back against such a formidable hidden enemy.

The Editor of the Guardian was questioned by various MP`s and committee members as to the safety of the security services in light of the information that was publicly being revealed. The editor seemed to satisfy the committee as to the thoroughness of the checking procedure being used by the Guardian team assigned to extracting information that was relevant to the public good. However, one committee member, representing the UK security services threatened the editor with the new anti terrorist laws and his questioning was stopped by Timothy Yeo MP (the head of the committee). The Guardian editor responded to this threat by claiming that he was defending freedom of speech in the UK. The security services representative also seemed very distressed at the mention of TORBROWSER by the Guardian editor, a software program used by global activists and journalists to hide their IP addresses (location) and maintain their anonymity and safety. So maybe this is something that should be used?

There is also the co-operation of the USA and UK nuclear and military industries and their encouragement for Japan to militarise in line with these countries. this co-operation includes the denial of the human rights petition to the UNHCR by Anand Grover and and their support for the new Japanese “Secrets Law” that gives journalists the threat of 10 years imprisonment and bloggers the threat of 5 years in prison (if the normal litigation threats do not work) for talking about anything nuclear. The UK recently also quietly made more amendments to the UK official Secrets policy apparently to bring it in line with the Japanese and USA tact on secrecy of nuclear and health matters.

Japanese Bloggers, scientists, health proffesionals and journalists speak out!

Scientists, health professionals, media and bloggers in Japan and elsewhere have been highlighting issues with the effects of radioactive contamination in Japan and have brought to light the homeless and disabled workers of the Daichi nuclear site employed with lucrative contracts administered by the criminal Yakusa groups employed by TEPCO, the UK USA and French decommissioning specialists.

They have been also reporting on a plethora of health issues concerning people, animals and the environment that they claim are connected to the contamination in a wide area around the triple meltdown nuclear plant. And there is some peer reviewed evidence for this starting to come out.

Japanese translators are heroes.

This group I have the most admiration for. They are brave and conscientious individuals that seem to be driven by their natural compassion for life and their fellow countrymen. I have to also to include here those translators who are not of Japanese origin also. They are all the most harassed and targeted individuals, in my experience because of there on going on the ground, real time documentation of events and situations.

I need to preserve the anonymity of some of these wonderful, brave people who are so special because they are normal citizens who have taken up the job of the much beleaguered journalists and editors that would normally bring you this evidence. They are people who have been targeted by “unknown” and known forces and have done their best in the face of extreme adversity. So, my documenting of these affairs will be necessarily vague in places.

Topics covered by these translators include;

The dissemination of secretive technical issues to do with a very secretive nuclear industry, the health effects on the citizens of Fukushima and Myagi (reportedly as far away as Tokyo), the corruption within the Japanese government and Energy companies, the scandals of the Fukushima Medical Hospital and support of associated University professors throughout Japan, Corruption of voting procedures during the Japanese elections since the disaster to protect the Japanese nuclear industry from popular anti nuclear opposition and also the manipulation of any provable victims of the nuclear disaster are compensated with the addition of legal gagging orders to stop the information getting out. Indded this type of tactic was reported after the Deep water Horizon Gulf oil spill disaster (In fact Sir Martin Sorrel, CEO of Ogilvey and Maher – who are owned by WPP, are the actual company that “managed” both these disasters on behalf of BP and TEPCO, using very similar approaches to both disasters to mitigate damages to the corporations concerned)

Needless to say that many of these translators have fallen by the wayside as the forces that promote the nuclear lobby set there attentions on them.

International bloggers and You tube uploaders

This group has largely dug into the connections between military and corporate interference in how the news is managed and here the UK has excelled in promoting a little known charity called the UK Science Media Centre. This so called charity vastly increased its revenue in 2011 in the UK and also got funding to set up similar groups in Australia, Canada, Japan ( The Japan SMC web-site is not updated but is still manipulating the news behind the scenes) and the USA to manage the news coming from Japan to the world at large (as well as other topics). And these bloggers have countered this disinformation.

Fionna Fox, one of the founders of the UK Science Media Centre (who was a witness at the Leveson inquiry in the UK) wants only the “right science” to be given to the worlds public. She is strongly supported by a myriad of corporations who want their version of the “right science” to be promoted.

