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ETHOS, Ethics and Lies – Chernobyl to Fukushima, Nesterenko to Takenouchi and beyond?

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arclight-SmMari is facing charges stemming from speaking out on radiation in Japan and advocacy for families relocating children out of the areas contaminated by radioactivity from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactor site, operated by TEPCO.

The group ETHOS in Japan supports the decision by some to stay and live in contaminated areas. Sadly, some of these families feel they have no choice due to economics and other factors. Certainly young children have no choice. ETHOS advocates monitoring radioactivity, but well established science supports Mari’s views that there is no safe dose of radiation and that children need to be protected. We support open discussion, access to information and free choice. We ask the Prosecutor to agree that writing and speaking about these issues are not a crime.

Please Stand With Mari as she stands for precaution, protection and the rights of children to a healthy future. THANK YOU.

The late nuclear physicist Vassili B. Nesterenko (2 December 1934–25 August 2008) was hounded and persecuted by the KGB because he published inconvenient truths: research about the consequences of Chernobyl. Here is a short article about his achievements and here is his Wikipedia entry.

Alternate link to his achievements ;

“….At a lower level, but also dangerous, there is the CEPN with Lochard. His project ETHOS has failed in Chernobyl : the children became more and more ill, and more severely ill. In the final report, they censured the medical report of the paediatrician, because the project was accompanied with the deterioration of health of the children….” (Full article below)

More on ETHOS radiation project here;

This is the official information
Report on Childrens radiation education structure :
“…..In effect, ETHOS had learned everything from Nesterenko and had collected his data in order to now supplant him. A real case of plagiarism but with one fundamental flaw: the ETHOS mission, as conceived by the French nuclear lobby had an insurmountable statutory limitation, that prevented it from taking any action in the area of health: ETHOS was not qualified to treat the population medically: (4) What was it doing, in that case, at Chernobyl?I began to understand more when a friend, a sociologist, who had some involvement with ETHOS, told me that Jacques Lochard, leader of the ETHOS project, was employed by the CEA and had defined its task in this astonishing phrase. “We need to occupy the territory…”

Pr. Michel Fernex is a Swiss medical doctor from the Medical Faculty University of Basel. Born in Geneva in 1929. Member of Physicians for Social Responsibility and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). He worked at the World Health Organization (WHO) as member of the Steering Committee on Tropical Diseases Research for 15 years. In 1986, facing the reality of the WHO which attempted to downplay the consequences of the Chernobyl accident instead of helping the population, it compeled him to demand the independence of the WHO from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Since 2007 he has been a leading campaigner of Independent WHO. With Solange Fernex, his wife and member of the French Green Party, Vassily Nesterenko, founder of the Institut Belrad, and film director Wladimir Tchertkoff, he also founded in 2001 the NPO Children of Chernobyl Belarus (Les Enfants de Tchernobyl-Belarus) to support the Institute Belrad as well as the independent recherches of the consequences of Chernobyl accident.

Q1. What were the policy measures undertaken by the IAEA in Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster in 1986?

In Chernobyl, the IAEA arrived soon. Together with Prof Pellerin, delegate from the WHO, they proposed to change the established limits of protection for external irradiation for professional workers in atomic industries and apply them for the population, ignoring that families living in contaminated areas were soon to suffer more from internal irradiation than external. The Soviet Union refused to increase the limits of 5 to 10 or even 20 mSv/year, which would delay the evacuations and would have increased risks for radio-induced diseases. The risks of cancers are only a small part of pathologies occurring, as we learned from Chernobyl.

They did not encourage the distribution of stable iodine to the children, which was recommend by Baverstock, doctor at the WHO. They did not accelerate the evacuation of populations at risk, but waited until the irradiation reached higher doses. They minimized the risk for the population. They financed the Ministry of Health to discourage independent research.

The French lobby arrived later than in Fukushima, with an NGO, the CEPN with M. Lochard, representing Electricité de France with 56 atomic reactors, the CEA which developed the French Bomb, and Areva which builds atomic power plants, stores atomic waste in La Hague, and sells uranium, plutonium and MOX. In the UN hierarchy, the IAEA remains on the top, other agencies have to follow. Even the FAO has to agree, when limits have to be imposed for food.

Their goal is to reduce the costs of the catastrophe and to reduce the impact of Chernobyl on the further sale of atomic power plants.

