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Irish Security Services leak truths to the UK Press. And nuclear-news and others are banned in Ireland #UNCHR

censorshipCensored! This article is generally off topic for this blog but this article and post have been blocked from Google Search in Europe (and possibly further afield). Ireland based blogs and based in Australia are affected as far as I can ascertain. Also, (An Irish peace group) have tried to get out a press release stating problems they are having in the Limerick area and this too has been banned! Could you share directly to any Irish people you know these banned articles.


Sellafield are having a meeting with Irish Stakeholders who have doubts as to the safety and transparency of the UK nuclear industry. This meeting is in the next week or so and it is vital that people are aware of alleged criminality to Parliament by Sellafield representatives. Many thanks for your support  –

Evidence for the blocking and hacking over a few days can be found here;

Shaun McGee aka Arclight

Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it.


Irish Security Services leak truths to the UK Press.

A recent article by The Sunday Times UK edition stated that the Irish Security Services (Likely the Irish Defense Force) have claimed that Gardai (Police ) in Athlone had been facilitating the distribution of heroin to local towns.


Picture Source

Due to Irish Laws the name of the whistle-blower has not been reported in Ireland but was on the Sunday Times UK edition on Sunday the 2nd of October 2016.

Why are the Irish “Security Services” leaking this fact to the UK Press? So, as to allow Irish readers the option of reading this article we will not name the brave whistle-blower who leaked the criminality in 2014 but it can be found on the Sunday Times article link ..

This is what the “Security Services were quoted as saying in the article;

“…Security sources say collusion between gardai and heroin dealers in the midlands town has been a significant factor in the area’s worsening drugs problem. The region has a growing population of heroin users and the town is now considered to be a pivotal point in the distribution of opiates to addicts in Longford, Westmeath, Offaly and Laois…..”

Earlier in the article the Times quotes also the “Security Sources” thus;

“…..According to security sources, the internal inquiry concluded that one Garda was in a relationship with a female heroin dealer in the town, which resulted in him compromising planned searches and raids. One witness told investigators he was present when this Garda alerted local criminals to a planned Gardai search the following day, ensuring they had time to dispose of incriminating evidence, including mobile phones. The witness refused to make a statement under caution or agree to testify, however…..”

It might be noted that a government report said that in 2014 the Irish Defense Force did not apply for any orders for surveillance on criminals. We here at Euroupeannewsweekly have been asking the question;

Who is doing surveillance now in Ireland? In 2014 a Gardai and Security Services operation against a dissident IRA group ended with a successful arrest of the whole group at a remote farmhouse, to name but one crime that was widely reported and would have required constant surveillance tactics.

Is there a connection between the ending of the use of the Security Services (or end any of transparency in Government reports) and the evidence that they were holding for the investigation?

We can not claim these last points to be fact, they are only questions posed because of the Irish Security Services leak to the UK. We can present the basic facts to you and let you make up your own minds though.

So what is at stake here? We know for a fact that the Irish Security Services are not happy and have released this information to the nearly 10 million Irish Diaspora in the UK but no publication has reported any of this in Ireland. Yet it is important for the real victims of this criminality that these facts become known and that some in the Government are not happy with this current situation. The security services were tapping all the phones and know all the connections of these criminal gangs and their enablers.

Here is a statement from a local ex Heroin user from Longford on the desperate situation that exists in this region and what funding opportunities for the proven victims of this criminality;

“……Speaking from the perspective of a former heroin addict located in the midland of Ireland and more specifically in the Longford area. I would, in response to the recent allegations brought out in the Times news service on the 02-10-2016, wish to comment on the alleged involvement of Gardai in the local drug trade.

I am totally appalled. Having close contact with many drug addicts over the last number of years in the Longford and surrounding areas one thing I learned quite quickly is that a lot of the folk addicted to this drug are very vulnerable people both men, women and children as a lot of the addicts were mere teenagers or that had barely come of age.

To think that so called trusted peers of our community, with a duty of care to the vulnerable and destitute, as well as everyone else in the community, have been involved in the drug trade is not acceptable. Our Garda service should be beyond reproach and should be an example of correct behaviour above all else. Rumors of drug dealing within the service are not acceptable under any circumstances no matter what the reason.

I have been (10 years ago) on the receiving end of the recovery services provided by the Longford Social Services. I am sure the local Longford and Athlone Garda services know recovery services for addicts are non-existent and to use this as leverage to bolster their arrest numbers or worse still to profit from the misery of these poor dis-enfranchised folk is appalling.