The topics covered by the Science media Centres worldwide also include fracking, GMO, Climate science and weather modification and she uses mainly cherry picked industry connected scientists and specialists largely ignoring the dissenting voices. And specifically this has had a profound effect on the situation in Japan and how the perception of the nuclear disaster and its aftermath is delivered to the public at large in many countries.

Of course the media also has the pressure from the likes of the WPP, the vast global PR corporation to pressure media outlets with the threat of the withdrawal of advertising revenue from any dissenting media corporation outlets.

These bloggers and you tube activists have also disseminated the information from our brothers and sisters in Japan and tried to get it out to the citizens of the world to give them warning of what might happen if a nuclear disaster should happen in another country.

 The corporation that said enough is enough! A fresh start?

Considering that Yahoo has recently relocated its servers to Ireland in an attempt to protect peoples data and because they are aware of a global manipulation of the internet to stop embarrassing and possibly costly information (for politicians and corporations) reaching the eyes and ears of the public at large, it would give some credence to – at least – some of the so called conspiracy claims that can be found on the Internet. The evidence to support Yahoo`s position can also be seen in the way that the establishment are acting in relation to both Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and the Edward Snowden release of data to the Guardian, New York Times and associated blogs (ie. The interceptor – Glen Greenwald).

Finally, I would like to explain that some of these conspiracy claims are being promulgated to hide and create confusion to the real conspiracies that are happening and this is backed up by the release of intelligence training manuals showing how JTRIG manipulates discourse on the Internet.

I believe that the time has come to save the Internet or face the results of ignoring this threat to freedom of expression and thought. It is may also be our last chance to save the people of Fukushima and Myagi from a long future of experimentation, ill health and even death.

I hope that whoever receives this article will share and discuss the issues that I have outlined. I am only touching the tip of the iceberg in this article and therefore only touching on some of the issues raised by my findings and posits.

Will you stand back and allow the powerful interests to destroy centuries of social, judicial and human rights development? I hope not, for the children of Japan and other radioactively contaminated regions and for your children. if we do not make a stand concerning the environmental catastrophes that loom before us, what sort of fate awaits will us all?


Thank you to all those that have informed my findings and have challenged my posits and have allowed me to put together all the above (you know who you are).

Lets hope for a better future and a kinder world, if not……….?

Sources for some relevant  information

Citibank report on nuclear –

You tube deletes tokyobrowntabby channel –




April 13, 2014 - Posted by | Arclight's Vision


  1. We are losing this one. Why?
    Are we just STUPID?
    Do we know who our crazy, suicidal enemy is? Evil acts are performed by PERSONS.
    Can we think rationally, using the principle of Cause and Effect?
    Who are the PERSONS who are profiting?
    Don’t the OWNERS have the authority to control their businesses?
    If their agents are doing something ethically wrong, aren’t the owners responsible?
    And since they have the top AUTHORITY, they have the correlative RESPONSIBILITY for the damages, don’t they?
    And if the owners LIE, i.e. intentionally deceive, is that not criminal FRAUD?
    Why do the victimized people avoid this chain of correct, truthful reasoning?
    Are we stupid? Can we reason?
    And if the owners have corrupted the people’s government, their laws and judges, do the people not have another recourse?
    What is it?
    Are we humans… “rational animals”… or are we just stupid animals, to be treated as such?

    Comment by troneill | April 17, 2014 | Reply

    • hi
      “We are losing this one. Why?”

      I think we are winning actually. Thats why such a large and expensive pro nuke campaign is under way. thhis can be seen as nuclear hotseat and others are hacked and attacked. but the blogsphere has a large number of silent protesters watching and waiting.. imo .. and many campaigns that are not reported are underway.. Google has internet filters to block out the bad news for the corporations and sites like this are unable to keep up with the flood of bad news hitting the nuclear industry actually… believe me when i say that both myself and christina are having a hard time keeping up on some days.. other websites have the same problem also.. and this is actually good news and encourages me and others to carry on..

      be positive and share the bad nukiller news around..
      many thanks for your post and your concerns..


      Comment by arclight2011part2 | April 17, 2014 | Reply

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