September 1987, the provisional report of Chernobyl was decided and announced while the second Vienna Conference on Chernobyl, organized by the IAEA. This review has included tens of deaths due to acute radiation already recorded and predicted 4000 deadly cancers in the years to come. Between 2003 and 2005, a group of UN agencies and representatives of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, three countries the most affected by Chernobyl, formed the Chernobyl Forum, to prepare a complete report of the consequences of the disaster. The report was published in 2005 in various versions by UN agencies. The medical section, whose publication was carried out by the WHO, confirms the provisional figures of the Conference in 1987 and updated the number of the death due to acute irradiation: about fifty people.

Thyroid cancers were finally admitted in 1996, for children, but this cancer for them is easy to prevent and to treat. The main cause of diseases and death was the fear of radiation, radiophobia. For the IAEA, internal radiation is of minor importance, congenital malformations are difficult to prove.

Q2. What were the consequences of these policies of IAEA to the local people in Chernobyl?

The consequences of the IAEA was changing due to the end of the Soviet Union, which was replaced by the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. The less contaminated country was Ukraine, which gives periodically reports on the health situation to the French Government and to the press, for instance April 25 2007:

7 % of the territory was contaminated, this represents 3.5 million inhabitants, including 1.3 million children, who were severely irradiated in 1986. In January 2005, 2.949.106 citizen are to be considered as victims. 84.75 % living in radio-contaminated regions are ill. Among the 160.000 persons who were evacuated, 89.86 % are ill. In 2004, of the liquidators (who were 150.000 from the Ukraine), 94.2 % were ill, the majority invalid.

The number of victims in the two neighboring republics were much higher, but global reports are rarely available. The 800.000 liquidators were recruited in all new republics of Russia and Siberia, they had surely similar health problems.

The IAEA remains the international authority, the promotor of atomic industry, the central international lobby supported by the five atomic power countries, which are selling atomic power plants.

At a lower level, but also dangerous, there is the CEPN with Lochard. His project ETHOS has failed in Chernobyl : the children became more and more ill, and more severely ill. In the final report, they censured the medical report of the paediatrician, because the project was accompanied with the deterioration of health of the children.

Q3. In order to respond to these policies of IAEA, what would you suggest the people in Fukushima to do?

The world considers Japan as having among the best medical schools or Medical Faculties. In 2012, the Nobel Price winner for genetics was from your country. Therefore, we hope that independence and truth will again become a reality in Japan. Presently, the activities in Fukushima are managed by pseudo-experts selected by the atomic lobby, leading to unethical, political, spectacular enterprises.

The population, the victims need again independent medical help. Medicine should be supported by honest scientific research dealing with the present problems in Fukushima as well as in several neighbouring also partly contaminated prefectures.

The population must require radiologically clean foodstuffs. The poorest country of Europe distributed clean food, free of charge, to the school canteens of highly contaminated regions. After about 8 years the government changes, and since the President stopped the precious help, more health problems occurred. By the way, the Ethos project in Stolyn, 100 km from Chernobyl, had disastrous consequences on the health of the children, as shown by the paediatrician of this district. That’s why, in the final Ethos-report (established by Dr. Jacques Lochard), the medical chapter was censored: the aggravation of all health parameters being actually the only reason. Lawyers know the ethical rules to respect in a medical research, the first one being “informed consent”. The laws come from Nuremberg Code, established soon after the war, and new texts came out from Helsinki.

For a giant research on thyroid pathologies, the families need to be fully informed about the aim of the trial, about all the tests which will be performed, with scientific objective. They may give their informed consent, but they are free to stop collaborating, without any justification.

What is undertaken is not curative medicine, which is needed for most of the children. The parents, the mothers, should have the possibility to consult the paediatrician of their choice for the children. In this field, the population could act and speak, and publish what they consider as illegal (with the help of the lawyer who is supporting the irradiated children population of Fukushima.)

Physicians must wake-up; start having courage; start studying the consequences of low-level radiation. Study the literature. Act as physicians.

I saw the picture of Fukushima women handing out their proposals to the IAEA staff and urging them not to enter their land. It shows the courage of women, which is the strength of their country now and tomorrow.

Michel Fernex  Medical Doctor

Dec 15, 2012: a Fukushima women's campaign against the high level conference co-organised by the IAEA. They handed out their porposals to the IAEA staff and urged them not to underestimate the impact of Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Dec 15, 2012: a Fukushima women’s campaign against the high level conference co-organised by the IAEA. They handed out their porposals to the IAEA staff and urged them not to underestimate the impact of Fukushima nuclear disaster.