I have been free of heroin now for 10 years and when I first approached local services in Longford for help to get off the drug I was more or less told they don’t have the resources but if i were willing to wait for a year or two I would get the help I needed.

That was the day I realized I really was on my own and had to do it myself, rather than wait 1 or 2 years to get on a program. This is not what an addict who has made the decision to get off the drug needs to hear. The response should be swift and immediate for anyone who has made the brave decision to get clean. I am really happy now I chose to go it myself as if i had waited for the promised treatment I would still be taking heroin now.

I would hope that despite the despotic nature of the allegations being made by the Times which has been reinforced by the contentious and highly challenged Dail statements of Luke Ming Flanagan, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace etc, that some hope can still be salvaged thanks to the leak from the Security Services who have all the intelligence on the criminals.

I would hope that Criminal elements within the Gardai be rooted out and be treated like the common dealers on the street would be as a deterrent to any future opportunistic criminal hiding within government offices. I would encourage Longford Social Services to review their current services for drug addicted individuals and ensure some hope is provided for these vulnerable people. Maybe applying for European funding to help solve the problem as our own Government is not willing.

I would like to thank the Irish Security Services for confirming our worst fears….” An anonymous source (The Identity can be revealed to any interested news sources for corroboration)

Sources and final comment;

The Journal referenced the article but did not link directly via the URL.. The journal caught it this morning

The Sunday Times did have a 2 article free use option but this was quickly removed after I was able to apply for the offer while stating I was from Ireland on the application.. My colleague and another activist were unable to find the offer when they tried soon after I did. Link to article not provided because of Ireland`s Laws – Headline – Garda aided drug dealer, finds Inquiry; Article by John Mooney Date; October 2nd 2016 Presently 1 Euro subscription to access Full article

Moves are afoot to clamp down on this information in Ireland (to the detriment of urgently needed treatment, funding and social support urgently needed in this region) and the reach of damaging censorship seems to even stretch to The Sunday Times office in London UK concerning the naming of the whistle-blower. Stopping the free option for the article was a political move and enacted very promptly as Irish researches began to use that facility.
Article by  Shaun McGee and Jimmy Hagan

This article is creative commons if giving attributions for the quotes and links. All the other copy by us is freely available to media outlets, blogs etc

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  1. Is it a fact that nuclear-news is banned in Ireland/ Can you give some detail on this?

    Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 5, 2016 | Reply

    • The evidence is here
      And you can try rom Australia and see if it is blocked there as well
      Search term ” Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it. ” You should get direct links to
      Marriannes blog in the UK
      The story was mirrored on those 3 sources and only Marriannes 2 posts come up..

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | October 5, 2016 | Reply

    • Also, the Police in Ireland have been hacking and doing Psy Ops stuff
      Evidence for that here (An Garda Siochana are the police and you can see that on my wireless network with thte added words “Secret Service”)


      Comment by arclight2011part2 | October 5, 2016 | Reply

  2. I checked this out and government can block google. Nonetheless, just because something doesn’t show doesn’t mean it is banned, if this is what you mean. It may have just taken time to get into the rankings to show up. As I already said, I looked for a link to a family birthday and I couldn’t find it even though I knew it was there. It just wasn’t important enough to make it into google. I feared that this would be the case for my blog and said a prayer asking God if it were a waste of time to do my blog. Then some students wrote me (3 hours later) and started promoting it. Without them it would probably never have found its way into google at all. Due to them my blog quickly made it to page 11 of google search. Time and effort by myself and others have made it ususally show up higher.

    Here is the information on surveillance which is real:

    Click to access a315.pdf
    The current leading Irish political party does actually have fascist roots and was for compromise with Britain instead of full independence.

    However, Flanagan’s apparently not a great source: His comments on Switzerland and drugs are totally wrong.
    They don’t do heroin but they do cocaine because they all have money and plenty of time. They have both real mafia and petty mafia like groups. Per capita property crime is higher than in the US and the UN has threatened to leave because of crime in Geneva. STDs were and probably still are the highest in Europe. Americans and Irish do drugs because they are poor and depressed. The Swiss because they are well-off with lots of holidays and bored. Both the US and Ireland favor foreigners over their own. The US gives surrogate drugs to wean people off, just not the drugs themselves, so his argument on that is false too.

    Comment by miningawareness | October 10, 2016 | Reply

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