What is the International Atomic Energy Agency?

In 1956, the United Nations (UN) needed a structure to promote the atomic industry in all countries of the world.

The President of the USA wanted to restrict the atomic arsenal to USA, Soviet Union, UK, China and France: the 5 nuclear powers (P5). The counterpart of this privilege was to provide “Atom for Peace” to all nations which accepted to limit the development of nuclear weapons. The IAEA was created by the UN, and placed at the top of the UN hierarchy, depending only on the Security Council with its 5 permanent members: USA, Soviet Union, UK, China and France.

The IAEA’s statutes define their principal objective as “to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world.” In other words, the IAEA became the promotor of an enormous commercial project: P5 would have the opportunity or obligation, to sell to all counties of the world, as many atomic power plants as possible. The IAEA was the commercial lobby supported by the P5.

The lobby does not like major accidents which could delay the proliferation of atomic power plants. In case of accident, the IAEA comes immediately to explain that the incident is small, nearly without risk for the population. The population has to stay at home for some time, and all problems will soon be solved. The radioactivity causes no harm to the people. Only the fear of radiation can be harmful. The authorities have to follow the same policy, minimizing the risk, lying as the IAEA does.


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  2. The link to the Nesterenko article about his death is now directing you to a listing page?
    for what it is worth the article was good! but i havent the time to find it and relink..
    looks like someone doesnt want that information to get out easily?

    Comment by arclight2011part2 | March 4, 2014 | Reply

  3. Death of an Exceptional Resister: Vassili B. Nesterenko
    The late nuclear physicist Vassili B. Nesterenko (2 December 1934–25 August 2008) was hounded and persecuted by the KGB because he published inconvenient truths: research about the consequences of Chernobyl. Here is a short article about his achievements and here is his Wikipedia entry.

    Today, dedicated climate scientists like Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Phil Jones are being hounded and persecuted by well-financed global warming denialist politicians and their media mouthpieces because the scientists are telling us about the consequences of global warming.

    When I watch the live-feed of the BP oil billowing out of the well, I remember watching Chernobyl burn in 1986. Check out “The Chernobyl Disaster Incident” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8. Mikhail Gorbachev narrates part of the film.

    Brave men worked desperately to contain the radiation in Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor just like the oil engineers are trying to plug up the BP oil well. The very complicated and heroic operation to seal the reactor finally succeeded; but the Chernobyl catastrophe would have been much, much worse if it hadn’t been for the sacrifices of hundreds of doomed heroes. One of these heroes was Dr. Nestorenko, who “suffered massive damage to internal organs through irradiation received at the site of the burning reactor.”

    In Part 2 of the film, the famous nuclear physicist Vassili Nesterenko explains that the nuclear core might have exploded like a giant atomic bomb. Minsk would have been obliterated and Europe rendered uninhabitable. Many lives were sacrificed so that this would not happen.

    India’s Daily Latest News (4-27-10) reports:

    A report by Alexey Yablokov, Vassily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko which appeared in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences [See “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”] showed that by 2004, there were 985,000 additional deaths worldwide caused by the nuclear disaster, including 212,000 of them within Western Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

    According to a press statement released by the New York Academy of Sciences (4-28-10):

    [T]he 327-page volume is an English translation of a 2007 publication by the same authors. The earlier volume, “Chernobyl,” published in Russian, presented an analysis of the scientific literature, including more than 1,000 titles and more than 5,000 printed and Internet publications mainly in Slavic languages, on the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

    For more information about the life and work of Dr. Vassili Nesterenko read “Death of an exceptional resister: Vassili B. Nesterenko.”

    “Denialists” in the the Belarus State Security reportedly did not like all this research being published about the consequences of Chernobyl. According to “Death of an exceptional resister” and as noted below in Dr. Vassili Nesterenko’s Wikipedia:

    Because of his activities, [Vassili Nesterenko] lost his job and got problems with the State Security Agency of Belarus, which threatened him with internment in a psychiatric asylum. Later, however, the Belarusian government tried to soften him proposing him to get back a job in a state institute, “at the condition that he would not work on Chernobyl anymore.” He escaped two assassination attempts.

    As the world runs out of oil, I think that more of these energy-related catastrophies are probably inevitable. Well-financed global warming denialists such as Oklahoma Senator Inhofe, his mouthpiece Marc Morano, and Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli are persecuting heroic global warming scientists such as the American Michael Mann and the Englishman Phil Jones. These brilliant scientists can offer our children and grandchildren solutions to our addiction to fossil fuels instead of only the poisonous lies of greedly denialists.

    Comment by arclight2011part2 | March 4, 2014 | Reply

  4. Hi Arclight,

    Don’t know where to put this but noticed from youtube that you were trying to move to Ireland. Just want to make a couple of points on this – if you can prove a grandparent born in Ireland, then you have the right to have an Irish passport. Also, if you have an EU passport from the UK, you are supposed to be allowed to live and work in Ireland. That’s how the Irish themselves have trouble finding work and end up working in Australia, Canada and the US. Austria is now officially nuclear free, nuclear is illegal. Despite the presence of the IAEA in Vienna you might get more sympathy there, if you want to seek asylum. Once again, if you are an EU national you should be allowed to work there. There is a Chernobyl charity in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland, where you might get some advice. Another thought is that perhaps you want to work for an independent Scotland, which will be nuclear free. Perhaps you might want to ask Lichtenstein for asylum? Everything is decided by their king. Don’t know if he’s pro or anti-nuclear. I only know that he decides who lives in his tiny kingdom. Whatever you do please don’t go to Russia! Remember that Putin is KGB and his grandfather most likely poisoned Lenin and put Stalin in. They were feudal until the mid 1800s and never really had the idea of freedom-free speech. In general, it seems that Russia just never changed from its time as a czarist police state. Probably any country not having a nuclear arsenal would be an easier place to be anti-nuclear. Have you communicated with Radiation Free Lakeland? They don’t seem to have issues with harassment, which is kind of surprising given the level of persecution of Cumbria by the UK. I haven’t had the details of your problems, but WordPress has had a lot of technical difficulties of late that some believe are harassment but are probably just technical glitches, as they claim. I can tell you too that people have always been spied upon and possibly harassed from time immemorial. There is always the hope of changing the minds of those spying – they are people too. You appear a gentle, kindly soul, so I will pray that you arrive at a place of peace – either feeling at peace in the UK or elsewhere. You deserve it. Easy for me to say, however. Thanks for the reblogs, especially the one about France, where anti-nuclear activist Stephane Llhomme is, indeed, being persecuted. Thanks too for trying to help the Atomic Veterans. There is a saying about judging a civilization by its treatment of the elderly and I think its children too.

    Comment by miningawareness | April 29, 2014 | Reply

    • many thanks for your support.. i can get irish citizenship after 3 years but not before because of habitual residence law.. i have a few adress`s and some people are helping me with rent .. always a struggle but such is life.. i will be continueing my nukliier copseration damage until the distant future 🙂 thnks for the comment.. we shall persevere !! Peace Sean

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | April 29, 2014 | Reply

  5. I think you have chosen well, by choosing Ireland, for many reasons. Yes, you and everyone may need to be in the anti-nuclear battle for the long haul. Although I haven’t said it before, I appreciate your work and your good nature very much. And, most especially your piece about ethics, or the lack thereof in the current world. However, IF you have an Irish grandparent, I’m pretty certain you can have your passport now! All that really matters though is residency permit. Whether you are a Christian or not, I’m sure you can find consolation in Jesus – he also had a wandering lifestyle, trying to do good. Also, the old simple monastic lifestyle of the Middle Ages. Buddhism teaches simplicity, as well. Western Ireland is much cheaper than eastern.

    Comment by miningawareness | April 29, 2014 | Reply

  6. Whoops, I made a horrible mistake Sean. They had changed the Irish law, just a few years back, where it is that you have to only have one great-grandparent who was Ireland born to get your citizenship. It is no longer grandparent but great-grandparent. This can make a real difference, though it excludes those exiled in the potato famine (except the elderly). Three years goes quickly, anyway. You should take the opportunity to learn the Irish language, if you don’t know it already.

    Comment by miningawareness | April 29, 2014 | Reply

    • I am on the case 🙂 read my latest post on limerick and jtrig peace

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | April 29, 2014 | Reply

      • Thanks. I’m glad all is well. I need to send you a link to Morning is Broken, which has a Scots Gaelic tune. It’s more cheerful. Find yourself a computer expert to make sure all is secure. Remember the helpless animals you are protecting. Our new post may be of interest to you.

        Comment by miningawareness | April 30, 2014

  7. I also realize I wasn’t clear in that I really appreciate the pieces that you, yourself, have written. You had written a piece on ethics not too long ago, and some other interesting pieces.

    Comment by miningawareness | April 29, 2014 | Reply

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